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Part 32 : All for ur Love

They returned Mumbai next day and arman had a very good memory of there. he remembered how riddhima was happy there and everyone of that orphanage respected arman as their son-in law. He had Goosebumps when they called him ‘damad ji’ but he didn’t know when he would become their real damad ji ,when riddhima would accept him in her life..he didn’t know its answer but he was ready to wait for riddhima’s ‘yes’ till the end of his life. Coming back Mumbai,riddhima again kept ‘moun vrat’.everyone was trying to entertain her,to talk to her but she was in the same condition. Balvinder was trying to shift his business there as annaya wished to stay with riddhima as they afraid of leaving her at home alone.
One day dr. shshank came and asked riddhima to join her course again but riddhima refused totally. She didn’t want to go the same hospital where was sumit with her. Then dr. shshank talked to the management of that hospital and shifted riddhima in sanjivani and gave to the responsibility to sumit’s mom to make her agree. 

One day sumit’s mumma came there to meet riddhima and gave her a letter. Riddhima didn’t expect she would get more letter of sumit. she opened in with shivering hand and read…
“hi shona, kaisi ho? I know khub bhalo toh nahi,par thodi thik ho. Yaar,kitne din ho gaye tumse baatein kiye…arman,mera best friend kaisa hai? Aur mini? Usse milti ho ki nahi? I know ghar se baahar hi nahi nikalti hogi but this is wrong riddhima. Mujhe lagta hai tumhe ab hospital join kar lena chahiye,no..not in our should join in sanjivani. You know riddhima,mera ek sapna tha mai sanjivani me kaam karunga par ab mera wo sapna tumhe pura karna hoga.karogi na?
Ami tomake bhalobasi
Tumhara sumit
Riddhima mumbled in wet voice.. “haan sumit,mai tumhara sapna jarur pura karungi. Mai papa se baat karungi..mai tumhare sare sapne pura karungi sumit..”
She joined sanjivani and wished to take duty in ‘cancer ward’ but dr. kirti gave her duty in children ward saying that dr. atul and dr.anjali was handling cancer ward already so she would get her duty after some months.
Next day when she was leaving home for hospital,ananya kept a puja for her,put mangal tika on her forehead and wished : “beta,aapki nayi zindagi shuru ho rahi hai..aur mai janti hun aap apni duty bahut achchi tarah karenge.”
Sapna uttered pouting : “mujhe is mangal tika ki bahut jyada jarurat hai.”
Ananya asked smilingly : “kyon beta?”
Sapnna : “aajkal dr. kirti hath dhokar mere peeche padi hai..lagta hai mera murder karrne ka irada hai.”
Ananya : “shubh shubh bol beta.”
Arman teased : “waise dr. kirti thik karti know mumma,canteen me baithkar gappe maarti rahti hai aapki ladli,kuch kaam nahi karti hai wahan.”
Riddhima smiled hearing their ‘nok –jhonk’ .she always wished if she had a younger brother with whom she could talk like this. she heard sapna was saying : “ab toh aur maza aayega hospital mein,riddhima jo aa rahi hai mere sath.”
arman smiled understanding sapna was trying to make riddhima comfortable.
In hospital.arman’s friends welcomed riddhima warmly. Dr. kirti took her in children ward and said : “dr. riddhima,as you are new here so for some days you will handle this ward,after that we shifted you in general ward or emergency ward and after that other wards.hope you will like to treat the children. “
Riddhima nodded and came inside and heard mini’s yelling voice : “oh my god! I can’t believe! Riddhima!
She ran to her and hugged tightly and asked : “kem cho?”
Riddhima replied smilingly : “fine..aap kaisi hain?”
Mini uttered pouting : “not fine…
Riddhima gave her a question look. Mini gestured her to take her ears near her mouth. Riddhima bent,mini whispered : “mere boyfriend ke paas ab mere liye time hi nahi hai..nayi girlfriend mil gayi hai usey.”
