Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Part 21 : Perfect Imperfection...love..

C'mon ridzi, um done here...see i did find an 'A' ,'R' ,'M' and 'N'....thats enough to make up 'ARMAAN' why cant you just let it go at that now...." armaan pleaded with ridhima almost 30 minutes after he had started his alphabet search, and looking at him with a fake stern look while trying to control her laughter she said "No way ur still to find 2 more 'A's and ...."cutting her off he argued "but i found one, why cant u just reuse that ???" then thinking his charm might help him to find an easier way out of this, he nuzzled close to her neck and whispered "ur mehendi is beautiful....and dark....so ur husband should love u alot.....thats all i can read in that hand honey... " then feeling her slight shiver on this sudden unexpected move from him he grinned and getting further closer, softly nibbled her ear and said in a suductively hoarse whisper "love u sweetheart," and as he felt she was gona try her last weakening attempt to move and push him a bit away to stop him, he quickly but passionately kissed her neck letting his lips linger on a bit....and from being so close to her he knew she was slowly melting, so now locking his fingers with hers from the mehendi filled hand he been studying for the past half hour, he moved closer to her face and kissed her softly on her cheek, then seeing her close her eyes, and tighten her grip on their interlocked fingers, he knew she had now submitted herself to him not being able to keep within like him, the passion which had
stayed battling inside her since the past 2 days of their misunderstanding.....he knew she was happy to be loving him for the remaining part of the night, moving slowly to come face to face with her he left a trail of kisses all over her face at times teasing her by kissing her very close to the lips and yet not quite....and then finally seeing her expression even with closed eyes was urging him to stop the game he kissed her on her lips, the passion so high by now, that he did not bother starting softer this time....and she softly moaned while kissing him back just as fervently, as she felt his hands slide from her neck downwards, letting her saree pallu fall off....an then without breaking the kiss he lifted her in his arms in one swift moment causing her to involuntarily open her eyes as she saw him take her to the bed....breaking off from the kiss, though completely unwilling to do so, he turned off the light, though through the curtains the earliest rays of the sun had started creeping in..... he slowly moved over her pulling off her blowse, as she shyly undid his shirt, without looking at him....he kissed her again, letting his hands now explore her, and love her.... and as the two lovers made love passionately, they both felt relaxed within, for finally being in this heavenly oblivion they had waited for, for an unfairly long time....while the dawning sun, instead of the usual moon, witnessed the coming together of their harmonious love....


He slowly opened his eyes, and before a thought could find way to his head, his gaze fell on her and without realizing he smiled so deeply as he had not ever before....he had her in his life, and now each morning she would be the face he woke up to....he felt so happy, all of a sudden, that he thought his heart would not survive the sudden tornado of emotion, so he moved forward to give her a quick soft kiss on her lips....as he moved back, she spoke her eyes still closed "mmmm i have to admit i love ur bedside manners honey, and as she snuggled closer to him he replied looking at her in a naughty voice "i could so see that darling.....u just wouldnt let me go.....yawn.....n see now um sooooo sleepy....its all ur fault....." and hearing him say that she opened her eyes with an indignant look and hit him on his bare chest "yeh right....think you're too smart and charming????we will see how you manage to extract a single kiss out of me now...." and saying so she tunred her back to him, while smiling deeply to herself....." armaan pulled her closer so her bare back touched his chest, and said..."there's no girl in the world who can resist the charms of armaan malik, least of all you missy..." and saying that he started kissing her neck and then trailing downwards all along her back until she could stand up to him no more and turned around to hug him blushing deeply "i give up mr.malik....i have fallen so hopelessly in love that there isnt a way out of it for me now..." then breaking from her hug she looked into his eyes and continued "neither do i ever wana find a way out.." as he stroked hair , he got into the sitting position and cuddled her, she put her head on his chest....then as she looked up at him, her eyes fell on the clock behind him and she almost jumped away from him and screamed "OMG its 10am.....armaaaaan why did you not tell me... u jerk...what will mumma think and .."as she started gathering her sheet around her to move out of the bed he pulled her back...."relax princess....mumma is not a kid...thats why she did not send any wake up calls.....mumma has two kids and she has obviously seen these moments with......" and he just stopped short right there, his smile immediately turning into a hardened look and as he turned his face away to get back to himself, ridhima made him face her...."armaan....mumma has what she wanted all her life now....she has u and muskaan....and actually u r wrong....she has 4 not 2 kids....or did u just take rahul and my rights to call her mumma away from us????" as he looked back at her giving her a small smile she resumed "look honey...this might be hard for u...but the family is your responsibility now....mumma and muskaan need you more than ever....you have to be their support sweetheart....and of course....um going to be your support....um not too good at it...but i will learn with time...i love u so much darling....my love will never let you or our family fall down....."as she finished saying that armaan looked at her, wondering what he could have possibly done to deserve her and not knowing what to say, but feeling much more confident and determined hearing her words he pulled her into a tight passionate hug...."i love u too ridzi....i love u too.....and as long as we are together nothing can go wrong...." then lettin her go he said...."you'r right mumma needs me...even more than muskaan...rahul is with her and i know he will for her, like u will fr me, be there n never let her fall....but we four have to be with mumma at every moment now"....saying so.... he further said....."right then....." looking at her with little mischief...."much as u wud hate hearing this from me...it is indeed time to let go of the bed...." then pulling her close suddenly..."but dont worry honey...il be back in action soon....aaawwww when will it be night again" and he gave her a cute pack on her nose while she just pushed him back gently and said....."um goin to freshen up....." and as she moved towards the closet to get a change of clothes, armaan said "hey ridzi, wear red" she cocked her head back from the closet door and said "red????i thought u liked black and " cutting her off "yeh i suddenly realized red was more lovable!!!" and as he winked at her, as she shook her head going into the bathrom, he got up to look for the morning newspaper........


