Monday, 4 March 2019

part 23 & 24 : Tumhare hum

part 23 :

The next day, I get ready
for work. I wonder how Armaan will
be like today. I saw him last night,
well more like heard him cheering
that he made it home without
totaling his car and then realizing
that it was my house that he landed
himself at. I couldn't help but feel
worried to know if he made it home
alright. Looking at his drunken state

wasn't making me any happier
either. Where is the sweetness of
revenge that everyone speaks of
because honestly I feel pretty
rotten? I was happy he got what he
deserved, but I was so cold and
blunt about my hatred towards him.
I pity him, I really do.
As I walk into my fashion
house, I hear the latest gossip being
spread across the fashion house like
wildfire. It was about Armaan.
Apparently some of the employees
had spotted him at some club
getting completely wasted and
looking rather depressed. Again this
is supposed to be music to my ears,
but I just feel sorry for him. I go
into my office and start working on
some of my paper work, which has
been accumulating because of my
absence for a week. I busy myself in
checking over the new collection's
advertisements. I soon step out of
my cabin to send a fax to one of our
designers. When I enter my cabin, I
shut the door behind me. When I
turn around I find someone sitting
in my chair, with his back turned
away from me. Before I can ask who
it is, the chair swivels around and I
encounter my worst nightmare. I
knew it was only a matter of time
before I had to confront him, but I
never dreamed it would be this
I hear a husky yet confident voice
say, "Hello Riddhima." I am at a
total loss of words by the sight. It's
Armaan, the same Armaan I had
broken yesterday. The one I had so
carelessly snapped like a twig, but
somehow he seems different. He is
wearing black faded jeans and a
fitted black T-Shirt, looking as fresh
as ever. He looks so normal that it
has me doubting whether last night
was a dream or reality because most
heartbroken men sport the unshaven
and depressed look, but he doesn't.
The only thing that gives him away
is his eyes. There is still pain
hidden in those slightly red eyes of
his. They look tired from the lack of
sleep. Other than that, he stood very
confidently and cockily in front of
me, smirking while looking at me.
There is mischief in his eyes.
This is something I wasn't prepared
for and this can't possibly be good.
Anger I had anticipated, but not
this. He has this smirk and it's
starting to scare me. I just mumble
back, "Hey." I then try to ignore his
presence in my cabin as he gets up
and walks around looking at little
insignificant things placed around
the room. I try concentrating on the
files in my hand, but I'm more
preoccupied with what he is up to. I
ask him boldly, "What do you want
Armaan? Didn't you hear enough
yesterday?" He smirks in response
and starts walking towards me,
slowly and seductively with his
hands in his pockets as if it is very
casual. My palms start to sweat as
my anxiety grows. I don't
understand what he could possibly
want or what he wants to prove by
doing this.
Soon enough I find myself
trapped against the wall behind me,
completely helpless. So much for
trying to distance myself from him!
He notices the predicament I am in
and grins looking me up and down.
He stops walking, laughs, and turns
around, "Oh Riddhima, don't worry
that pretty little head of yours. I
won't do anything to you…yet." My
mouth slightly drops as I hear him
mock me. He continues, "You wanted
revenge right? So tell me Riddhima…
did you get your sweet revenge at
my expense? I hope you enjoyed
that while it lasted because now let
me tell you how this is going to go
down." I remain shocked at his
confidence. He starts walking
towards me again, but showing no
signs of stopping this time.
I look around for an escape route,
but find none. He stands in front of
me with a huge smirk while looking
at the small gap between our
bodies. It is way too close for
comfort. I don't like where this is
going at all. He raises his hand and
tucks a strand of my hair behind my
ear, while I become extremely
uncomfortable at his touch. He
whispers the words, "You see
Riddhima, I can't just let this go.
It's not in my nature to forgive and
forget." I glare at him, the strongest
glare I can muster up. He doesn't
seem fazed one bit. I try to push
him away, but he is too strong in
comparison. So I decide to laugh in
his face, "Armaan there is nothing
you can possibly do now. I did what
I had to do, it's over and done. You
lost sweetie. You can never make me
fall in love with you because I hate
you!" He laughs, "Sweetheart, I never
lose, never. I promise you, you will
be mine. It's only a matter of time."
I snort, "That will never happen. In
case you have forgotten I hate you!"
He grins, "It's a challenge babe. You
will be mine one way or another." I
cringe at the word 'challenge' and
he clearly notices. He leans in closer
to me so that I feel his hot breath
on my neck. His eyes darken in
passion as he whispers, "So you hate
me huh? Well, we can change that!"
The next thing I know, I feel my
body being slammed against a wall,
as his lips collide with mine. His lips
move in a demanding manner. There
is nothing gentle about it, it is hot
and heavy. He is greedy and I am
completely shocked. I try pushing
him away, but my efforts are in vain.
His lips slow down a bit, he may be
savoring the moment. He relaxes
against me when he realizes I can't
possibly go anywhere. His hands
start to move up the side of my body
caressing me. He groans as he glides
his tongue across my bottom lip,
trying to seek entrance into my
mouth. He kisses me so passionately
that I feel myself begin to weaken,
enough to stop resisting. I give into
the steamy kiss. His tongue slowly
enters into my mouth, swirling
around. Although I hate to admit it
he is exciting me. I refuse to
respond because it will indicate I
am enjoying what he is doing. My
hands start to run up his chest, but
are indecisive of whether to push
him away or pull him closer. He
makes the decision for me by pulling
away groaning, "Why do you always
have to make me the bad guy
Riddhima?" He stares at my swollen
lips, while I wipe my lips and act
repulsed. He releases his hold on
me and smirks at me. He says as he
leaves out the door, "Get ready to be
Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik!"
I stand there shocked, not
knowing what to say or do. I know
there is no way in hell that I would
ever marry him, that's not even an
option as far as I'm concerned. Why
must he insist on always trying to
ruin my life? Stupid prick! I really
hope he doesn't plan on following
through with whatever is cooking up
in his dimwitted mind. He can't
make me do anything! One thing I
don't understand is why does he
always seems to make me melt in his
arms? Every single time! I mean
what the hell is wrong with me?
Have I no self control? I really have
to work on that! Maybe I can throw
darts on a dart board with his
picture on it perhaps that will
invoke some more hatred for him. All
I know is that I am going to have to
keep my guard up, who knows what
he might try to do? But, how far is
he willing to go, is the real

part 24 :