Riddhima shocked hearing it. She looked at mini and uttered : “dr. arman aise nahin hain mini..”
Mini uttered waving hands : “tumhe kuch nahi pata riddhima..tum bahut bholi ho..aajkal mujhe bhav hi nahi deta dr. arman..
Just then they heard arman’s voice : “meli pyali pyali baby..ab rona band kijiye..promise mai aapko apki mumma ke paas le jaunga..”
Riddhima saw arman was holding a 1 year baby in his arm and trying to stop her cry but she was crying only saying…”mum…mumma..mum…
Mini uttered : “wo dekho riddhima..ab mera bf uska hi khyal rakhta hai,mujhse baat tak karne ki fursat nahi hai..”
Riddhima uttered slowly : “aisa nahi kahte mini,dekho kitni pyari hai,usey kya hua hai?”
She came to arman and asked slowly : “yeh itna ro kyon rahi hai?where is her mumma?”
Arman caressed baby’s cheek and uttered with a sigh : “her mumma had met an accident when she was going somewhere with her. She is in critical condition riddhima.thank god is bachchi ko kuch nahi hua.”
Riddhima felt sad .she asked slowly : “and her papa?”
Arman : “he is out of country..we informed him, kal tak pahunch jayega yahan.”
That baby forwarded her tiny arms to riddhima and yelled in cry : “mum..mum…
Riddhima took her in arm immediately and hugged her tightly. That baby stopped crying and clinged to riddhima. They heard mini’s voice : “haila!yeh toh chup ho gayi!”
Arman uttered in a relaxing tone : “thank god,3 din se sirf ro rahi hai,thik se kuch khati- piti bhi nahi hai.”
That baby uttered in cry : “duddhu..
Riddhima kissed her cheek and addressed arman : “isey bhukh lagi hai.”
Arman nodded and said to sister to bring milk. Riddhima made her drink milk and made her sleep in a cradle. Arman uttered : “I have to go for duty.”
Riddhima uttered : “don’t worry,mai baby ko sambhal lungi.”
Arman nodded and went from there. the whole day riddhima took the baby with her while doing her duty but at evening she was confused what to do with the baby,who didn’t want to leave her for a minute. She came in ICU to see her mom and felt very sad seeing her condition who was sleeping while surrounded by a lot of machines. she came to arman and requested if she could stay at hospital to take care of baby but arman suggested her,instead it she could take the baby at home.
Riddhima asked confusingly : “par main kaise le ja sakti hun isey?”
Arman : “kyon nahin le ja sakti? Iski mumma ki condition tumne dekhi hai na aur iske papa kal aayenge,toh yeh tumse itna ghul mil gayi hai to tum iska khyal ghar mein rakh sakti ho....sari raat roti rahegi yeh.”
Riddhima shievered hearing it and uttered hugging the baby : “nahi nahi,mai ise yahan akela nahi chod sakti.”
Arman uttered smilingly : “mai dr. shubhankar se permission le leta hun.”
Riddhima nodded .
Arman : “tum jakar car me baitho,mai bas 2 minute me aaya.”
Riddhima came out and sat in arman’s car while holding baby in arm. Baby started sucking her little finger and slept . riddhima caressed her hairs and prayed : “bhagwan,iski mummy ko kuch hone mat dena..mai janti hun mumma ki kami ..aap is pyari bachchi ki mumma ko mat cheenna isse.”
Just then she heard someone’s voice : “badi pyari aur khubsurat bachchi hai aapki…bilkul aapke jaisi .”
She jerked and looked and got a sister was standing there and smiling. Riddhima only smiled and covered the baby with her dupatta as cold wind was blowing.. She relaxed seeing that arman was coming with sapna. Sapna smiled and sat beside riddhima and uttered in an exciting tone : “you know riddhima,mujhe girls bahut pyari lagti hai.kitni khubsurat hai na?”
Riddhima nodded smilingly. Sapna uttered in an same tone : “bhai,chalo na mall se iske liye frock leni hai mujhe,aur kuch toys.”
