Sunday, 24 March 2019

Part 1 : AR ff Nashaa

It was when the clock strike sharp 6 in evening when mostly people retire to their homes... and so was Riddimaa wearing a simple ankarli dress of green color with the duppatta hung beautifully over her neck sides. She went to get her Scotty. When two people tip toed behind her till the parking area; its was semi dark ' the sun would shed down in almost coming 15 minutes. A person holding a black cloth tied it around her eyes and other one turn her arms on her back and tied a cloth over it "Konn hai?" she shouted. "Bachoo..." she shouted, whining to get herself free. "Get me another cloth... u idiot" the one scolded the other one. "yEs sir...." the other stammered and brought a cloth till a fairly large guy was holding her. "Chodo mujha kon hou tum...? kya chate hou?" she looking side ways trying to find out, who it was "Thora sabar karo '. you will get to know..... but not yet" he whispered from behind right near her ear, his breathe creased her nape... making her skin hair stand up...

She shouted, soon a big large palm, claimed her lips "Chup... ek aur awaaz aur yahin maar dun ga tumko samjhi?" he whispered, his lips brushed her ear as she trembled even more "Bring the cloth fast ' you idiot." the guy shouted at some one.A bit bulky person came up "here is it sir...." the person passed it to Him. "Let me g..." before Riddimaa could finish a cloth was tied over her lips. After it she landed in his arms, his one large muscular arm rounded below her hips and other below her neck. She twisted "Listen ' be still." he thrashed her on the back seat of his jeep, Parado."Raghu drive !" The guy order and took the passenger seat.

"Sir... kahan...?" Raghu, the bulky man asked. "Shut up Raghu, not in front of her.... !" the man scolded and told him the way by his hands. Riddimaa a young fairly pretty girl laid on the back seat with hands mouth and eyes tied up, who knew that a simple girl with a family of 4 people; doing job of 9 to 6, would be abducted in the month of Christmas. Her eyes got watery, when she remember that today her little brother was waiting for her only, she had got 9 missed calls already at office phone 'DIII... Come soon, today is my birthday.... My friends will be here any moment.' the boy winced. She sobbed softly. While fighting for her self ' she was about fall down from the seat on the floor of car, when a hand claimed her over her stomach and pushed her back on the seat

"tum hare liya yahi acha hoga, agar tum chup chap ' bheti raho..." she heard his grave voice, almost making her shiver. "Sir, we are here..." the Driver Raghu announced... to which the guy, settled beside him nodded "take the girl in.... and don't open up any cloth until I say so" the guy ordered and came out of the car. While Raghu went behind and tried to pick up the girl in his arms as his Sir did... but her constant kicks made it almost impossible, soon Riddimaa landed on floor along with Raghu "Oye Larki...." Raghu move his hand to slap her. "Raghu... !!" the master hold his wrist and pushed him away. "Don't forget ' you don't have that right !" Raghu at once got scared when his ocean blue eyes, stared at him with immense anger. "Sorry sir... but yea chokri.... bohat marr rahi thi... I got angry..." Raghu got up leaving the girl on floor, trying to fight and open her hands that were tied behind her back "Call Atul and Rahul ' abhi..!!" the guy blasted at Raghu ' who ran away as chicken.

Riddimaa still on sat on road. She touched the land, and took hold of some sand in her fist. 'its hot... the sand is hot... where am I... ? Mumbai mai tou sardi ka month hai...' she thought and tilted her head to see some one standing in front of her. The back faced her. She could only see a black figure by tilting her head, she knew he was a strong man, and master of the group. But what does he want from me?

"Yes Sir..." a guy Announced his presence, she felt another shadow. 'one or... may be two' she thought. "Pick her up.... and take her up... in my Room." the person ' master spoke, while having a good time with his cigarette "Your room...?" other asked "Mr. Atul Joshi.... do as I say !" The master announced "Yes Sir.... Sorry Sir" Atul stammered and walk forward to take her. "uhmm uhmmm" she strangled to come out of his hold "Rahul help !" Atul shouted, the other guy who stood their ran up and picked girl while Atul handled her with his hand "What the hell, girl '. shut up sit tight... Bitch" Rahul shouted.


Love Maha.

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