Tuesday, 12 March 2019

part 1 : We Met -We Touched

His car reaching 100Km/hr' her smell still linger around him' he felt dizzy'  he still remember few minutes before, he saw her entering through the club doors. A face that couldn't be forgotten if sawn once' her eyes' he could see pain ' tears ' a flood that was hold back

Kyun mera dil, oh ho kyun mera dil
Tujhko chaahe tujhko maange kyun mera dil
Aa haan kyun mera dil
Tujhko chaahe tujhko maange kyun mera dil
Tere siva kuchh bhi na soche kyun mera dil
Aa haan kyun mera dil
His radio was on'. He could feel the song's depth ' he was lost in its words

He didn't knew when his feet turn towards her leaving his friends behind he went up to her' and then '. And then she left him' left him all alone

'Whooaaaaaff'' he stopped his car and reversed her car back a bit ' he smiled at what he saw and soon his smile turn to frown'

He looked at his watch and came out of his car ' that was park in middle of no where'

He settled on the bench where she seated her knee where pulled up to her face ' she had kept her hands on her face and sobbed ' her hair were flowing in his direction'

He leaned on the bench, keeping his head on the top of bench and looked up at sky'.

His thigh brushed hers' making her shiver' she moved her hands away from her face  and turn towards the trouble' he took a glance and saw her removing her hands' he couldn't help but hold his breath'

He looked up at sky'.

"my mom say's' people shouldn't cry ' it hurts the people, who love them a lot'." He smiled while looking up at the sky'. She moved a bit away' his thighs were constantly brushing hers'

"and ' if there is no one to love?" she leaned on the bench and kept her head in the same way as he did after opening her chunnri and covering her self'

"Hmm' I asked the same question to her too!" he told while turning his head towards her and saw a fresh tear falling down'

"And what did she said?" She asked..

"she said' if u know people around u don't love u or don't care for u ' don't be upset thinking there is no one for u ' wait ' wait for a while God will send ur love one soon to u' and u will be showered with soo much love by him/ her that will never remind u of those who don't love u'." he said while sitting properly' and starring at the silent road'

While after hearing this she looked at his ' she wanted more ' more of those words'. She needed it' some one who can love her'

"U remember me.? Rite? Arman!" he said '

"Hmm ' the club one..?" he nodded' "U should go home'" she said while averting her eyes'

"This should be said by me young lady" he laughed' soon he saw a warm tear again floating down to her cheek to her neck and in her dress ' despairing deep down

"lets have a coffee'" he got up ' putting his hand forward' she looked up still sitting ' trying to see -- think why is he doing this? "Come on'!!" he encouraged her ' to forget past and walk up'.

"No'" she whispered'. And looked away' "go away'" she said acidly'

"but' I am just ..trying to help u'" he said .. Politely'

"Go away'!" she literally shouted' which made frown on his forehead'


"Just LEAVE ME Alone!!" she shouted' her lungs out and stood bare-foot on road' it hurt her ' yes it did '! There were scratches beneath her feet due to constant walking '.

"FINE!! DIE ' here'!" he turned, walked to his car ' after getting in his car ' he banged the door and WHoooooaaa'.

He was gone'. To far ' she tried to see his car ' but it was no where near ' she was alone' all alone'. No one to hold her hand'.

There was one 'but I ..just '. I just didn't hold on to '. Was is it a mistake '? Or not? Was he a nice guy? Or not'? Was he here to help? Or not'? Should I have left with him? Or I did a good thing by staying here'

Tear's rolled down '.

Whoooooaffffffffff''' a car'! The same car' yea the same car '. It's him'! It's the car of his' he is back

Arman was back '.

He came out ' with a bang and settled beside her ' she looked at him strangely' a stranger was being so concerned... or was it something else he needed?

"Why r u doing this? She asked weakly' rubbing her face '.

"I don't know" he answered truly'

"Listen '. I m not that type of a girl'. I m not going to do that what ever is in Ur mind'" he sighed and looked at her'

"I m not here ' to take u some where ' so u can warm my bed'" she looked at him scared '.. But he smiled. "I m a nice guy'" he smiled.. . "that's what my mom's says'" he laughed' "Look I saw u crying '. And I don't feel like leaving u like this' so be a good girl ' and come '" he again stood up stretching his hand forward'

"Where?" she asked while looked at him ' still fidgeting with her fingers'

"Hmm '. Coffee shop'" he told with a smile'

"Why'?" she again threw a question at him

"urghhh'. Yr' mera mann kar raha hai' ab challoo'" he took hold of her hand and took her towards the car'.

"Ouch'.." he dragged her without even having a look at her "choro'.." he looked behind "My feet'." She let out a cry with moan

"o0oh'. Shit shit..!! I didn't know it '" he left her hand and took hold of her by her shoulder and stretched his other hand behind her and took hold of her and helped towards the car'.

Once he made her settled on seat' her feet's were left out. He opened a door of back side' and took a bottle out '

He moved a bit down and took hold of her leg and washed all the blood stains and cleaned it with a small white towel' after he was done he asked her name


He took a dettole bottle and cotton to clean the wound that she had on her ankle'

"RIDDddddddddimaaaaaaaaaaa." She shouted as she felt the burning dettole on her ankle' His dettole bottle fell and broke into pieces'.

"Gosssh  ...Women!!!"He sighed "now I have to buy another one ' to complete the dressing'" he told while moving her feet in the car '. And closed the door'

Why am I going with him?? Why do I trust him? Why do I feel secure in his touch' why..?? Why GOD??


