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Part 11& 12 : AR ff Nashaa

"I will wear my cloths, I guess they would have been dried by now" Riddimaa got up to go and change, as Rahul announced that they were leaving for the meeting

"No.. you look good in this Riddimaa?" Rahul stopped

"just fold up the sleeves. They might look bad only. Rest is perfect!" Rahul said, texting on mobile.

"Won't it look bad in front of soo many people.?" Riddimaa asked when arman walk up to her. Turning her around as he made her face him, his fingers grabbed her arm and folded her selves, pulled the collar down.... and pulled the shirt out

"why do you tuck the shirt in? Not good !" he commented. Hiding the thread that she has used to hold up the jeans.

"Better... now doesn't look bad anymore... now lets go guys..!" Arman walked away to avoid the shocking faces...

"You look good seriously, lets go...!" Atul rounded his hand on her back pushed her to walk ahead. She blushed at the fact that he touched her again ' why is keep on touching me again and again' she thought brushing her hair behind her cheek. She shivered remember his hand pulled her shirt out yet again. His thick fingers tingled on her waist over shirt but still made havoc in her inner soul – spirit. ' stop it ! Riddimaa... what are you thinking? Arman? No way !' she thought.
She sat quitely on the back seat with Atul and kept on looking around the city. "what place is this?" she asked. Arman told her the place "its.... very far from my house..!" she exclaimed looking at empty roads.

"No … its even far from proper developed city, uhmm 45 mins. Distance at a speed over 60..." Arman defined.

"oh..." she understood and looked around. Reaching out at a cafe with the boys she walked behind them. Her height was smaller as compared to the three of them and the cloths made her look even more small.

"Riddimaa sit." Arman opened a seat for her and made her sit. He knew she felt uncomfortable in dress but he knew she looked good. "Sir !" the three saluted as one of a senior man walked in, In civil

"relax boys, don't make it soo obvious that we are army people. !" The senior man took a seat beside Riddimaa, whose mouth hang low.

"Oh whose this pretty lady?" He softly led her mouth close, with a chuckle

"You recognized me?" the senior man asked to which she nodded excitedly. The boys smiled and ordered five cup of coffees.

"Sir... you are Subhankar who hanged that guy in middle of road – as he killed his own children and wife with knife? For drugs, lately" She interrogated "yes... I am the one !" he whispered to which she giggled

"I am a big Fan of yours and even my brother Rohail, I would have been in no shock if he saw you here and faints" she giggled "We have not missed any of your interview. You surely are one of the REAL heroes !" she exclaimed happily."Why didn't you guys told me before that you work for him!" she glared at the three.

"If we would have told then the fun would have been spoiled naa." Rahul replied back in her tone.

"hmmm.." she smiled at Rahul and drank her coffee quitely. Arman shook his head, "Sir, she is Riddimaa" Arman made her introduce "oh oh ok... so whats the plan?" Shubhankar asked. The four began to talk softly while Riddimaa looked around the faces. She pulled her seat out to get up when she felt a hand over her wrist, looking down she saw it was Arman.

"sit..!" he spoke softly.

"Let me goo!" she twisted, getting her hand free she huffed and went on bakery side of the cafe. "Bhaiyaa.... yea denaa please." He gave the chocolate pastry that she had pointed, she grabbed and began to eat it. The boys looked at her and smiled. Arman kept his eye on her, while she made soft cute faces as she munched the pastry.

"Arman concentrate here !" Shubhankar Ordered, knowing the sitution very well. "Bhaiyaa yea walli … aur wo walli!" she asked again.
After having four best pastry. "MA'am money." the person asked as Riddimaa turned to go back to her place.

"Aree han...i forgot..." she checked her pockets, and it were empty. The shopper looked at her angrily "hehhee" Riddimaa laughed nervously "Mai abhi aye … wait ok" Riddimaa ran up to the seat "Arman... I want money.!" she asked him

"Kyun??" he acted all innocent. "Aree... I ate some pastry there – the man is asking for money, givve.... look he is glaring at me.!" Riddimaa pulled her hand out infront of him.

The first thing that touched Arman was She Asked him, leaving the rest of the people... Not even Atul or Rahul But Him. Why? He didn't cared... but he felt a pride a happiness that made his chest swell with love... after an year he felt some one really depended on him

"Mai kyun dun...? manage your self ! Why did you eat?" Arman teased winking at others.
"fine.. ! Tum sach mai Sarruu hou ! I hate you!" she walked with soft feets at the shop keeper who stood out of his counter with his hands on his hips and he tipped his feet on floor.

