Tuesday, 5 March 2019

part 25 & 26 : Tumhare hum

part 25 :

Another week passes by and
my nervousness continues to grow.
At work, I try not to let anyone
notice, especially not Armaan. He
can't know anything, even if I'm
not… you know. Now again you're
wondering if there were any new
developments with Armaan and his
stupid challenge. You see I have
been pretty good at avoiding him. I
had my secretary say I was out every
time he tried to come in my office.

This was difficult considering our
cabins are next to each other, but
somehow I managed. I just feel like I
might yell at him for possibly getting
me pregnant if he comes anywhere
near me. I still vomit every now and
then, but for now I'm just hoping
that doctor is wrong. What do
doctors know anyways... Oh God, I'm
So I'm sitting in my car,
stopped at a stoplight. I decide to
check my phone to see if I got any
voicemail or missed calls. Apparently
I had one missed call from the
doctor's office. My heart sinks as I
see the number. I notice the green
light because of the honks from
several cars behind me. I quickly
start driving and pull over into an
empty parking lot a couple blocks
from my house. I need to find out
right this second. I can't possibly
call from home, considering my very
trusting parents are at home. I really
feel ashamed to be worried about
something like this.
I take a deep breath and
punch in the numbers on my cell
phone. As soon as the secretary at
the doctor's office picks up, I
answer, "Hi, I got a call about an
hour ago. The female voice replies,
"Oh yes ma'am! Well I just wanted
to inform you that you're blood test
results have come back and it is
negative. You aren't pregnant
ma'am." HELL YES!! At that moment
I felt so happy, the happiest that I
have probably ever felt. I am not
carrying Armaan's child! Thank
goodness! I don't know what I would
have done if I was. I don't know
what I could have done to prevent
him from taking advantage of the
situation if he ever found out.
Thankfully I won't have to worry
about this anymore!
I start hearing the
secretary ask, "Miss? Are you still
there?" I laugh while replying, "Yes,
I'm still on the line" She laughs, "Oh
alright, well you can pick you're
blood reports up whenever you
want." I smile saying, "Thank you so
much!" She chuckles, "Have a good
day Mrs. Mehta!" I laugh for a few
seconds until my brain processes
what she just said. WHAT?! WHO
say, "Hello? Hello?" She responds,
"Yes?" I ask somewhat sacredly, "Did
you just say Mrs. Mehta?"She replies
unsurely, "Yes…" I angrily say, "I'm
Riddhima Gupta!" She gasps, "Oh
I'm so sorry ma'am I really am. It's
just that I also called Mrs. Mehta
because her blood test had also
arrived today. I just got confused. I
have you're reports as well Mrs.
Gupta. Oh it seems that you're
blood test came out positive!" I start
stuttering stupidly, "Positive?" She
replies slowly, "Yes ma'am, you are
pregnant! Congratulations!" I hear a
click on the other side and I
robotically move the phone away
from my ear, tossing it aside.
I don't know when the
tears sprang in my eyes and slid
down my face. All I know is that
they are there. As soon as I reach
up to wipe them away, I feel more
stream down my cheek. It's too
soon! I'm still in shock. I'm too
scared to face the reality of my
situation. This is going to change
everything. I can't raise a baby on
my own and abortion is not even an
option. I could never kill a child, no
matter what the circumstances are.
Questions spring to my mind. I feel
so ashamed. I'm my parents only
child and I tarnished their image
because my stupidity. They are
going to be so angry. I don't know if
I can tell them the truth. They will
hate me I just know it! How will I
face them now? I did something so
immoral; I will shatter their hopes
and dreams in a matter of minutes.
How will I be able to look myself in
the eye anymore?
What will my parents think? Why did
I have to drink at the reception?
Why did his car have to break down?
Why did I suggest going to the
cottage? Why didn't I see Armaan for
who he was, the man who had
broken my heart? Why didn't I stop
myself, stop us? Why couldn't the
idiotic moron have used protection?
Why did I have to be the pregnant
one? Why couldn't I be Mrs. Mehta?
All these questions, none of which I
can answer.
I feel my whole world come crashing
down upon me, it's all falling
apart…every last bit. There is no one
to pick up the piece because no one
else can. No one except Muskaan,
and I can't tell her right anything.
It would ruin her honeymoon. I
can't ruin this for her. She's my best
friend and she deserves to be
happy. I don't understand what is
going on with my life and why I
always end up getting hurt? First I
fall in love with him, and then get
heartbroken. He waltzes back into
my life, while I seek revenge. I get
even with him, but find out I am
carrying his child.
Whatever the case may be, I can't
tell him anything. He must never
find out. I know he will just use this
as an excuse to win the stupid
challenge he made to himself. That
or he will exploit me in public to
humiliate me like I did him. After
mulling over the information for a
while, I decide to go pick up the
reports so that I could see it for
myself. When I came to the doctor's
office, I just picked up the envelope
and walked out. In a matter of
minutes my whole life just turned
upside down, from that one phone
call. Who knew a phone call could
change your life? I sure didn't.