Arman was about to say ‘no’ but smiled hearing riddhima’s voice : “iski dress bahut kharab ho gayi hai..kya hum iske liye kuch shopping kar sakte hain?”
Arman nodded and drove to mall.
They back home after shopping in mall. Sapna and riddhima bought dresses and toys for that baby girl and riddhima bought baby food also. She was looking happy. At night she slept while cuddling the baby . at morning when arman woke up,saw riddhima was not at room but baby was sleeping on the cot. Suddenly the baby got up and started crying while uttering…”mum..mumma..
Arman took her in arm and uttered wiping her tears : “aa rahi hai mumma..don’t cry..chup ho jao..”
He heard ananya’s voice from back : “kash aisa hota!”
Arman jerked hearing it. He uttered immediately : “ I am only trying to stop her mumma..i didn’t mean that..
Ananya uttered with a sigh smile : “janti hun arman…par sach kahun to is bachchi ko dekhkar aur riddhima jis tarah isey paakar khus hai..mere bhi kuch sapne jag uthe hain..par pata nahi kab riddhima tumhe accept karegi ya karegi bhi nahi..”
Arman smiled and uttered : “ab wo sab baat chodo aap aur isey sambhalo. I have to freshen up.”
Ananya understood arman didn’t want to drag that topic so she nodded and took baby in arm and uttered cuddling her : “chalo bachcha..aapki mum..mum ke paas.wo aapke liye milk prepare kar rahi hai.”
Arman freshened up and came in dining room for breakfast. Just then he got a call from dr. kirti… “dr. arman,us bachchi ko lekar hospital aana hai..her dad came and wanted to see her.”
Arman nodded and addressed to riddhima : “thoda jaldi jana hai,her dad came. He is restless to see his baby.”
Riddhima nodded but her face became sad while sapna uttered : “baby ke dad aa gaye? Mai to thik se khel bhi nahi payi iske sath.”
Ananya uttered : “sappu ,aisa nahi bolte.tu soch iske papa ki kya haalat ho rahi hogi..udhar wife ICU me,bachchi kahin or..ja jaldi kar beta,isey uske papa ke paas le ja…beechare ko apni bachchi ko paakar thodi tasalli milegi.”
Sapna nodded, kept her dresses and toys in a bag and uttered : “mai kahungi,humare taraf se gift aapki bachchi ko.”
As soon they came in dr. kirti’s cabin…a handsome guy,who was walking there restlessly and looking at the way ..ran to them and stretched his arms to the baby. Baby uttered…da..da…and jumped to that guy’s lap. He kissed her having tears in eyes and uttered : “meri gudiya..mera bachcha..aapne da ko bahut miss kiya na?”
Baby looked at him and uttered : “mum..mum…
He uttered in cry : “aapki mumma jaldi thik ho jayegi bachcha…”
She pointed to riddhima and uttered in her kiddish voice : “mumm…mumma..
Arman uttered : “sorry mr.patil.. I think dr. riddhima ko dekhkar usey mumma jaisi lagi isliye.. ..
Mr. patil uttered : “its ok dr..actually mujhe dr. kirti ne bataya ki kaise 3 din se meri bachchi roye ja rahi thi,kal inse milne ke baad chup hui hai. I am thankful to all of you jo meri bachchi ka itna khyal rakha aaplogon ne.”
Sapna uttered forwarding the bag to mr.patil : “yeh kuch saman humne aapki baby ke liye kharida tha kal,please rakh lijiye.”
Mr. patil uttered with a sigh smile : “can I request something to all of you? Kya jab tak meri wife thik nahi ho jati,aap isey apne paas rakh sakte hain?”
Arman and all looked at him surprisingly. Sapna uttered : “of course mr. patil,humey khushi hogi par aapke relatives..i mean iski grand father,grand mother honge na?”