"Where r we going?" she asked again ' while opening the window'

"Riddima'" pause "I have answered to that Question of ur's three times'still u want to know?" he looked at her ' as she leaned in the seat'

"Why am I trusting u?" she asked the question that disturbed her a lot'

"Hmm' may be I m being nice' and polite" he smiled' but he was over-joy' knowing that she trusted her'

"No'that's the most stupid reason u gave'." She told still looking out the world 'then closing her eyes'. Felt the cold breeze kissing her face'. She smiled '.

She smiled..! He looked at her with an unknown happiness'

"Well' then I don't know'" he replied'

"Are we near the beach..?" she popped her eyes out and looked at him with excitement'. He looked at her dancing eyes'

"Well ' no'" he smiled showing his dimples' seeing her glumly face' he grinned as she twisted her nose' "We are going to Coffee shop that is beside the sea'"she again looked him'. With a broad smile that reached her eyes'.he couldn't help but smile back at her'

He turned his car ' took a round in sea'with full speed' water splash through there window ' making them wet

"Ahhh' Arman!!" she smacked him on his arm

"What!! U liked sea' and now see we are in the sea'.!" He explained ' racing his car ' in water ' that splash more water'

"In CAR??" she shouted'

"Why do u have to shout'."  Arman asked turning his car to the caf ' that was made in front of sea'.

"Meriii marziii" she shouted again in his ear'

"Whooaa... Riddima... chill!" he rubbed his ear '.

"Two hot Cappuccinos'." Arman Ordered, while Riddima kept her head on the table'

"U tired?" Arman asked, as the waiter left.

"Hmm'" she didn't bug to look up'

After 15 mins'

"Sir '"

"shhhhhh" Arman Interrupted the waiter and said him to keep the coffee down and signaled him to go away'

'ab isa kasa uthoonnn'?' he thought'.

He moved his hand near her '. Moved his finger on her head'. And caressed it'

"Riddima'" she was settled beside her 'it was couch seat' and they were facing sea...

"Riddima.." he again whispered' leaning a bit closer..

While moving his hand in her thick hair, he felt her scalp' he touched it' and kept on moving his fingers' -- he could smell her hair... The fragrance was still there'.. He smiled...

She stirred in her position

"Riddima' Coffee is here!" he whispered softly'

"Huh?"  As she tilts her head, the hand beneath her head stroked up the table and pushing a mug of coffee on him'

Thash !!!!

"Shiittt!!" he jerked up ' "Shiiit"

"I m sorry ' I m sorry..." she stood up helplessly "Oh God Arman ' take this tissues'" she rolled whole tissue box out'. And press against his bare-chest'

It was red' really red' he could feel the heat' the burn but he felt her hand' he felt the ice on his chest' he was confused'

"Can I get some ice..." she shouted'

"ufffffff'. Move that away'" he pushed her hand away' as he felt the small piece of ice on him

"Arman' look its all red' I think its burned' please let me do it'" she sobbed'

"Hey '. Ok ok ' DO it'. But yar stop crying'" he rubbed her tear through his knuckles'


"Hmm'" she moved his hand away roughly' and kept on moving ice' on his chest ' "it's still red' should we buy a burner cream?"

"No Riddima I m fine' no just leave it'" he said taking hold of her wrist and he made her sit' and settled beside her' a bit closer'

He knew he settled dilibileratly and she was still unknown to it'..

"Waiter Please two Hot  ...Coffee's '.. And take this one' its cold'" the wait came cleaned the table and went to take two more coffees "NOW u won't sleep'" he commanded'.

"Hmm" she nodded lightly'

"So Riddima ' tell me? Why were u crying'?" he was not in a mood to play' he asked her what he wanted to know'

"Why can't we just'."

"No we can't forget it'. I want to know'" he turned and took her hand' "Trust me'" he looked deep in her eyes'.

"Hmm'" he took her hand back' and looked at the hot coffee' in front of her' "I m medical student'. I have just started my internship at my father's hospital 'Save life hospital'. Its one of the famous u know? Things were at its place'. No problem ' no tension' waking with sun drifting with moon' we were six interns together in a group' four boys two girls' one me and a girl sapna'" she took a sip of her coffee'

"We six had different life's' we never came along' there was a guy summit' he was nice'" she took a sip '. And Arman frowned'

"Actually we were friendly to each other due to constant duty that was together' I found him nice' he helped me a lot' who knew he will destroy me like that'" she sobbed "after six months I called this relation 'Just Friends' but he '."

~Flash back~

"We are more that 'Just Friends' Riddima" Summit Whispered'.

"Summit please I told u that before too' I don't feel anything for u'" Riddima turned and walked in a ward'

"Why? Don't u know' How I feel? Does my feeling doesn't matter'"

"I think it does but ' it would be good if it is mutual'" she explained while holding a chart'

"Riddima ' if u r not gone a give a chance'. How will u know it '?" he took hold of her through shoulder'

"Summit leave me don't create a scene'" she pushed him and walked to other patient'.

~Flash Back ends'~

"I avoided him' he was being violent' I would have never minded that if I had that feeling for him'. But ' but the feeling I never felt' how can I '" she took hold of her third coffee'

"It was ending of our seventh month and starting of eighth' he tried to cross his broad' I didn't like it' I told him to stay away or I would complain to dean'. That was my dad'" she laughed and he smiled at her

"The worst day and night was a week back' when he called me out in the garage to apologies'.


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