Friday, 1 March 2019

Part 17 : Perfect

As she stood there looking at him, armaan, with all the movement that had been caused, finally woke up, and suprised to see her just standing over him, stared into her emerald eyes, willing her to say that she had forgiven him, whatever she would expect in return he would do, but just this once.....ridhima meanwile could not hold his gaze too long, for she felt equally guilty now....knowing the whole truth....she could see how armaan had just been used by his father for his benefits, and knowing how high armaan held his father in his life she just couldnt see how he would face the truth....but she decided, i am going to be with him now...i wont let the news break him, i will be his strength, as he has been mine all this she made a move to go, he held her wrist, and his touch made her weak, made her wish to turn around and tell him that she knew he needed her, and that she was indeed with him....but not the way he wanted right she told herself....ridzi be firm, its just a little more wait till you fix the issues in this house, and then its just u and him forever.....and hard as it was, she knew if she just turned around and told him he was forgiven she would never be able to implement the plan she had in she just turned around with the same expressionless face and removed her wrist from his killed her to see the hurt in his eyes when she did that, and she knew what it felt like to him then....but the toll it was taking on her to do this was much greater, and so she just could not stop herself from saying in a much softer tone "armaan, i will be preparing the
breakfast get ready and be there on time...." and saying that she left to freshen up....armaan meanwile just sighed closing his eyes ....he remembered distinctly that he had not slept on the couch so she must have helped him onto it....and the tone she had just spoken in????it was not the one from last was not forgiving but it wasnt impassive and detached....he could see that he still mattered to her, and that gave him atleast a moment of relief....but then he thought...what should i do to win her back....i just have to....and while he was making and cancelling all possible plans he could think of to earn back her trust, he suddenly felt the air around him smell really pleasant...opening his eyes impulsively he saw her drying her freshly washed her hair....oh its her he thought...fresh out of a wonder i felt so so thats how my room gona smell every morning now, he almost smiled giving her a lost look without realizing until she noticed him looking at her like that, and getting conscious....just cleared her throat aloud to snap him out of it saying "is something wrong????" he just looked down feeling guilty again....oh man!he just could not rid himself of the guilt...he wanted to tell her how mesmerizing she looked, but he just was not sure of what he could or couldnt say to her anymore.....the only thing he knew for sure was that he did not want her to leave him alone in that room again like last night....and if that meant that he should not speak around her he wouldnt...atleast she would be in the same room before his eyes he consoled himself....and looking back at her he said "nothing....can i use the bathroom if you dont need it anymore???" she nodded, and as he moved out of the couch catching his bathrobe and going in to the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror and said with a small smile "thanks honey " acknowledging his unspoken compliment now that he was not the name of heavens, she thought, it was going to be so hard to be like this with him, when he just submitted to all her ways in his guilt....buck up girl ...its for his and the family's ultimate good.....and picking up her cell she went towards th balcony, to ensure he would not be able to even accidentally overhear her she put the phone down, a small but satisfied smile was playing on her lips, and with that she moved out of the room to go on and prepare the breakfast....


"dude i can bet last night must have been heavenly, but did it kill your hunger in the process???" armaan looked up from his almost untouched plate to see atul grinning at him in a naughty way...armaan gave him a solemn look "ummmm no, its not that...just....havent gone for practice today...dont seem to have built the apetite for an early breakfast" he replied hoping desperately that atul wont see through his lie.....but to not provoke more questions he just started eating the kheer in his bowl....and couldnt believe how yummy it was...he looked up at ridhima, and as he caught her looking at him, gave a small smile wanting her to know that he thought the kheer was awsome...ridhima just gave a slight nod in response and went back to the kitchen to fetch more pooris....rahul meanwile licking his fingers said "wow bhabhi yummy food! " and then winking at armaan "u lucky dog!!!bhabhi makes such awsome food....guess its time u fired all the cooks in here...." hearing this armaan almost choked, remembering the proposal he had offered ridhima for the same job a couple of nights he coughed a bit more slight tears formed in his eyes from the choking and ridhima came rushing out of the kitchen to give him a glass of water, while slightly massaging his back and said in a concerned voice "armaaan! why do u have to gobble down food... its not running away from the table...." and then suddenly stopped, remembering what she had said to him about hogging they looked at each other, muskaan did not miss her chance to tease "oooohhhhh love is in the air....watsay rahul????" armaan looked at her with a 'dont act smart with me look' and said "of course kid.....considering u just got back from a honeymoon...which um sure must have been sizzzzzling, all u will feel is LOOOVVVVEEE in the air right rahul????" while rahul and armaan hi fived, hearing this muskaan blushed hard and looked towards ridhima for support "bhabhi see???bhai and rahul always team up like this against me..." ridhima smiled at the display of sibling love and deep friendship and said "dont bother about them muskaan...they are helpless....lawyers u see....they just hate to lose an argument...." as she said this muskaan hugged her...and armaan looked up at her...he loved the way she had already become a part of the family like she had been there forever....with quiet determination he thought to himself...u r right honey, armaan malik hates to fact he does not lose....i will win u back sweetheart, no matter what that takes....and smiling a bit more than he had in the past almost 36 hours, he started enjoying the food she had cooked...


