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part 27 & 28 : Tumhare hum

part 27 :

I open my eyes to see my
parents and his parents hugging and
congratulating each other. I watch
the happiness reflecting in my
parents' eyes. They look so pleased,
so content. Our parents turn their
attention to us, and start
approaching. I plaster a fake look of
happiness across my face. My father

kisses my forehead saying, "I'm so
proud of you Riddhima, you have
made me so happy today!" I just hug
my father and bury my face in his
chest saying, "Anything for you dad,
anything…" My mom comes forward
and gives me a kiss while running
her hand over my head. I smile
looking at her gleeful state. I look
over to see Billy Uncle and Naina
Auntie waiting to get their turn to
welcome me to their family. I bend
low and touch their feet to take their
blessings. God knows I'll need as
much as I can get to live with that
devil. Billy Uncle hugs me like my
father just did, while Naina Auntie
compliments my beauty and
etiquettes. What can I say, I was
brought up with manners unlike
someone I know! That stupid prick
threatened a girl! I'm not saying I'm
all innocent, but come on that was
not cool!
Soon after, they start
discussing wedding plans. I am
forced to sit next to Armaan again.
He sits closer this time, while I find
it difficult to distance myself on this
small loveseat. He starts to play with
my fingers and traces small patterns
on my hand. I give him some nasty
looks, but they only seem to
encourage him. I tune out of my
parents conversation knowing that
these marriage plans will only
depress me. I just look towards
Armaan, who looks quite happy yet
at the same time remains
mischievous. After some time, I
notice Billy Uncle and Naina Auntie
rise from their seats. Armaan gets
up as well and follows his parents,
who are standing at the door talking
to my parents. Armaan notices that
they are in deep conversation and
turns his attention to me. He lowers
his head so he is close to my ear
and whispers, "Smart move sweetie!"
He pecks my cheek quickly before I
can stop him. I grind my teeth as I
see him wink at me. He just follows
his parents out the door, while my
parents seem like they are in one of
those trances about how I have
grown up so quickly.
I turn around and walk up
the stairs trying hard not to let any
of my emotions come out. As soon as
I shut the door to my room, the
tears I had been suppressing for so
long come pouring out. I sink to the
ground, with my back against the
door. As the meaning of marriage
continues to sink in, I feel even more
frustrated. If only that night had not
occurred, I could have never been
cornered like this. No, there has to
be some method of escape! There
has to be a solution to this! Think,
Riddhima THINK!!
Let's analyze Armaan's
options. So, the first option is the
obvious one. Marry him and submit
myself to living in hell forever! I was
stupid enough to pick it, but there
has to be an alternative route that I
haven't considered yet. Option 2 is
don't marry him. That sounds
perfect, but the obvious flaw is that
he will tell my parents about my
pregnancy. Stupid tattletale!
Seriously, is he four years old?
Maybe if I make fun of him, he will
stop… oh, who am I kidding! Ugh!
Anyways option 3 is not even a
possibility. There is no way in hell
that I am going to kill my own child!
I may want out of this situation, but
I'm not that vindictive. It's time to
think outside the box… OH! I got it!
I can kill him! It's genius, no
Armaan so no marriage! Oh Crap, I'll
be in jail… Okay scratch the
homicidal plan! Hmm maybe I can
blackmail him somehow… damn I've
got nothing on him! I'm really
doomed to spend my life with him
aren't I? There is another option I
haven't considered yet. Suicide. That
would mean, no Armaan, no
marriage, no life, and no me. Shoot,
I would end up killing my child and
my father would still end up on a
hospital bed. Oh, man I really am
royally screwed. My emotions start
changing from anger to sadness.
Thinking about my life with
Armaan causes my vision to blur.
The unshed tears soon fall and my
eyes focus on the big picture on my
wall. It was of my parents and me,
when I was quite young. I wipe my
tears, realizing that I have to do
this, for them. My world may turn
upside down, but knowing that my
father is in my world will be worth
the pain. I don't want to live in a
world without my parents, I wouldn't
be able to handle it. I don't know
why my life is so full of pain, but
they say everything happens for a
reason. I don't know what that
reason is, but I will find out
eventually… hopefully! With these
thoughts I slowly get up from the
floor and throw myself onto my bed,
falling asleep.
I wake up the following
morning, to my parents peeking into
my room. They are watching me so
lovingly. I get up quite confused
and then laugh at their reminiscing
session. My dad smiles saying,
"Finally Riddhima beta, you're
awake! Now come down for breakfast
quickly. The Malliks will be over in a
while." I furrow my eyebrows and tilt
my head asking, "What? Why?" He
laughs, "Beta they are coming so
that Panditji can decide on the
perfect time for you two to get
married." I just nod my head while
my mom hands me some clothes. I
walk into the shower, letting myself
relax for those few moments. I put
on my light pink salwar kameez and
lightly dry my hair with my towel. I
enter my room, lost in thought. I
hear a deep voice behind me say,
"Damn Riddhima, you intoxicate me.
Stop looking so hot or I won't be
able to stop myself from being
naughty!" I yelp in shock and turn
around to meet those steely grey
eyes. His passionate eyes remain
locked with mine, until I hear my
mother shout my name. I turn my
attention to the door and then look
back at Armaan. I make a move to
Before I can get far, He grabs my
hand and pulls me so that I crash
into his muscular body. For the first
time I notice he is wearing black
salwar kameez, looking amazingly
BAD THOUGHTS! He grins, "Going
somewhere?" I just say annoyed,
"Armaan please let go of my hand!"
He smirks, "I'd rather not." I sigh,
"Fine then I'll call our parents up
here, I'm sure they'd like to know
what you're doing in my room." He
laughs, "Is that a threat Riddhima?"
I look into his eye amused, "It's a
promise Armaan, not a threat!" He
grins widely, "Fine I'll let you go
sweetie! After all we shouldn't keep
Panditji waiting!" I roll my eyes and
feel his grip loosen on my hand. I
yank my hand from his grasp and
storm out the door. I hear him
chuckling from behind as he follows
I go down stairs and greet his
parents, while Armaan slowly comes
up from behind. The Pandit
examines both our kundalis and at
this point all I can hope is that it's
dangerous for him to marry me. But
sadly, even this desire of mine goes
unfulfilled. The Pandit starts talking
to our parents and says that in two
weeks, it is the perfect time to get
married, but after that, there isn't a
good time until about eight months.
I'm all for the eight months,
however, our parents and Armaan
aren't too keen on that. My father
and Billy Uncle get up to escort the
Pandit out, while our mothers begin
discussing wedding plans. When
Billy Uncle and my father return,
they declare, "The engagement will
be in the next five days. Then five
days later will be the mehendi.
Then two days after the mehendi
will be the sangeet. And finally the
shaadi will be two days after the
sangeet!" My mouth drops open as I
realize how soon it is. Armaan grins
and hugs his father, "Thanks Dad!"
Billy Uncle thumps Armaan's back. I
groan inwardly as I see Armaan
grinning at me, knowing that I'm
It's true though. What can I
possibly do so that it won't end up
hurting my parents. I know I
wouldn't be able to live with myself
if anything happened to them
because of my stupidity. In this
situation, my hands are tied behind
my back. What I don't understand in
all this is that he claims to love me,
but keeps hurting me. Why does he
keep hurting me? If he loves me,
then why does he get pleasure
seeing me in pain? He knows I hate
him, yet he thinks of me as some
kind of prize to be won. He can't win
me over no matter what he does! I
won't let him! I can't let him…

