Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Epilogue : Tumhare hum

5 years later…

A thunderous applause echos throughout the room as a happy couple celebrates their 5th wedding anniversary. A tall handsome man wearing a black suit and black shirt stands proudly looking just as young as the day he had gotten married five years ago. The only difference in his appearance now is his gotee, which only enhances his masculine jaw line. He stands next to a ravishing woman, who is wearing a black sari with heavy silver embroidery, and she also looks just as beautiful as she had five years ago. The only difference in her appearance happens to be her radiant smile rather than her depressed frown on the day of her wedding.

The man leans in to feed his beautiful wife a piece of their anniversary cake. Her cheeks begin to redden as she feels his hand brush against her cheek. He accidently gets some white frosting on the flawless skin of her upper lip. The guests start tapping their wine glasses with their utensils in order to get her husband to kiss this imperfection away. Their friends and family gather around them as they continuously chant, "ARMAAN RIDDHIMA! ARMAAN RIDDHIMA!" Armaan shrugs his shoulders and looks devilishly at his lovely wife, Riddhima. She frantically waves her hands in front of her dear husband in hopes that he will comprehend. Armaan pulls her into his arms and grins, "Sorry sweetheart, but we have to give the people what they want…" Before she can protest further, he brushes his lips lightly against hers in a tender kiss, leaving her to feel a bit disoriented. She starts responding to the gentle kiss as soon as she gathers control of her body, but Armaan pulls away before he can lose the little self-control he has.

Just when Armaan and Riddhima break away from their innocent kiss, their best friends, Rahul and Muskaan, come over to congratulate them on their wedding anniversary. Riddhima grins widely and shoves a big piece of cake into Muskaan's mouth, which causes her to shriek. Muskaan smiles as she sees the look of joy on Riddhima's face as she looks onto her husband with so much love and affection. Riddhima truly does deserve happiness after suffering through years worth of agony for losing her first love. Muskaan feels happy for her friend, who was able to forgive and forget her past in order to move forward in her life. Today, she had everything she could hope for and more. It's true what they say that time heals all.

Rahul walks over to congratulate Armaan with his son, Ved, who is around four years old and resembles his father. Rahul hugs him rather tightly. It is remarkable Armaan has lasted this long as loyal married man. Of course, the changes in Armaan were visible when he first started falling for Riddhima Gupta, but one could only wonder back then if he too would fall prey to the famous saying "Old habits die hard." It is definitely quite an achievement for Armaan given his past history with women and surprisingly he has come a long way from his youthful Casanova days. Rahul feels proud that his best friend, who would run away from commitment, is now a happily married man.

Arjun and Arohi come forward to congratulate Armaan and Riddhima with their son, Aryan. Two little children stand next to Aryan looking rather grumpy. These two children gesture for Armaan and Riddhima to pick them up in their arms. Armaan smiles and picks up the little girl, who is wearing a cute little pink dress and seems around the age of three. Her features resemble that of her mother, but her grey eyes are identical to her father, Armaan. He kisses his daughter's nose and smiles brightly, "Hi princess… wait Pari are you crying?" Her eyes fill with tears as she points to her naughty older brother. He looks towards his wife for answers and frowns seeing his son holding his little girl's teddy bear. Armaan asks, "Riddhima, look Prateek took Pari's teddy bear." Riddhima turns her attention to the little devil in her hands. This little four year old boy turns away to hide behind the pallu of his mother's sari. Armaan scolds, "Prateek, give your little sister her teddy bear back." Prateek sweetly obeys and hands his little sister her teddy bear saying, "Sorry Pari." She excitedly takes her teddy bear in her arms and then leans out of Armaan's arms to kiss her older brother's cheek. Prateek smiles cutely and then pretends to be disgusted by his sister's behavior by shouting, "Eww!" Armaan and Riddhima start laughing at their two children.

Everyone soon starts requesting for Armaan and Riddhima to dance. Armaan looks towards Riddhima curiously and she nods in acceptance. Riddhima hands Prateek over to her parents, while Armaan hands Pari to his parents and they both make their way onto the middle of the dance floor. The lights dim as music plays Tum Se Hi from Jab We Met in the background.

Armaan and Riddhima look into each other's eyes.

Aa aa..aa aa…aa aa..aa aa.. aa..

Riddhima places her arms around Armaan's neck

and his rest on the small of her back.

They both start swaying to the rhythm of the music.

Na hai yeh pana

Na khona he hai

Tera na hona, jaane

Kyun hona he hai

Armaan twirls Riddhima three times and then pulls her back

making her crash against his chizled chest.

She blushes as she notices the look of

passion wash over Armaan's face.

Tum Se Hi din hota hai

Surmayi shaam aati hai

Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Har ghadi saans aati hai

Zindagi kehlati hai

Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Riddhima can't seem to handle Armaan's captivating gaze

anylonger so she rests her head against his chest.

