Sunday, 31 March 2019

part 14 : Is This Love? (ARSH)

In the afternoon armaan goes to meet dr.kirti while shilpa is taking her nap in the hospital room.

Dr.kirti: hello dr. armaan

Armaan: gud ftrnoon dr.kirti'dr., shilpa's health..she improving rite?

Dr.kirt: yes dr.armaan.. shez improving.. she is much better now'

Armaan: really?!?!?! **smiling**.. that's  great news doc'

Dr.kirti: I know armaan..but listen.. she cant go through all this depression again.. she is already very sick.. this time we could save her.. but next time'** bows her head**..

Armaan nods: yes dr.kirti,,I get ur point.. thnx..

Dr kirti: we will have to keep her here say for another 3 to 4 weeks.. her condition from very very critical has come to very critical.. she is not yet fine armaan.. if you know what I mean..

Armaan: yes dr.kirti.. and I want u to give her d best of facilities.. I want my wife and my baby'

Dr kirti smiles: yes armaan.. that is der.. but wat she really needs now along wit our best facilities is your love.. that's it' nothing else'

Armaan thnx kirti and leaves'

While on the other hand ridhimma listens to this conversation from outside quickly hiding when she sees armaan leaving' she dials a number on her phone'

Ridhimma: hello papa'

after a while

Armaans phone starts ringing just when he was about to enter shilpaz room'

Armaan: hello?

Shashank: hello.. dr.armaan.. could I see you in my cabin please'?

Armaan:yes sir..bye'

Armaan leaves a sigh and walks towards shashanks cabin'. He sees dr.kirti leave..crying..

Armaan: dr.kirti???dr.kirti??.. but she doesn't wait..and walks away'

Armaan: may I come in sir..?

Shashank: yes dr.armaan.. do enter.. have a sit'

Shashank: dr.armaan.i hope you remember ur married to my daughter now..

Armaan gets furious..he understands why he is being calld..n also learns the reason behind dr.kirti's tears'

Shashank: so I suppose I must not remind you tat u and shilpa are divorced..thnx to the papers she sent you' and I hope you also know that your x-wifez condition is very critical now.. and sanjevnee has the best of facilities and medical attention that she requires now.. sanjvnee is the only hospital that could save her' and yes dr.armaan.. that hospital belongs to me.. and I can do whatever I like'

Armaan is shockd to hear all this'

Shashank: so u think twice befor taking any step'.u may leave'

Armaan goes to shilpa's room..

all heartbroken witout any option..

wat cud he do?he had no idea' maybe I could take shilpa abroad..he thinks.. but then wat if its too late.. wat if by the time we reach der, her situation worsens..:(.. armaan holds shilpa's hand and starts crying'

Shilpa gets up..

Shilpa: arma..armaan..kya hua?  Why u crying armaan??

Armaan hugs her while shes still lying and cries.. shilpa tries to calm him down but he doesn't listen.. he just keeps on crying..

Armaan: shilpa'

Shilpa wit all concern: ya armaan..temme'wat happnd?

Armaan: shilpa..i love you..

Shilpa: I love you too buddhu..why are you crying armaan?

Armaan shakes his head in a no..and stays like tat only..huggin her.. calming himself down..bit by bit..with shilpa's hands caressing his neck and bck'

in the evening armaan tells no no..orders shilpa to take some rest.. shilpa was continously begging him to tell her why he was cryin.. he said that looking at her state her cried.. but shilpa knew that der was more.. and armaan wasnt telling her.. she forced him.. but faile.. she was feeling weak and thats why cudnt say no to armaan order.. and soon drifted to a very disturbd sleep...

armaan goes to the fire escape...

armaan **cryin**: why god? why me? y is all this happening? i love shilpa.. i love her.. but i have to leave her alone.. but i cant.. my shilpa will die witout her armaan.. hu will take care of my shilpa?and my baby? i cant leave them alone like this god.. i cannot.. why is ridhimma doing htis? i hate myself for ever loving her.. god plsss. help me out here.. i need you..!!i need my both my babies as well!

armaan thinks alot..but with no conclusion.. but was certain that he wouldnt let anyone play with his shilpa's and baby's life...

armaan: shilpa must be up by now.. il go and check on her..

but when he enters... he was shockd to see the scene...

he sees the love of his life.. crying...

he then hears a voice.. yelling...and it was ridhimma

rid: tumari wajah se shilpa.. only cuz of you my armaan is running away from me.. if it wasn't for you u bloody @#%&* everything would have been perfect.. why the %^&* did you come into our lives? what the hell you u think of your self..

and raises her hand to slap her.. when armaan stops her..

ridhimma was shocked to see armaan

ridhimma: armaan acha hua to aa gayye i was jus telling shilpa to have her evening tea.. but she wont listen.. her operation she tomorrow.. she has to be fit and fine...

an angry armaan says:  just stop it ridhimma.. just stop it.. why why why ridhimma? why are you doing this just stop all your shit.. for the love of god..quit get outta here..i dont want to see you even a meter close to shilpa... just leave...

as soon as ridhimma leaves... shilpa starts breathing heavily.. she gets a panic attack..

armaan: shilp..shil..shilpaaa... shilpaa....**holding her**.. ul b ok shilpa..calm down.. calm down shilpa.. your armaan is here with you baby.. just calm down...

armaan rings the bell for help.. after which two nurses enter.. they injct sleeping solution into the drips.. shilpa falls asleep in no time....

armaan is shockd by all that was happening...

Arsh 444

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