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Part 2 & 3 : AR ff Nashaa

we have dropped her in your room... now?" Rahul, whose hair were chopped and stood up like an army officer, he wore a cream jeans with a white – pure white shirt tucked in his jeans,neatly. On the other hand Atul, whose hair were a little goofy style, but it looked good at him only, loose shirt tuck out – with a fair jeans. Both stood in front of the chief head.

He, the so called Master – Sir wore a simple dark denim jeans with a black shirt, properly tucked in, holding his black leather jacket on his shoulder and a cigarette lit in his hand. "I am too tired – too look up to this operation today... you both." Pointing his cigarette at them "duty over night – outside that room, I am going to take up your room Rahul. I hope its clean and if its not then rush and clean it up for me...before 8" He spoke, while placing the cigarette near his lips and sucking it in with a pleasure. "Am I clear" he announced with a strict voice. "Yes..." Rahul said, in angry manner, he wish to pull Arman on floor and beat the bash out of him for taking up His(Rahul) room, both turned and went away, obvious that they only had an hour in their clock for striking at 8.

"What does he think of himself? Are we his servant?" Atul winced while walking in Rahul's room. "Yes we are Atul.... As per Are real boss we are" Pause "As for the time, Only." Rahul picked up his cloth. "why don't he – sit and do the "chokidari" outside her room? I mean? Why did HE gave His room to her? He never did that? Strange?" Atul sat over a couch, throwing a shirt at Rahul which was pile on couch.
"yea strange, I mean Arman Malik.... never did that. HE gave his room to that girl? Haven't 'we' planned to keep her in that.... that rabbit cage ?" Rahul stop and looked Atul, strangely."Exactly...! thats what I am saying." pause "isn't this any of his prank over us? Just to annoy us?' Atul spoke scratching his chin "Does he has a soft corner for her now?" Atul let another idea

"Nahh... Arman Malik don't have any sort of Soft Corners in him" Rahul chuckled after stuffing all his cloths in the cupboard, they both looked at the room with appreciation. Rahul went up to His so called Sir, while Atul decline to do his 'Jee hazuuri(bowing his head infront of Him)... any more' and left for his duty outside the girls room.

"You can go in the room now. I cleaned it up" Rahul stood by his chair. As he sat on a large comfy chair with another cigarette lit up in his finger "Arman." Rahul called again which broke His trance. "yea?" Pause "did you gave the girl food?" He asked "No, do you want us too?" Rahul asked with cock eye brows. "yes... yyes until she is alive." he replied in grave voice. "Ok..." Rahul went away.

'Why do I am being so kind to her?' He thought. 'I am NOT Going to forget my Work... NO... NOT even for a girl – I don't give a damn if she leaving any trance of effect on me... I am over with girls… remember that Arman Malik' he thought again, when a loud shriek made him turn his head to see the voice of girl shouting, touching his ear. He huffed "MAKE HER QUITE !" Arman shouted and lit another cigarette. "aahhhhhhhhh LEAVE ME.........." Riddimaa shouted. "Urgh" Arman smashed his cigarette in ash tray and walked up stairs to His room where She stayed, with heavy foots.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? YOU BOTH? CAN'T EVEN HANDLE A GIRL." HE shouted hitting the door with his palm. "Arman – WE ARE TRYING TO... !" Atul blasted Back. "Don't FORGET – I AM THE chief OF THIS CASE MR. JOSHI.. !" Arman stepped up to Atul with a finger.

They use to be buddies way back but now they stood up like enemies any saw them would think of them beign NOT a good friend, from quite few years they are just fighting and maintaining a distance.


"SHUT UP ATUL" Rahul spoke, Throwing Riddimaa on floor with a thud, who cried in pain – he pushed Atul off ground from his chest. "Don't Forget we Are NOT doing this For Arman... its Are Job! He Got Promotion in his field... and WE DID NOT … DON'T FORGET THAT ….!" Rahul made it clear by pointing his finger at Atul. "He is Much more deserving then we are... so follow as he says" Rahul added. "Sorry Arman" pause "Sir" Rahul stood with a bow head.

"I am sorry too, i guess this time it went over board..." Arman mumbled, knowing that this was a bit far "I am sorry Atul, i should not mix personal in professional life – But I Am The Boss. Like it or Not. !" Arman added, he was like this – arrogant, angry fellow. His eyes moved on the Girl on floor as she tried to get up but her hands were still tied up along with her eyes.
"Konn... hou tum log? What do you want? Please let me go..." her voice boomed in middle of the three voices. Arman walked up to her. Opened the cloth from her eyes. She shed her eye lids down when she felt the light sparkling at once in her eyes. "ah" she let out a bit, squeezing her eyes. She felt a hand moving pass her shoulder and grabbing her hair in his fist, he pulled it out. "Ahhh..." she cried "Let you go? Listen – you are turning a pain for me...! one word and I will kill you !" he pulled her hair more. While her eyes shed tears with massive pain in her vessel. "Why?? WHAT HAVE I DONE?" She shouted over his face. To see his burning eyes – burning her eyes – veins... she got weak, with the look she got from him, he looked harmful – dangerous evil.

