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part 3 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

Armaan: btw.. not bad ha'
Ananya: wat do u mean ..??Not bad??? It's awesome'.
Armaan: hmm'*smiles*..kkk'awesome'so'which standard are u in?
Ananya: second standard'hate my teacher tho''she keeps on blabbering soooo much'she starts somewhere n ends somewhere else.. nobody likes her..specially me'and besides..
Armaan..:*giggling*..ohk ohk..i get ur point'n your parents..??
Ananya's face falls down a bit'armaan notices this and before he could say anything further, shilpa cuts in and asks ananya to go wear her socks and shoes..and gives a weak smile to armaan.
Armaan senses the tension and decides not to go on further'
Armaan: ohk then.. thnx for the breakfast..i better get going now'have to get ready as well.. * in a very serious tone* n shilpa'be on time..
Shilpa: yea..its just 7.30 now..duty starts at chill mr.senior doctor'
Armaan just smiles and kisses anu on her forehead and leaves.

He enters into the shower..(guys my hindi is reli not that gr8 tats y I strtd it in now a hindi dialogue is reli required':D)

Armaan to himself: waise achha pakaati hai..hmmm..arey yaar'sahi hai'pakaati hai..a small smile appears on his lips'btw wat was all that parent thingy about'whenever something of that sort comes up.. the whole mood changes'hmmm'something fishy'anyways wat m I to do? its her personal matter'( the word personal somehow reminded him of ridhimma at that moment)..
The smile from his face disappears.. he turns the showers off.. grabs a towel across his waist and goes out and sits on his bed.. his head dug into his hands'trying to fight back all the emotion that are flooding in him right now.. he remembers all the past happening'

He wonders.. is it true when people say that whatever happens, happens for the best..?
He then notices his cell phone buzzing'he gets up and goes to answer the call.. it was ridhimma'he wonders'is this a sign or something? Does she miss me too? Was she thinking about me rite now? was she? His lips curve into a smile of hope'

He receives the call'
Armaan: hello'
Sid: yaar armaan where are you ya? Ive got so much to tell you.. sorry.. i don't know where I placed my phone last night.. so called you from ridhima's number.. temme wat time will you be comeing to the hospital..
Armaan: oh..kkk'*face gone down a bit*'btw no good morning nothing ha.. wats so important? Ill be coming at 9 as usual'n how is ridhima?
Sid: ohh'sorry'good morning..hmmm'something very important..i jus wanna thank you' ridhimma? shez perfect.. in the kitchen.. preparing breakfast *armaan frowns and thinks so she wasn't remembering me*'comein over?
Armaan:*remembering wat had happened in the morinig..smiles*'no ya thanks..i already had'ciao'
Sid: bye'

At eight thirty when armaan was about to leave he hears an engine roar..stop..roar..stop..roar stop..he guesses the problem and goes over to shilpa's'

Armaan: kya hua dhano?meri dhano ki dhano start nahi ho rahi?
Shilpa: gets down from her car and opens the front bonnet'and says..ho jayeigi
Armaan leaves and waits in the car on the road for shilpa'
After 5mins of struggling she finally gives in and sits in his car.

She looked a bit worried'.

Armaan: chill dhano..i have better people to eat..i wont eat you up..
Shilpa to his astonishment gives him a weak smile'surprised by this gesture'
Armaan: something wrong'?
Shilpa, usually who doesn't tell about her troubles that easily but feeling desperate this time speaks'
Actually the thing is that when we lived in our old apartment we had a live-in maid'

Shilpa: the thing is that, we don't have one here.. my duty ends at 6 and even late sometimes'so I am worried about anu.. where do I keep her? besides m doing a small part time job after my duty ends.. which ends at around 1 in the night'I wish life was not sooo complicatd'
Armaan , after giving it a thought: well after school she can come to the hospital.. and spend the day in my cabin'and after that she can stay at my place.. it wont be a problem' besides ill get company as well'and then once your done u can come and pick her up'don't worry about her home-work.. she can do all that in the hospital'

Shilpa thought that this was the only way'and gave a sigh of relief and thanked armaan and promised him that she will find a live-in maid ASAP.

It seemed to be like a very tough and a long morning'there were more patients to be attended to'everyone busy'
Sid appears in the general ward where armaan seemed to be really very busy' sid goes to him armaan page me when your done its important.
Armaan then remembers the convo they had in the morning and nods his head in agreement and carries on with his work.
After he is done he pages sid and they meet up in the canteen

Sid:armaaannnn yaar your the best.. i wanna thank you for everything'
Armaan a bit confused said: ya ya..ur welcome.. But y thank u'??
Sid: only because of you..ahem..n my efforts as well.. ridhimma and me are actually one now'
And he hugs him tight'armaan is left shocked, sad, upset, angry, heartbroken and lonely'
He collects all the possible strength in him and says'" that's lovely yaar, congrats'
I kinda have to go ..just remembered something ..c u later"
Sid: yup yup..ciaz..n dude once again thnx sooo much me too have to go to meet ridzi now..
Armaan starts walking out of the door..
On the other hand shilpa is at the nurse station ..she and JP were discussing some case which was given to both of them to handle'

She seez armaan pass by'they both hello him.. he doesn't notice them and jus walks at his fastest pace.. shilpa and JP find it weird...

