Sunday, 17 March 2019

part 38 : Tumhare hum

After waking up and getting ready, Armaan and I head towards the mall. Being in the fashion industry, I loved shopping. I am taking my sweet time while trying on these clothes and Armaan gives me advice. The first couple of times he seemed enthusiastic about getting a chance to express his opinions. Now he just looks utterly bored as he stares into space. Looking at his bored expression makes me chuckle while he turns to glare at me. I start laughing hysterically and he starts to mumble under his breath. Eventually when my shopping spree ends, I walk to the car. I turn to see Armaan nearly tipping over all the bags I'm making him carry. It's not my fault he wanted to marry me so badly now is it? Husbands are made to do this stuff anyways, you know manual labor.

We drive in silence because both of us are exhausted. As we walk back to our hotel room, Armaan says hesitantly, "Riddhima…" I turn to look at him and reply, "Yeah Armaan." He asks slowly, "Do you want to go to a restaurant with me for dinner tonight?" I start to think it over and it seems innocent enough. I reply, "Yeah sure, BUT it's not a date!" Armaan laughs at my serious expressions, "Of course not sweetheart." I cock my eyebrow asking, "Did you just call me sweetheart? I'm not you're sweetheart Armaan!" He starts mumbling, "We'll see about that…" I turn to face him screaming, "WHAT?! Armaan do you want me to refuse to go to dinner with you?!" Armaan laughs, "Are you scared of being alone with me Riddhima?" I grind my teeth in a warning tone, "You know I hate it when you challenge me! Armaan why are you trying so hard to get on my nerves!" He grins, "It's fun." This is quickly followed by him saying, "Okay, okay I'm sorry I won't annoy you." I roll my eyes, "Like that's even possible. You're mere existence annoys me." He raises his eyebrow saying, "I can be worse, but for you're sake I'll refrain from bothering you. Happy?" I reply dully, "Very." I guess everything good always comes to an end. I knew it was too good to be true that Armaan could act like a normal human being from now on. I guess it is just too much to ask.

We quickly get ready to go out for dinner. With Armaan acting like his old bothersome self again, I didn't want to go to dinner with him. What if he does try something? He said he wouldn't, but is it right to trust him after all that's happened between us? I put these thoughts aside and decide to give him the benefit of the doubt. I pick out a silky red dress that I just bought today. It hugs my curves as if it is custom made for only me. My hair is down straight with little curls at the bottom. I turn around to see Armaan coming out the bathroom with his hair slightly damp from the shower he has just taken. He is wearing a black suit with a red silky shirt, the same shade as my dress. Others would probably say we looked perfect together… others would say so, but not I! He looks over me, making me feel a bit uncomfortable under his gaze. As soon as he notices my discomfort, he quickly looks away. Armaan coughs, "We should go." I half smile and get my jacket as we exit out our hotel room.

I stare out the window as we drive towards the restaurant. Armaan side glances at me a couple times before finally saying, "You look beautiful Riddhima." I look towards him and reply, "Thanks." He shouldn't have said that because now I'm second-guessing his motives towards tonight and me. I don't say anything more so he states, "Well…" I look at him strangely, "Well what?" His real intentions finally dawn on me, "Armaan! You wanted me to compliment you!" He nods like an innocent little boy, "Of course!" I fold my arms across my chest and sink into my seat replying, "Well keep waiting because you won't hear one from me." Armaan glances over at my face and laughs at my stubbornness.

We soon arrive at the restaurant and make our way inside. Armaan acts like a gentleman in front of all these people. I don't get why though, I mean it's not as if they know us and we won't se them again. Anyways I sit down as Armaan pulls out the chair for me and he sits across from me. I start looking around to see the beautiful chandelier and the elegant atmosphere around us. Normally I would be one to worry about eating at such an extravagant place, but since Armaan is paying the bill, I don't really mind. We sit there awkwardly waiting for the waiter to come and take our order. I look up to catch Armaan staring at me shamelessly. I kick him under the table, which brings him back to his senses. The waiter finally arrives and asks for our orders along with our choice of wine. I quickly decline considering I don't want to wake up next to Armaan the following morning. We eat in silence and when we finish Armaan asks me for a dance. I place my hand in his and whisper in his ear, "Don't try anything Mallik!" He smirks, "And if I do?" I warn, "Armaan!" He laughs, "I'm just joking." I follow him onto the dance floor and we stand in the middle with several other couples surrounding us. The smooth music seems to calm my nerves and makes me more relaxed in his arms. I look up to see him staring at my face so innocently. I gave him a small smile, which soon fades away as I feel Armaan's hand moving lower and lower. He has a small smirk playing upon his lips and that is my cue to push him away. Then I send a glare his way, turn on my heels, and quickly leave the restaurant with my coat.

I start realizing I may have overreacted, but I just don't know what to do with my anger. I see the snow inviting me to seek my revenge. A huge grin forms on my lips and I start to pack snow together to form a snowball. The target being Armaan Mallik. It takes him a while to come outside, which I'm guessing was because he has to pay the bill. I glare as he walks towards me trying to judge how angry I am now. In my mind, I am cackling like an evil witch. Before he can get closer, I hurl the snowball towards him. It smacks right against his face, taking him by surprise. Armaan looks so shocked; it is the funniest thing in the world. I bend over holding my stomach as I start laughing. I turn my head to look at Armaan, only to see him approaching me with a mischievous smile. I am almost frightened at the sight. I make a run for it, forgetting that I am currently wearing heels. Just as expected, I slip on the icy pavement. All I can hope at this point is that when I land my head doesn't crack open. Armaan makes a grab to save me, but instead we both end up falling onto a pile of snow with him on top of me.

As I opened my eyes, I find myself staring into Armaan's steely grey eyes amidst the darkened sky. Armaan brings his hand closer to my face and brushes away the hair, which is draped over my eyes. His face is too close for comfort and I can feel his breath kiss my cheek. He then dips low and presses his lips to mine, kissing me slowly and sweetly. This time is different because this time I know, I don't want this and no kiss would change my mind. He is trying to take advantage of the moment like I was dreading he would. I won't let him have the satisfaction of thinking he can get away with this so easily especially after I warned him against it.

I quickly push him aside and begin running away from Armaan while he slowly sits up realizing what just happened. As soon as he sees my retreating body, he calls out, "RIDDHIMA WAIT!" I start running away onto the road, while Armaan follows me yelling, "RIDDHIMA I'M SORRY! RIDDHIMA STOP!" I quickly get to the other side, while Armaan continues to call out my name from the middle of the road. I turn around angrily to tell him to go away, but instead I panic at the sight. I see a car quickly approaching Armaan from behind, while he is completely oblivious to everything except me. I scream, "ARMAAN MOVE!!" He squints in confusion at me and turns around to see the car approaching towards him. Before he can completely move out the way the car hits Armaan, casting him aside on the pavement. Tears fill my eyes as I scream loudly, "ARMAAN!!!"


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