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Part 23 (last part): Perfect

"OMG stop.....i cant breathe now.....please please....just stop...." muskaan tried hard to complete the whole sentence between her endless giggles as she leaned over her mom for support not quite able to stand straight with the pain in her stomach from nothing but laughing for the last over 5 hours....ridhima and anjali just hi fived each other, both in the same condotion, holding onto their stomachs, while they had tears in their eyes from trying to control laughter all but in the passers by stared at them muttering, they laughed even more until radhika said "GIRLS!!!i know this is awsome fun to you, but much as you love it, i dont think its my age to make spectacles like this in a mall anymore" seeing her fake anger, trying to get them to obey her, they would have laughed more, but since she had indeed made sense they, with considerable effort, gradually stopped their giggles, and as soon as they heard her say "thats my angels!" all three of them pulled her into a bear hug together, she hugged them back smiling...the plan had been set into place the moment atul had come, who when questioned had attributed the procrastination to his car breaking down, and then just as he was thinking of a solution, anjali who had returned the night before had given him a 'hi hello
call'...atleast thats what he called it....she had agreed to drive him upto the malik mansion, and being free for the day just decided to stay on when ridhima insisted....when armaan asked him why he did not even bother to call and inform them of the breakdown he mumbled something about forgetting to do so which made no sense to anyone so they just shrugged it off, much to his relief...ridhima was the only one, silently absorbing every action and reaction between seemed to her to be more than just a friendly per the quick instructions from the guys, without much explaination, ridhima had proposed an all girls shopping spree to radhika, which muskaan had completely agreed to whinning like a kid and saying "mom iv never had this chance before living with these three jerks please please please uv gotta say yes...." and finally anjali a bit hesitant, had finally, kneeling down to sit next to radhika, after getting a reassuring glance from ridhima quipped....."aunty i have not lived much with my family because of the transferable nature of my dad's job, and their wish for me to get stable education in one location...and i am ever so jealous when atul mentions the family activities and the fun involved.....please can we go...." finally giving in to the whims of her girls, not being suspicious in the least since they had seemed so earnest radhika asked the guys "but are you three sure you want to stay back and cook dinner for us...i mean armaan beta its ok...u dont have to this for me for the mothers day thing....wont it be boring for u to just stay back..... why dont u join us???" to which armaan had answered with visible scorn "mumma what are you saying???? which crazy guy would give up an evening of freedom from the brutalities of his wife and chose to go shopping with her instead....dont we pefer cooking rahul??...champ??" and seeing ridhima's "you are so dead' look he had pleaded to her with his eyes so she would just play along....and ridhima had said "yeh mumma and please one more shopping trip with him telling me to hurry up, and not try this and that and just pick up the very first piece of anything u mumma its a nightmare...please lets just four of us go...." and so they had come....and then it had been an unbelievable time, with them going into antique ethnic wear stores and wearing starnge combinations from historical times and then doing some immitations of what they thought that particular character might have been like....ridhima had bought a certain greek outfit for herself and a matching one for armaan just to surprise him witha post wedding gift!!!that wasnt the end they had played 'no truth only dare' at the cafe in the foodcourt and done some insane gimmicks....the last one which they had just pulled off had been for anjali to go upto this geeky guy, and behave like she was driving a car, and offer him a car ride singing 'aaja meri gaadi me baith ja'!!! she had been a perfect fit into the ladies of this family from the moment they sat in the car....muskaan having known her a bit from before....ridhima had not failed to observe how somehow or the other atul would come into her topic of discussion inevitably no matter what they talked about....muskaan and radhika apparently were still so occupied by the new found mother daughter love that this obvious fact had elluded them so ridhima had decided to talk to them about it later...after, she mused,i have first talked to the person involved as ridhima glanced at her watch and saw it was nearing 8pm she said winking at muskaan and anjali, "mumma dont u think its time we go and check on the so scared of what state the kitchen will be in after they are done...." muskaan had added "the kitchen can be fixed um more concerned with the food we will have to gulp down to oblidge their efforts of having done it" as they had hi fived, anjali had said "hey but atul does some amazing barbeque and grilled chicken...." and seeing the raised eyebrows of the other three she hastily added "he did those for a potluck we had at my place once so ...." while radhika had interjected "yeh it is indeed time we head back...."


