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OS : you are my love (Arsh)

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I am not going toh change the carecter the story is start aftet memory loss track but not armaan memory this os is shilpa memory loss..

Armaan is sitting on his bed and think how his life ls change with a few second. that time anjali come and place her hand on her shoulder. Anjali: are you okk armaan. Armaan turn and hug anjali tignt anjali also hug him back. Armaan:(crying)anjali why why always god take my test? Anjali:armaan you have to brave. Armaan:anjali I lost her.she forget me and my love. Anjali break the hug and weap his tears. Anjali:armaan you love her righi?
Armaan:yaah anjali I love her so much.
Anjali:so for your shilpa you have toh fight the destany also.will you? Atul:why not after all he is my brother. Anjali armaan saw atul stand behind them. Armaan:yaah atul you are right.
Anjali:so ready for mission mere bahan patao. Armaan and atul:yesss. they all share aa group hug. …………… Next day shilpa is sleeping on her room. Padma call her padma:shona beta see its 8:30 and you steel sleeping come on get up beta shona...

Shilp:(in sleep)let me sleep armaan. please armaan you go..
Padma:(feel happy)shona you and armaan..
Shilpa:I don't know.why?
Padma:woh you said armaan so I asked.
Shilpa:(jumped from the bed) what I said armaan?may be armaan is the villen of yesterday movie.
Padma:(fake smile)may be come on get up. saying this she go.padma toh herself;how dear you call my son-in-law villen hee is aa hero wait time will tell you that. shilpa freash up and go toh dinning area. Padma:after breakfirst go toh the market and buy some vegatable.
Shilpa:ok mom in market shilpa:bhaiya mujhee aloo chahiea...
Shopkeeper:meree pass sirf 1kg aloo hai
Shilpa:aray yah kya baat huwee pura bajaar mein kisse ka par alo nahee hai aur aap ka pass buss 1kg hai
Sk;dekhyee bhan ji aap ko le na ho toh lo warna jao...
Shilpa:how mean...
Sk:bahan ji yah mean kya hota hai. from behind a boy come and told boy:mean ki matlab hai ke app bahat boora ho.
Sk:kya jaya bahan ji main aap ko aloo nahee doonga... shilpa turn and saw the boy.this is armaan.
Shilpa:listen you anjali dii ke devar mujhe se door rahao samajhe...
Armaan come close toh shilpa.
Armaan:nahee rahoonga kya karoge haan...
Shilpa:tum aapne kaam se kaam nahee rakh sakhte kya jab dekho bak bak?
Armaan:main aapna kaam se hee kaam rakhta hoon and you main bak bakk karta hoon yaah tum miss bracelet...
Shilpa:you mr looser..huhh...
Armaan toh sk; bhaiya mujhe alo chahiyee.
Sk:par bhaiya meree pas sirf 1kg hai aur iss bahan ji na mang leya ha. Armaan look at shilpa...
Shilpa;sun le liya ab jao yahan se...
Armaan:aary bhaiya mujhe laga app mein thora atmo samman hoga par nahee.
Sk:kya bhaiya maine kya kiyaa?
Armaan;aary iss na aap ko boora bola aap fir bhee is heee alo dogee this is not fair...
Shilpa:listen tum unhai bharkao mat aur jaa ke kucch aur le lo.
Armaan:nahe mujha alo hee chahiyee..
Sk:bhaiya main woh…
Shilpa:shut up.and u go from here.
Armaan:nahee jataa kya karoge bolo kar kya logee tum...
Sk:bhaiya yaah shoot up kya hota hai...
Armaan:shoot up matlab app ban ki opan ooth ke in ko goli maro dhiss dhiss.
Sk:par goli kye mar na hai.
Armaan:woh na inhee jab bahaat bhook lagee hai.aur jab inhee bhook lagtee hai tab yah goli khati hai. sk:accha.
Shilpa:(to sk)kya accha app alo de jayee.
Sk:yah lejayee. Armaan give the mony toh
Sk.shilpa took the many and retung it toh armaan. now shilpa give the mony.
Shilpa:yah le mucch??
Sk:bhan ji mare pass machli nahee hai. Armaan smile.
Armaan:bhaiya yaah le jayee passe aur haan yaah alo bhee mujha hee de jayega
