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part 39 : Tumhare hum

The ambulance soon arrives to take Armaan to the hospital. I hold his hand in the ambulance as tears stream down my cheeks. I wipe my tears knowing that I have to think positively and be strong. Nothing is going to happen to him. He wouldn't leave me or else who would annoy me? I rub his hand as my vision starts to blur again. I can't act weak in front of him! I couldn't let him see me so vulnerable and so broken because of him and his fragile state. I close my eyes and pray to God to keep Armaan safe. We soon arrive at the hospital and they took him to the emergency room while I fill out paperwork. I feel so alone as I sit in the waiting room with no one for support.

A familiar looking doctor emerges from the emergency room asking, "Who brought in Armaan Mallik?" I quickly sprint towards the doctor saying, "I did, I'm his wife… Riddhima." He looks at me shocked and then says, "Hi Riddhima… I'm Dr. Armaan Malik." I look at him closely because that name seems vaguely familiar. OH! That's when it clicks. Now I remember, Armaan Malik was Armaan's good friend back when we were dating 8 years ago. After we broke up, I couldn't believe Armaan was friends with someone like Armaan because Armaan was such a sweet guy, at least from what I remember anyways. After Armaan broke up with me, he tried to make me feel better by comforting me. I smile through my tears at him, "It's good to see you again, Armaan. How's Armaan doing?" He smiled, "Let's go to my office."
I quietly follow him into the room, where he shuts the door and I sit down across from him. He folds his hands and says, "Don't worry Riddhima he is alright. He has a minor fracture on his right arm, he has a couple minor scratches on his forehead as well, and a sprained ankle. Time will heal all. Thankfully, the car only brushed past him and he didn't sustain any major injuries. Soon he will be as good as new." I impatiently ask, "Can I see him?" He replys, "Yes, but he isn't conscious yet. He will be awake in a few hours." I wipe my tears saying, "Thanks Armaan." He looked at me slowly replying, "It's the least I could do Riddhima… Please don't thank me." Just then a female doctor enters the room saying, "Armaan, Dr. Keerti is looking for you." Armaan has a worrisome expression on his face and replies, "Thanks Riddhima." He looks towards me saying, "I'll come to check on Armaan in a few hours. He's been shifted in room 225, you can go see him." I look at him gratefully before heading towards Armaan's room.

When I get to his room I regain composure in attempts to cover up the tears I shed. I slowly open the door and see Armaan's frail body lying on the hospital bed, looking so helpless. I make my way to sit next to him, waiting for him to open his eyes. The moment he would open his eyes I would start lecturing him about being so careless now if only he would just open his eyes. How could he walk in the middle of the street so obliviously? What the heck was he thinking? He acts like such a child sometimes. So careless, so irresponsible.

I decide to call our parents and tell them about Armaan's accident. When I call both my parents and his parents are shaken up at first, but after I assure them that he is all right, they finally relax. I come back in the room to see Armaan still hasn't woke up and it starts to worry me. I give his hand a tight squeeze and moments later feel him squeeze my hand in return. I see his eye flickering open and I dart out the room to get Armaan to check on Armaan. Soon Armaan enters the room while I stand watching outside the room from the window. Armaan emerges from the room minutes later assuring me he is perfectly normal and awake.

I slowly enter the room and see Armaan blankly staring out the window. As soon as I sit down, I ask, "How are you?" In a scratchy deep voice he replies, "I'm fine." I wipe my tears saying, "Good… now… HOW COULD YOU BE SO STUPID?! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! YOU COULD HAVE DIED! WE ARE IN FREAKING SWITZERLAND! WHAT WOULD I DO IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU?! HOW CAN YOU BE SO SELFISH?!" I start gasping for breathe and slowly look at Armaan, who looks frightened enough to wet himself. His eyes express his desire to run away, but his poor ankle is stopping him because he sprained it. I glare at him and wait for an answer, yet he avoids eye contact and his eyes search for an escape route. I get annoyed and exclaim, "WELL? AREN'T YOU GOING TO SAY SOMETHING?" He starts stuttering, "I-I'm s-sorry?" I huff, "Oh so is you're sorry going to heal you? Look at you, you're a mess!" He replies dully, "Thanks…" We both sit there in silence, which gives me time to calm down and sort out my anger.

Suddenly Armaan says, "Riddhima I'm sorry…" I narrow my eyes in curiousity and then reply, "It's okay just don't do it again!" He nods and then starts staring at the ceiling. Five seconds later he turns towards me and asks, "Wait what did you think I just apologized for?" I look at him oddly before replying, "For darting out into the street to stalk me!" He smacks his hand against his forehead and then yelps in pain. Before I can get to him, he says, "I'm okay... Riddhima that's not what I apologized for. I meant the kiss. I broke your trust…again. I'm really sorry Riddhima, it won't happen again." I sigh, "Let's not talk about it now and on top of that I'm still mad at you for acting like a moron!" Armaan then leans back against the bed and sighs.

I look out the window to see Armaan and Riddhima arguing right outside. I turn to Armaan saying, "I can't believe Armaan is a doctor here in Switzerland. God I haven't seen him since… we broke up." He follows my gaze to the window and softly replies, "Yeah… I haven't seen him for years either." I look at Armaan completely bewildered because Armaan and Armaan used to be inseparable back then. I guess everything changes with time. Armaan then enters the room and says, "Riddhima you look tired, go eat something. I'll stay with Armaan until then." I look back at Armaan and then at Armaan before leaving the room. It would give them some time to talk.