As they entered a dark house muskaan said "gosh bhabhi did they seriously burn the kitchen down, and then fled away not knowing how to face us with that fact????" and as the three younger girls gave quiet smiles, radhika said " muskaan ssshhhh dont speak like that um sure they are fine lets go in....." as they entered they heard the soft strumming of a guitar and slowly one small light shone to the centre where armaan stood with a guitar and sang moving towards radhika slowly....

Main Kabhi Batlata Nahin
Par Andhere Se Darta Hoon Main Maa
Yun To Main,Dikhlata Nahin
Teri Parwaah Karta Hoon Main Maa
Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Hain Na Maa
Tujhe Sab Hain Pata,Meri Maa

(at this point he was next to her when rahul appeared in a second spot of light with another guitar and sang)

Bheed Mein Yun Na Chodo Mujhe
Ghar Laut Ke Bhi Aa Naa Paoon Maa
Bhej Na Itna Door Mujkko Tu
Yaad Bhi Tujhko Aa Naa Paoon Maa
Kya Itna Bura Hoon Main Maa
Kya Itna Bura Meri Maa

(and then as as all the lights came on, the girls saw atul walked with his back towards them holding what seemed to them like a plant from behind, and singing while rahul and armaan played the guitar)

Unse Main Yeh Kehta Nahin
Par Main Seham Jaata Hoon Maa
Chehre Pe Aana Deta Nahin
Dil Hi Dil Mein Ghabraata Hoon Maa

then as atul turned around to face them with a TOUCH ME NOT bush, rahul and armaan went and stood next to him and the three of them ended

Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Hai Naa Maa
Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Meri Maa

the girls now tried hard to chek the threatening tears whlie smiling, radhika just stood their so dumstruck that her emotions did not show for a few moments and then slowly, she too had tears flowing down n she opened her arms to hug the 3 of rahul and armaan walked to her and hugged her really tight, atul said after a few patient moments "yeh yeh this is fair now...i get to carry the heavy plant and you both get to play the star guitarists and then hug her as well " as they broke apart smiling at him he moved towards radhika and said "aunty, i havent seen my mother you know all that, but if she was here id give her the same gift," and saying that he held the pot up for her inspection looking at her with anticipation....radhika saw that very carefully photos of the 5 of them were pricked into the bush bed in the pot with her picture towering higher than the other 5....and on the pot was written " THE FAMILY TREE"!!! as she looked up at him not knowing what to say he continued "and its a touch me not plant aunty because while you are the head of the family no problems can touch us, as u will, we know, just like the plant, shut off contact when any harm approaches us" radhika was just speechless, she hugged atul....and then quietly added " atul, never say u havent seen ur mother again" and then rahul and armaan spoke "champ before you high jack mumma from us for good theres something else for u mumma if you would come along " and saying so rahul blindfolded her while armaan just lifted her off her feet and together all of them walked to the master bedroom of the they entered, ridhima and muskaan could not help but gasp, but they in no way matched radhika's reaction when her eyes were released from the the blindfold...she looked at the room which to begin with had been shared by samrat and her...but for many years thereafter she had not entered it...and now the sight before her, wiped off any images she had of it from before..... on the wall just behind the bed, was a lifesize picture of her with armaan mukaan rahul ridhima and atul from the reception...and as she turned all around she realized the room had been freshly painted in different combinations and there were pictures of the the five kids all over the place....then one wall had pictures...really old ones...of her childhood with her father....and yet another wall had pictures of armaan and muskaan with her in the extremely early years of her married life...she realised how carefully they had ensured samrat was in none, and then she shook her head a bit telling herself inside to not think of him ever again....and then atul took her to the balcony of her room where he had carefully arranged an assortment of several perenial plants!!!while rahul muskaan and anjali moved forward to hug her....ridhima saw armaan was just leaning against the wall and tears flowing from his eyes without sound as she moved to him and held his hand he looked down at her smiling and said "um ok...just so happy to see ....." and before he could complete ridhima said "i know....but u know what....u did beat muskaan and me hands down honey!!!" saying so she quickly gave him a kiss on his lips and said "i dont know if saying I LOV U will ever be enough to show you what i feel armaan...but anyways...I LOVE YOU!"and armaan just pulled her to him so she rested her head on his chest while he carressed her shoulder "lov u too honey....all this is happening for real because of so glad i trusted u and i trusted us...." n ridhima with unbound happiness inside, just to lighten the moment said "how come u never played a song for me on that guitar???" while armaan gave her a mock shocked look n said "ridhimaaa honey....of all the people now ur jealous of mumma....gosh!!!" as ridhima punched him lightly on his chest...