 He pushed her on ground. "Feed Her... if she doesn't eat Stuff in her mouth... I Want HER ALIVE ! YOU GOT THAT" Arman shouted at both Rahul and Atul and went away. "Magar...." before she could speak Rahul move forward and slap her hard across her face. Which not only stunned Atul but Arman also. Arman stood damn-rooted turning around, he saw Riddimaa laid on floor and her hair scattered over her face "Not A Word !"Rahul took hold of her head, making her look up at him. "Now EAT !" he ordered while she flinched in pain. Her head had began to hurt with all the pulling,seeing another face walk up to her. 'He shouldn't have hit her... he shouldn't have....' Arman thought. 'Control Yourself Arman – she isn't worth it – let her die.' pause 'yea she deserve that may be she deserve more !' he thought and went away.


part 3 :

Atul opened her hands and passed her the plate with a small – faint smile. "here, now eat this. Don't talk much." he spoke politely. "Tie her again once she is done" Rahul spoke and went out to attend his mobile as it buzz continuously.

Sniff Sniff …. she sobbed softly brushing her hand on cheek that burned with pain. She took the plate in hand and moved her hand in rice, plucking it in fingers she ate, hungrily. "you need water...?" Atul, who sat in front of her on floor asked. "uhmm" she nodded in yes with mouth full. He ran and brought a bottle. She looked at him suspiciously but gabbed the bottle. "Is she done?" Rahul asked. "no... let her eat in peace Rahul" Atul commanded and sat on the bed in front of her while she sat near his(Atul) feet on floor. "hmmm" Rahul mumbled and sat on the bed beside Atul.

Next Morning.

Arman Walked in the room to see Rahul and Atul sleeping on bed and a tied Riddimaa on floor... he moved forward bending down close to her, he moved a strand of her face. She flinched and moved her face left right – Tried to think, who could it be? As her eyes and mouth were tied again. "uhmm.." she moved her face away from the hand "oh... angry haan" Arman bend his face down on her, his lips brushed her. She turned her face away in disgust. He chuckled and walk up to the 'Sleeping beauty's' "Get UP !" he kicked their legs that hang down loosely off the bed..
"haan kon kon? Kon maar gaya?" Atul shrieked. "Morning Sir..." Rahul gained conscious at once "Call me Arman" Arman told both of them. Both smiled. And Looked at the girl - Riddimaa, who moved her head all over the place, hearing them and trying to get up. "Bring her down – We Have got to do business." Arman announced gathering up his seriousness again.


"Open her up" Arman told, as she was settled on one of the couch, three seater couch. Arman sat right in front of her on wheel chair, pulled right infront of her.Arman's single wheel-chair was kept right in front of her just one feet away. "hands too Atul" Arman told. She twisted her arms, and rubbed her eyes like baby. Arman opened his mouth to speak when.....

"I want to go to toilet..." she announced interuppting Arman. Rahul and Atul, who sat right on the other side of her looked at her with open mouth "kyaa..?" Arman asked with the same shock.

"Hurry.... jaldi... Its emergency...! ahh... uhhmm" she made noise.... she got up.... just to be pulled back by Rahul and Atul who took hold of her wrist.

"Let... meee Goo" she whispered. "Take HER to washroom!!" Arman shouted. "Goo. !" Arman shouted at her. She got up and ran "Aree... Larkii idharr....." Atul pulled her on the right angle as she was rushing to Kitchen "how would I know... you havE TO tell me about where the wasroom is ! Pagal..." she rushed and close the door over their faces. "Did she just called me Pagal?" Atul looked at Rahul, who burst out.... while Arman shook his head as the 'most serious matter' change into 'most riduculus' moment... her ethics made him chuckle, atlas. But soon he wiped the smile off...

Arman began as she got back, "Riddimaa right?" Arman asked, after getting her back in the same position "haan." "We going to make a call at your home and you going to tell your dad – that he has to come at the place we call him or else we will kill you. Am I clear." Arman spoke calmly. "no..." she spoke boldly. "Listen..." Arman moved his finger with the same anger.

She moved back in her seat, biting her lips as she sat in the middle of three boys. "what do you want from my father.? We are very poor people, pure middle class. Why have you abduct me? You won't get any money from my family... I am the single owner" she cried. Pulling her small petite hand up to her face joining them in misery.

"huh? Middle class? Poor? Single owner? Stop lying, Bitch" Arman moved forward, pulling her hair again in his fist. He almost spat those last word with disgust. "i am not lying please believe me... let me go" she flinched and joined her hands together infront of him
"believe? Believe Guptas? you all are involved so just Shut up … and do as I say... !" And pushed her face away and sat back on his seat. Atul and Rahul had moved away from her sides and let alone Arman deal with her. "i will do as you say..." She cried "But just …. tell me what have we done?"she bend in front of him, lowering her head till it touched her knee caps and cried till he yanked her back with force to look at her straight.

"your father! Your family.... you all are big Mafia – and do think we 'police agent' would never come to know? Haan? If you want to live for few more hours than call your father and tell him to meet us... !" he ended to see her shock 'another act...' Rahul thought.

"Mafia? My Family...? HAVE YOU LOST IT" she got up and shouted him with her finger right near his nose 'O-o...' Atul thought. Arman's nostrils fumes with immense angry. He pushed her away getting up on his feet – he slapped her across her face while  she fall on back on couch and fainted. "THROW SOME WATER ON HER FACE – I WANT HER ALIVE... SHE WILL DIE NOT SOO eASILY... she just SHOUTED AT ME... !! DOESN't SHE KNOW I HATE CRIMINALS trying to fool me with her innocent face - bloody Criminals !!" he huffed angrily while Rahul took a jug near him and poured cold water over her head.


Love Maha

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