Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Part 4 : AR ff Nashaa

"Huh..?" she got up getting conscious and coughed loudly; as the water poured by RAhul over her head went in her nostrils "Arman can I talk to her..." Atul stepped in, he didn't like the idea of beating at all. "OK..." Arman flung back on his seat and pushed his seat away due to wheels in it.

"dheko Riddimaa, first tie up your hair. They all look messy" Atul spoke polite which made Arman and Rahul look at him with a amazement.

"Has he lost it?" Rahul whispered "I guess he remembers we are here dealing with a criminal, from Gupta family not an innocent girl" Arman whispered back. Atul gave Riddimaa few seconds to get back in herself. She knotted her hair in a bun and looked at Atul with fear.

"Good... I don't know if you are 'acting' or you really are 'speaking the truth'. But just tell me one thing...." Atul got up and brought a brown envelope from the table beside couch. Walking back to her – he sat beside her, as she sobbed with infinite hiccups.

"Tell me is this your father?" Atul pulled the pictures from the envelope. Riddima with trembling hand took the pictures and looked up at them with shock. Her father Shahank Gupta, with a cigar and a pistol. Her mouth opened up a bit.

"Yes... yes he Is my father Shahank Gupta." she mumbled changing pictures just to see him in total different attire.

Finally Atul pulled the photos and gave her some more"is she your mom...?" Atul gave her few more photos in which she stood in Shahanks arms in expensive Sari... Riddima's mouth hung down with shock. She slightly nodded as tears stream down. She looked up at other two, who stared at her as if judging her.

"You all are inspector?Police wala hou?" she asked staring at the two bad ones and then the once settled beside her

"Haan, nahi – we are 'Civil agents' That Arman Malik DCP, and we work under him. Your parents have almost eaten up half the country with the supply of the drug...he and 8 other gangs – we have got the assignment to tackle all 9 groups, that include your family … and your parents are the first target." Atul added.

"you must be Fuc*ing rich" Rahul added, spatting on floor.

"nahi, we don't even have food once in week." pause

"Yea that's why you were having a party last night, nahi? Now say that also you didn't knew." Arman spoke. Drinking a glass of wine, poured by Rahul.

Last night enlighten over her, she let out a sob – clutching her duppatta up to her mouth she cried "Last night, Rohail – my little brother.... it was... his birthday" pause "he turned 17" she cried. Bending her face low with shame.

A guilt pass by the three of them May be they were wrong... may be she was acting but THIS Is their Job to suspect every Living being..

"Riddimaa, I am sorry to spoil that important day of your life but now you are involved too much involved. We could leave you if you help us – getting hold of the real criminal?" Atul said to which Arman frowned.

"Wha..." Arman got up

"Arman, Atul is playing his old – baby game... comforting her in his lies..." Rahul stopped "Ohh... Great." Arman smiled

"May be my father is not the real Criminal... I mean he might be working for some one... some one might have pressurized him... is it possible? Will you leave my father if I help you get hold of the Real One" she asked with enthusiasm.

"But your father is the Criminal...." Atul added, frustrated with the act

"My father can't be the real one... because if he was why would he give us such a painful life, to his own Blood children... I ran from morning to night just get hold of money to pay Rohails college fee... ma works..." she was interrupted

"what does she do?" Rahul asked walking up to her

"Children day care...." She replied "how much she gets..?" Arman asked

"30 thousand per month..." Riddimaa replied, but stopped "ek minute, my maa told me, a parent doesn't give more than 2000 for a month... so calculably my mom should atleast take care of 15 children of 15 parents that means 15 different houses "each day"..." pause, Riddimaa fell back on couch

"kya hua... bolo..." Rahul urged her and Arman took his seat back in front of her by rolling his wheel seat up to her

"maa told me that she handles only 6 people and that to our neighbors in that her whole day goes by from 8 in morning till 8 at night.." she mumbled

"Bingo ….. so now do think your parents lies.?" Arman asked.

"but it could be something else too... may be they are forced by some else..." Riddimaa looked at Arman with hope in her eyes.

"Whatsoever, still you have to call your father – and tell him that he has to Meet Us at our decided place or we will kill you." seeing her protesting "if you and your father help us find the 'Real Criminal' I might help your Father" he added.

"Ok.. phone?." she asked.

"Hello? Papa... Haan mai theek hoon. Papa you have to meet the people, who have abduct me warna they will kill me... I don't know what they want papa... you just meet them – they will tell you the place. Rohail? Ok give him the phone..." she gave a pleading look to which Arman nod in a yes "Hello Rohail... Phela stop crying... and I am sorry that I missed your birthday – I will return soon then we all …. we 'both' will celebrate together. Mein? K-kuch Office k--ka kaam agaya... nahi mai jhoot nahi bol rahe... chalo Papa ko phone do..." after hearing her father holding the phone, she passed it to Arman and sobbed.Arman got up and told a place to her father.

"He be meeting at the decided place after 1 hour. We can't leave her alone." Arman announced, he notice her shedding tear but ignored.

"Not with you Atul... no... I am scared you might get smitten by her and let her free..." Arman saw Atul approaching

"Rahul?" Arman said as if asking her.

"Yea... kool. I am on!" Rahul looked at her with Grin...

"Not even a scratch on her, she might be innocent!" Arman's nostril fum

"Fine!" Rahul slummed back on couch feeling detached, as he had some other plans in mind.

"Rahul I am serious...!" Arman warned.

Riddimaa understood at looked at Rahul, who sat beside her with fear.

"Ok I swear on mom... tell her not to move a bone !" Rahul spoke firmly.

"Atul tie her again..." Arman sighed.

"Noo... I swear I won't do anything … don't tie me... my body already hurts..." she whinnied and moved back on couch hiding her hands in her lap.

The three looked at her and nodded.

"Thank you..." she mumbled and relaxed and kept on massaging her wrist. She hung her head back wards on couch with close eyes. "Oh Papa, I just hope you don't do all this..." she prayed.

Arman who had came up to her side to collect the pictures that were on side table. Looked at her face, which glowed with a fright and innocent. 'I hope so too' he thought, shuddering his shoulder – he moved away.

To be continued...


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