Saturday, 2 March 2019

Part 18 : Perfect

"Let me get that for you" said ridz as she saw armaan pick up the black tie she had chosen for him to wear with an elegant red formal shirt inside a black and black together was what she had wanted him to wear....same as the combination of her as she tied the knot of his tie, she could feel his gaze on her, his silence emaphasizing the on going battle in his head....asking her the unspoken doubts...what was on her mind and why could she not share it with him in plain words.....finishing the knot she looked up into his hazel eyes, with a calm look, squeezing his hand she said..."armaan.....i know i did not put you through a pleasant test in there....n i know what making that choice meant to u....but now i want u to know....that i am doing this for the good of your family...beg your pardon, i mean our family....alot will be happening tonight....and you are not likely to receive it too well....but please remember...i am with and forever"....saying this she stood on tip toes, and gave him a quick yet passionate kiss on his if reassuring him of how seriously she meant the words she had just said....and hugging him she said " i love u armaan...not because u signed those love for u doesnt need reasons and conditions....but i also feel the same unconditional love towards the family u have given me, since i never had one for real all these
years....and what um doing is very important for the people u and i both will get all your answers before the night is over, but until then thank you so much for trusting me....your love and trust is the essence of my existence....and somehow, without them, the last couple of days had been meaningless days of my life..." as she felt armaan lightly pat her back, and not return her hug wholeheartedly, she felt a bit disappointed, but this was going to happen she had known beforehand....she broke out of the hug, to leave when he held on to her wrist....suprised she turned around and saw him smile at her and he said offering her his arm "wont u let your husband escort you for the evening mrs. ridhima armaan malik???"as she happily locked her arm into his he pulled her slightly close, and lifting her hand he kissed it deeply...and said...."u look breathtaking bowled over...."and blushing, she looked at him to see him wink at her and then in a more serious tone he said " i trust you completely sweetheart....and you have my consent and support in everything that you do for my family, since now it is indeed as much yours as mine....." and then smiling again signalling with his hand he said "shall we????" feeling confident and peaceful now, to have heard those words from him, she walked with him matching his step down the spiral stairs, into the huge hall where the party had been organised....