When I came back in the room, both of them stopp talking and turn their attention to me. I break the awkward silence and ask, "What were you guys talking about?" Armaan laughs oddly saying, "Nothing just catching up." I nod and then ask Armaan, "So when can Armaan get discharged?" Armaan replies, "We will have to keep him for about a week until he fully recovers." I nod and look over at Armaan to see him groaning. I guess he doesn't like being in a hospital much. I snort at his childish behavior and earn a glare from him. Just then Riddhima comes in the room saying, "Armaan… where is the file I asked for an hour ago?" Armaan holds his ears and says sweetly, "Oops sorry. I'll go get it now." Armaan gets up to leave the room smiling at Armaan and me and ends up bumping into Riddhima. They both start arguing while leaving the room. Those two are something else. I wonder how they get anything done around here, but I have to admit they make a very cute pair. I hope Armaan and Riddhima get together. I look back at Armaan and groan inwardly because fate keeps trying to bring us together.

Chapter 41

It's been a couple weeks so far and Armaan is finally getting discharged today. He has been getting on my last nerve as he tries to find ways to make me talk to him. I've decided to give him the silent treatment as a form of punishment for acting like an idiot and also for kissing me. I'm not sure which I'm more upset about, the stupidity or the kiss. As of now he is acting like a child and I have to force-feed him. Armaan says, "Riddhima please talk to me. This is crazy! You haven't talked to me in a week!" I put the spoon near is mouth and basically shove it in. He pouts, but quickly chews the nasty hospital food. I think the food itself is probably punishment enough, but the more the better. That ought to teach him not to act like a hormonal maniac.

Just then, Armaan enters the room and I quietly move around the room to give Armaan space. Armaan watches me move quietly and Armaan seems to notice the awkward silence in the room. I stand next to Armaan and ask him, "How is he doing?" Armaan takes off the stethoscope and responds, "He is in perfect condition." Armaan turns to Armaan saying, "So buddy ready to go home?" Armaan looks at me sadly and mumbles, "Sure." I realize Armaan is just upset I'm not talking to him. He probably thinks that I will distance myself further from him when we are back to the hotel. I'm not even sure myself how I plan to behave with Armaan after we leave the hospital. Armaan looks at Armaan strangely and then says, "I'll go get the discharge papers ready." I nod and watch Armaan leave the room. Armaan just stares at the ceiling and slowly mumbles, "You talk to Armaan…" Oh my God, Armaan is jealous! He is so immature at times. I shake my head and walk out the door to go fill out the paperwork. As I pass by the room, I look through the window to see Armaan still looking at the ceiling.

Armaan hands me the papers while I sit down. He sits next to me as I fill them out. Armaan turns to me and says, "Riddhima can I ask you something?" I nod and carry on filling out Armaan's information. He continues, "Is there a problem between you and Armaan?" My hand stops writing and I look at him slowly. He elaborates, "I've been noticing for the past week that there is so much tension between you two. It doesn't seem like a small petty fight either, but something more serious. Even though you two are physically in the same room, mentally it seems like you and Armaan are miles apart. Is everything okay with the two of you?" I look down and reply slowly, "Yeah Armaan we are fine."

Armaan places his hand on my shoulder and softly says, "Riddhima don't lie to me, if you don't want to tell me then that's fine. I know we aren't as close as we once were." I look at Armaan, whose eyes are begging me to tell him what's wrong. I sigh, "Armaan I just… I don't know. There are things from our past that I can't seem to forget." Armaan asks, "You mean when you two broke up?" I nod, "That and other things… I could never forgive him for the pain he caused me 8 years ago. He was my first love and… he betrayed me. I can't let that go no matter how hard I try. I came into his life to get revenge Armaan, but instead I was forced into this marriage. Even now that we are married, we don't share that type of relationship even though I know he has changed… I do care about him, but love… I don't know…" When I look up, I see him looking straight ahead and then he turns towards me. He nods and scratches his head saying, "Riddhima I need to talk to you about something so could you come by my place, today at 7. Don't tell Armaan, it's sort of private… I need your opinion about something." I look at him unsure and then nod, "Yeah sure." I then hand him the discharge papers and we walk back to Armaan's room.

Armaan says to Armaan, "Alright Armaan, you're finally all set to go. I know it took longer then expected though. Now while you two are still here in Switzerland, you guys have to visit my place for dinner alright, maybe sometime this week?" Armaan says, "Yeah of course..." Armaan says his good-byes and quickly leaves. Armaan then looks at me and I help him up. He softly mumbles, "Thanks…" We gradually walk out of the hospital. I help him into the passenger seat and then I drive towards our hotel. Armaan keeps staring out the window, while I glance at him a few times. It's so weird because it's almost like dj vu… well only because he is always glancing my way in the car.

We soon arrive and make our way inside. We don't say one word to each other on the way to our room. I slowly open the door and let Armaan walk in. I help Armaan to the bed and he comes hesitantly. I obviously couldn't let him sleep on that sofa. I pull the covers over him, while he continues to stare at me without blinking for a second. I turn to look at the clock to see it is 6:30 p.m. I remember that I had to meet Armaan, so I walk towards the door grabbing my purse. Armaan asks, "Where are you going?" I turn to Armaan saying, "I'll be back soon." I shut the door leaving Armaan in deep thought as I make my way to meet Armaan.


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