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Part 13 : AR ff Nashaa

Whole day, they discussed the plan, till it was time to leave her at her home. So that the plan could be executed.Riddimaa even washed his clothes which she used and wore her green dress back.

"you know what to do?" Arman asked as she stood few feets away from home

"yes Arman – don't worry." Riddimaa kept a hand on his as all four of them stood in a circle in least 40 feets away from her house. A sparkled pass through both of them and Riddimaa pulled her hand back and looked away. "hide your mobile somewhere" he blushed on his own thought making Riddimaa look – rather glare at him " uhmm and keep it silent" Arman added, shamelessly.

"You didn't had to tell that" she retorted. Making Atul and Rahul look around the place while controlling their giggles.

"Ok so its time for a bye?" Atul said, sadly

"Atul I be meeting you people right?" she herself confirmed

"Off-course we will Riddimaa, we have just began the work together!" Rahul spoke up and gave her a side hug "Be careful and attentive" Atul hugged her too. "yea.. bye.." she replied thinking will Arman hug her too and bid bye. He stood pulling his hands in his pocket, she took a sigh and turned around. 'Why does he act like this? A simple hug won't harm him.... ! Such an up tight dog !' she thought... walking to her home as she remembered how he had holded her for the first time...

'I don't want to leave him....why? Why am I being thinking about him like that...? its not right.! He is not worth me!' Pause "or is he....?" she blushed keeping a hand over her trembling lips.

Reaching near home – she turned back to see Them... Esp, Arman... but they all were vanish but she knew they were from some where looking at her. She smiled and waved in air.

"You didn't give her a proper bye." Atul spoke from behind the bushes looking at her waving in air.

"Well, we be meeting her tomorrow any way" Arman walked on silent road till the car, along with Atul and Rahul "Still She was expecting from you !" Rahul spoke. Making him realize that he should be a little soft towards her...

"Stop doing match making Rahul ! Let me go with the flow … and let me solve my own mind.... I am still confused and she still is not proven to be innocent" Arman gravely spoke remembering his bitter past, as a tear strolled off his eyes...


As soon as the door open, Padma Pulled Riddimaa in her arms "OMG.... you are home. I WAS soo scared." Padma let out a small cry, but for Riddimaa it felt all ridiculous, but still she felt the pain of her mom as she still had a thought some where That they might not be the criminal or the just being framed?. But who was she kidding? she had Even seen hard proves.!

"Riddimaa!" shahank exclaimed

"Diiiii" Rohail walked up pushed everyone and hugged her "Oh Rohail..." Riddimaa cried as she met her boy... her small baby boy, she had always taken care of his every need and she will be doing this till the fatal end.

"come on in dii" Rohail took her in.

"You know I was praying to God right now and I heard mom shouting Riddimaa... and I ran down. I guess God heard, Don't ever leave me" Rohail hugged her again "I won't … I am sorry" Riddimaa moved her arms around him and kissed his forehead, ruffling his hair she took a seat along with him when Padma walk up to Rohail.

"Rohail... beta, now go back to sleep its 12 at night... you have school tomorrow. Let Riddimaa relax beta" Padma took Rohail away as she needed to do his room chorus too

"come beta.." Shahank made her sit and gave her water "thank you papa... sit" Riddimaa said as she drank the water slowly..

"How did you made this possible Beta?" Shahank asked as he wanted to know how did she come to home back just like that???.

"Papa. They were sleeping, I had mixed sleeping dose in their beers and came out of the house, I didn't knew the place soo I kept on walking on roads" she stopped for a second when Padma join in too "finally reaching near the main road, I got a lift from a family, nice family – I told them I lost my way back and if they could help. Though they didn't trusted me first but took me in, after that they dropped me 20 feet away, and I walked up here.!" Riddimaa ended with faint tears

"Beta... did they.........?" Padma asked with tears.

"Noo!" Riddimaa replied "noo mama, yes they were Ruthless, angry people – they did beat me once or twice but not more than that" Riddimaa said.

"But beta, did they told you why they did this? Did they talk to you?" Shahank asked

"No papa, they gave me food and locked me up in room, it was today when they called me down to tease........ and make me call you again.. then I made up all the plans and placed extra dose of sleep in their drinks." Riddimaa some how with tears finished an UN REAL story.

"Ok... so they didn't told you anythng?" Padma asked when Shahank gave her a hard glare

"About what Mama?" Riddimaa asked

"Nothing beta, she was asking... like did they told you the reason of kidnapping" Shahank asked

"yea" Riddimaa said and saw the color of their parents face drained

"they said – they need money and they would pull it out from us... any how and for that if they wish to kill me.... they will" Riddimaa ended. "Oh...." Both the parents thought. "WE will call police papa, tomorrow morning" Riddimaa said getting up.

"Police Kyun??" Shahank asked as he knew she was abduct by police, only

"Papa... I got abduct – you must have filled a case. Haven't you?" she looked at him, stopping by as she thought to go in room, cocked her eye brows at her father in mock.

"Well, beta... we thought about your life sake and didn't do any thing that stupid" Shahank spoke with sadness.

"Oh...." she made an O face as she stood by the stair railing. "Mama – I am really tired will you massage my head while I sleep." Riddimaa tried to pull the act of still-loving-her-parents

"haan mera beta kyun nahi... you go I will bring oil!" Padma said moving a loving hand on her head.

Riddimaa turned and hid her tears 'why mama...?' she sobbed and lay down on her bed, Switching off her cell phone she kept it inside her dress, near her chest.

Shahank: Padma dont ask much warna she will get suspicious. Shahank talked thickly to her wife as she made her way to Riddimaa

Padma:shahank, I won't relax... she is back and she doesn't know !. Shahank looked at her wife as she made her way to Riddimaa's room.....

Once the house led quite Shahank made himself indulge in few calls till late night... though Riddimaa, who woke up for water.... heard some mumbling voices when she went out of her room and passed her parents room. Walking back up to her room with jug of water she thought to hear but the voices had died till than.... taking sigh she went to sleep.

Next morning

Riddimaa woke before her timing. Looking around she rushed to washroom along with her Mobile. She kept it near her, in her presence... where ever she went – it was risky and she was REALLY Scared. She switched on her mobile but still kept it silent. She took a bath and wrapped a towel around her. She picked the mobile and walk out in her room.

Locking the door at once – when she saw a Number with 'A' name blinking she picked it up and walk away from the door as she feared if some one ear dropped. "Hello" she whispered.

Arman: Were you sleeping? she heard his voice

Riddimaa: nahi... I was.. she blushed

Arman: You were?. he probed

Riddimaa: I was bathing... she whispered, clutching her towel at her chest in shyness"Arman.."she added softly.

Arman: OH... he bit his lips, trying to control his demons, who practically had started to imagine her.

Arman: why are you whispering? Are you scared?"

Riddimaa: "Yes... I am scared. Very scared...." she told very slowly.

Arman: don't worry, we just shifted near your house. You will be protected

pause "By me, always" he added, softly. Her eyes snapped up, her spinal shivered as his voice mingled in her ear.

Arman: uhmm... everything going good? I mean, the environment? Did they got satisfied with the story?

Riddimaa: hmm... perfect till now. Ok now I am closing the phone, I feel cold I have to change" she whispered blushing as her body shivered through the wind passing through the open window.

Arman: Does that mean you are in towel" he teased, his neck began to get red as his eyes imagined her .

Riddimaa: shut up and bye. she whispered angrily and cuts the calls... She changed and kept the phone in her upper chest inner wear after getting it in silent mode. After making a quite pray she walk out of her room...


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