Thursday, 21 March 2019

part 10 : We Met -We Touched

Once he entered the car'



Yes Riddima'

She was not in the car'

Where the heck she went? Summit thought' and looked back in to the car

And at once came out'

She was no where in sight ' he didn't even heard the voice'

He felt a tap on his shoulder

*punch.* "Punch" *Punch*

Ahhhhhhh summit fell on the floor '

"Arman BAssss" Riddima had tugged his arm'. Pushing him away' but he hit him non stop' not caring what she said

She messaged Rahul, who came running to the parking area'

"Stop it Arman!!!" Rahul pulled him away'

Police was informed about it' and summit chapter was closed'

She hated him ' and now she took a sigh of relief seeing him taken away' taken away for ever'


"Riddima' Riddima..." she followed her in the corridors' "Riddima'" he stopped her'

"WHAT??" she shouted'

Arman looked on his sides' nurses ward boys' even doctor stopped and stare at them

While Arman helplessly'

"Nothing Sorry'" he turned and left while Riddima walked to other side


 "Now what??" Keerti asked', tugging her head behind the wall

"Ohho Aunty why fear' when Nikki here..!"                         

"Shut up Nikita'"

"Sorry uncle'" as Shubhankar turned and took a seat'

"Nothing is working out!" Keerti fell beside him on the couch

"Yea'" Nikita fell beside Keerti


Days passed out they didn't talked'

"Guys we have to do something"

All friends agreed and stuck their heads together to make a plan' while occasionally boys kissed their girls' and in return they just got beaten...


"Watch where u going ma'am" Arman pushed her away

Just to see tear's rolling down'

"Riddima Kya hua??" he took hold of her face' through her chin holing her softly

"Leave me Arman!" she pushed him away'

"Nahi' batooo'Kya hua?" he again holds her face'  with his palm placed on her cheeks' slightly rubbing her teary cheek from his thumb

"U r getting married!! Then why the hell u kissed me that night..." she sobbed and pushing him away

"ME getting married'? Have u lost it..!" he turned her towards him

"Yes I heard Keerti ma'am fixing ur date' for coming Saturday"

"AS in this ' Saturday!" he asked to confirm

"YES ' moron" she hit him direct in his stomach' bowing down clutching his stomach'.

"Owwww' I don't know about any thing I promise'" he took hold of her

"Shut up u '. U'. lousy up tight dog!" she pushed him '

"Riddima' please believe me'" he pulled her

"Why should I ..? And beside all Ur Mom is right' u r 25 u should get married'" she sobbed in middle of corridor' forgetting all eyes set on her'

"I will turn 26 on Sunday'"


"As if I care..!" she turned

"U don't?" he turned her back


"kuta kamena'!" she added' while giving him her back'

"I love you'"                                 

"And I hate U!!" she walked away' she didn't knew what make her turn'

She turned to see Arman sitting on his knee'

"Will u marry me?" he asked with cheekily grin'

"That's all u got'? That's a way u wants to propose me..?" she walked back at him'

"Then how else People propose!" he asked irritated

"OH Shut UP.!! why do I tell' go watch movie' or search out on net'" pause "I didn't liked ur tiny act' make it better..!" she flunked her hair'

Which brushed his face' he turned her towards himself'.

And kissed her full mouth' "I '.. Love'. U" he mumbled between the kiss' he passed his tongue in her mouth' he felt her tongue '. Trying to dig in his' they kissed ' and soon broke apart' both were breath less'

"I don't want to give u long lectures on my love'! Just want to say'IT takes three second to say I Love you' three Hours to explain it and a life time to prove it'"

"And ' and I can wait a whole life time' if I can be with you'" he added pulling her closer

"U know what '!" she said "I hate You today' just as much I did yesterday' and Now '"

"And Now..?" he asked, crushing herby pressing his body

"And Now may be ' I love u a little more'!" he crushed his lips' on her

"And now propose me for marriage!" she said 'moving away

"Have u Lost Riddima" He pushed her a bit away '

"No' I want it all good.!!" Pause' "So that when I turn 50 I can tell my grand son and daughter about my story."

