Thursday, 14 March 2019

part 3 : We Met -We Touched

"Shut Up Muskan'!" Arman Said, Rahul pushed her away' "Guys '. Hum Beach pa tah'. We drank coffee' and she told me about her'"

"ooh' she trying to be angel' Huh! She is such 'Bi***" Anjali'


Everyone turned towards the voice'.

They saw a vase broken and Riddima standing beside the pillar'. Tear's rolling down'. All of them stood up '.

"Riddima'" Arman said, and made an attempt to walk to her'. But she turned and ran away'. "Riddima'" '. "Riddima'" he ran after her'

"Dheka '. She is such '." Pause "Forget it'.. But we are not gonna make her Use our Arman'" Anjali stood up'

"Yes ' Anjali' I m with u '" Atul Stood up'

"Mai Bhi'" Muskan said'

While Rahul' he was settled and kept on drinking his coffee'

"Riddima'" he took hold of her wrist'

"choro '. Arman'" she said with a cry

"Nai ' first listen to me'" he turned her ' making her stand beside his car' in a way that her back touched his car'. and he himself stood in front of her ... crossed his hands on his chest and stared at her with love' who he himself didn't knew about'.

She turned to move away when he stepped a bit closer

"Arman ' mujha hath mat lagna'.!" She warned him and rubbed her teary-cheeks roughly'

Tera Kaareb na aoun ma'

Kasa isa smajoon mai

Tera Kaareb na aoun ma'

Kasa isa smajoon mai

Bara sathya pal pal jalya

Yea na bhul paye thujha ko

Mana na kasa manoon mai

Jaoon ma kahan jaoon ma

Merii Jaan Na hona kafa'.

 (Do hear this song from Film Tum(kyun Mera Dil)

With out a word ' he moved his hand up in the air ' as in 'I-Surrender' and took a step further' his feet's were beside hers'she joined her feet's' a try to stay away from his feet's' as his feet's were on the other side of her's. And so she joined her's and he joined his with her and jammed her'.

She gasped as he took a step further'. Her eyes were locked up in his'. His flat abs smoothly touched hers' her breath began to go up'

His legs brushed hers'. His thighs touched hers' He was captivating her'. She was feeling breathless' Her world was roaming around' she felt dizzy ' weak'

He had locked his hand backwards'. He can feel her softness slightly brushing him' he could feel her heart beat

As they heard a noise in parking area' Arman instantly moved away and Soon Riddima was conscious of world' which is full of tensions ' problems ' hatred'

They both new' they both have been drifted to some other place ' where there was no thing like that'. There was just one thing' Love'

Love' it stroked both of their mind and heart'.

Both of them looked away' to find words ' to find what it is'.

"Hmm'" Arman tried to say something' "Let me drop u home'" last thought that stirred him

"Nahi'." She said'. Merely whispered

"Riddima'" he tried to speak

"No'." she turned away'.


"NO 'NAhiiii" she shouted' and started to walk away she kept on mumbling that

"SHUT UP'!" He turned her and took her to passenger seat'

"Choro Arman'. Ma nai auoon gi'" she said while crying'  "I am a bit** ' and people don't take Bi***es at home'" he left her arm and turned to wards her'

"Riddima ..!" a voice ' his voice' full of pain' full of fire' she shivered as she saw fire in his eyes'. It scared her' and soon she fell on the floor' her head touched the wheel of his car'. He slipped down beside her'

"Why ME'?" she shouted'

He couldn't say anything'. He looked straight at car's coming and going towards the gate'

"I Was Always a nice kid ' nice girl' nice daughter nice student' never did a wrong thing... THEN WHY ME???" she shouted'

Arman still didn't bug to touch her or consol her


She thought '. She thought for a while' then a frown appeared' her mouth slightly opened' a tear flow down

"I m an adopted child'." She told her self with a gasp' totally forgotten his presence'. He looked at her

"I m an illegitimate child'." She again told her self'. He moved towards her' his faced still towards her'. His shoulder touched her's'

"I was never required'" Soon he pulled her closer'.his hand rapped around her shoulder her head laid on his chest'. "Arman?? U heard..? I m an illegitimate child'" she shouted' "I m not required'" she shouted' Arman pressed her closer' "My biological parents threw me some where'. U know what does that mean'." She shouted'. Arman tried to move her head in him' so that she could be quite'.. Their legs were straight wide on parking lot floor'

"Shhhhh Riddima bas'" Arman moved his one hand on her back

"NO Arman..! U are not Understanding" she whispered'

"I am Riddima  ...I am" he tried to console her


"NO u are not'." She shouted and pushed him away'. But he kept on pressing her closer'he could feel her tears'.  "U are not ...!"She shouted and kept on hitting him'. "U are not'." Soon her voice changed into whispers' "u r not Arman" she whispered and dig her head in his chest' somewhere she felt save'. Secure' light' free of tension' he hugged her tight'.