Mr.patil replied slowly : “actually meri wife ke mumma papa ka death bachpan me hi ho gaya tha ,mere mom-dad hain,but I did love marriage,isliye wo humse koi rishta nahi rakhte.isliye agar aap log..please..
Riddhima uttered : “sure mr. patil. Waise aapki bachchi ka naam kya hai?”
Mr. patil caressed baby’s cheek and uttered : “pari…she is our pari..apni mumma aur apne dad ka.”
Sapna uttered : “wow! She looks like pari…and her name is also pari..
Mr.patil clinged to himself pari more and smiled sighly.
Riddhima : “don’t worry mr.patil..hum pari ko apne paas rakhenge,jab tak aapki wife thik nahi ho jati hai.”
Mr.patil nodded and gave pari to riddhima and uttered : “now I am relaxed..bas ab meri wife neha thik ho jaye.”
Dr. soubhik came and addressed to mr. patil : “sir,aapki wife ko hosh aa raha hai,you should stay there.”
Mr, patil nodded and went with him.
After that around 15 days pari was with riddhima and that days became the memorable days for riddhima.she forgot everything getting this beautiful doll. Everyday riddhima woke up early morning, made baby food and prepared milk for pari,made her bath and came in the hospital with pari ,left her for some time to her mom,who was recovering fast…and after her duty,she took pari at home..played with her and slept while clinging her. Arman noticed she forgot to write to sumit also. Arman was happy seeing the changing in riddhima but afraid thinking what will happen after going pari.
And that day came when pari’s mumma was discharged from hospital.they thanked riddhima for looking after pari. That day when riddhima back home after duty..she again became silent. She didn’t take dinner and came to her room and lied on the bed. but sleep was far away from her eyes as she was not able to forget pari.she got up,took out the album which was full of pari’s pic and started looking them. Arman came and got she was wiping tears while turning album’s pages.
Arman came to her and uttered slowly : “riddhima,humey khush hona chahiye ki us bachchi ko apni mumma wapas mil gayi..aur wo khush hain.”
Riddhima uttered in a wet voice : “i can’t forget her arman.”
Arman : “toh kya tum khush nahi ho ?”
Riddhima nodded and replied : “I am very happy ,pari is with her family,her mumma. Maine bhagwan ji se har din yahi pray kiya ki usey uski mumma mil jaye,wo thik ho jaye. I know the pain after losing mumma..bachpan me maine bhi mumma ko khoya hai aur unke liye zindagi bhar tadapti rahi.”
Ananya came there with a plate of food and uttered : “riddhima,mai kya aapki mumma nahi hun? Chalo kuch kha lo,empty stomach nahi sona chahiye.”
Ananya made her take bites.just then sapna came there and dumped on the coach with a sad face.
Arman looked at her and asked : “what happened?”
Sapna uttered in a teary voice : “missing pari.”
Ananya uttered smilingly : “ab tu bhi rona mat.riddhima waise bhi bahut dukhi hai..main dono ko nahi sambhal sakti.”
Arman uttered in a teasing tone : “mumma,agar sappu royi,toh iski shadi de denge,aur phir jaldi se humey ek pari mil jayegi..
But before he complete,sapna threw the pillow to him and yelled : “mujhe shadi nahi karni..maine kitni baar kaha hai..
Arman again uttered while catching the pillow : “toh kya zindagi bhar humare sir par nachna hai tujhe? Mai toh kab se wait kar raha hun,teri shadi dekar chutkara paun tujhse.”
Hearing it sapna got more angry and ran to kill him where arman ran to save his life. A sad smile crept on riddhima’s lips seeing their ‘Tom and Jerry’ game,while ananya uttered : “yeh dono kabhi bade nahin honge..pata nahi doctor kaise ban gaye dono..”
Some days passed.riddhima was trying to busy herself in hospital but everyone was tensed about her silent nature. She didn’t discuss about anything extra except her work. Ananya went delhi for some work and arman was very busy in a new project and sapna got night duty for a month. Now arman and riddhima were staying at home and arman felt uneasy so he shifted in next room . days were passing like this ..