part 26 :

After spending some hours at the beach, thinking about how my life will be changing, I finally get enough courage to drive home. I park in the driveway and slowly make my way up to the door. I quietly open the door and hear lots of laughing coming from inside. I guess my parents have company over, which is good for me since I can prolong telling them about my pregnancy. I walk towards the sound, so I can quickly greet the guests and dart upstairs to my room. As soon as I walk in the living room, my legs refuse to respond any further.

I see him, sitting on my couch, eating my food, and talking with my parents. It was Armaan Mallik along with his mother and father. I slowly approach my parents as they acknowledge my presence, "Riddhima Beta, come sit." Armaan looks towards me surprised and then has an evil glint in his eye. I stand there uneasily under his gaze. Then I greet his parents and begin scanning the room for an empty seat. The only seat that is empty happens to be next to Armaan. I groan inwardly and make my way to sit next to him. Our parents just look towards me and smile widely. This seems a bit odd to me. I can also feel Armaan's piercing gaze on me, yet I refuse to look.

Instead, I look towards my dad as he says, "The Mallik's came over since I wasn't feeling good today. Billy, you are too good of a friend you know that? You're so busy nowadays handling the company in my absence, but you still took the time out to see how I'm doing." Billy Uncle replies, "Nonsense Shashank, what are friends for? You need to take care of you're health, that should always comes first!" I add, "Billy Uncle is right Dad! You have to start taking care of you're health. You have to be more responsible. I'm not going to always be there to take care of you." He smiles, "I know that Riddhima."

Billy Uncle cuts the silence short by saying, "Now that we are on that subject, I hope you won't mind me asking you something Shashank." My father laughs, "You can ask me anything, you know that! Now stop with the suspense and tell me already!" Billy Uncle responds in all seriousness, "I would like to ask for Riddhima's hand in marriage for Armaan." My father starts to beam brightly and looks towards me saying, "I would love to have Armaan as my son-in-law! What do you say Riddhima?" My eyes are wide in shock. My head snaps to face Armaan, who has a huge smirk plastered over his face. Questions begin to surface my mind as I comprehend my situation better. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE WANT FROM ME?! DOES GOD WANT ME TO COMMIT SUICIDE?! My thoughts are somewhere along these lines.

Everyone is staring at me to respond and I feel Armaan's hand lace into mine. I open my mouth to yell out, "HELL ******* NO", but before I can he interrupts me. He says quickly, "Uncle, Aunty would it be alright if I talked with Riddhima for a few minutes." I shoot him a secretive evil glare, while my father responds, "Sure Armaan Beta! Riddhima why don't you take him to you're room." I unwillingly get up and start muttering random curse words under my breath. I walk faster up the stairs trying to keep myself distanced from him as much as possible. He eventually gains on me as we enter through my bedroom door.

