Thursday, 28 March 2019

part 11 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Armaan  starts screaming on the fone'
Armaan: shilpa??shilpa..answer me..
He quickly moves out of his house and runs to shilpa's'
He rings the bell continuously' a sacred anu has no clue how to react.. armaan figures thid out.. he quickly disconnects the call and calls again.. anu receives the call..
Anu: jeej..jeej *crying*..
Armaan: anu beta calm down..listen open the main door quick.. its me..
Anu runs downstairs and quickly opens the door.. armaan takes anu into a hug..
Armaan: calm down.. wherez shilpa?
Anu points towards the room.. armaan runs on top.. he enters the room to see shilpa lying on the floor.. her eyes shut her cheeks tear-stained..and blood oozing out of her mouth'armaan rushes to shilpa and take her into a hug'

Armaan:shilpa'*he brushes her hair aside*..shilpa..*he pulls her close to him huggin her the tightest*
Armaa: anu..get the car keys fast..
Armaan carries shilpa and leaves to go to the hospital..
Shilpa is now in the operation theatre (me not d don't mind if I give any wrong info..its all fictional u c..hehehe..;))
3hours have gone by.. no one has yet come out of the OT.. armaan is shit sared'
Armaan thinkg to himself.. no my boo..u cant let anything happen to u.. ur my strongest baby'u cannot.. il die if your not there around shilpa.. I love u soo dam much..
Jus den dr.keerti comes out of the OT all worried'
Armaan: dr.keerti.. wat happnd? Is shilpa ok?
Dr.keerti: aramaan..nothin is ok yet..can you do me a favour pls??
Armaan:*wit tears in his eyes**nods*..
Dr.keerti: call dr.shubankar quick..i need his help'
Armaan runs to dr.shubankar and informs him.. dr.shubankar rushes to the OT'
Aafter another 3 hours wait.. the OT's red bulb goes off..
Armaan:*anxiously*.. shilpa oki??
Dr.shubankar:*sighing*.. yea I hope so.. she is out of danger but will be kept under observation for the next 24 hours.. just hoping she doesn't vomit.. cuz it cud lead to more complications..and chances of her vomiting are like 95%
Armaan: 95%? Doctor.. what did she consume?
Dr.shubankar: she had a bottle of sleeping pills'*sighing* armaan did you know that shilpa is 1 and a half month pregnant?
Armaan is shocked on hearing this..
Dr. shubankar reading his expression: yes dr. armaan.. she is pregnant.. dint dr.ridhimma tel you this?
Armaan: ridhimma?
Dr.shubankar nods.. and leaves..
Armaan goes into the room where shilpa was fast asleep..he kisses her forehead..a tear rolls down his check..
He remembers dr.shubankars words and storms out of there..
He enters ridhimma's cabin and hunts into her fies'
Finally he finds a file labeled "dr.shilpa mallik"
Armaan goes through the files..
He reads about shilpaz pregnant history as in the date of pregnancy and so on..he turns pages to find why three of the best doctors in town had recommended Dr.ridhimma to shilpa'
He realizes that shilpa had no other option.. she was facing a lot of complications because of depression.. she wasn't healty enough.. she did not eat her meals on time..neither did she take her medications..
Armaan sits on the couch and starts cryin'
Armaan pulls himself together and rushes to dr.keertiz cabin..
Armaan:may I come in please..
Dr.keerti: yes armaan, I was expecting you..
Armaan enters and sits..
Dr.keerti: shilpa is fine now armaan.. but she has to be kept under observation.. and'*she stops*
Armaan: and???
Dr.keerti: nothing armaan..
Armaan: and my baby my baby ok?
Dr.keerti*shocked*: how did you come to know?
Armaan: that's not important rite now.. tell me how is my baby..
Dr.keerti: the babyz fine for now armaan..but if shilpa vomits..i cant say anything.. see armaan.. its normal for a pregnant lady to vomit.. but here the case is different.. shilpa has become to weak since..*sighing*.. since you and ridhimaa got married..she hasn't been eating well.. Depression, stress, anxiety all such negative emotions have filled her life and had adversely affected her pregnancy' whichever doctor she went to recommended sanjevni to her.. and her at sanjivnee we could only  provide her with our best gainec(however you spell tat)..dr.ridhimma..
And the situation is such tat.. if she vomits which is actually because she is expecting a baby..because of what shez done i.e. taken to those pills.. it is really very harmfull for her and her baby as well..
Armaan starts cryin'
Dr.keerti: theres nothing much that can be done now armaan.. just pray..

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