Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Part 22 : Perfect

She walked upto them n said, "so whats the order for breakfast sir???" and as both armaan and radhika looked up to see her in an apron and a chef's hat, ridhima, seeing radhika's confused look said "he hired me as the servant of the house i am just starting off with my morning duties," she said with a tortured soul look to radhika as if seeking her help....and as armaan who was glaring at her and mouthing warnings for this trick, looked up at radhika to defend himself, she did not give him the chance just turning his ear hard she said "servant huh???? " and armaan just yelled "OOOWWWW mumma....shes lying....u dont know her...dont fall for her 'oh so innocent looks" she is a spoilt brat, and.... " looking at his mother with a humble look of self pity..."u think she would let me dare even speak before her, let alone ordering her about....poor me, infact, she was ordering me to clean up my own room to make space for her stuff" he ended with a bit of indignantion to which radhika reacted by turning his ear harder still "oh yeh????your room????its her room too now n u better clean it up for her...." and then looking up at ridhima she said, "and tell me if he doesnt do that beta....i will make sure i get the servants to throw out all his sports gear from that room......he keeps them all over the place as if its their domain, and they are allowing him to live amongst them..." as ridhima and radhika laughed, armaan just looked up at his mom with suprise and immense
love....looking back to see his look radhika said "what???" "you know that????i mean....cause....." not finding words to ask her how she knew so much about him when he had not interacted with her in so many years he just looked down thinking of how to put the question, while radhika just lifted his face up, kissing his forehead said "um ur mother...." . and as they pulled into a hug, ridhima saw muskaan and rahul walk into the house with a huge box, and smiled giving her a thumbs up sign, and muskaan, handing the box to ridhima, closed her mothers eyes from behind and said "happy mothers day!!!"...armaan let go of his mom as soon as he heard the words, and said "omg....its mothers day????...." and looking at muskaan with a frown "so ur already getting her soft corner for urself ,are u kid???butterfactory as always....couldnt u call n remind me too???" and as muskaan stuck out his tongue at him, he looked back at his mom and said "happy mothers day mumma...." and hugging her he said again "will u forgive me this once if i promise to make up for all the years i havent wished u????"his eyes got moist saying the last words....and ridhima not wanting the happy atmosphere to be sacrificed to the past spoke up "no no no mumma dont listen to that statement the one short month of being with me he has asked for that 'forgive me just this once' like a million times...its never 'just this once' for him...." and armaan shot her a dirty look , pulling radhika into a tighter hug said "no shes my mumma she will forgive me i know......right mumma???" radhika broke off from the hug laughing and said "depends on how u make up for forgetting !!!" and winking at ridhima she turned towards muskaan and pulled her into a hug next and said "um so glad u came....." radhika smiled at rahul looking over muskaans shoulder....while muskaan overcome with emotions, just nodded not wanting to cry....this time rahul broke the emotional point by saying..."mumma we got u something, bhabhi can u get the box here" he said to ridhima motioning towards the small coffee table lying close to the couch radhika was sitting on...opening the box radhika found a huge apple cinnamon cake with vanilla icing which said "WE LOVE YOU MUMMA" and had the four names 'armaan' 'ridhima' 'rahul' and 'muskaan' along the circumference of the radhika just stared at the cake for a few moments armaan looked at muskaan with an approving smile and gave her a nod.....then both he and muskaan held held the knife with her as she cut the cake and rahul just pased ridhima some graffiti filled balloons which they both burst over the mother and her kids giving each other hi fives....


"where is champ now????he should have been here like ages ago" armaan said to himself frowning, while glancing at his wrist watch impatiently....while all the others just sat in the living room chatting with loud music playing, and having fun, armaan was pacing in the corridor outside waiting for atul, who should have come with the things armaan had asked him to get which were needed for the suprise he was planning for his mom....just then ridhima who was passing by, her arms full with the left over cake and all of the plates screamed "OUCH" causing armaan to turn around and run to catch the plates as they slid from her arms almost falling to the floor....looking up at her from the ground where he had slipped trying to get them all he sighed and said...."gosh honey....thats third time.....can u please remember before dropping stuff like that next time that u married a lawyer n not a cricket star???? as ridhima grinned back at him retorting "i wish i had!!!u know i always did have a huge crush on ricky ponting actually!!" armaan who was trying to balance all the plates looked at her with a sugar smile, giving her a dagger eyed look turning green with envy and said "oh really????how sweeeeeet...." then leaning deeper towards her as if telling her a secret he whispered" well u know what try making him fall for u pleassssse....coz then i can start dating his sexy wife rianna who happens to be an outstanding law grad as well!!!what do you think???perfect match huh????" hearing him say that it was ridhima's turn to fume at her joke backfired....angrily she stamped on his foot, and just walked off towards the kitchen with a HUH!!!armaan meanwile rubbed his foot slightly against the other calf, looking at her back, grinned, and then as the plates threatened to fall off again he moved quickly to follow her into the he gave her the plates one by one to put into the dishwasher, he saw that she was still muttering angrily to herself, and turning towards their househelp suzzane he said clearing hos throat "hey suzzanne something burning in here dont u think????" suzzanne grinned at him, but getting a nasty look from ridhima she moved towards the door hastily saying "ummm just remembered something i have to finish..." while armaan thought in his head ' perfect thats all i its u n me honey...just the two of us!!!' he turned again to see her trying to grab the coffee maker from a high shelf in the wall closet....creeping from behind he gripped her by her waist and whispered in her ear "need help???" and though his touch made her blush slightly, she turned towards him straightening her looks and said..."no thanks i can manage" as she turned around again trying to grab the coffee maker, he whispered again, nuzzling down her neck, and said "hmmmm alright if you insist....i was just offering help since your mr. ponting wont be able to help you out with this...he isnt quite as tall as me you know...." and enjoying seeing her blush and shy, while trying to stay angry with him, he kissed her neck and continued "neither has my charm, i daresay!!!" ridhima meanwile was weakening completely by his acts of seduction, when she spotted the cake lying within her reach...smirking to herself now, she dipped her fingers deep into the icing of the cake and turning around to face him, looking into his eyes she said smiling "honey!! i dont deny you're captivating charm can work wonders on any woman, " and seeing him shoot her a suprised smile she continued " but are you sure you can beat my mr. ponting at the game of charms????" then seeing that he was just hooked onto everyword she was uttering, she caught him by suprise and messed his hair and face with the icing in her hands, and as a spontaneous reaction armaan let go of her to stop her, but that was all the time she needed to get out of his grasp....and running out of his reach towards the living room she yelled back at him giggling...." dont know about my mr. ponting but with that look u dont stand a chance with the sexy mrs ponting honey!!!" and as she left, armaan just stood there laughing and shaking his head....then licking off the cake from his face cheeks, he said..."mmmm good choice kid....but ridhima's truffle cake was still the best!!!" then smiling to himself he moved out of the kitchen speaking to himself "time for a shower finally i guess....i wonder whats delaying champ so much????"


