Monday, 4 March 2019

Part 20 : Perfect

Every eye in the room now turned towards radhika n she said "u dont remember it do you samrat???" asked radhika and then samrat realized with panic what she was getting to...seeing his expression she said "armaan and muskaan jointly own the were only the guardian, until they both get legally married.....unless they want you to continue controlling the ownership rights, it is all in their name now....i guess being the boss for so many years faded out facts from ur whole motive was to ensure you would never neglect my kids, because i knew you would snatch them from me somehow, u have the perfect knack of creating crevices in relations.....did you think i just became generous to the man who literally murdered my father????no, i did this knowing that for your own motives you would raise them well....and i figured you would not be bothered by this clause, cause you would never doubt yourself for manipulating situations such that they gave you all control....but at that time i did not care about what they would do at this age with the property rights....i was ready to risk you gaining the ultimate control over the whole empire, if only in return you would have to bestow them with only the very best upbringing....

As her statements dawned the realization upon samrat, he thought bitterly, how accurately she was stating facts....he had indeed figured that the way armaan and muskaan revered him they would voluntarily give him all control when the time for that that time all he had cared about was gaining monoply in dealing with this huge empire, and radhika had agreed to do it only this way....having no better alternate, and assuming that he would manage affairs such that this would not pose a potential threat ever in the future he had accepted it at her terms....n now he said aloud "well i was not wrong was i???my plan had worked all these years exactly as i wanted it to....and would have continued to..." he paused giving ridhima a venomous look "but for her" ridhima did not like his look, on an impulse gripped muskaan's hand as she was standing next to her...she felt her uneasiness and was going to anwer back samrat, but before she could do anything armaan had lept next to samrat, and holding onto his collar spoke in a thunderous voice "if you dare look at her again, i will make sure you pay for it in the worst imaginable have caused whatever damage you had to in this family and now...."letting go of a visibly shaken up samrat, armaan continued in the same tone but at a lower volume, "you have exactly one hour to pack off from here....i hope i dont have to mention the consequences of not complying to that" he said the last word with a loathing ridhima could not imagine was coming out of someone like armaan...she felt his pain within her, thinking of how shattered and betrayed he must be feeling after coming face to face with the brutal realities....samrat completely out of his wits by armaan's behavior made a move towards radhika but muskaan came in his way and with a stone faced look she said "dont even think about it...." seeing that their really was no possible refuge for him in that room at the moment he moved out....and went to his room and taking out his frustration on the door slammed it....muskaan meanwile addressed armaan "bhai i know u would want to give dad a chance but i dont think its a safe idea...." she said glancing at ridhima....armaan interrupted "its mr. malik , kid, not dad.....and you are right....we have to ensure that he doesnt create trouble again...but i gave him my word and dont want to break that...." interrupting armaans spoken train of thoughts rahul quipped, "and i know just the 2 people who could handle it even better than us, having faced his games from much before we were even born" he comprehended what rahul meant, armaan smiled a stern smile and said "ur right...its time i talk to my sasurji, and u talk to your dad...they are bound to not let go of their chance to avenge themselves....saying so they both went out in different directions and made their respective calls..."
muskaan meanwile could not bare to look into the eyes of the women, she had belittled openly a short wile ago...shuffling her feet, without looking up she began "bhabhi i am..."while ridhima silenced her with a hug and said "please muskaan, we never offer explainations to people we love...i dint grow up with siblings so um not quite sure how it goes, but i am quite certain, u never have to offer justifications to your brother for any actions...will u treat me as family enough and not give me any either????..." hearing those words, muskaan just returned ridhima's hug whole heartedly and said "you are family bhabhi....bhai is a really lucky guy" a they broke apart ridhima said, "so now do i get the right to command you for something???" as atul n muskaan both looked at ridhima, puzzled, she said...."mumma has waited for her daughter's love too long, i think its about time you give her what she deserves???" atul smiled at ridhima's demand, and muskaan, with fresh tears walked towards radhika and without any words hugged her, letting her gesture do the talking.....while radhika, was just overwhelmed with joy, and looking up at ridhima from muskaan's embrace mouthed the words 'thank u beta'...seeing atul just standing and smiling at the family reunion...ridhima walked upto him and said...."i cant see how to thank u for the trust u showed in armaan n me atul...."before she could speak anymore atul said "i can see what u meant by not knowing how it was among siblings....if theres no justifications, there is also no thank u's n all that stuff...."saying that he gave her a light hug and said "i wont say sorry either, for not having had sense to have shared facts with ammy earlier or u might have had the kind of wedding u dreamt of....but will u excuse me for my ignorance this once???" ridhima nodded smiling at him...."who cares about that one day....i love u all....and i love armaan to have given me this family...."