it was way post midnight by now...the evning had indeed been alot of fun, but radhika after the endless excitement of the day was now trully tired....she wanted to hit the bed and dream all night of the wonderful time they had all given her, so she said "alright u continue the party while this old lady gets some rest" armaan said hugging her from behind and giving her a peck "old and u????no way ma....are u sure u wana go so soon???" to which radhika replied "yes i do beta cause unlike u and ridzi i wasnt in bed until 10am today" while everybody laughed at this ridzi just looked up shocked and then looked down again completely embarresed while armaan said "i know ma....thats what i was teling ridzi...that we are so late....but she was just....", winking at ridhima he said..."u know what i mean mumma right???" before radhika could answer muskaan spoke up..."not just ma we all here know what u mean...but unfortunately for u everybody here also knows u too well to buy that statement from u"....that broke off a second round of laughter and saying this muskaan sat closer to bhabhi and said..."yaayyy um loving teaming up with u against bhai, bhabhi....vengence is sweet!!!" seeing that they were getting into another never ending argument radhilka said with finality "alright...u guys have fun teaming up for word get going good night!" and she made a move towards her room when she realized that she now had a different one for herself....smiling she left...and then armaan went to ridhima and hugging her from her waist said in an audible voice inteneding everyone to hear it "erm...darling i guess we should go as well..."seeing ridhima give him a stern look to let her go he winked and continued "to bed of course!!!" and then before ridhima could retort he gave her a quick peck on her cheeks....ridhima was visibly way too embaressed now and just gave everyone around there a 'dont mind him' smile, while turning back to glare at him...rahul decided to call truce and said "alright, you guys can resume this seemingly intersting ...ahem ahem...discussion when u finally do go to bed..but before that....lets do something fun, now that we are all here....."how about celebrating confession day in advance" said ridhima, loking at atul, thinking it was time to set some records straight now...."i about we each confess something to one other person here about something we wanted them to know but have not managed to tell????" looking around she saw everybody approved of the idea....and she noticed atul was giving her a strange look, to which she responded with a smile, anjali meanwile was slightly blushing, but that was expected, what surprised ridhima was to see MUSKAAN BLUSHING????she wondered if she wasnt indeed imagining, but then as it did look apparent to her, even after a careful look she shook it off her head for then, thinking, later....armaan said "awsome sweetheart u started thinking smart with my influence," and giving her another quick hug before she glared at him he said "i will make chits and then as the names are pulled out we make confessions what say????" everyone nodded in agreement and the first chit was pulled out... it was rahul...he said "ok...umm lets not sure this even matters anymore i mean its a completely forgotten issue...but i think i had prepared hard to say this at some time....n so though its inconsequential now id like to say it anyways...." saying so he turned towards ridhima and said "bhabhi when muskan and i learnt about ammy and u in the carribean i wasnt quite comfortable with idea i mean u know...the way we had been fixed to see each other by our dads and all that i wasnt sure of how to face u with ease...somewhere i just felt a bit guilty since i had not even explained things to you myself and had sent ammy to do it so u know i had certain hesitation about how it would be.....but within 10minutes of seeing u with armaan at the mehendi i knew how baseless my inhibtions were...and i just cant explain how happy i was for ammy n was like a dream come true....and instead of feeling guilty i have been patting myself eversince to have been the reason for your first meeting with him..." sayin so rahul smiled and said further "i know all this did not have to be said....least of all now...but i still wanted u to know it nonetheless...." hearing his words muskaan looked at him with a dazed look of pride, at how mature yet sensitive the man she had married was, about others emotions....ridhima meanwile smiled back at rahul, and looked at armaan who gave her a slight nod, following which she moved towards rahul squeezing his hand said "you know rahul i never even remembered that thing ever again but um glad u said all this i trully adore the beautiful relation we share and if this was ever gona pose as a hitch, which i doubt would have happened, u have removed the very possibility and um so glad because after such a confession from u i know there can never be a point between us where either of us hesitate to share a cherished friendship...."and saying so she gave him a hug....which he returned smiling while armaan and muskaan looked at each other with the same thought...they coldnt think of better lifepartners not just for themselves for each other as well...then armaan said "alright thats enough of setting an impression on my wife rahooool now next confession...." and as they let go of the hug rahul and armaan grinned at each other.....rahul said winking "jealous bro????" to which muskaan said "too bad but ridhima bhabhi has better taste than me rahul, so bhai doesnt have to be jealous!!!!" and laughing at that ridhima pulled the next chit it was armaan she looked at him and with eyebrows raised in a warning look said "you dare confess any connections with that rianna ponting woman..." to which armaan grinned and getting closer to her said "not at all sweetheart i have a better way to shock you....lets go the bedrom" as he winked at her she said "armaaaan drop this now please its not funny anymore" ..."alright" he said...."il go alone then if you dont wana come" and saying this with a hurt look he walked off leaving ridhima shocked as she stood there for a few moments wondering why he reacted like that...and just as she was going to move to follow him he reappeared and said "i figured u dont like our bedroom so i arranged these..." and shoved a folder in to her hands as she opened she found the tickets and paper work complete for their honeymoon to.....GREECE??? she looked at him with a look which said it all...about how he never ceased to amaze how he could sense what she wanted even before she knew herself...seeing she wasnt going to speak up he said "so what do u think....about the greek connection sweetheart????" as she leapt to hug him hard she said "omg honey....this is just....i duno what to say..." armaan pulling her apart said "say yes you are coming there with me atleast, unlike the bedroom" he said and gave her a kiss on her cheek...then said "looks like all confessions are targetted at u sweetie" which ridhima said looking towards atul and then anjali "not all darling, not all...." and then she looked back at him and said...."lov u armaan..."....while atul who was sure something was not quite right about bhabhi's reactions towards him today just said "ummm next chit????" and pulled out muskaan's name..who blushed and said..."ummm..." she looked at rahul and said "i was meaning to tell u this tonight....i mean....i came to know myself like an hour ago after i got a call...and...i mean...." she just looked down now n said..."ur ...ummm...u know..." she looked at him to help her say it....but he just gave her a clueless look wondering what it was...."um expecting...." and the moment she said this armaan jumped in the air while rahul just stood rooted to the spot not able to show his reaction and then armaan just pulled rahul and muskaan together n said "omg omg what the.....sorry no bad words but...u guys are gonna b....omg ...i dont blv this....ur fast kid" he said winking at her and while she blushed hard and rahul finally hugged her tight ridz came and hit armaan on his shoulder n said "behave urself stop teasing her atleast for now armaan" and atul who had just been finding a way to react now pulled armaan n ridhima into a hug and then jumped towards rahul muskaan n pulled them into a hug and then screaming and jumping saying yeh um going to be chachu he almost hugged anji...but stopped just short of it....and then scratching his head looked down n then back up at her n grinned...."anji!!!um going to b a chachu can u believe it????" while anjali just smiled...and as he moved back to join armaan and rahul who had swung muskaan in the air he pulled muskaan into a mid air hug while ridhima who even in her excitement had seen the interaction between atul and anji now noticed his wallet drop out of his pocket n fall she bent to pick it up she was going to hand it back to him when she noticed...'ANJALI'S PICTURE IN IT'....she had a smile which reflected pure gleeand a glint of mischief in her eyes as she this is one happening night....aloud she said to the guys..."can the bhabhi now get a chance to talk to her sister in law if u please..." .and as they put her down on the couch ridhima pulled her into a tight hug and then said "hey baby!!! welcome to the family....u know what ur the first one um getting a chance to welcome into the family...." and then whispering in muskaan's ear she said..."actually there's another member who will enter our family i have a surprise for u too but gime a little while...." and aloud she said "i think that calls for a celebration atul wont u help me with the drinks please....." atul in his excitement now did not notice that ridhima had called him not armaan and just oblidged following soon as they reached the kitchen ridhima turned around and said "oh yeh u dropped ur wallet outside" taking it from her he said thanx and just as he was putting it in his pocket he realized the obvious and slowly looked at ridhima who was now smiling at him as if demanding explaination he said "bhabhi...ummmm theres ....well something i want to confess"...."about time " said ridhima as she sat on the counter ready to listen to what she had been observing all day....