After few minutes silence he picked her up '. She still kept her head on his chest '. And closed her eyes for a while' he some how opened the door with difficulty and made her sit'. And locked the door'.

She looked up at the roof of car'. Tear flow down

And outside of the car ' Arman dialed a number'

"Hello Pa' can I get a leave' today'" pause' "Pa' Vo Riddima'" pause "thanks pa' For understanding' yea I m taking her home'"

He walked in the car'

"Who were u talking to'?" Riddima asked' still staring at the roof'

"Mental Hospital' I m gonna drop u their and then come back to work'" he chucked

"Hmm'" she did not him or glared at him' he frowned at her ' and started his car'

"Riddima '. This is my sister Pari' and Pari this is Riddima" Arman Introduced the girls'

"Hi Riddima' is this my dress?" Pari asked

"Yes'" Arman said' and mumbled sorry'

"Riddima u look really nice' I always look fat in pink'" Pari pulled her in the lounge while Arman followed them after closing the door'

"Arman told me' that" Riddima replied unconsciously'

"What?? Arman Bhaiya..?" she shouted and turned around' "HOW COULD YOU BHAIYA?" she shouted'.

"Why do u girls have to shout'? In my ear'" he replied ' placing his fingers in his ear'

While Riddima kept on looking at the rug' placed in the center of the room

Pari looked at her and then at him'. Totally confused'

"Why don't u make her comfortable here?" Arman Whispered in her ear'

"Okay' but u r gonna tell me 'every thing'" she pointed a finger'

"Yes yes' at night'" he again whispered'

While she nodded

"Hey 'Riddiz'" Pari called her' which made Riddima look up' "I can call u Riddiz na?"

"Yea'." She mumbled'

"Come I will show u my room'" Pari dragged her to her room'

"Your room is really beautiful'" Riddima said ' with a smile


'Mission accomplished Pari Malik '! U have made her smile'' Pari Thought

"Riddima why don't you see other two rooms until I pick my phone'" Pari said as she heard her cell phone ring

Riddima just nodded ' and walked up to see other room's'

She walked up to a room that was beside Pari's ' it was big' beautiful' and it had ' a center picture of Arman's Mom and his father' she smiled to see them cuddle in the picture ' she went out ' as she didn't like to roam in their parents rooms

She walked a bit far for third door'. As soon as she opened' a large stick falls on her feet'

"Oww'." She mumbled' and soon she realized it was a storage room' she placed the large stick back and closed the door

She walked further to see another door' she opened the door and peeped in to see if it is secure for her to go in and then with out looking any further she walked in '

"GOT U'.." Arman hold her from behind ' and span her round the room' "What did u thought' every time u will come in my room and take as much money u want'" he added

"Ahhhhhhhhhh'." Riddima shouted '. "Choroo' Mujha Arman'!" she shouted'

Arman at once left her'

"Riddima Tum yahan?" he asked still holding her from waist'

"GOD !! Arman' u scared me'" she said while taking hold of her breath

"Tum yahan??" he again asked her'

"I was checking out your house' and I '" her eyes fell on him'. He was wearing a white vest' white a dust color shorts that reached his knee'. She blushed '. She blushed hard and tried to turn away '. So he could wear something'. But she felt his hand still tucked up on her waist'

She looked up at him and saw him grinning ' she smelled his fragrance'. He had just taken a bath'. His wet hair' all messed up were looking too cute'. She felt like touching his cheek' touching those dimples'

"KYA Hua??" Pari barked in'. and they broke a part'. "Bolo naa' why the hell u shouted Riddima..?" she walked in

"Vo mai' mai vo'" Riddima tried to answer 'while Arman went to take a shirt from his cup board ' trying to avoid Riddima '

"Arman ' bolo na kya hua" Pari walked up to him

"kuch nai '. I thought its u' so I scared her ... and'"

