Friday, 1 March 2019

part 17 & 18 : Tumhare hum

part 17 :

Today is the day Muskaan and Rahul
have been desperately waiting for,
their wedding day! This morning
when I burst into Muskaan's hotel
room I find her in a deliriously
happy state. She grabs my hands
and starts twirling me around
screaming, "It's my wedding day!" I
gasp sarcastically saying, "Are you
serious? I would never have known
without you telling me right now!"
She frowns and sarcastically laughs,

"Ha-Ha very funny Riddhima!" I grin
and throw my arms around her neck
saying, "I'm so happy for you Muski!"
She hugs me back and then goes to
answer the door to find makeup
artists and hairstylists at the door.
They quickly come and start working
on us.
As soon as I see my reflection, I
smirk knowing I will be making my
presence known that's for sure. I
help put on Muskaan's jewelry and
then her mother comes in the room.
I slip out knowing they need a little
private time to talk. It is a weird
feeling knowing that your best friend
is getting married. Just looking at
Rahul, you can notice the love
clearly showing in his eyes. If only
his jerk of a friend could have been
as loving long ago… it's too late for
him now. I come downstairs to wait
in the hotel lobby for Muskaan and
her parents to come down. In case
you're wonder what this gorgeous
girl also known as Riddhima Gupta
is wearing, well I'm wearing a navy
blue sari with a beige blouse along
with loads of white gold embroidery
around the pallu and blouse. Yes,
yes modesty is not my forte, but I
think we have established this
already. At this point, I see Muskaan
approaching with her deep red sari
with hints of beige along with heavy
embroidery. Her face is hidden by
the dupatta that is draped over her
head. She looks beautiful, just like a
bride should. I grin widely knowing
Rahul will be dumbstruck at the
mere sight of her.
We drive to the hall and I help
Muskaan out the car and escort her
to the mandap where Rahul sits, and
Armaan right behind him. Armaan
seems to be talking to Rahul, but
Armaan stops talking as soon as he
catches sight of me. Rahul looks at
Armaan weirdly since he seems to be
in some sort of trance as he looks at
me. I look towards Muskaan instead,
with a hint of pink shading my
HAPPENED! There should be no
blushing as a response of Armaan
looking towards me! It looks like my
own body seems to have betrayed
me. I sigh and continue to walk
Muskaan to the mandap and sit her
I glance towards Armaan to find him
bluntly staring at me, not even
bothering to conceal it! In the
awkward moment I look away and
begin throwing flower petals at
Muskaan and Rahul while they begin
their pheras around the sacred fire.
Armaan stands closer to me and
whispers in between the ceremony,
"Blue is not your color!" I shoot him
a glare while he stifles a cocky laugh
and starts throwing the flower petals
on Rahul and Muskaan straight from
my hands. I just watch him as he
finds amusement in getting me
angry. I just turn away and smile as
Rahul puts sindoor in Muskaan's
maang. I watch as Muskaan blushes
as Rahul brushes his lips against her
cheek purposefully when he puts the
mangalsutra around her neck. I sigh
wishing I had someone so loving and
then I guess Armaan noticed
because he nudges me. I scowl at
him as he grins suggestively.
Rahul gets up and then helps
Muskaan up. He walks her down the
steps and Muskaan clings to her
mother, crying her eyes out. My own
eyes water as I watch my best friend
break down. I start thinking about
how much our friendship means to
me. I've known her for many years,
too many for me to count. She has
always been my pillar of strength
and here she is crying. I rub her
back and give her a weak smile as
emotions fill through me. Rahul
eventually comes and gives Muskaan
a soothing hug, while escorting her
to the car.
I smile through my tears and then
feel an arm come around my
shoulder. I don't need to look to
know it's Armaan. He pulls me into
a hug, one I very much needed at
the moment. His arms seem to
comfort me and for those few
moments I forget my hatred towards
him. I need someone at the
moment. I don't even know why I am
crying, I mean I will still see her and
it's not like she is going to be living
here in Pune from now on. She will
be back in Mumbai again, but I just
feel like we aren't kids anymore.
Armaan's hands run up and down
my back while he says, "Shh
Riddhima it's okay, I'll always be
here…" Oddly those words make me
feel better. I don't know what is up
with me today! I really don't seem to
care though because I feel so lonely
at the moment. Sometimes Armaan
surprises me, when I least expect it!


part 18 :