as she came out drying her hair she saw him reading the newspaper with a stern smile....and feeling her presence he looked up to catch her looking back at him...his stern look immediately turned into a warm smile seeing her in a red churidaar...and feeling that same sweet smell in the air about him....as she walked towards him she asked "something interetsing in the paper darling????" he wondered how she read him so well, and then asking her to sit beside him with his eyes he said "yup...interesting indeed...." and he shoved the paper towards her....she read, her eyes widening as she read it and looking up at him she fumbled "but how...and when and....i mean...." armaan signalled her to stop with his hand and said "rahul and i realized after atul's naration of that conversation between ur dad and grewal uncle that those two would readily agree to help us against dad....i mean mr. malik....and ur dad knew him from grad school days so i figured he would know something about him to nail him down with an immediate effect....remmeber mumma had mentioned the swindling in accounts when her father was still alive????well of course dad had done that....but shashank uncle told me that the swindling had been in th deal between his dad and my grandfather....so he could help look up proofs and records to file an immediate reopening of that case....so that gives law reason enough to put mr.samrat malik behind the bars....meanwile rahul talked to uncle, his dad i mean...and they handled all the press statements which each one of us should give so that we dont face to media issue outside our house....the media is happy since we contacted them with the news ourselves so they wont bother with us anymore....right now they are making desperate attempts to extract a comment out of the condemmed in question....meanwile ur dad has found sufficiently good proof to give a strong case against mr.samrat malik....to sum it all up....hes gonna be behind the bars for a substantial period from now...n before he gets a chnace to ever come out of there i will ensure i have atleast enough cases up against him to keep him there for the remaining years of his life...." ridzi saw the hardened yet contenet look on armaans face she knew though he was doing what he knew was the the right thing that was not reason enough to make it any easier for him....so she squeezed his hand and said "you are sure you wanted to do this???" he nodded without a second of thought....so she continued " well then....um with u in it....we all are...." as he looked up to see her reassuring smile, she added "u still havent said i look beautiful...um waiting...." he shook his head smiling and said...."u do look gorgeous....u know if i had to say that every moment i thought u deserved it, thats all il be saying all day..." and giving her a a peck on her lips he said "thanx for being there honey....lov u..." "lov u too" said ridhima...."n now u get up to go n get fresh" "nah there is something i need to do first" he said and he went into the bathroom n brought out hair oil wih him then seeing her look he said "what???just wana get a massage from mumma....i hope u wont be jealous!!!" winking at her, he left with her standing there helplessly giggling....after she reached down she saw cutest mother son affection scene, armaan sitting on the rug, while radhika sitting on the couch just above him, was massaging his head, true happiness reflecting on her face, as they both laughed watching the TOM n JERRY show....


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