~an hour later~
everybody heard samrat's car start in the driveway and body wanted to even go and see him leave from the window, specially armaan and muskaan, who had a surge of emotions ready to burst out anytime the action packed evening was drawing to an end, they were both were finding it harder to keep a check on their threatening outbursts bottled seemed they were controlling themselves, only to not put the family through anymore than had already happened....rahul decided it was time to call off for the day, thinking he could take muskaan back home where she might be able to let her emotions out between just the two of them..atul agreed and left with rahul and muskaan so they would drop him on the way....before leaving, muskaan hugged radhika again and could only manage to say "il be back tomorrow mom, to see you"....with the three of them left behind, much as radhika wanted to spend time with armaan, now that she had finally got her son back after such a long wait, she realized that he needed that night to recover from the torrent of events that had blazed through the past 3 hours...she also knew ridhima would be the best person to handle him in this state....mumbling about how much past her bedtime it already was she hugged them both with motherly affection and retired to her room....
as ridhima shut the door behind radhika she turned around to find armaan had just slumped into the couch, and broken into incessant silent sobs....she ran to him, and standing before him as she tried to hold his face up, running her fingers through his hair ...he just pulled onto her around her waist n burried his head into it, unable to stop crying for several long minutes....ridhima just stood their feeling helpless and disheartened, but still holding gently yet lovingly onto his head, soothing him down by ruffling his hair and hushing him down....he seemed to have broken down not just physically but deep inside, it seemed to her for those endless minutes like he had lost his very soul...but also knowing that this outburst would help him like nothing else to be his strong self he finally started to calm down gradually, ridhima lowered herself to his face level, kneeling down facing him....caressing his face gently, wiping off the tears which were still flowing, though at much reduced intensity, not knowing how to begin, she just said "I love you armaan...i really do...." and as he stared at her with the hazel tearful eyes, she held his gaze with a steady passionate look in her own emerald ones....and then she pulled his face closer, holding it with both hands kissed him just below both his eyes to stop anymore tears from flowing, n then she moved onto his cheeks, and kissed him both sides with great passion, then pulling herself back looking at him she smiled quietly to herself, then faking a slight frown she said "show me your face" as he looked up she continued " now tell me the truth, where is my armaan????" despite his misery he looked at her with a completely perplexed and slightly irritated look and said "ridhima, ur trying to act funny with me instead of consoling me at such a time????" ridhima, glad to have distracted him enough to extract atleast some reaction out of him spoke again "funny??? i am dead serious man, how can i joke about my husband missing on my second night after wedding????now tell me where did you hide him????" armaan now looking at ridhima not just confused but also little worried, wondering if the events of the night had driven her a bit crazy said "ridhima????sweetheart, i know ur upset by all that happened, but have u finally lost it for real????I AM ARMAAN, whats wrong with you????"ridhima shook her head being stubborn " nope! ur not him i know, are u going to tell me where he is or else...." she looked around her and not finding anything useful, looked back at him and said, "else i will just shout and call all the servants of the house and get them to beat u up and throw u out of the you understand????armaan now looked at her totally shocked, and seriously worried, his tears and misery simply forgotten for the moment and said very gently to ridhima, caressing her cheek slightly "darling please, ur scaring me now....look....are u under shock from the evening???" then mumbling to himself he said, "bad question dude, how can she tell u shes under a shock, if she is....oh god, she really must be shocked to talk such insane stuff....what should i do now???" and seeing him talking to himself making wierd faces