He plops himself on my bed, laying there quite relaxed in his black suit. He is wearing a red button up shirt with the top buttons undone. I look away from anything that may become a distraction. I just lean against my wall, while he continues to lie on my bed. He grins, "So Riddhima, ready to be Mrs. Riddhima Mallik?" I spat, "Are you out of you're mind? Do you think I'm on crack, that I would marry you?" He laughs, "Sweetie, I already told you that you are marrying me, end of story!" I smirk, "You can't make me do anything Armaan, I'm not some kind of puppet!" He smirks back, "Oh, I can make you do all sorts of things Riddhima! I told you before and I'll tell you again, I never lose Riddhima…never!" I ask confidently, "What makes you so sure you'll win?" He grins, "Because I never learned how to lose and I don't plan on learning. I'm sure you'd like to know why I'm so confident right?"

I fold my arms over my chest and nod. He reaches inside his suit's pocket and pulls out an envelope. He throws the brown envelope onto the desk next to me. I pick up the envelope, not sure of what to expect. I put my hands inside and pull out the papers. As soon as I read the header, I drop the papers on the ground in shock. The papers read 'Pregnancy report' at the top and I didn't have to read the rest to know that it was indeed mine. I look up to see Armaan staring at me quite confidently. I try to deny as I stutter, "H-How d-did y-you g-get t-these?" He grins, "Let's just say I've got some connections and I'm a bit of a stalker." My mouth remains open as I feel completely at a loss of words.

He begins to advance towards me, while I stay rooted against the wall. He comes in front of me, while I ask, "What do you want from me Armaan? Why are you doing all this?" He whispers, "For my own sweet revenge Riddhima! It gives me immense pleasure to see that being with me is a punishment for you. You see, being with you is enjoyable for me. So it's like a win-win situation! What's not to love?" I harshly say, "I'm not going to marry you Armaan!" I turn away to walk out the door.

He calls behind me, threatening, "Fine Riddhima. And I'm sure you're parents will be excited to hear about being grandparents, don't you think?" I freeze on spot. He approaches behind me, placing a hand on my stomach to caress. He continues cruelly, "I'm sure you're parents will love the idea of their only daughter having a child before she was married." He scrunches up his face looking at my disgusted expression. He says, "Why you don't think so Riddhima?... No? Yeah, I don't think they will be too happy about it either. Especially you're father Riddhima! Will he be able to handle that kind of embarrassment?" I angrily say, "You wouldn't!" He smirks, "Wouldn't I, Riddhima? Come on you know me better than that, give yourself some credit! I can go to great lengths to get what I want." I stand there completely shocked at how he is playing his cards. He is totally in control and there is nothing I can do.

He continues, "Now the way I see it is that you've got three options! Option One, marry me and have the baby. Option Two, you don't marry me and I end up telling you're parents about your pregnancy. This one is going to get messy since the parents you love so much will probably end up throwing you out of their lives. Also, you're father has a weak heart, so it's not wise to put him through that! And finally, Option Three, you can try having the baby aborted, but the key word is 'try' because there is no way in hell I would let that happen to our child. Along with that, I plan on telling your parent's everything anyways! Now if you ask me I would go with option one, but that is just me! So now, what will it be Riddhima?"

I just walk out the room without responding to his ultimatum. A lone tear escapes my eye, while walking down the stairs. I am about to seal my fate, but there is no other way. He has finally cornered me and I see no hope for escape. He did what I feared would happen, catch me when I least expected it. He is right that if my father found out about my pregnancy, I would endanger his health. Nothing is more important to me than my father. I would sacrifice my life for my own parents and that was just what I am going to have to do. As soon as I enter the living room, Armaan falls into step with me. I close my eyes acknowledging what I am about to do as I let the words escape my mouth, "Yes, I'll marry Armaan…"


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