"thank you so much Mr. Lester..i appreciate the fact that you could do me this favor at such a short notice....i hope papa, i mean my dad, and armaans dad, and armaan himself dont know about this yet????i want to give them all a suprise you know...armaan had mentioned doing something like it and i thought it would be a perfect after wedding gift...." as she smiled at the senior lawyer from her fathers firm, who was now a part of the new allaince, he replied "of course sorry mrs problem at all...and it is indeed going to be an awsome suprise when you and armaan sir release the papers at the reception tonight...i should take your leave now...there is alot of pending paper work i have to complete..." saying so they shook hands, and he left...while ridhima smiled deeply....with a confident look on her face....


she still had not decided exactly how she would be saying this to armaan, but she left it for the moment itself...and getting into a faster pace walked towards their bedroom, knowing armaan was in there getting ready for the she opened the door she was suprised to find it dark inside and as she felt for the light switch on the wall she heard the famous C21 number play from the music system lying in the far end of the room....

You are stuck in my heart
Like counting a million stars
For that many reasons you are

Can't you tell
you've been all over me like a spell - I know
I never wanna let you go

Can't you see
you've been changing the world around me - I know
I never wanna let you go

If you hold me close enough
I can whisper you the words
If the distance is too far
I can't do nothing, cuz

You are stuck in my heart
and we can go anywhere
whatever the reason you are
so stuck in my heart
like counting a million stars
for that many reasons you are
so stuck in my heart......

as the song faded dim lights came on and ridhima saw room full of flowers...all kind of flowers again and she thought omg i just have to tell him i like daisies best...or he will keep getting all kinds of flowers everytime...and armaan noticed a small smile touched her lips as she looked around, trying to find the master planner of this set he crept from behind her and closing her eyes said...."come i have to show you something please dont say no...." as she moved without much repulsion holding on to his guiding hand she thought...great...this fits perfectly into my u armaan...even without realizing u are always the solution to all my i know exactly what to do....and just then she felt his hand move away from her eyes and he said..."u can see now" and she opened her eyes she found herself in a dark room not quite dark and as she looked around her she saw many many many shimmering flourescent stars shining all over the ceiling and the walls and she read the words in the centre.." I PROMISE AS MANY TIMES AS THE NUMBER OF THESE STARS TO NEVER EVER BE A JERK AGAIN....PLEASE FORGIVE ME :( "she turned around to face him as he switched on the lights. trying hard to hide the feelings which were overflowing in her heart now, by his gesture....she said "armaaaan..." but he silenced her putting a finger on her lips and said "please ridhima.....i know u are mad at me...and u have all the reason in the world to be...but please give me just one chance to atleast tell u my side of the story...." seeing that she had not interrupted or moved away he resumed with a little more confidence "i will not deny that when dad had first proposed this marriage the deal was all i had thought of....but all that has changed now ridhima....u have changed me, my life, my dreams....infact i shouldnt say u have changed me...u have introduced me for the first time in my life to the real me....and i dont care about any deals or alliances...i would give up the world just to have you by my side....i mean every word of it...please trust me...." she looked at him for several passing moments....all she wanted right then was to be kissed by him, and be in his arms forever...but she sparked back to reality as she felt him take hold of her face from her chin, and very reluctantly she moved back....he looked at her, hurt again, and not sure of how much longer she could maintain this distance she said "trust you????" he looked at her and saw that she was not taunting him so he said "yes....i will prove my love whatever way you want" so she said, chosing her words carefully but not looking at him "are you sure????whatever way i want????without asking me for reasons????" without thinking even for a second, considering she was ready to give him a chance he said in an excited voice "yes honey...whatever u want....just tell me what u want me to do"...ridhima thrust a file in his hands and said "sign these then" as he took the file from her she willed him with her eyes to see it...and so he opened it not knowing what to expect....and his eyes widened in complete shock as he finished reading the document...and looking back at her in helplessness he pleaded "ridhima please how can i do this????and how could u even sign these papers????how can u expect me to put all my shares in the alliance .....and put your own the name of that woman..." "shes your mother " ridhima retorted silently "well only to say...look sweetie i will put everything in your name , muskaans name, rahuls name, anybody else....but not can i????see honey u have not been here too long and u dont know the people of this house ...." interrupting him again she said "for once armaan u r wrong...i think i know them much better than u....anyways i dont want to argue about this....if you want me to forgive you and accept our relation, this is the only way...." she said with finality in her tone...armaan gave a last helpless shot "ridhima u dont know what she did to dad....omg can i do this ridhima...what will dad think....look u dont know everything here...and i am ready to explain...this is not what u want me to do, trust me...." interrupting him the last time she said "no armaan i cant be single sided....u cant expect me to trust you when you are not ready to trust me...if i am asking you to sign these papers, despite knowing ur views about should realize i have my reasons...which u cannot ask for right now....but if you trust me then sign these papers....and only then can u expect me to ever trust you back again...." armaan realized that there was no way ridhima would turn back on her words....he closed his eyes thinking with a million thoughts zooming in his head while ridhima spoke again "its ok you have an hour until we leave for the reception to think about it....if you decide to trust me, trust us, let me have the signed papers by then..." as she was walking out she heard him say "wait...." and walking up to face her, "i dont know why u r doing this....and i know how gravely i will hurt dad by signing these papers....but i trust u and i trust us...."saying this he signed the papers, and handing them over to her he said "i really hope u know what u r doing darling...." and with that he walked out of the room....she smiled sadly behind his back "thank you so much armaan...i know how hard this was for you.....mumma was do love me in the earnest or you would not sign these papers even if god asked you to....not only have u helped me in implementing my plan, but u have also proved to me that my trust on u is not baseless....u were right....our relation will always bounce back....lov u armaan!"


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