"Bhaiyaa wo...." she began feeling embarrass

"Sharam nahi atii haan – besharam larki...!" the shop keeper scolded. She felt lumps in her throat

"behave yourself !!!" the voice boomed behind her. "HOW much?" Arman asked the shopkeeper. "sir 100..." the shopkeeper gulped at the strong man.

"Here... and say sorry to the lady.NOW !" Arman passed the money.

"Sorry ma'am." the man apologized and went away

"Give me another pastry.." Arman said to the same guy, taking it in a tissue paper. He pulled her hand out and kept it over it.

"Chalo.. ab" he smiled softly and walk back to table. She remain quite all the time and didn't got up from her seat after this for the rest of the evening. 'sharam nahi ati..?' his words echoed in her head. 'sharam nahi ati..?' snap.. snap

"Hello, beta pastry nahi kahni? I thought you loved this pastry come on eat it up !" Shubhankar courage her

"nahi uncle, I am not in mood now" she made sad face and passed it to Arman.

"Riddimaa.... eat it up now... !" Arman gave her back..

"Nahi..." she said a tear pass by her eyes, brushing her nose.

"Ohho... chalo we will make you eat." Atul came forward and gave her bite.

"no..." but he didn't listened and made her eat

"now my turn!" Rahul grinned

"nahi please... mai khud..." Before she could complete Rahul stuff a bit

"uhmm" she glared at both of them "now me...!" Shubhankar stepped in.

"No... n....." she placed a bit more.,

"Do...n't... You... d...are.." she spoke to Arman, who smirked widely.

"aww baby, I will dare too !" he picked the bite and stuffed in her mouth . Her cheeks popped out from both the side. She gulped it very slowly as others kept on laughing.

"you all really bad" she pouted her lips in anger, crossing her arms over her chest she kept on huffing her breathe and gulping the pastry...

All of them got up, Arman placed money on table and picked a tissue. He saw every one out and Riddimaa also turned to go

"Sunoo." he stopped her, she asked with eyes kya hua?, moving forward he cleaned her lips... as it was rounded with chocolate.

"I haven't mind to lick it up, but I am scared of you... you know." he whispered and went away, letting riddima dissolve the words.

She breathe hotly... gulping her lumps down her throats.. Finally she moved out with another tissue paper in her hand "soo Riddimaa, we are happy to know that you will be helping us.." Shubhankar talked to her "I always wish to work with you" she replied cheekily

"Really? Thats good..! By the way Arman??... how did you got this wound on your arm? Looks deep?" Shubhankar's eyes pointed out

"Well sir a wild cat bit me up in her own manner." Arman remarked, eyeing riddima from corner

"Really?" Shubhankar grinned looking at Riddimaa, who went in the car blushing. "You should get hold of that Cat Next time if she tries to get out of hands" Shubhankar joked

"Yes Sir ! Will take hold of that Cat next time … and punish her badly for this!" Arman said his eyes looked straight in Riddimaa, who looked at him with same fear.

"Now seriously its late.... I will take your leave... and I guess you all should go back... keep informing me of every move. Riddimaa you also should start getting attentive once you go back home....." to which she made a nod as he talk through the window of car.After bidding bye They drove away.

part 12 

9:00 at night, still at road... driving back to their home.

"Can we stop by at ice cream parlour.? Its there.." her eyes saw a good ice cream area on the way of going back at their place.

"No." Arman replied and the shop was left behind. Her smile fell down, as she thought he would be nice to her, now atleast. 'why was he like this always?' she thought and wished that he could go back and bring her ice cream.

"Rahul go and buy up the bullets." Arman said. Stopping his car infront of gun shop.

"Shall I come.?" Riddimaa asked excitedly to Rahul

"No" Arman replied

"Come on Riddimaa" Rahul replied back taking a sigh and took her out. Arman looked at her back as she walked in the shop.

"Why are you so mean to her Arman. Remember she is helping.?" Atul spoke.

"I don't know... I just get soo distracted due to her. I feel angry at her – at myself and land up throwing my own anger at her. I am trying to understand whats wrong with me" Arman shook and got out of car and stood bending over it.

He saw her standing beside Rahul in shop, her reflection was clear from glass wall of shop. She talked to animatedly, trying to know every bit of everything. The way she laughed – the way she made an understanding nod always made him surprise and made him interrogate her every particular expression

'its.......... I guess really precious.' he thought and chuckled while checking her out. 'she looks good in my cloths.' he thought.

"LETs go Arman" Rahul said while opening doors.

"huh? Yea..." Turning around he took his driving seat. And then they rush back to home again

"hey Riddimaa found any interesting thing at Shop?" atul asked

"Nahi... they look nice outwardly but I hate its voice – it breaks my ear-drums." she shook her head, unpleasantly.

"Your father is listed for four murders and that too from gun" Arman said looking straight on road.