Sk:thek hai bhaiya...
Shilpa:kya theck hai mujha de jayega
Sk:par aapko to machli chahiyee na.
Armaan : woh toh hai...
Armaan take the baag from sk and give the mony.shilpa hold the baag and push it toh her side shilpa do it the same.
Shilpa;baag choro
Armaan:tum baag choro
Shilpa:you idiot stupid leave the baag .
Sk:bhaiya yaah idiot stupid kya hota hai.
Armaan:teraa sar!!!(angry) both hold the baag and still fighting that time the baag broken and all patato fall on the road.shilpaa shii armaan with open mouth.
Armaan say:sorry.
Sk:bhaiya woh...
Shilpa:abb agar yah poocha na ki sorry kya hota hai toh main tere jaan le loongee. shilpa saw the potato and sin on the road and start crying.
Shilpa:ahhhhhh.meree allooo. Armaan is little shock.he give her the tishupaper.
Armaan:baby please don't cry. shilpa stood up
Shilpa:dekho tum jao yahan se just leave.
Armaan: shilpa tum pehlee rona band karo warna main shilpa:tum kya kya karoge bolo bolo haan kya karoge tum
Armaan:ma ma ma tumhe kiss kar loonga...
Shilpa:accha bhare bajaar mein tum mujhe kiss karoge woh bhee sab ke samnee...
Armaan:haan karonga...
Shilpa:haha its so funny.
Armaan:shilpa i am not joking okk soo stop laughing...
Shila:accha…… before she compleate armaan kiss her.everyone saw it.shilpa feel very she go from there. ……… it has been 1 month shilpa forget armaan.after the kiss incident armaan come home everyday for silly reason.he is anjali daver so she don't say is shilpa's birthday shashank throw a party in pary armaan propos one manth shilpa start liking him so she accepte the proposal. one day shilpa and armaan come from movie in middle armaan car he call rahool.
Armaan:rahool mere car karab ho gayee hai please yaar ek car bhaj de
Rahool:tujhe jaldee hai par mujhe nahe main abhi car nahee bhaj raha hoon..
Armaan:kyaa matlab hai tera
Rahool:don't forget tere saathtere biwi hai so moka ka fayda aootha tu samajh raha hai na..
Armaan:rahool stop joking and sent the car.
Rahool:no way bye.rahool cut the call
Shilpa: armaan rahool ne kya kahan?
Armaan:usse ne kahan kee wo gari bhaj raha hai.
Shilpa: okk... suddenly its start raining shilpa start paying with rain armaan sha her romanticly. he saw aa hunt so he hold shilpa hand and both go to the hunt.shilpa is fully wet armaan saw her romanticly she feel shy so she turnd the other side.armaan come near her and hug her from back shilpa feel his touch she feel so comfort on his touch.armaan hand is on her belly.she feel shy so she hold him tight.he turnd her to face to face.she saw passon on his eyes.but she fee that she saw it before also.
Shilpa: who are you..may i know you...
Armaan:I am your armaan shilpa.tumhara armaan...
He is touch here checks softly
Shilpa:kyaa main tumhee bahaat tima pehle se jantee hoon mujhe aisa kyun laaga tum mujha iss tara pahala bheee touch kar chookee ho... Armaan told her everything.shilpa start cry.
Armaan:shilpa kucch yaad aaya
Shilpa:nahee armaan per main itnaa jantee hoon ke jo mujhe se itnaa pyaar karta hai wo kabhee jhoot nahee bol saktaa saying this she hug him.he too hug her back.after sometime armaan broke the hug and crops her face and kiss his forhed then her eyes. than he saw her lips shilpa saw it and close her eyes and give him permission.he kiss her passonaly she too recepacote it.after sometime they broke the kiss.armaan than take her on his arms and lye her on gress.he is top of shilpa he is about to kiss her again but she tunnd her he face her back.he open the dori of he blouse and kiss her back. after so many time the two love bird made love once again. …………

the end……

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