Saturday, 16 March 2019

part 2 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Next morning:
Armaan senses someone next to his bed n gets the aroma of hot coffee'
He smiles'n opens hez eyes n to his horror he finds shilpa standing'

Aaarrrrggghhh..he screams'.
N jumps from his bed'
Thank god twas just a dream'oh god'they say that morning dreams do come true..oh god..not this one please'

He freshen ups n goes to make breakfast.
There were no eggs in the house..and no bread as well'
What m I supposed to do???i din have dinner last night as well..wat if I go to my neighbours house??? hw typical !!!he thinks'go to ur neighbours house n ask for bread???i mean that's so'hindi serial or muvee type'

Bt desperate times calls for desperate measure'

Shilpa hears the door-bell ring'she requests anu to open the door who obeidiently does so'
Armaan: hi sweety.. good morning.. No-one at home?
Anu: just a minute'n good morning'*armaan smile*'diiiii'.
Shilpa: yea anu..jus a minute..huz it???
Anu: u r?
Armaan: well ..ur my new neighbor'
Anu smiles..:oh'why don't you come on in den?
Armaan: certainly ..n walks in..

Shilpa hurridly comes  out of the shower..still wet..wears on her Pajamas again..n comes running down the stairs..a worried look on her face'

Armaan: you?
Shilpa: *now shocked*you?what are you doing here?
Well, I wouldn't have even come if I was to know u live here..
Ananya:'heyyy..thats mean'di..u know him?
Shilpa: yea..hez da same doctor I was telling you ablout..
Ananya: you mean doctor armaan?..ohhh.. hi doctor armaan'
Armaan: no honey..u can call me armaan
Shilpa crosses her hands n makes a dirty face..
Armaan: ok..say I better go'
Shilpa: *a bit down* thinking..going?already?....screams behind him..ok..listen..y did u come here???
Armaan: u really wanna know'
Shilpa: since u r my new neighbour'
Armaan: actually there was nothing to eat at home'
Ananya: oh wow that's great'
Armaan: *confused*..wats so great in that hun?
Ananya: coz di makes awsum parathas..n me reallyyyyy hungry,,,*turns towards shilpa*
Shilpa: kk..fine..u go get ready now'n u..sit'!

Arsh 444

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