Riddimaa's face colored paled out. She was trying hard not to remember what his father do and here he was like torturing her by telling her that Her father is as bad as a Terrorist. What could she do? Was it her fault?

Her lips got dry and her eyes got moist, which made her look outside the window.

"She must be needing a mobile." Atul said diverting her mind. Rahul kept a consoling hand over hers to which she yanked it away.

"hmm... I forgot – thats a shop, go check out a set if available." Arman stopped yet again.

"Riddimaa coming.?" Atul jumped down along with Rahul "no." she replied shedding her eyes down...

"Come on..." Rahul opened her door and tried to pull her out. "ok... wait." she stepped out with a smile 'they are really good except.....' she thought, she hated to say his name – he was so nice one minute and soo cruel the very next minute.

As they reached home it was 10 sharp and Riddimaa said she was going to bed "But our food. I am hungry." Arman said stopping her at stairs.

She stomped her feet on stair and went in kitchen with out looking back. Arman scratched his head and filled his glass with alcohol. "why does she get angry around me." Arman asked

"because You are Always Angry around her." Atul replied and went in kitchen to help her.

Like the last day, they all jumped in the kitchen and looked at her working

"Lets keep her as our Governess" Arman spoke licking his finger. The three looked up at him shock, Her eyes filled with humiliation 'he could have said friend, he is such an idiot' The other two guys thought.

Riddimaa got up placed her half eaten food on sink and went upstairs "dheko... again angry" Arman said looking back at her

"WHAT do you expect ? A girl should feel out of this world in happiness? That a guy thinks she would do great as Governess?" Rahul punched the table.

"Relax dude." Arman backed away "I was joking.." Arman ended

"Which was Not even funny" Atul said

"Why do both keep on siding her..? you both are my friend.. don't forget !" Arman glared at them

"she is Our friend too!" Rahul said "Well I am done !" Rahul added and went away while Arman ate till his stomach said ok and so did atul...

'she cooks really like best' Arman thought slipping over the couch as both the mates have captured the only rooms and he was left with couches. He deserved it ! Was what Rahul thought. Next morning at noon.

Riddimaa walk down in half sleep, ruffling her hair – making her waist visible to a sharpen eye guy. That was none other than Arman staring at her, Rahul and atul turned their head to see her coming down. "hey..." she mumbled with a cute smile.

She was still in Arman's cloths and he liked this about her. "

Hey.." he replied this time with a smile.

Cough Cough Atul coughed making Arman know that he is Losing it.

"WHAT?" Arman looked at him

"Nothing – I said, your cigarettes needs a ash tray" Atul fumbled. Riddimaa looked at his cigarettes with disregard and went in the kitchen

"I am hungry" Arman said.

"urghhh ! Shut up please... not soo early in morning." she hold her head and went in kitchen.

"Arman please stop asking for food all the time she is not Our servant" Rahul chuckled

"but when ever I see her I remember how brilliant she cooks" Arman made a face and look down on the graph on table as they discussed.

Soon Riddimaa came up with coffees and breakfast outside in tray.Somewhere Riddimaa knew that Arman was crazy behind her cooking and she really did Cook for him, Confused at her on act but still did with bothering her mind much!

"Wow..." Arman remarked seeing it.

"Uff Riddimaa.... don't spoil the graph beneath it we worked on whole morning." Rahul said. And he pulled the Graph away.

"Sorry, how would I know it was important." Riddima said, making puppy face at Rahul

"Its ok... wow... the food looks great..." rahul picked his plate, looking at Arman, who had already began eating "Yeaa.. I am dying to get started." Atul took his plate

"you are not eating?" Rahul asked. Seeing only three plates.

"uhmm … ahh no." pause " I will have the coffee only" she commented settling on an empty couch as they all settled on wheeled chairs around the center table in lounge.

When Suddenly Arman got of his chair and settled beside Riddimaa, really close "you can share" he said with straight face

"huuh? Oh no... no... tum kaho..! I don't feel like" she passed a genuine smile to him 'he wasn't that bad' she thought.

"Stop lying.! I know we had only three eggs left in fridge. !" Arman hold up some egg in his fork and pulled it close to her mouth.

She looked suspicious "You sure?" she asked doubtful "hundred and one, now eat." Arman smiled 'omg the killer smile.' she thought.

Rahul and Atul smiled "I won't share... its soo good !" Rahul commented

"And so am I Not gonna share" Atul spoke munching her food, making Riddimaa giggle.

"Oh I can see that... what will you all do tomorrow when I won't be here!" she commented As Arman put another bit in her mouth and ate one himself.The three stopped eating at stared at her. Silent touched the core of room, she looked back at them feeling sad too.


Nest Update : Riddimaa goes back home... !

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