part 28 :

Five days pass, meaning it is the day of my engagement. Luckily, my mother didn't allow me to go to work since there was so much to tend to. I didn't have to see him for those few days and for those few days I was relatively happy. Well, as happy as I can get considering I still have to marry the guy. I hear a loud thump on my door and I pull the covers over my head. I hear it again, only louder. I yell, "COME IN!" I hear nothing for a few moments and then feel my covers being pulled away from my face. I try grabbing for them, but find nothing. My hand wanders in the air for a while until it touches soft skin and rough stubble. I sit up quickly to meet Armaan's intense grey eyes. I back up, hitting the backboard behind me. He continues to come closer. I manage to say, "DAMN IT! I wasn't suppose to see you until tonight! Armaan leave me alone!" He laughs and says, "You know I can't do that sweetheart!" I push him away and get out of bed. I fold my arms across my chest and tap my feet expectantly. He laughs and leaves out the door saying, "Get ready!" I open my mouth to ask, "Where are we…", but he already left. I groan and shut the door to get ready. What's the point to fight it, my parents will force me to go with him anyways.

I come down stairs wearing a white and black laced dress. I hear whistling as I enter the living room. It is Armaan, who is whistling while sitting next to my father. I blush from embarrassment. I mean honestly you don't do that in front of a girl's father! That's so wrong! Armaan puts his hand out for me to hold onto him. I look at him like he has lost his mind, while he glances towards my father. I sigh and link my arm with his, walking out the door towards his car.