"ohh' u thought I was peeping in your room'" Pari interrupted him

"Yes'!! And Madam' don't u dare take more money from my drawer'" Arman pointed a finger

"WHY??" Pari placed her hand on hips'

"What does Why means'?" he asked closing his buttons' and looking at Riddima from one eye'. Who was looking down at floor and playing with her fingers'

"Why shouldn't I take money from your drawer'? I m your sister' and I have the right to do that'" she placed her hand on her side' and glared up at him

"No u don't'" Arman said while walking out of the room'

"Yes I do'" Pari walked out behind him' dragging Riddima with her

 "No u don't" Arman turned his selves up to his elbow' and walked down from stairs'

"Yes I do'" Pari walked behind him' and her arm still tangled with Riddima'

"No u don't" he walked in the kitchen'

"Yes I do'" she walked with him in the kitchen'

"No 'u '.Ok '.yes u can'" Arman drank a glass of water'

"Yes I can??" she asked ' happily

"Yes u can' cook for me today'." Arman said while sitting on the stool'

"No I can't" Pari said Placing her hand on hips'

"yes u can!" Arman said' while drinking water'


"Shut UP.!!" Riddima Shouted'. While both of them looked at her


"Hadh ha' 15 minutes saye' no u don't '. Yes I do' no u can't yes u can 'ki rata laga rahki hai'. Mera kaan dhuka gaya'" Riddima said angrily and walked up to fridge and took out vegetables'

While the duo keep passing each other a stupid grin

Riddima copped the vegetable in few minutes and placed them in a basket and washed them thoroughly' and then divide the vegetable in three portions'

She boiled some rice and put them all in a pan with some oil and then one portion of vegetable in it' stirred it and then added some ingredients in it '. And once it smelled good she closed the gas and placed the pan on the counter

And then she made some noodles and mixed one portion of vegetable in it too' and some sauces in it'

 And in last she made sweet and sour' she cut down small pieces of chicken fried them in a mixture and them made a red sauce '. Mixed the chicken in it ' and the left over vegetables'.

Once it was ready she covered it and placed on empty stoves' and turned around to see to people looking at the food with big eyes'.

Their eyes were shining with hunger they soo wanted to jump out of the stools' and run with one of the bowls'.

Soon Riddima chucked at them

They were looking soo cute' that she couldn't help but smile'.

"bas karoo 'tum dono'" Riddima strictly said'.

"Mujha bhook lagi hai'" Parii said' cutely

"Mujhaa bii'" Arman said ' pouting his lips

"abhi seven hua hain' we will wait for uncle aunty'" she looked at the wall watch'

"But humaya abhii chaya Riddima'" Arman Walked up to stove and tried to open the hot bowl'. just to get a smack of a wood stick on his knuckles "Owwww Riddima'"

"Don't touch it Arman..!" she glared at him' and showed the wood stick to Pari' "Both of u out..!"

Pari jumped down and ran away'. While shouting

"Out Arman'.!" She walked up to him and motioned him to go out

"Riddima'  I m hungry 'please'" he walked back words'

"Wait for uncle aunty'." She said walking towards him

"Pleashhh" he made a puppy face'

"No Arman!" She glared and placed the wood on counter and pushed him by placing both her hand on his chest'

"Riddimaaaaaa'.!" he sang her name with a request voice'.

And she pushed him hard'. He was about to loose his balance when he placed his hand on her waist '.and pulled her closer'

She gasped'. And looked at him astonished' he moved a bit closer when she pushed him away and walked back to stove'

He walked up to her and leaned on to her' her back touched his chest '. She closed her eyes' feeling his arms crawl beneath her arms towards her stomach '. And then suddenly pulling her closer with a jerk'

"Arman'." She gasped placing her hands on counter for support ' feeling his fingers'on her abdomen'. Her breath increased as her cotton-silk suit moved up and down with his hand'

 "Hmmm" he let out a sigh' and moved his head in her thick jet black hair' and went in'. to search her neck in it'. He himself felt dizzy due to the fragrance of her body'

 For once she herself didn't knew how to push him away'. She was not the same Riddima' she was being tortured ' and she couldn't help herself' his touched made her weak'. She was letting out cries --moans every moment'. Every second ' Every minute'. But she can't move away ' she can't fight back' she felt weak' tired' exhausted' she needed 'what? She herself didn't knew'. But right now her brain has stopped working -- her heart beat was far too fast'.


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