Samrat's eyes widened in horror, shock, and all other synonymous emotions as he read the document in the file which had just been handed to him....looking up he searched for the waiter who had given it to him, but as expected the guy had disappeared into thin was an impossible search in such a huge gathering, with atleast a 100 waiters in the same uniform....looking at the document again to make sure it was not a figment of his imagination, he frowned deeply now and looking around to make sure nobody would notice a short lapse of his absence he went towards the room he had not bothered to even glance at in years now....he however did not escape the pair of eyes which had been on him for the past one hour, waiting for him to make exactly this move....slowly ridhima made her way towards armaan, who was at that point the victim of several witty teasers from his law school gang who stood surrounding him close to the he saw ridhima approach them, he spoke over their voices...."there she about asking her in person what she plans to do with me during our honeymoon....darling, come along fast i hate being victimized by these ruthless guys without my partner in crime...." ridhima approached them and smiled warmly at all of them, and then stood trying hard to conceal her impatience as armaan introduced her to the whole lot of them....sensing something was not right he hastened the introductions and then said...."n now guys, as much as i hate to interrupt this intriguing discussion, u have to excuse ridhima and me....oh man! the price u pay for marrying a beautiful woman.....cant be an irresponsible bachelor like u lot anymore" they all laughed giving the couple way to move, armaan swiftly steered two of them into a slightly less crowded corner and getting serious immediately asked "what happened ridhima?" she just stared at him for a few seconds wondering how he could read her like an open book, and then not wanting to waste anymore time she said with urgency in her voice, "armaan can you come with me????there is something you must see....i have talked to muskaan she will handle the guests if they miss either of us...." and without another word she started walking with armaan following her close behind, confused but realising it wasnt the moment to ask her the reason for this sudden action....but somewhere inside he realized he was close to getting answers to all his doubts they reached closed to radhika's room, both of them could hear the familiar male voice from inside the room, not sounding happy at armaan, now too curious, was about to question her, ridhima silenced him by gripping his hand tight....and then with her eyes signalled him to see and hear the conversation inside in silence.....and armaan just complied as he had to all her other demands in the last two hours....and they both heard samrat say in a voice louder than usual " i thought the past had taught u not to mess around with my work, n just mind your own business....but no....just as nosy as your late father arent you????" "so you think questioning your own employees about suddenly missing millions from the company is being nosy????" "listen woman, it would be a great idea to not drag the past in....the old man was too clever and interfering, i could not have grown in my career had he lived any longer than he did....just tell me how you talked armaan into doing this????he can never do this without someone poisoning him about me, n who other than you would ever do that????specially noticing, how lucrative that has proved for u as per the conditions in these papers...." while samrat seemed to be losing his temper with each passing dialogue, radhika did not react, speaking in a calm tone again she said "you pretty well know i dont care about properties and millions samrat....or i would have never signed the power of attorney in the name of the man responsible for my father's death....and as far as poisoning armaan's brain is concerned, u seem to have done it so well over the years that he even denies me the right of being his mother.....if i had to poison him, i would have told him the real truth long ago, but just for his and muskaans happiness i let them live with the manipulated truth u sold him half a decade ago...." samrat now livid in anger said " i did not have to kill your father he was an emotinal fool with a weak heart and " interrupting him radhika reminded him slightly perturbed by the painful memories again, "any human father would get a weak heart knowing his daughter had married a man, whose only interest was her property....the property he would go to any extent for.....but you wouldnt know that would you gambled with the happiness of your own son for some mere business profits....the same son who worships you before his god....i fear the moment when he would learn of your real designs....he devoted himself and his life to you, and you played that dirty politics the night before his wedding????when you had the deal on why did you even bother with his personal life i dont understand...." giving a soft evil laughter samrat scorned "oh so u guessed the news headlines was my gimmick...great radhika finally living in the same house as me for so many years has rubbed off some of my brains onto you as well...but not enough i can see or you would understand how essential it was for me to drive that scapegoat gupta girl out of armaan's life....he is my trump card in this deal...i rule over the other two partners because of him, and if i had let her silly love control him, i would have lost the reign to that loser lover of yours, shashank gupta....i was not about to lose that hand for the blossoming of a fantasy love story....." hearing these words armaan who had initially been numb with shock was now outraged, and ridhima had to hold onto his hand tight to keep him from giving away their presence..."but now u " said samrat getting furious again " have the audacity to drive armaan against me and get him to sign these papers????and you think i will let u win this game....never radhika....if i could drive your father to an ultimate death, u r a much easier target...." radhika retorted still calm, "do what you want to samrat....i am living a dead life anyways....i still regret the day i fell in love with a man, who is not even fit to be called human, leave alone..."samrat raised his hand to strike her across her face before she could complete her sentence, but was shocked as something held his hand he slowly turned around, he saw armaan, whose face was visibly livid with anger now, but keeping a control on his voice he spoke in a warning voice, which implied he meant business "no you dont do that.....not anymore...." roughly throwing his hand back, armaan gently held radhika's hand and said...."c'mon mother, ridhima and i need your blessings as we cut our wedding cake outside...its almost time the guests would be waiting....." radhika just gazed at him as he said the word mother, with her eyes getting moist, and as he moved towards the door still holding onto radhika's hand samrat spoke in a shocked voice "armaan beta..." armaan looked at him with daggers in his eyes and said "mr. samrat malik...i am sure u dont want to create a scene with so much press outside...i know ur dying to talk to me right now....believe me i am just as eager for there is quite a few things i really want to clear out here....but lets postpone the discussion to the moment when it can stay within the family...." saying so he moved out with his mother, while ridhima followed the two of them with a look you have when you win only to realize how much you lost in the process....


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