moving out of the shower, in casual shorts and a polo neck, armaan caught ridhima looking at him and he grinned asking "are we checking someone out here????" his words brought ridhima out of her daze, and she blushed cause her exact thoughts that second had been about his captivating looks, then looking at him she said in a teasing tone, "well i guessed since mr. ponting is happily settled i might as well put up with whatever best i have!!!" then moving towards him she encircled her arms around his neck and said "u do look handsome dear smitten!!!" and she winked at him as he quickly gave her a quick peck on her cheek, his damp hair smelling from the shower brushing her they stared back at each other standing like that, rahul walked into the room and then covering his eyes he said "uh oh...sorry bro....bad leaving u guys go ahead...." and as he turned to go ridhima hastily let go of armaans neck blushing hard, while armaan frowned and turned towards rahul and said "hang on man....come that uv successfully broken the spell" and as rahul turned around grinning his hand still covering his eyes armaan continued " can u cut the crap now n teme why u barged into the room like that??" trying to show indignant anger...rahul looked at him his eyes full of mischief and said " cause i forgot ur no longer the 'never fall in love' bachelor whose room i can barge into anytime" and then he continued getting serious "ammy i thought u called atul....when is he coming???isnt it time we start putting the plan into action for the surprise???" as ridhima looked at them with a questioning look, armaan said "yeh since u and muskaan conveniently ditched me with the cake idea, we boys ganged up to plan a surprise for mumma....n now u, mrs ridhima armaan malik, wait n watch what real surprises are like....not just the girly cakes and balloons...watsay rahul???" ridhima smiled at armaan....she was so happy to see how excited he was about this new found mother son love....hugging him she said...."if its for mumma, i hope ur gonna make a super effort to prove how small muskaan n my surprise was...." and as rahul was gonna speak up again all three of them heard a car drive into the driveway ....."ATUL" said rahul n armaan in chorous n ran for downstairs, to not let him come from the front door or radhika would see the ridhima looked down from her window she saw the back of a smartly dressed girl as she came out of the drivers seat....n then she realized it wasnt atul's car at all....then she saw atul come out of the passenger side carrying a huge potted bush of pink roses and as he was moving with it slowly, the girl ran towards his side to help him carry it and...huh????why were they not moving....with a start ridhima realized that they just seemed to have been glued to that spot, and were staring at each other, the rose bush still between armaan and rahul ran out towards them, ridhima saw them break away from what had appeared to her to be...AN EYELOCK????and as the girl turned around, ridhima saw she was gorgeous, with a beautiful smile....on an impulse, she decided to go down n help the guys with the she was crossing the living room, she caught muskaan's eye and signalled to keep mumma occupied....then she went outside n said heartily..."hey atul we were waiting for u for like ages" and went on to give him a hug, while keeping a side look on the she had anticipated the smile on the girl's face dimmed out slightly on seeing atul hug her back....atul meanwile was thinking what could have called for this sudden hug from bhabhi....armaan and rahul were still busy with getting the stuff out of the car, so ridhima letting go of atul quipped with a sunny smile, "who's your friend here atul?" and atul coming back from his slight puzzlement over the hug smiled and said "oh yeh, this is anjali bhabhi, and anjali this is ridhima bhabhi, ammy's wife..." and as ridhima turned to look at anjali, her sharp eyes did not miss the fact that anjali's smile had eased out her a quick hug she said, "hi anjali...." then letting her go "nice to meet you...." then turning to atul she asked, "i dont remember having seen anjali at the wedding or the reception among ur other friends atul...or did i just miss meeting her???"....anjali replied "actually i was out of town for the entire last week, just got back last night....but ummm...congratulations....bhabhi??!!!" she said the last word as a part question as if asking ridhima whether she could address her that way...ridhima smiled at her warmly and said " thanks a ton dear".....then pausing and speaking more deliberately, while looking at their faces intently, "um sure atul must have missed you"....seeing atul shoot her a shocked look and anjali ever so slightly blushing she added "atul and all ur other frineds i meant...."


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