Monday, 11 March 2019

Introduction : We Met -We Touched

A girl in white Chunrii rapped on her neck ' with a long white Anrkali dress, showing her curves perfectly' a pair of shoes in her hand, hanging beside her shoulder' long thick hair brushing her cheek due to the heavy wind blowing on her face' her face, her grey green eyes' tears falling down'making it hard for her to breath, due to constant crying and hiccups' Walking on a silent road at mid-night. Her eyes fell on a disco-club' feeling damn thirsty she barked in by pushing the door in zap'

She felt totally uncomfortable, feeling eyes on her body. She felt naked!! trying very hard, she looked up and look at a guy who was sitting on a round table' looking at her and licking his lips' she ignored all ' all ' and walked pass them to the bar-tender and asked for a glass of water'

She settled on the stool beside the bar ' giving her back towards the people, who had put their thinking- caps' for get her'

"Hey'!" a guy came and settled beside her' and rolled his stool towards the people and placed his elbows on the bar'

Not getting any response' he tried again'

"Hey' any problem '? I can help'" he looked at her shoes broken heel.... her dry tears

"No' thanks'" she mumbled, her voice reached his ear, crossed his ear canal and stroked his eardrum.... and her adourable voice making him smile'

"U know, girls like u don't suite here'!" he answered genuinely'

"Please leave me .... Alone'" she said, while looking down at her palm' trying to find what God' has actually written for her'

"Well'. Hey, I m Arman, Arman Malik'" he moved his hand forward'

She turned her face towards him, and let out a small gasp' for second any one's breath would have been stopped.... so, her breath stopped too' looking at a guy, who totally looked like a Greek god'she was speechless' her eyes drowned in his eyes which were in blue shade she felt she was drowning in something deep'

                                                  His smile widened, making is dimples deeper' a smile that came to is eyes'. His hair slightly falling down through his forehead' making him more cute' and adorable.... he was wearing a simple blue jeans and a sleeves-less white shirt' top three or four buttons open' showing his well-toned body his muscles were so big' that she felt like touching them feeling them, Exploring them'. Didn't know what conquer her '. But she surely was left without words'

"Hmm' I think its ur turn to introduce'" her trace was broken; she was lost somewhere in his luscious lips'

"I don't want to talk to you'" she looked the other side' avoiding his deep eyes and saw some people approaching her' she felt a ping in her heart' 'Of being alone'

She placed her feet on floor, her arm brushed his while getting down from the stool her hair brushed his hand and without even giving another  look to Arman she walked away' passing through the club doors'.

He felt a ping in his heart' he tried to reach out to her and pull her' but she was gone' his eyes got foggy as he was trying hard to look at the door, from which she stepped in and out'

He felt a smack on his shoulder' and that brought him back to world' and he knew she was far way gone'.

"lets leave'" one of his friend said' while Arman nodded'


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