Friday, 29 March 2019

part 12 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

an upset armaan goes back to see shilpa..she was still unconscious ..
he holds her hand and start rubbing his thumb against her' while his other hand is caressing her forhead'
armaan: shilpa.. shilpa..listen to me baby..i love you..m here for u.. please shilpa' wake up'
but there is no response' armaan closes hez eyes n starts thinking whatever dr. keerti said to him'
armaan goes out of the room and moves towards the temple'
he shuts hez eyes and starts prayin'
armaan: plz god plz' plz don't let anything happen to shilpa and my baby as well' plz god'
he opens hez eyes and turns around to go when he sees Sid nxt to him praying'
armaan: oh plz stop it Sid..if not for u..dis wud neva happen'
sid: wa..wat???**confused*.. wat do u mean armaan'????
Armaan:  stop faking it Sid u know exactly wat m trynna say'
Sid is still confused'

Sid: no armaan..
Armaan:.. if u were a better husband.. if u din abuse and beat up ridhima she would neva suffer.. she would be happy wit u.. if she was happy wit u she wud neva tell her father about all dis.. and her father'.**armaan stops midway**..
Sid: abuse?beat up? Armaan are u kiddin me?wat are you sayin? I love ridhimma more then I love  my self and u noe tat very well..y??y wud I eva do sucha thing armaan???
Armaan is a bit shcokd and confused'
Sid: armaan'are you ok? Armaan..i neva wanted to divorce ridhimma armaan.. it was she who gotme the papers' and I din noe y armaan'I relli din noe' then she told me that ur divorcing shilpa too..infact she already sent the papers to her house..
And den it struck me that nobody can separate you'l.. you'l were always in love wit eachothr.. and if shilpa loves you sooo much that she can sacrifice her happiness for urz.. den armaan I tot why should I be an obstacle for you'l..n I let go of my relationship armaan'
Armaan was dumbstruck.. he din have any words to say.. all was coming back to him now' ridhimaz comeback in hez life.. she cryin .. shilpa.. shilpa sent d divorse papers to armaan.. but it was actuallu ridhima who sent them to her first..
Sid: im sorry armaan.. I din tell you about shilpaz pregnancy.. she made me promise not to.. she said that she din want you to spoil your life thinking bout her and the baby.. she wanted to let you go armaan.. to your ridhimma..
Armaan was angry'furious..upset'shocked'.
Armaan: sid.. shez not my ridhima' shilpa is mine sid.. n I love her sid.. oh god sid.!!!!! I cannot believe it.. I neva tot tat'LLLL
Sid: armaan, u ok? Can I ask you something'?
Armaan nods'
Sid: armaan..did ridhimma tell you that I abused her and stuff'
Armaan was quite..still trying to digest everything'
Sid understood armaanz silence and was in for a shock himself..tears formed in hez eyes'he touchd armaanz shoulderz and left'
Armaan goes back to hez shilpa..
He enters the room'
He moves towards shilpaz bed'
He sees shilpa lying on d bed..still unconscious..
Armaan sits on d bed..and starts caressing her face with tears rolling down hez cheek..
He adjusts himself on shilpaz pillow..such that he is lying nxt to her..
He hugs her and starts cryin'
Shilpa moves'with a crinckled forhead..tears start welling up in her eyes..she starts weeping..wit eyes closed'
Armaan comes to know that shez awake..
Armaan:**with all hez concern and love**' shilpa'
Shilpa nods..
Armaan sighs with relief..
Armaan:'shilpa.. shilpa..i love you shilpa..
Shilpa: I love you too armaan'
Armaan starts crying'
Armaan: your eyes..
Shipa: no armaan
Armaan:**taken aback*' y baby?y wont you?
Shilpa: armaan.. everytime this happens armaan'
Armaan is confused'
Shilpa: everytime when I go to sleep I can feel you holding me and talkin to me armaan.. but when I open my eyes you don't be der armaan.. and it hurts' I love this feeling armaan.. feeling you presence..ur proximity.. of you holding me'and I don't want it to go armaan'never..i don't mind stayin like dis forever armaan..
After listening to what shilpa said..armaan starts crying bitterly..
Armaan cupping shilpaz face in one hand and cryin': shilpa'shilpaa m here honey..n I wont go baby.. plz open your eyes shilpa..
Shilpa nods in a no..
Armaan, hurt, says: me shilpa..pls do.. open your eyes..
Shilpa: no armaan..i don't want you to go armaan..i know that ive done something very terrible by not only trying to kill me..but our baby as well armaan.. and im feeling very ashamed and guilty.. I cant open my yes armaan.. not when I need you the most armaan..m too weak to know the reality of you not being armaani cant'
Armaan: shilpa trust me..m here shilpa.. and il always b here shilpa..u and my baby is fine..dont feel guilty baby..but don't hurt your armaan like dis..i wanna see u..i want to look you in your eyes and apologise for everything..i wanna say I love you to you shilpa'
Shilpa:**still crying*I do trust you i cant armaan..i know that once I open my eyes you wont be there armaan. .and I need you baby..
Armaan hugs her tightly'and cries burying his face in her neck..while she tries holding him but fails to as all pipes thingy and needles are attached to her hand..
Shilpa: ow..
Armman sees her struggle and holds her hands and keeps it on the bed..hesleeps on her shoulder and starts pleading again..
Armaan:.. wont go I promise..
Shilpa: u promise me every nite armaan.. and when I open my eyes you arnt der.. I tried armaan..i promise I tries my level best.. to live without you..but I cant..i just hurts me when you arnt der.. it hurts me..hurts me like hell..
Armaan..: shilpa..plz baby..**he holds her hand and entangles his fingers with hers'**..plss..m begging you'
Shilpa: no armaan..i cant..
Armaan: you can..if you u love your eyes..
Shilpa wit all her courage opens her eyes slowly wit great fear of loosing her armaan again for the millionth time that she felt him near her'
Armaan smiles..the softest smile he could offer her..she is astonished..
Shilpa starts crying bitterly'and hugs armaan ignoring the pain caused by the needles'
Shilpa: youre here armaan..ur relli wasn't a dream armaan'
Armaan hugs her the tightestestesteststststst..
No shilpa it wasn't a dream..i m really here..and im here to stay'.

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