The following night is the reception
for Rahul and Muskaan's wedding
before they leave for their
honeymoon. When I wake up the
following morning, I notice the
empty space beside me. I stare at it
for a couple minutes, wondering if I
would ever be able to fall in love
again. Then again, I don't think I
could ever trust anyone with my
heart again. I can't help but feel
depressed that I will never be loved
by another. I unwillingly get out of
my bed and take a shower. I notice
on my way to the bathroom that I
have really slept in today because
it's about 3 P.M. already. I notice
some missed calls from Armaan, but
don't feel like responding right
now… maybe later, or not!
I take a warm shower and start
working on my hair. I lounge around
in my room watching some television
for a couple hours. The dress code of
the reception is black. I look
through my clothing and find what I
am looking for. I pull out a beautiful
black halter dress. The dress
shimmers in the light and has a
deep back. I start looking for shoes
in my bags and find some cute black
pumps. Then carefully pick out some
simple jewelry. I put on my dress
and style my hair up in a tight
formal bun, held together by a
simple stick. When I look into the
mirror, my satisfaction is clear across
my face.
I finally head downstairs to the
main hall in the hotel, where the
reception is held. As soon as I walk
in, I bump into my arch nemesis. My
eyes linger over him wearing a sexy
black suit. He wears a black shirt,
with the first couple buttons open,
exposing his tanned and built chest
along with a black belt with a silver
belt buckle. On the whole, he looked
nothing short of amazing. I just
smile at his dazed state, while he
looks over my appearance. I look
over towards Muskaan and Rahul,
looking as happy as ever. Muskaan
has that glow emitting on her face,
she looks so happy. I feel better
knowing she is in safe hands and
that Rahul loves her. I walk over
towards the happy couple, while
Armaan falls into step with me. I
give Muskaan a quick hug and
congratulate them on their
marriage. Muskaan just beams
towards me. I smile slightly feeling a
bit depressed at the moment and
excuse myself.
I know I have no right to be feeling
depressed, especially today. It's
Muskaan's day to be happy and I
should be happy for her. I am
excited for her, but I feel bad about
my own life. Looking towards Rahul
and Muskaan reminds me of what a
failure I was, I couldn't keep the
man I loved. Sometimes I feel it
would be easier to end it all, who
would really miss me when I'm gone.
I could never do such a thing
because it would hurt my parents
and Muskaan more than I can
possible comprehend. I wish I had a
better life to live. No matter how
much I try to convince myself that I
don't believe love exists, one glance
at Muskaan and Rahul proves me
wrong. It just hurts knowing that I
can never have what they have
because I won't ever be able to be
in love again. I sigh and decide to
head over to the bar. I really need a
As soon as I get to the bar, I order
myself an alcoholic drink to drown
my sorrows in. A few seconds later,
guess who decides to join me? Yeah,
you don't get any points for
guessing this either I mean seriously
who else would come to bug me at
the worst times imaginable. I take a
big sip and simply say, "Hey
Armaan." He smiles and then looks
towards my drink. He then asks the
bartender to get him something to
drink. He sits next to me and starts
drinking. So apparently, misery does
love company! I really didn't mind
his presence even though he is the
cause of my current depression.
Armaan softly says, "You're so
beautiful Riddhima." I smile slightly
knowing that my beauty hasn't
gotten me anywhere in life except
for a few perverts hitting on me here
and there. After my seventh drink, I
look towards Armaan feeling a bit
lightheaded and you know he was
really looking good. I don't really
know what it was that was making
him look so good, but whatever it
was well it was creating impure
thoughts in my mind. I realize how
close we are sitting next to one
another. I can vaguely smell his
aftershave and it is driving me
insane. Oh God, these impure
thoughts have got to stop right now!
I turn towards Armaan and whisper,
"Can we go back to Mumbai now?"
He just nods understandingly and
we make our way to Muskaan and
Rahul to tell them we were going
back home. Muskaan asks, "Riddhima
you're feeling okay right?" I smile
and nod reassuringly, then bid them
both farewell. I had asked earlier to
have my bags put in Armaan's car
before hand so we could leave
directly after the party for Mumbai.
Anyways Armaan and I walk towards
the car in complete silence. Before
he turns on the ignition I ask,
"Armaan you're not drunk right?" He
burst out laughing and in between
says, "Not nearly enough to put us
on our deathbeds." I am too tired
and drunk to think otherwise, so we
start driving towards Mumbai.
Maybe it would have been wise, not
to drink…

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