But again an incident shook riddhima’s life . Her duty was changed and now she shifted in emergency ward .one day a girl was taken there who committed suicide because her fiancé was died in an accident. After some days her parents tried to tie her knot with another guy but that girl was not ready for it and burnt herself. Doctors were trying to save her life but after gaining consciousness she became violent and shouted while trying to hurt herself .. “meri zindagi mere amit ke bina kuch nahi hai,kyon bachaya mujhe..mai nahin ji sakti uske bina..kyon mujhe jeene ki saza mil rahi hai jo mujhe chahiye hi nahi..mujhe tum log chain se marne bhi nahi dete…..
Riddhima was standing near the window while staring at the dark sky and lost in those thoughts. She remembered that girl’s words : “ mai amit ke bina khush nahi reh sakti aur shadi ke baad us insaan ko bhi takleef nahi dena chahti..mai kabhi kisise dubara pyar nahi kar sakti..i can’t forget amit..i can’t ditch him..humne sath jine marne ki kasme khayi thi..
Riddhima took out sumit’s pic and mumbled : “yaad hai sumit,humne bhi sath jine marne ki kasme khayi thi.mai tumhare bina jine ki koshish kar rahi hun par mai janti hun mai nahi kar sakti. Yahan sabhi bahut achche hain sumit,ananya aunty,uncle,sapna ,arman…par mai janti hun mai unhen apna nahi paungi…mai shayad arman ko dhokha de rahi hun..usey koi hope nahi dena chahti..mai janti hun wah mujhe chahta hai par mai kaise samjhaun....mere sath sabko saza mil rahi hai..
She remembered about that girl who died today evening. After her death riddhima broke totally.she ran from there and hid herself in firescape to cry . after some time arman came there searching her and asked why she was sitting there but riddhima didn’t tell the truth only said,she got tired . they came back home and she shut herself in the room. Arman was very tired so he didn’t notice and went to sleep in his room.
Riddhima felt restless. She couln’t forget that girl.she tried to sleep but it was mid night and her sleep was far far away from her eyes because it was full of sumit’s memory. She got up and took out her diary and suddenly she was the date when she met with sumit and every year sumit was celebrated that day. how she could forget about it? was she forgetting sumit? forgetting her love..her life? No,she couldn’t. sumit did everything ,sacrificed his love to make riddhima happy but she was moving in life while started omitting his memory..she mumbled : “nahi sumit, mai galat kar rahi hun..maine tumhe dhokha diya aur arman ki life bhi barbaad kar rahi hun..mujhe is tarah jine ka koi haq nahi hai..mujhe tumhare paas jana hai sumit..aur arman bhi mujhse alag hokar bhul jayega mujhe..
She decided something…opened the drawer, where her medicines were kept. She took 10 tablets and gulped all with water and lied on the bed. she smiled and mumbled : “chain ki need chahiye mujhe,mai is tarah nahi ji sakti…”

I know friends,aapsab mujhe ab jute,chappal,sade hue ande,sade hue tamatar se marenge ,isliye apni safety ke liye precap deti hun…😁😁
Precap :
Arman broke in tears while uttered : “tum aisa kaise kar sakti ho riddhima?”
Riddhima uttered slowly : “sorry..
Arman uttered in teary voice : “you are very selfish riddhima..sumit ne apna death choose nahi kiya tha,usey jana pada..par jane se pahle usne tumhare barey me socha par tum…tumne ekbaar bhi nahi socha ki mai tumse kitna pyar karta hun..
Riddhima uttered in a shivering tone : “I can’t live without sumit..sorry arman..
Arman uttered angrily : “okay done! Toh mai bhi tumhare bina nahi ji sakta..jahan jaogi,mujhe bhi sath le chalo..agar tumhara pyar sachcha hai toh mera bhi jhutha nahi hai…
Love you all

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