A couple weeks pass by quickly. I
know what you all are probably
wondering. You're wondering how
many times Armaan has annoyed me
in these past weeks or made passes
at me. Well much to my relief… he
didn't. It was odd, I know! I thought
he would be this complete stalker,
but he acts like the conversation in
my cabin didn't even happen.
Sometimes I even wonder if it did or
it is one of my crazy hallucinations.
The fact that I can sometimes feel
his lips on mine assures me that I'm
perfectly sane, but I'm not so sure
this is a positive thing. It's also kind
of scary because I feel like any
moment now I will get jumped or
cornered. I mean this literally and
figuratively. Literally, as in he might
yank me into a dark room to kiss me
again and figuratively, as in he may
surprise attack me with his master
In these few week he would
talk to me casually as if I am just a
business associate. He wouldn't look
at me twice and I would never find
him staring at me. He only talks to
me or comes into my cabin if it is
absolutely necessary. It's like he is
playing hide and seek or something.
I just don't know what to make of
his behavior. I'd like to think he has
forgotten about his little challenge,
but that's too big of an assumption.
This is my whole life that he plans
to ruin and I can't just disregard all
that he said, wishing he was drunk
and forgot. Did I mention I'm not
that lucky? Yeah, so he is definitely
doing something I am not aware of.
Along with this anxiety of
what he is planning, I haven't been
feeling so good lately. I've been
throwing up quite often. I can't
keep food down and its driving me
insane, not to mention is making me
even more aggravated. I took the
day off half the day so I could visit
the doctor because I have no
intention of becoming anorexic. On
an empty stomach, I tend to get
cranky. That's not to say that on a
full stomach I don't get grouchy.
Anyhow I have to go to the doctor
right now.
I pick up any paper work
that I can complete from home. I
double check things to make sure I
have not forgotten anything. When I
am fully satisfied, I sling my purse
around my shoulder and walk out of
my cabin. I wait for the elevator and
luckily find it empty. I notice the
doors closing and then suddenly a
hand shoots up in between, parting
the doors. I look up to find Armaan,
looking pleased at his luck and my
lack of it. I tense up immediately
not liking the fact that we are alone.
He stands beside me as the doors
close. He turns towards me slowly
saying, "So where are you off to
gorgeous?" I snap, "It's not any of
your concern! Mind your own
business." He grins at my response
and leans close to my ear. His
breath kisses my skin and a chill
runs down my spine. He whispers,
"Maybe it is my business…" He
brushes his lips against my cheek
slowly. With that the doors to the
elevators open. He walks out just as
confidently as he came in with a
cocky grin accompanying him. He
turns to look at me and winks as the
doors close. He acts so normal
afterwards, yet my heart is racing
wildly. This was the only interaction
we had in these weeks where he
wasn't disguising his true intentions
from me. He has this profound effect
on me that's beyond my control and
it's getting on my nerves.
When I arrive at the
doctor's office, I find out that my
usual doctor, Dr. Sheetal Singhania,
is on a holiday so another doctor
will be filling in for her. I get even
more annoyed because I don't like
strangers examining me… it's weird.
The receptionist comes outside and
calls my name. I follow her towards
the examining room and sit down
quietly. Then a male doctor comes
in. I read his name tag, which says,
"Dr. Kunal Kapoor." He asks, "So
what seems to be the problem?" I
simply say, "Well for the past few
days I have been throwing up a lot.
I can't keep any food down. I'm
really worried about it. I've also
been in a bad mood lately, but I
suspect it's because of the lack of
food." He contemplates all that I tell
him and cautiously asks, "Could you
possibly be pregnant?" My mouth
drops and I quickly say, "NO! I'M
NOT! I know I'm not. I mean I can
be, but I'm positive I'm not. I know
my body, so how about you play a
little more doctor and a little less
detective!" He shakes his head, not
amused and says, "I'm gonna need
to run a blood test." I mumble curse
words under my breath and say,
I quickly get the blood
work done and race home. I try not
to let my mind dwell on the fact
that it seems like a very logical
explanation for my mood swings and
vomiting episodes. I really hadn't
thought about the fact that I could
possibly be pregnant. But I'm not. I
mean I can't be… just can't. My
memory is quite hazy about that
night with him and I don't really like
to recall my moments of insanity. I
remember most of it…unfortunately,
but I don't remember if we used
protection. I'm feeling a new surge
of hatred for Armaan at this moment
and I didn't even have to use darts.
That stupid jerk better have
remembered or so help me God I
will murder him with my bare hands.
If worrying about Armaan's
psychotic plan wasn't enough, now I
have to worry about possibly carrying
his child as well. That's great, real
great. I thought if I stopped asking,
"Can it get any worse?" that these
horrible things would stop
happening to me altogether.
Apparently NOT!

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