She sighs in bliss as she smells his masculine scent

mixed with perfume and aftershave.

Na hai yeh pana

Na khona hi hai

Tera na hona, jaane

Kyun hona hi hai

Armaan protectively wraps his arms tightly around her

waist and places his head gently over hers.

Aa aa..aa aa…aa aa..aa aa.. aa..

They both close their eyes and think about how terrible

their lives would be if they had never became one and let

their past get in the way of their love for each other.

Aankho mein aankhe teri

Bahoo mein Bahe teri

Mera na mujh mein kuch raha

Hua kya

Riddhima lifts her head to look at Armaan. He stares

at her so lovingly that it makes her shiver with delight.

Bathon mein bathein teri

Rathe saogathe meri

Kuyn tera sab yeh ho gaya

Hua kya

Riddhima mouths, "I love you" to Armaan,

which causes him to smile and return the gesture

by brushing his lips on hers for a moment.

Mein kahin bhi jaata hun

Tum Se Hi mil jatha hun

Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Armaan pulls his body slightly away from Riddhima,

and this causes her to pull his body even closer.

Armaan grins seeing Riddhima's restlessness.

Shor mein khamoshi hai

Thodi si behoshi hai

Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

The rest of the couples make their way onto the

dance floor, which all goes unnoticed by

Armaan and Riddhima. They are too busy staring into

the depths of each other's eyes.

Aa aa aa aa aa aa…

Armaan twirls Riddhima continuously and then

finally dips her low.

Aadha sa vaada kabhi

Aadhe se zyada kabhi

Jee chahe karlu is tarah

Wafa ka

Riddhima looks to the side of her and notices her

proximity to the ground. Armaan grins and

Riddhima prays he won't let her fall as a silly prank.

Chode na chute kabhi

Tode na toote kabhi

Jo daaga tum se jud gaya

Wafa ka

Armaan pulls her up and presses her body

against his. Riddhima breathes a sigh of relief,

which causes Armaan to smile like a fool.

Mein tera sarmaya hun

Jo bhi mein ban paya hun

Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Raaste mil jate hai

Manzile mil jati hai

Tum Se Hi Tum Se Hi

Armaan's hand slowly runs down Riddhima's back causing

her body to shiver violently against his.

Armaan feels her body tremble and he looks away smiling.

Na hai yeh pana

Na khona he hai

Tera na hona, jaane

Kuyn hona he hai

Armaan stares passionately into Riddhima's eyes causing

her to not only melt, but weaken.

Aa aa aa aa aa aa …

He leans down and kisses her lips gently.

The moment is soon interrupted by two children screaming, "EWWW!" Armaan and Riddhima break away embarrassed and look at their children covering their eyes in front of them. Armaan and Riddhima shake their heads and pick up their naughty children. Soon the party comes to an end and all the guests leave. Pari and Prateek have already fallen asleep on the couch so Armaan and Riddhima carefully take them upstairs. They lay their little brats down on their beds, kiss their foreheads, wish them sweet dreams, and then tip toe out the room.

Riddhima turns to go back downstairs to clean up the mess, but instead Armaan scoops her up in his arms and carries her to bed. He throws her mischieviously on the bed and then goes back to lock the door. Armaan pounces on the bed at the same time Riddhima rolls away. He defeatedly look up from the mattress to see Riddhima laughing on the other side of the bed. He sighs and rests his head against his palm as he stares at Riddhima. She soon stops laughing as she becomes uncomfortable with his passionate stare as if he is mentally undressing her. She says, "Armaan stop looking at me like that." He says in a husky voice, "Sorry Riddhima, but I'm just appreciating one of God's finer works." She laughs while shaking her head as she gets up from the bed.

She walks toward the dresser and starts removing her earrings. From the mirror, she notices Armaan approaching from behind. Her heartbeats quicken as she feels his hot breath lingering on her neck. He plants kisses alongside her collar bone while his hands remove the necklace he gave her today for their anniversary. He whispers in her ear, "Riddhima, I'm really happy you decided to get your sweet revenge!" She looks at him curiously and he explains, "If it weren't for your master plan we would have never dated because you hated me back then so without an ulterior motive we wouldn't have went out. That also means I wouldn't have forced you to marry me and we wouldn't have our two beautiful children. Without your sweet revenge, we wouldn't be where we are now, madly in love with each other." She laughs and leans back against his chest replying, "You're so optimistic Armaan and I love that about you!" Armaan smirks, "That's good to know… now I want my present. You've made me wait long enough." Armaan picks up a giggling Riddhima in his arms and carries her over towards the bed to love her senseless.

Taking revenge on Armaan wasn't exactly the greatest of all plans, but it is lucky for Riddhima that fate was always on her side. Through her sweet revenge, she gained the one thing she thought she lost years ago, her first and only love, Armaan Mallik.


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