Saturday, 23 March 2019

last part : We Met -We Touched

"Wow Dad ' u both ran away?"

"Yes Ariya' and now would u close your big mouth and sleep'"

"No' Tell me' what happen after u left?" she pulled the blanket off and jump on his lap'

"Where'?" he felt shy'

"Oh Dad!! At hospital and house!!" she said irritatingly..

"Oh I thought" he was embarrassed

 "I know I know'" she flipped her hair back' which remind him of her' she use to do this too.. Well she does that now too' "Stop dreaming about Mom' and tell" ariya shakes him

 "Yea'. We returned after whole one month ' and didn't even call any of them' they were really angry' Mom wanted to throw us out' she was upset because I have spoiled your mom too' as ur mom was always sweet and humble ' but after getting married to me she became sooo jungliii Type-off"


"Ohh here comes ur junglii type'off Dad u r dead!!" Ariya jumped off the bed while Arman pulled up her small blanket up to her nose'

 "heheheeh 'Riddima .baby!" he tried to talk' and saw his small baby hug her mom's legs

 "Mom ' u know dad is sooo bad ' he called u junglli'" Riddima picked her up and glared arman to get up

He moved and Riddima made her sleep'

"Did dadi dadu'over react' or allowed u to walk in??" she asked while Riddima pulled the blanket up to her neck'

 "no they allowed us in after a week ' we lived in a hotel' and did double duty'" Riddima took a place beside her and Arman sat on the other side

"ahahah" Ariya giggled'

"Mom '. Can I ask u for something?"

"Hmm?" Riddima caressed her head'

"Can we All run away?" Ariya spoke up

While Arman grinned'

"Honey who will give u company their... Here u have Sonia and raj"

"We can run along with them" Ariya suggested while Arman chucked'

"Arman!!" Riddima said while Ariya pouted'


"Ok ' ariya ' now sleep!" Arman said     

"Fine!! get me a brother 'then" she suggested angrily not know what she meant' she Riddima turned scarlet and Arman grinned at her ' soon he kissed ariya and wished her good night' and walked out with Riddima '. "I Want Bro' soon DAD!!"

"YES honey!" he shouted back' while Riddima walked to her room quietly'


"Arman'" he threw her on bed

"Hmm'." He apart her sari'         

"No'" she said pushing him away...

"Yes'" he kissed her full mouth'. "I want a baby too" he said while kissing her' soon she melted in his arms'.He tore her blouse apart


" Kya?? Arman?" he pulled her close pulled her skirt down'. Touched her sensuously'. Making it hard for her too speaks'.


"Hmmm" he touched her thighs'

"Please Arman'." She pleaded him not to touch her that way'.

"What please Riddima'?" teasing her' he make rounds on her belly' rubbing his lips' their'

"Don't do that..!" she said putting her hands on her bare chest'.

"What Riddima'" he moved to her rips' feeling her bones'..gushing out due to high breathing' he kissed her rips' licking it '.

He looked up at her face' turned red' eyes closed' he went up to her eyes' kissed them' and she opened to see him staring at her with love' he cocked his eyebrows with a smile' and made a nod a head asking 'kya hua' with huge smile'

 She shook her head hid her bosoms' protectively' through her hands'. He took hold of her wrist' she twisted' his eyes' locked up in hers'

"Choro Arman" she shook his head and parted her hands away'. He went down ' looking up at her' she closed her eyes' scared'. He sucked it '. Touched it' felt it' and then went down to her legs' parted them'

"Kyon Riddima?" he said '.

"ahhh" he went in her ' making her cry in pain'

"What say?? Shall we run away??" he pushed himself inner

"What about Ariya" she breathed heavily'

"We could leave her ' at Rahul and Muskan aur Mom dad" he kissed

"I want to feel the moment again when we met ' and we Touched!" he added

While she nodded happily'. And pulled him close' he smiled and laughed out loud

 "I am falling more in love with you each day Arman" she said while sealing her lips with his


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