ridhima could not help it anymore, and burst out laughing....seeing this sudden reaction come without any reason obvious to him armaan told himself "oh man....she really has lost it...." and speaking to her he said "honey..."seeing she wasnt listening but just giggling away, he said a bit louder n more sternly "HONEY!!!listen to me ridzi....whats wrong with u?????whats so funny???" not able to speak due to her laughter seeing armaan's reaction, she just pulled him closer and kissed him on his lips...then pulling apart as she saw him dumbstruck she said "still think i lost it or is that proof enough of my sanity????" seeing armaan look at her with a blank look now not knowing what to think she put her arms around her neck and said "Mr. 'know it all' malik, u fell for the kiddie trick....u know when little kids cry too much, and throw tantrums u confuse them to distract their attention, and then...BINGO!!they'r back to normal....i was just kidding silly....of course ur armaan....i mean c'mon...god couldnt have been ruthless enough to have made two like you and thrust them on the poor people of the world...." saying so ridhima giggled....while armaan interrupted her saying "WHAT???omg silly was that...god...n then u tell me i can never be serious....look at yourself....those are the jokes u crack and laugh at , at a time like this???" ridhima shook her head slightly and said "no they are highly inappropriate i agree...." then giving him an earnestly gentle and concerned look resumed "but if they stop you from breaking down the way u just did minutes ago, i dont mind acting insane....i love you armaan....i know how hard the evening was for you...n i know i should be talking serious stuff, and try to console you...but um sorry i just never was close to anybody in my life and dont know how to console people who matter so much to me....this is the only way i could think of at that moment and..."before she could say another word armaan had grabbed her and kissed her on her lips, starting softly, and then the passion just kept rising...armaan venting out his feelings not just from tonight but also the emotions he had kept bottled in during the two days of his wedding.....ridhima meanwile, had completely submitted to him, and as she reciprocated his passion, she ruffled his hair softly, and that drove armaan into kissing her even harder...when they finally broke apart, ridhima looked down blushing, while armaan lifted her face and said smiling at her...."still think um upset or is that enough proof that you consoled me well???" ridhima giggled and said "at least think of a new innovative statement, stealing my lines like that...." "well i didnt object to u stealing my heart, at least let me borrow ur lines!!!" then seeing that she did not seem flattered in the least he said...."ok ok i get it...cheesy lines dont do the trick with you my how about this" and as he bent forward to kiss her again she stopped him and said "hey hey hey....wait on.....i let u kiss me that once cause u were so upset....but now that u are back to normal, i think its time to remind u of the agreement we had" as armaan frowned a little, she thrust her hands towards him and said "find your name in there..."as he gave the 'NO WAY ARE YOU SERIOUS' look, she said "yes i am serious, find it or i am going to it is um tired after almost 4 days of no sleep now....armaan looked at her like a child whose favorite candy had been snatched out of his hand just as he was going to pop into is mouth, but seeing her firm look, he sighed in resignation and slipped from the couch to sit down beside her, both of them leaning their backs on the couch for support...he grabbed her arm and locking it with his at the elbow said looking at her mehendi "ok armaan u can do it man....c'mon...u just graduated top of class in law school...this cant be so hard...." and hearing him talk like he was going to sit for the biggest exam of him life ridhima just giggled in glee....seeing her with a 'il teach u a lesson soon' look armaan said "dont laugh so much, cause the moment um done with this....."he left it at that, while ridhima gave him a naughty look fluttering her eyelashes more than usual at him "what then honey???" so he looked back at her with a sugar sweet smile and said "just wait n watch will be the longest night of your life.....i do have alot of things on mind we are going to do....just let me sort out this name thing first...."


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