Shilpa: array'wat happened to him now?
JP: last I had seen him in the canteen with sid before coming here. ..sid seemed to be very happy.. but wat happened to armaan'
A sudden bolt of realization seems to struck JP's face which turns into a frown'shilpa notices this and asks him.. wat happened ?wats the matter?
JP: actually.. Nothing.. I'll get our conclusions checked and then get the tests done as well.. I have to go'
Shilpa: *frowns*..i wanna know'and goes into the same direction as armaan..she finds in the fire escape.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Armaan is crying bitterly'*thinking* this is it ridhimma.. I was a fool..a fool to love you..a fool to hope ud come back to me?? wat was I thinking.. u never even loved me.. i suppose it was just infatuation to u'u never loved me.. i put my life at stake for you.. it is so difficult for me now.. y did I even fall for u ridhimma? Y do I love you so damn much? is this it? i can u ever'?cant u see the pain m going thru'.. please ridhimma.. i love u dammit'

Shilpa had seen the angry side..the naughty side..the serious side..the playfull side of armaan.. But not this.. she was shell shocked.. she sees him sitting down on the last step.. somehow she couldn't afford to see armman in this situation.. she dint know how but tears automatically rolled down her eyes looking at him in such a state'she goes running down to him..

She kneels in front of him.. his head dug in his hands trying his best to fight all that is happening.. shilpa cups his face and says'"armaan"
Armaan not knowing what to do.. and what to say'hugs her.. he digs his head into her neck trying to seek refuge from all the surroundings...
She says: "armaan"
He hugs her even tighter.. Moments pass by'she doesn't say a word.. she knows.. breaking down sometimes is good..

All of a sudden armaan breaks away from the hug with a jerk thinking.. ridhimma can do such things..
But it's a sin for me.. i have always loved ridhimma and wil always continue to do so.. Shilpa was a bit surprised first.. but then seem to understand his situation..
Armaan gets up..and without saying a word goes towards the terrace..

Shilpa thinks, maybe he should have some time with himself alone.. i don't know what the problem is but as far as how much I know armaan, he can take care of himself'hopefully'
It was already time for her to pick up anu..

she leaves the hospital and returns in another 15minutes times' and as told by armaan she takes her to armaan's cabin.. only to find him even more shattered than before.. she dint know what to say'

Shilpa: anu beta plz go to the canteen, remember I showed it to you on our way here..i'l meet you there awrite?
Anu understanding the situation: yes di.. take your time..

Shilpa seez him on the floor.. all shattered.. she din know where the pieces were fallen.. they were all just too broken'she runs towards him and without a word this time she hugs him.. she now knows.. this is wat he needs'she should have never left him alone like that.. he continues to cry not responding to her hug.. he cries as bitterly as ever'

Shilpa picks up all her courage and says: enough already armaan'wats the matter? y are you so broken?

Armaan continues..she had never seen armaan like dis'
Shilpa: armaan *cups his face*..listen to me'I don't know what has happened, but everythin will be fine ok?
Armaan:*still cryin* shilpa.. nothing will ever be fine
Shilpa: armaan'whatever happens, happens for the best jus remember that.. now look at me..*armaan facing her* hmmm!.. lemme c..well.. firstly u don't look good when you cry'
Armaan smiles weakly
Shilpa: is there anything you would like to share?

Armaan was jus waiting for someone to come and ask him this.. he was waiting to give it all out.. and so he nods..

Armaan begins: I love ridhimma..*shilpa:schoked* yes shilpa I love ridhimma.. I always did so'but time and god din allow us to be together.. today'..*narrates hez n sidz convo*..
n then when I left from the fire escape I went to the terrace only to find them in each others arms.. Embracing each other'I couldn't shilpa.. i couldn't take it anymore.. i was about to turn away.. but I suppose bad timing *another tear escapes from his eyes*..i see them kiss.. and it just tore me apart.. i know m being the one bad here.. i have to be happy bcoz she is.. bt I cannot take it anymore shilpa.. i changed my self   for her.. she doesn't even care about me'I don't want to be selfish shilpa.. bt m not able to help it myself.. I feel like killing myself for loving her.

Shilpa takes in each and every word spoken by him'she then says'

Hey armaan.. u arnt being bad or self-fish.. u r jus being in love.. bt armaan u know u wont always get wat u want' I mean if god dint want you'll to be together maybe he has something million times better planned for you.. he dosent forget his childern you know'if you'll were supposed to be together you'll would have.. but maybe she isn't ur soul-mate armaan.. maybe she wasn't perfect for you.. infact she wasn't perfect for you at all.. u had to change yourself for her rite? who does that?.. when you love someone u shouldn't keep any expectations from the other.. she expected you to change.. n u did that only for her.. u expected her to love you back.. or be faithful to you still.. but she dint. Maybe bcoz she dosent love you anymore'

Theres nothing called as true love'or first love armaan.. love is love.. it can happen anytime..
And any ways if ur love story has still not started, maybe god is busy writing out the most beautiful story, just for you'

Somehow she couldn't go furthermore.. she stopped..frowned'took a pen scribbled something and left'

Armaan saw her leaving and understood all the words she pour unto him.. he sat on his desk.. and looked at the notepad where she worte:

Array armaan..y u cryin?? apni mardhangi bhul gayye kya? pakka saans- bahu serial mein lead role melega.. along with a smiley'
Armaan kept staring at the note'
And smiled'

ARsh 444

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