as they finally entered their bedroom, ridhima just started dancing around humming...armaan looked at her and smiled then said "ur really happy ....." ridhima said "oh god armaan um so excited.....first muskaan's news and then...atul anji...isnt it just awsom....thanks armaan u gave me the best family in the world n i just cant believe one single day can hold so many surprises....' armaan looked at her and realized how much she had missed having a real family all these years.....then in mock hurt he said "hey baby....i thought u were gona say ur excited coz of the honeymoon..... " then as she looked at him he grinned and added "i love u ridzi...." ridhima just snuggled into his chest and said "muskaan must be so so excited...." and pulling her apart giving her a surprised yet naughty look then grabbing her hand he made her face the mirror and standing behind himself, he said "is that meant to be an indicator for me....." then perking up his smile even more he said "awsome sweetheart! u read my mind and steal my thoughts hun....oki look i want a princess first " pointing to her reflection said "just like that one" and ridhima shying said "armaaaan u can never be serious u jerk...." .and armaan replied " oh please um dead serious about this " and as she looked up to face him he said "by the way....we never got a chance to hear your confession for the night mrs ridhima armaan malik.....after that double super surprise package"....."my confession" said ridz "well there is quite a few things iv been meaning to tell you...but lets come to the main one....ummm before i tell u though, promise me u give me no counter punishments".....and armaan hugged her waist from behind and kissing her on her neck said, "ok no punishments, what is it"...."acutually i wana show u something " and she drew his gaze to her hand and said..."see that????" armaan looked not realising what she was showing him at first but then a careful look at it and he saw his name in her mehendi, the complete name....but then he also realized it was not the hand he had spent 30 minutes he looked at her with a puzzled look and said...."i see darling.... thats very sweet of u to show me....but whats the confession...." "the confession my dear husband is that there were no more A's in the other hand that was just a prank to ...." "WHAT???and..... no wonder i found the 4 alphabets so quickly n never found anymore....and there u were having fun seeing me wrestle with ur hand to find those A's....n then....omg ridzi u r such a...."....n then giving her a intended look he said "n sorry i take my word back for no punishment....ur definitely paying for this...." saying this he twirled he around to make her face him and pulling her close he whispered in her ear..."u r making up for the time lost last night that fruitless treasure hunt" and saying that he just pulled her face into a liplock before she could make a sound to protest, and then as the moment grew into longer passing seconds he felt her kiss him back, with an ardor to match his....he caressed her back gently, while she moaned in pleasure urging him to never let they finally broke apart, both out of breath, he looked at her as she lowered her gaze and brushing her lower lip with his thumb he said...."wow somebody seems enjoying her punishment" as she looked up to retort he silenced her putting a finger on her lips and said "and its only just started yet...." saying so he lifted her and took her to the bed.....