While in the car, I start to get annoyed. I mean he has not even told me where we are going! For all I know I could be getting kidnapped, well I guess it beats marrying him! Oh I'm really excited now… NOT! I turn towards him and ask, "Where the hell are we going?" Armaan smirks, "Patience my dear, all in good time!" Half an hour later we arrive at the airport. I look towards him grinning widely, "OH MY GOD! You're leaving the country! THANK YOU GOD! I'll get your bags" He laughs, "Sorry to disappoint but I'm not going anywhere sweetie and neither are you!" I slump back down in my seat. Before I can question further he simply says, "It's a surprise so don't bother asking!" I sigh and get out of the car, trailing behind him slowly. We stop at a terminal and I start to get bored. Armaan looks at me quite amused while I stare at my nails like I'm fascinated. He laughs and I snap, "Something funny?" He laughs, "Yea… YOU!" I groan and smack him over his head, while he pulls me into his body. He wraps his arms tightly around my waist while I struggle to get loose. I yell in his ear, "ARMAAN LET ME GO!" He just continues to grin like a buffoon.

I hear a distant shout, "RIDDHIMA!!!" I turn to look in the direction of the noise and see Muskaan running towards me. Armaan releases me and I look towards him gratefully as I run to Muskaan. I give her a big hug and exclaim, "I missed you sooo much Muski!" She grins, "Me too!" Armaan and Rahul come over towards us after we get that out of our systems. I say to Rahul, "I hope you took good care of Muskaan!" He grins and pulls Muskaan in his arms, kissing her forehead, saying, "You know I did Riddhima!" I smile at the love their share between them. They are seriously too cute!

My smile falters as I feel an arm come around my waist. I glare at Armaan, while he says, "Well aren't you guys going to congratulate us?" I glare at him, while Rahul and Muskaan ask, "Congratulate you for what?" Armaan pulls me closer, while I throw deathly glares his way. He says, "We are getting married next week and today's our engagement!" Muskaan looks towards me too shocked for words. Rahul's mouth drops, "What a crappy friend you are! You're telling me today? So this was the important thing you made us come a couple days early for?" Armaan laughs, "Yeah I mean I personally didn't care if you were there, but I know Riddhima here missed her best friend." Rahul punches his arm and I laugh. Armaan yelps, "Dude you didn't even invite me to your engagement!" Armaan punches Rahul'which makes Muskaan laugh. Rahul says, "That's because I didn't have one, idiot!" Armaan rolls his eyes saying, "Whatever, now we're even! We can talk about this later, let's get home!"

I walk with Muskaan and whisper, "I have to talk to you alone…" She nods and whispers to Rahul, telling him that she needs some time to catch up with me. He nods and Armaan drops us at my house. He yells behind me, "See ya tonight Riddhima!" I groan and continue to drag Muskaan into my house. We get stopped by my parents, who ask about the honeymoon. As soon as the door closes, I spill everything that happened. All that happened from her reception night until now. She listens to me patiently, but is completely shocked at all that happened in her absence. By the end of it I am in tears and she is trying to calm me down. She says, "Riddhima why didn't you tell me? You didn't have to go through this all by yourself! Riddhima you're my best friend, if I couldn't be there for you in a time like this then…" I shake my head interrupting her and say, "No Muski, I didn't want to ruin you're honeymoon! I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I'm happy that at least you had a good time without any of my problems burdening you. I should have listened to you about this revenge thing. I never dreamed that I would be the one hurt in the end."

Muskaan says softly, "So what are you planning to do? You want me to get your parents to call off the wedding?" I get up and say, "NO! Muski my parents can't know about my pregnancy. I can't see the disappointment in their eyes." She nods and asks, "Does he love you?" I look towards her slowly and shrug, "I don't know Muski. He says he does, but I don't believe him! I think he is just upset I beat him at his own game!" Muskaan says hesitantly, "Do you still love him Riddhima?" I simply say, "No Muski! I refuse to fall in love with him! He has given me years worth of pain and he can't make up for it ever." Muskaan says, "What about after you get married Riddhima? Marriage is a permanent thing. You will have to deal with him every day. He is also the father of your child. You can't leave him after both your parents and his parent find out, they won't let you." I unsurely say, "I haven't thought that far yet! I'm still trying to get out of it, but I don't see that happening! Promise you won't leave again." I lean my head on her shoulder while he softly says, "I'll always be there for you Riddhima! It will all work out, I'm sure of it! Everything has a purpose, we just need to have faith that this is all for the best." I nod my head and she gives me a much needed hug.

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