Saturday, 9 March 2019

part 32 : Tumhare hum

There is one day left before
the wedding. Today I spend the
entire day surrounded by all these
older women, putting all this crap
all over me including haldi. It smells
so horrible! Oh, the things I have to
do for my parent's sake. I am forcing
Muskaan to sleep over tonight since
we are supposed to sneak out and
go clubbing. Muskaan had told
Rahul she was sleeping over, but
conveniently left out the part about

clubbing because I told her not to
tell. I really don't want Armaan
trying to track me down, so it works
out. Anyways, I already said
goodnight to both my parents, which
took longer than expected because
they had me crying a freaking river.
As soon as that is over, I eventually
head towards my room dreading
I walk into my room,
covered in haldi and what not. I
definitely can't go clubbing like this.
Muskaan laughs at my state and
hands me my towel. I tell Muskaan
to pick out something for me to wear
and rush into the bathroom to start
scrubbing to get this crap off along
with the weird smell. Finally, after
what seems like forever I come out
the bathroom wearing the black
dress with white ribbons. Muskaan
wears a teal and black dress.
Muskaan and I put on makeup and
style our hair straight, along with
adding some accessories. We shove a
bunch of pillows under the sheets to
make it seem like we are sleeping in
my bed. Then I peek out the door to
see if the coast is clear. It is around
12 in the morning, but then again
the wedding is tomorrow and it
didn't look like we could get out of
the house through the main door.
We both take the back staircase and
exit through the back door as quietly
as possible.
I am so glad to have made
it outside; we quickly jump in my
silver Aston Martin Vanquish and
drive towards the club. At a red
stoplight, Muskaan turns towards me
saying, "Excited about tomorrow?" I
turn my head slowly and look at her
like she has lost her mind. She
starts laughing, while I mimic her
laugh bitterly. She replies, "Just
joking, okay no more talking about
tomorrow and the "A" word." I wag
my finger in front of her saying,
"Better not! I just wanna have some
fun!" She nods and we soon reach
the club. We both walk in and head
over to get some refreshments. I am
just loving the atmosphere, the
darkness, the loud music, the
dancing, and the very good looking
guys here. I am having such a
strong urge to just sing out, so I do.
I start singing Aaj Ki Raat from Don-
The Chase Begins.
Muskaan just watches me having way
too much fun.
I am actually surprised she isn't
yanking me off stage,
but I guess it's because I'm actually
I grab a microphone from the DJ and
go on the stage.
Muskaan decides to join me as well.
Shaam Hai Jaam Hai Aur Hai Nasha
Tan Bhi Hai Mann Bhi Hai Pighla
Chhayi Hai Ranginiya Phir Bhi Hai
Kyun Dhadakta Hai Dil
Kyun Yeh Kehta Hai Dil
Deewanon Ko Ab Tak Nahi Hai Yeh
We start dancing on stage, looking
like we are
highly intoxicated. I take someones
champagne bottle and
pop the cork, sending it flying in
the air. We start moving our
bodies slowly and seductively,
catching the attention of some
hot looking men.
Aaj Ki Raat Khona Hai Kya Paana Hai
Khona Hai Kya
Aaj Ki Raat Khona Hai Kya Paana Hai
Khona Hai Kya
Muskaan and I start dancing wildly
on stage and then we
make our way into the crowd. We
start dancing
with the guys around us. I start
moving closer to the guy
I'm dancing with, who doesn't seem
to mind.
He twirls me into his arms and I look
over at Muskaan to see
her mouth drop open as she stands
Do Ghadi Mein Yahaan Jaane Kya Ho
Jo Hamesha Tha Mera Phir Mera Ho
Kaun Kiske Dil Mein Hai Faisala
Muskaan starts singing a bit
cautiously and
I look over to see who she is looking
at. I see Rahul and Armaan
standing at the entrance. Rahul's
face looks red