Atul smiled at anjali, seeing her dressed up as a beautiful bride sitting next to him....after two months from the night he had proposed her before all in that game of confession today finally they were getting married....he remembered how bhabhi had heard him out as he told her how he had first met her a plant show, and unlike anybody he had he met in life, she had talked about the plants as if they were human, the way he always did....and then how at the end of the show before parting they had exchanged numbers...then he had mentioned how after that their had been several occasions when they had gone out...just as friends...but atul had slowly started feeling about her being the special one in his life, since she seemed to understand him so well.....not just about his plants....but about him as a person his dreams and desires....but he had never been sure whether she felt the same way....until that evening...when bhabhi had thanks to the god above realized the obvious connection....and then they commonly thought of that wonderful proposal idea....atul had gone to bring the touch me not plant from radhika's room and when he finally knelt down before anjali he had shown her its changed version, where her picture had been added to THE FAMILY TREE....she had been completely baffled while armaan and rahul had fallen off the couch laughing at the way he proposed....armaan couldnt help saying "champ we had always feared u would marry a tree instead of a real woman ,but had never in our wildest dreams did we think u would propose a girl with one!!!" anjali meanwile regaining her sense had nodded and said a shy yes!!!smiling as he remembered the night, he looked at muskaan and rahul....n remembered also how that day had been special in not just one had been quite a night he thought....infact he corrected had been quite a week.....beginning from the point they got out of their final graduation exam.....and he mused, though both happy and had been a week none of them would ever forget....each having found a direction in their life that they thought made life worth living.....


As she looked at the picture postcard of the six of them from atul's wedding in her hand, which she had just received from mumma, for armaan and herself as they were in greece for their honeymoon, ridhima smiled sitting in the bed while armaan clung onto her his eyes still she sighed happily, armaan said..."and what makes my princess so delighted early morning, other than having the world's best guy beside her...." she gave him a quick kiss on his lips and said "mumma sent this for us" he opened his eyes to see the picture postcard and smiled up at her, "missing them???" and he snuggled his head into her she continued "armaan all my years of growing up i wished desperately for some imperfection to the perfect life i had.....n now thanx to mumma's message i know what it was i wanted......" and what does it say honey" asked armaan looking into her wishful eyes...."wishing u both many years of sharing the perfect imperfection: love" ......


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