Wednesday, 27 March 2019

part 10 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

The cellphone kept rigning..
An irritated armaan received'
Ridhimma:armaan.. emergency.. u hve to come 2 d hospita..der been an acciedent.. we require ur assistane..quick'
Armaan:* diconnecting the call*.. dam..*lookin at shilpa wit teary eyes..turns around and rushes to d hospital..*
Armaan comes out of the shower.. he finishez breakfast n both go to the hospital'

Armaan thinkning "boo..i wish u were here wit me..i dunno wat made me tk this decision..i was so cunfused.. I really don't know babe.. I..i..need you..i cant stop thinkg bot you..and anu as well..where are you..i havent seen u in months although you stay rite nxt to my house.."
Ridhimma on the other hand is talking to armaan about their honeymmon'
Armaan hearing the wird honemoon.. disappointingly and sadly sayd.."u noe..i and shilpa neva got 2go on a honeymoon..she was really running a crisis and no ways she dint heed any financial asistance from me.. only requested me to postpone d plan..infact we were supposed to gonext month.."
A tear rolls down his cheek
Ridhimma: did ul do the booking an stuff..
Armaan nods..
Ridhimma: to phir perfect..vl go der den'
Armaan: wat?Y?
Ridhimma: armaan..we just got married wat else do we do den..v have to go on an honeymoon.. and since the booking is done then why not..
Armaan just ignores'.
A few days go by'
Armaan and ridhimma din share the same room'
Armaan was in his deep tots.. wondering how is shilpa doing.. i wonder if she had her dinner'he gets up and walks up to the windows and stares at the endless dark sky.. he looks at the moon and wishes..
Armaan : "shilpa"
Jus then hez cell phone starts buzzing'
Armaan : who'l call me sooo late in the 9t..
He looks at the name flashing and immediately receives'
Armaan: shilpa'?!shilpa'
Shilpa on hearing armaanz voice after sooo long..starts crying bitterly but leaving soft whimpers..
Armaan: shilpa..
Armaan gets all worried'
Shilpa:*cryin* a..a'armaan..
Armaan: *closes hez eyes with relief and guilt* ..shilpa..
Shilpa: *still crying*..mmm
Armaan: *with tears rolling down his cheeks*.. tumhe pata hai na.. huz my strongest baby? U know na..
Shilpa cries were now clear to him..much louder'
Armaan: sorry'
Shilpa: *crying*kaise ho armaan?
Armaan: il tell you..first you stop crying'
Shilpa:*crying*.. rid..ridhimma'kaisi hai?
Guilt completely consumes armaan after hearing this..
Armaan: shilpa..tum..y..y u crying?
Shilpa: armaan'
Armaan: haan shilpa..
Shilpa: can I please call you pudding?
Armaan: u can call me tat honey.. I m only urz baby..
Shilpa: not ne more armaan..not ne more..*still crying*
Armaan: shilpa..??!!! don't say tat..
Shilpa: armaan..i  jus called to say..i love you.. n im really missing you armaan.. din I tell u..i cant leave witout u my pudding.. I jst cant' I promise I wont trouble you any more after this.. I wont disturb u at all..
Armaan senses something wrong..
Armaan: shilpa..are you ok..
Shilpa: mmm'
Shilpa replies in soft tones..her crying has lso reduced..
Armaan: shilpa..
Derz no reply'
Armaan:shilpa..u der'
Derz stil no reply'
Armaan all tensed..
Just then in the brackground of their conversation armaan hears anu screaming'
Shilpa turns to ananya and smiles'
Anu: di.. di..blood..di'

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