in anger and tightly balls his fists.
He then sighs as Muskaan looks at
him apologetically. Rahul comes and
spins Muskaan into his arms.
Faisala Hai Yahi Jeet Hogi Meri
Deewaanon Ab Tak Nahi Hai Yeh
I look at Armaan smirking as I sing. I
narrow my eyes and give him
a dirty look for following me here.
He chuckles to see to what
extremes I go to take my mind off
our wedding.
Aaj Ki Raat Khona Hai Kya Paana Hai
Khona Hai Kya
Aaj Ki Raat Khona Hai Kya Paana Hai
Khona Hai Kya
He walks towards me and pulls me
into his arms.
He starts singing in my ear as his
hands hold onto my hips.
I wiggle around in his arms trying to
get out, but it's useless.
He turns me so that my back presses
against his chest and
my hands are crossed. They are
currently in his possession.
He starts breathing down my neck as
he dances with me.
Aaon Main Tumse Kahu Baat Chupke
Rang Badlegi Pal Mein Raat Chupke
Rahul starts singing, after he finally
forgives Muskaan.
He shakes his head at her, seeing
how she changes into
this seductress at night in a club
like this. Muskaan slaps his arms
then rests her head against his
Tumko Le Jaaunga Phir Saath
Chhupke Se
Armaan sings as he holds onto my
hand tightly.
Honestly I'm not going anywhere any
time soon considering
I'm literally locked in his arms.
Jaaoge Tum Kahaan Dekho Main
Deewaanon Ab Tak Nahi Hai Yeh
I start singing bitterly, knowing that
he follows me around
everywhere I go. If I am this club
trying to have fun,
it's not possible for him not to come
and spoil it for me.
Aaj Ki Raat Khona Hai Kya Paana Hai
Khona Hai Kya
Aaj Ki Raat Khona Hai Kya Paana Hai
Khona Hai Kya
The song soon ends and Armaan and
Rahul drag us away
from all the noise and towards the
lounge area.
They both shove us in seats and
loom over us, trying to be
intimidating because of their height.
I fold my arms across my chest and
sit back saying to Armaan, "What?"
Armaan and Rahul both look at each
other and then back at us. Armaan
asks, "What are you two doing here?"
I retort, "We should be asking you
two that! What are you two doing
here? I don't remember sending you
two invitations? WERE YOU GUYS
FOLLOWING US?" Armaan chuckles,
"Yeah right sweetie I got better
things to do than tail you! It's a
club what do you think we are doing
here! You guys better get home or
Shashank Uncle is going to send out
a search party!" I groan, "Look we
took care of it, okay!" Rahul looks at
us weirdly and says, "Umm why are
you two fighting like wild hyenas,
aren't you guys getting married
tomorrow?" I mumble,
"unfortunately" under my breath. He
says dumbly, "What?" I look at
Muskaan, who jumps out of her seat
saying, "Hey let's go dance Rahul!"
He nods and takes her with him,
leaving Armaan and me alone.
Armaan sits in Muskaan's seat while
I simply say, "Did I ask you to sit
down?" He looks around the chair
and I give him a weird look asking,
"What the heck are you looking at
me for?" He smirks, "Huh, that's
strange I don't see your name
anywhere on this seat!" I get up, but
Armaan grabs hold of my hand and
pulls me onto his lap. I start
squirming in his tight hold, trying to
get up but it's no use. I grind my
teeth as I feel Armaan's head drop
on my shoulder as he holds me
closer. I start struggling to get his
head off my shoulder, and hear him
softly laugh against my skin. I feel
him kiss my neck whispering, "Just
relax." He continues to kiss the side
of my neck, and my struggling begins
to lessen. My breaths quicken in
response. I never liked the way he
makes me feel. He stops and looks
into my eyes with regret and
sadness. I feel so much sympathy,
looking into his eyes. That's when I
knew that no matter how much my
mind wants to hate him, my heart
and body would always betray me
when it comes to Armaan Mallik.

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