Saturday, 16 March 2019

part 37 : Tumhare hum

After the guests leave because of tonight's events, Naina Mom and Billy Papa come into the room to see how I am doing. Armaan is downstairs at the time, talking to the police because I'm just too shaken up to reaccount the whole story. They both come in and sit on the bed next to me. Billy Papa asks, "Beta you're okay right?" I nod and he continues, "I'll make sure that Prithvi rots in jail for trying to hurt my daughter." Naina Mom notices how I am zoning out because the chain of events keep replaying in my mind over and over again. Armaan soon enters the room and my eyes shift over to him. Armaan says, "I talked to the police, but they still need Riddhima's version. I managed to put it off until she is ready to talk." Billy Papa agrees and signals Armaan to come closer to me. He hesitantly comes because he gets no reaction from me. Naina Mom puts a hand on my shoulder saying, "Riddhima, we were going to give this to you in front of everyone at the reception and looking at your state, you really do need this." I look at her somewhat confused as she pulls out an envelope.

She hands it to me saying, "It's your honeymoon tickets to Switzerland." I look up at Armaan in even more shock. She continues, "I think you both just need to forget whatever happened tonight and just go enjoy yourselves. You two just got married and it would be a nice change." Armaan interrupts, "I don't think it's such a good idea. I mean whatever happened tonight really scared Riddhima. Also what about the fashion house…" I couldn't believe my ears because he was actually doing this for me. It would actually help me to get away, but he was doing this because we would be alone and that's not something I want. Well at least he became a considerate human being because of that horrendous lie he told me. Billy Papa brings me out of my thoughts as he says, "You two are going tomorrow night and that's final. I need my two kids to go out and have fun." Armaan nods and looks at me apologetically. I give him a half smile, which catches him off guard. It also catches me off guard because I'm suppose to hate him, but I just can't seem to at the moment. Everything is still too fresh for me to forget.

Soon Naina Mom and Billy Papa leave the bedroom. Armaan stands there unsure of what to do. I'm guessing he wanted to know how I was doing because it seemed like he wanted to say something. I just reply because I can't take his indecisiveness, "I'm okay Armaan." He breathes a sigh of relief and then turns around to head to the bathroom. I suddenly ask in an innocent tone, "He's not going to come back right?" Armaan turns around and comes to sit next to me on the bed. He says, "I promise I won't let him near you ever again. He won't come back, I'll make sure he stays in jail." Ignoring our past, I hug him and tremble with fear in his arms. He tenses up because he is still unsure of how to respond. He slowly brings his arms around me and in a soothing tone and asks, "You want to tell me what happened?" I sniff, "Umm okay I guess… After you finished the song I saw him. I didn't want to deal with him so I started to look for you, but I couldn't find you. He came up to me and said he wanted to talk. Then he dragged me to the study… He started asking me if I love him and when I said that I didn't, he got mad. He started saying he would kill you so that he could be with me… I got scared… Then you came in and I told you to go, but you didn't… why didn't you leave Armaan, why?" I pulled myself away from him arms and looked at him though my teary eyes. He simply said, "Because I love you Riddhima… I meant what I said in there… I'll never leave you… I'll always be there to protect you. I promise Riddhima, no one will ever harm you." I could still see him hurting because his own misery shone clearly in his eyes. I say apologetically, "Armaan…" He raises his hand to stop me, "Riddhima it's okay, I know you don't love me and probably never will. How can anyone love someone like me? It's enough for me to know that you're with me…" I smile sadly, feeling sorry for him.

I wipe my tears and he jokes, "So are we on speaking terms now?" I feel speechless at first and then explain, "Look Armaan, I can't forgive you for everything you've done, but after what happened with Prithvi… well let's just say you came through when I needed you and that's not something I can forget. I want to thank you for saving me…But as far as our relationship goes…To say that we are friends would be a lie, but I think it's safe to say I don't hate you anymore…unfortunately!" Armaan laughs, "Well I'll take what I can get… Umm so about the honeymoon…" My eyes grow wide as I remember that we have to leave tomorrow. I reply, "It's okay we can go, I think I can put up with you, but don't try anything or I won't be civil towards you anymore!" He says slowly, "I wouldn't dream of it." Soon we start packing up our belongings to leave for the honeymoon. Eventually we go to bed and decide to sleep in the next morning.

The next day we bid everyone farewell and make a trip down to visit my parents before leaving for the airport. When we enter the plane, my fear of flying starts to kick in. We get to our seats and I notice it is a window seat. I groan and start moving to sit by the window since Armaan is behind me. Then I feel a tug on my arm and Armaan says, "I'll sit by the window, you can sit in my seat." I look at him gratefully and then move to let him through. We finally get settled in and then the plane starts experiencing some turbulence. I grab onto Armaan's hand by accident, hoping that the plane stops rocking soon or else I would have a panic attack. Armaan just stares at my hand, which is covering his and then he looks back at me. As soon as the turbulence ends, I gave him a questioning look. He quickly looks away as I pull my hand back. After several hours of being trapped in this cylinder people like to call planes, we eventually land at Zurich Airport in Switzerland. I had woken up with my head on Armaan's shoulder just like last time we flew together. I avoid eye contact and quickly get my things to exit out the plane with Armaan following behind.

When we get outside, along with the freezing temperature we also find a car waiting for us. We quickly get inside the car and I start rubbing my arms to keep myself warm. Armaan looks over at me and hands me his jacket. I slowly take it and thank him while he simply nods. We soon arrive at our hotel and we make our way inside with our luggage. When we are at the reception, the lady gives us the key and says, "Enjoy your honeymoon suite!" I look towards Armaan embarrassed that Naina Mom and Billy Papa got us the honeymoon suite, but then again they do think we are on our honeymoon. We make our way inside and see the gorgeous suite. It is the most romantic site I had ever laid my eyes upon. I stop exploring as our reality dawns upon me. I remember that Armaan and I don't share that type of relationship. There is an awkward silence filling the air since we are both alone. In attempts to rid the awkwardness I ask,"Umm so do you know what there is to do around here?" Armaan says, "Umm I'm not really sure considering its cold. I think we should get you a coat first." At the thought of shopping, I get up immediately while Armaan looks at me weirdly, "Aren't you jetlagged?" I say embarrassed, "I was… but you mentioned shopping so… but you're right though I am kind of tired. We can go tomorrow." He nods, grabs a pillow, and throws it on the couch. Then he dumps himself on the sofa and falls straight to sleep. Staring at his face, I realize how innocent he looks while sleeping. If only he was this innocent when he is awake. I sigh and fall onto the bed feeling a bit guilty for having this huge bed all to myself, while he has that sofa.


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