Wednesday, 20 March 2019

part 4 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

After six.. armaan drops shilpa at Hotel Ritz where she was currently working as a part time employee as a receptionist and a full time as a lead singer for same'


That whole night shilpa was unble to sleep.. she could hear the painful cries of armaan.. she had made up her mind.. its high time now.. He has to come out of it.. And I will get him out of it'
On the other hand armaan in his bedroom felt lost..
He had lost the will to go out, socialize, even to talk to friends'he felt all alone in this world he couldnt laugh the way he used to do like before. He left out a sigh and opened a case file to study'
And yet again.. he was able to grin'
It was the note that shilpa left him.. he took it in his hands and said "paagal"'
And continued with his work'.


Next day at work shilpa was under ridhimma..
They both were very professional in their approach to each other'
Shilpa wondered'how could she ever break his heart..
He is such a gem of a person' was god really unfair?? Did you even try to get back to him??
Shilpa was in a confused state of mind.. she dint know whether to be paranoid with ridhimma for her decision.. or respect her since she chose sid to whom she was already married to' she seemed to be lost'
Ridhimma noticed the constant gaze on her and turned to shilpa..
Ridhimma: doctor shilpa.. i hope your noting downing everything that I am saying here'
Shilpa: yes doctor ridhimma..


Shilpa: btw Dr. armaan.. u remember that basketball match that we had?
Armaan: yes I do.. wat about that?
Shilpa: don't you think it was a bit unfair.. coz u had to rush somewhere.. and the match remained incomplete???
Armaan : what???wat u trynna say?
Shilpa : well.. nothing much.. jus asking you for a re-match'
Armaan, a bit annoyed by this sudden gesture:'re-match ???ya rite..
Shilpa : hmmmm..well its ok.. I can understand..
Armaan :n wat is tat u can understand..?
Shilpa :..yehi ki..Dr.Armaan Mallik is scared'
Armaan: scared?wa?wat??m not scared'!!
shilpa: reli armaan? on one?? today.. at 8..after duty?
Armaan : k done'

Armaan turns around to go when shilpa calls back at him..

Shilpa: btw keep your tissue paper box ready..
Armaan: yes obviously.. u'll need it...should I gift wrap it? o jus give it to u like that?
Shilpa: we shall c'
Armaan turns and walks out of the locker room

Shilpa smiles to her self'step 1 complete.. get him involved in something interesting..!!!

At 8'

Armaan was all set to win'
Shilpa and ananya enters..

Ananya : kya armaan bhaiya, kyun di se haarna chahte ho?
Armaan : relli anu?
Ananya : ..hmmm'*nods*
Then starts the match..

Shilpa gives armaan a very tough competition'she knew that he had to win.. she also dint want him to know that she was loosing on purpose just to get his smile back..

Armaan was playing full on.. shilpa lost herself.. she was just looking at armaan continuously *noticed by anu, who screams*'half time..!!!!

The score was 3-2'

Armaan: well anu.. wat do have to say?
Anu: sirf 1 point na.. chill chill.. Don't fly to much'now go, I wanna tell di something'
Armaan moves away to drink water'
Anu: di'?!?!?!?!.. wats happening?? i know u are loosing on purpose, but di u have to loose the match..not yourself'

Shilpa blushes..and moves away..

Armaan looking at all this from a distance: *surprised* OMG.. did tat shilpa just blush??? I mean ya'she did blush..look at her cheeks all crimson..and her eyes.. uski nazrein jhookhi hui..
*he keeps staring at her'again noticed by anu.. who den calls him near her'*

Anu: oye hero.. meri di ko aise kyun dekh rahe the?
Armaan: wat? Who? me??? naaahhh'.
Anu: ya ya'jaanti hoon.. choti hoon iska matlab yeh nahi ki kuch nahi jaanti'sabh kuch samajh mein ata hai'
Armaan smiles..and screams'oye dhano..lets continue'

Annu: di'wat next..?
Shilpa after thinking'smiles..come lemme tell u'

Armaan as usual was working out in his garden'
Shilpa quietly goes and stand opposite him.. such that the only thing that was separating them was the fence and a few plants..

shilpa picks up the pipe and starts watering the plants'oops..!!!or should I say started watering armaan.. armaan annoyed looks at shilpa.. Who quickly takes out her cell phone and pretends to talk to someone'

Shilpa : array haan yaar..dont worry sabh kuch thik ho jaayega..
Armaan :ahem ahem'.shilpa?

Shilpa cuts the line and says'array armaan.. good morning *still watering him*..tum yahaan the? i din see you only'

Armaan : acha??!?!?!..ya rite.. and how will you c me?? u were talking on the phone? rite rite??
Shilpa: smiling'haan haan.. exactly.. how would I c u' *shilpa silently praying her plan works out*
Armaan: shilpa ki bachchi..jus wait'

He jumps above the fence grabs the pipe from her hands and runs behind her.. making her wet..

Hez foot gets entangled in the pipe below, and he trips'

He trips and falls on shilpa.. *music playing in the background* both of them get lost in each others eyes'*awwwww* he just keeps staring at her.. he had no clue why.. she seemed so serene so beautiful'

Just den'
Anu: yeh kya ho rahaa hai?
Shilpa and armaan quickly break away from the eyelock.. and stand up..

They both stand in front of anu with their heads bowed down..

Both were standing like guilty yet innocent kids..

Anu: wat was happening here?
Shilpa : who.. anu.. nothing.. wat was happening? wat was happening armaan?
Armaan : nothing..nothing anu'
Anu cuts him in-between': oh rite nothing was happening' di u know that m getting late for school rite? and both of u'll are playing catching?
*she walks around them as she says this.. hands crossed'she quietly picks up the pipe'and screams'without me???? She starts making them wet'
Armaan : badmaash..*smiling* and runs after her..
And they have a cute liltle moment'*just like a happy liltle family*

Arsh 444

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