Tuesday, 12 March 2019

part 1 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

She woke up early in the morning,gentle breezes brushed her cheeks,chilling her senses in the cold. It was perfect day.At night when she returned home she was waiting to anxiously to tell her lillte angel about this'bt unfortunately'her angel lay fast asleep.

she ran out of her room n quitly tip-toed inside ananya's room'she went close to her ear..n whispered'"anu honey..wake uparent u getting late for school?"..ananya wriggled . turned'then she said'"hmm..okie fine..dont go..btw..i hve a liltle surprise for u'"'
ananya opened one eye...n hugged her n said.. "di..surprise?????wow'ur da best'love u..muuaaahhh'". gave shilpa a tite kiss on her cheek'.. "soo'ummm..di'wats d surprise???"'she replies.. "well'umm..after breakfast.. come on..get ready now.. ive got ur uniform ready'"

ananya: pinky swear???
shows shilpa her pinky finger...who den does the same..n crosses it against anu's n says...
shilpa: pinky swear..
At the table..
Anu: di u promised'
Shilpa: yea I know..
Anu: so?
Ahilpa: so?

Anu gets annoyed'di plzzzz'.

Shilpa giggles'ok fine..get ur shoes on..lemme show it to u'
Anu still a lilte annoyed says..no temme now'
Shilpa hushes her n say'quick..u don't wanna miss it?do u?

They both get into the car'

After about 20 mins they come to a halt'

Anu says'di..where r we?
Shilpa points out to a house n says..u c tat???? We are gonna move in there..!!!

Next day there was a huge commotion, dragging the things outside the house, shilpa drank every scene that's going on not wanting to miss any of it.

She turned around'and realized'oh gosh I have soooo much to do'aarrggghhhh'.i have to rush to sanjivnee as well'

Oh gosh..help me'she dropped ananya to school n opened the main door to her apartment.

Soon she was busy, handling things, packin everything carefully, busy with settling the accounts with house owner, the movers were trying to heave things up into the truck.
This is never gonna end'she picks up her cell phone'
Shilpa:hello'shilpa here'
At the nurses desk'
Armaan :'you? O wow..what a start?!!!
Shilpa: ..plz ha..i din call you'and neways..i who wants to speak to you as well???!!!!
Armaan: right back atcha'
Shilpa makes a yucky face'n both start bickering' a sudden thud noise makes her realize what shez doing'
Shilpa: ok listen..i wont b comeing to the hospital today'
Armaan: y?oh yea'multiple personality di-order with a shas of amnesia'forgot ur way???
Shilpa: haha'very funny'!!!
Armaan: so why arnt you comein..
Shilpa: ummm'a..well..umm..actually'm not feeling well'
Armaan: so??u have to come here'.
Shilpa: umm..i din call to ask k'called to tell'ok bye..!!

N she cuts the line'

Armaan to himself'.crazy..!!!

A cute blushy-wala smile appears on her lips..n she screams'c'mon guys do fast..


Shilpa and ananya were eating pasta'when they hear a car pass by'
Ananya: oohh'looks like we do have neighbours'
Shilpa: din I tell ya???
Ananya: hmmm'.*yawning*..di???me off to bed'
Shilpa:kkk..go..il b there to tuck u in..gimme 5'

Shilpa clears the table and goes upstairs'.she sees that anu is already asleep'she kisses her forehead n a tear rolls down her eye'n she whispers'
"I'll give u everything u want'u mean a lot to me..let no-one suffer like I did"'.
She switches the light off'n goes into her room'takes down her pink extremely girly diary n writes down'.

"I found anu, in the bushes'thank god I was passing by that side..she was just a liltle baby..how can any one be so mean..?so stone hearted?...
I still remember that nite..back in lonavla when I was returning home..a loud cry in the bushes'it was a cold wintry nite..how can anyone leave such an angel out like this?...i can still her those loud ries of pain and lonliness'
I crried her home..bua got annoyed'there were already so many children to take care of..n no funds'
I promised bua..she wont be any trouble'.
Heeheh..although I wasn't able to keep to it'but I love my bua'
Shez the best'I miss lonavla'I miss everyone there'gappu, pinky..everyone'
Hmmm'I think I have plan on going there one of these days..with anu..oh gosh'she misses all her friends'
But then she is my responsibility'
I have no idea how bua managed to take care of all the kids without me for three years when I had to go away for the stdies'
Eheheh..i also remember the show that all of us used to put up..jus to collect funds for my education..all the part time jobs'it was fun tho''
But neways..i promise..i shall return all their favours..million times more'
Dey are my family'

At her neighbour's'

Ohhh lord'such a tiring day..tat crazy girl'y din she come today??? Not that I missed her or anything'atleast my workload wud have reduced'.hmph'

He moves towards his window..n looks at the dark endless sky'flashbacks of the times when he and riddhima were togther starts haunting him'a tear rolls down his eye'.

I wish..he says..n pauses'surprised to see a light in his neighbours house'.
Umm he says..new neighbours..niceee'and what are those???pink curtains???..hmm'kwl..
n forgets what he was thinking about'
Leaves a sigh..n goes to bed..

Arsh 444

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