"Shut up.!"

"Huh??"  pause " ARMAN !!!"

"OK ' OK" he kneeled down' when Rahul came and tapped his shoulder and gave him a ring "thanks Man!!"

"I m waiting!"

"Women!!!" he murmured


"Nothing thinking of some sweet lines' which might fall u'!" he said

"Hurry up ' I m waiting" she tapped her feet on floor and blow air on her nails'

He instantly got up' and moved his hand on her waist ' pulling her closer'.

"I ' I think '" he looked straight in her eyes

 "Some joys are better expressed in silence as a smile holds more meaning than words. I was asked, if I enjoy having U in my life'"

Whole sanjeevani dropped silence and looked up at the couple' while Riddima hold her breath to know his reply'

"I just smiled" he completed

She hugged him ' she hugged him tight


OH GOD ' did we just got married..? She thought'

Are we sitting in an aero plane..?

"Pinch me Arman" she whispered' "Ouch"

"I love u '" he said moving the middle handle ' and pulling her closer'

"Arman!! I think we r in the plane" she tired to get her self free

"And I think' u look hot in this red sari'" he kissed her cheek'

"Are we married?" she asked, confirming the news

"Yes'" he kissed her head'

"So does that means ' u wont look at other girls'" she looked up at him

"Who said THAT..>?? Look yar Riddima' I was not Told about that before marriage' how can I not look at other girls'" he said with a frown

"ARmaaaaaaaaaan" she hit him on his chest

"Seriously yar' u should have informed me before marriage.." rubbing his hand on his chest' where she hit him

"Why'?" she frowned


"I could have kept a bachelor party ' for my self.." he saw her moving away with half mouth open " and have a little fun with them'u know'" he winked at her'

"U'.." she said "We have just got married an' an 1 hour ago' and u ' and u'" she hit him no stop

"Riddima control' we r in plane' just relax'" he took hold of her hands' and make her stopped'

Whole way to their suite in Paris' she didn't even bug to talk to him' he kept on assuring her that he was just joking '


"Riddima' do u like the room" he looked around the suite

"Yes..." she said ' and looked up at the roof' and saw the work of glass' design was made up by small pieces of glasses In different colors' "It's breathtaking"

"hmm I agree'" he took off his coat ' tie' and dropped of the bed' and stared at her' while she looked around the room' she saw the bathroom was big' quite big' they had a large window beside their bed'

Soon she opened it ' and took a deep breath'

"U aren't coming here" he asked while sitting on bed

"No'" she turned and saw him'

"Why?" he frowned' he wanted to love her'

"meri marzii'" she went to her luggage' and took her dress out.. So that she can hang them'.

The bags were kept beside Arman's side'. He took hold of her sari's corner' and pulled it hard to wards him self'.

"ARMAN!!" she jolted and fell on him'.

"WHAT" matching her voice' he rolled her beneath him

"LEAVE ME!" she replied'

"Forget It Mrs. Malik ' I am soo not gonna leave u now'" he laughed devilishly'

"Ewww Arman ' No'." he licked her cheek'.

Knock knock

"URGhhhhhhhhhhh '. Why can't they just leave me alone for a while'. I want to love my Wife YARRR" he shouted'

"Arman Go'." She got up ' and pulled her sari up'

"WHAT?" Arman asked the waiter

"Sir u can call on 175 if u want to make any order' and room servi'." Arman closed the door on Waiters face and shout


Waiter walked out with a smile'

"AB ye kahan hai??" pause ' "Oh bathroom" he smiled devilishly' and tip toed in bathroom


 "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she shouted'.

"Mai hon. Riddima!" He closed her mouth' and turned her around ' and washed her face which was covered with soap'

"WHAT HELL ARE U DOING HERE??" HER EYES pop out  she looked every where to find a towel'

"What do people do on there honey moon?" He kissed her shoulder

"Arman'." She gasped' as he touched her back' and went down to her hips'

"I told u'. u have a very hot bump..!" he grabbed it' she gasped'.

"Arman plz'." He kissed her full mouth '. .soon she responded'

After a bath she took a towel and rapped around her self' and walked out leaving Arman in a daze' he took of his clothes' after few minutes he came out wearing a towel' and moving his hand in hair'

And saw Riddima sitting in front of bag on floor... And trying to search' something

"Kya hua?" he asked while sitting on the bed'

"Where r my night suits?" she asked worriedly'

"Must be some where' in Ur or mine bag!" he advised'

"No they r not!" pause "I checked'" he took hold of her arm and pulled her up in his lap'

"WE won't be needing night suite Riddima..." he explained while tracing the edge of her towel '. That stuck up at the corner of her under arm

"Shut up Arman!" she smacked his hand away'

He forcibly pushed down on bed' and jumped on top of her'"

"ARmannn" she whined.. Feeling his body'

"Hmmmmmmm'" he kissed her chest '. And tried to open her towel '

When she moved up and dragged her self to her side of bed'

She felt her heart beating fast'

smoothly he pulled her leg down' her head hit the pillow' he went down and slowly a parted the towel from her waist and kissed her belly' ' parting her towel' he moved up' and kissed her in between her bosoms' she gasped ' moaned ' and pull him up'


she just couldn't resist this any longer' holding his face in her palm ' she kissed him'.she chewed his upper lips'

"no' no" he tired to tell her'

But soon she bites his tongue ' he groaned in pain and threw her towel away' he took hold of her and turned her ' on to him ' he kissed her n----- sucked it '. She sat on his stomach ' with open legs...

He touched her legs' she fell on him ' and kissed him again'

He rolled her again' and kissed her' on every part'gripping on her softy' would leave her gasping ' she use to beg him' not to do so' but his fingers use to dig in'. she moaned' he went do to her belly kissing it ' rubbing his lips their'.

She moaned his name' when she felt his hand on her upper thighs' his legs constantly rubbing her legs'

Her phone ranged'. She thought to move and pick it when he entwined her fingers with his' brought in on his back'

"Just feel me tonight Riddima!" he mumbled in her ear' grabbing her ear lobe'

"Ahhh'" she felt his teeth on her nape' he licked it' she felt his lips' lingering on her chest' he moved his hand on her sides'. Melting her'

They could feel each other'. Soon Arman threw away his towel' and brushed his body with her'

She gasped feeling his body getting contact with hers

"Arman'" she tried to pull her self up' just to relax for while '. Instantly he pulled her right back'. With a jerk' and captured her lips' soon her arms dropped around his neck ' pulling him down to deepen the kiss'

She again felt his hand going down to her hips ' he touched it sensuously' making it hard for her to breathe now' she wanted him to just do it'!

Some how he got the message' he moved his hand in her inner thighs ' and parted them' he moved a bit down ' and pushed her self in her'

She tilts her head in pain'. Breaking the kiss' feeling the rush in her' she felt a pang' her breathing increasing he kissed her neck' and moved in a fro' she moved with him'

Her little moan was much more louder to him' he kept on moving ' making her feel the moment' he just couldn't get over with her' he just turned her ' he laid and she was up on top of him'crying in pain'

She gasped and shouted a bit' in pain 'that he just cause by making her turn'. He grabbed her hips' and pulled her in'

After making a love whole night' he made her lay on chest and pulled a

Dark purple sheet on to her'..

"I love u'" he kissed her cheek' while she has gone to sleep' when he ordered her to stop' and sleep for a while' "I love u too" she mumbled'


Raise of sun peeped in the room' but it's just two hours they just got some sleep'

"Riddima close the window please!" he said... Kissing her

"Hmm'." She pulled a sheet up to her chest and walked to close ' after closing she came back place sheet on him too and closed her eyes'.

Soon he felt her arms' brushing his' he pulled her ' and snuggled in her neck

"hmummmm" she made noise       

"I love you" he mumbled, she smiled and rapped her arms around him' and he dig his head under her


 "Good Morning" he said' kissing her lips'

"Good afternoon'" breaking the kiss' "It doesn't look that we have spent 4 weeks in Paris' does it??"

"No'" he pounce on top of her' and kissed her face'

She closed her eyes' feeling him' and him



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