Friday, 15 March 2019

part 4 : We Met -We Touched

"Hmmm" he let out a sigh' and moved his head in her hair' and went in to search her neck'.

 For once she herself didn't knew how to push him away'. She was not the same Riddima' she was being tortured ' and she couldn't help herself' his touched made her weak'. She was letting out cries --moans every moment'. Every second ' Every minute'. But she can't move away ' she can't fight back' she felt weak' tired' exhausted' she needed 'what? She herself didn't knew'. But right now her brain has stopped working -- her heart beat was far too fast'.

 "Armann'" she moaned his name' as she felt his breath on her neck'he dig his head further rubbed his nose on her neck'she gasped when her skin came in contact with his'

 His nostrils were leaving breaths on her neck' his fingers were doing his work too' he moved his lips near her nape' and kissed her lightly'. She cocked her head up' frowning in delight' he took hold of her skin'. Lightly' threw his teeth but soon left it'

Her frown deepened' he kept on kissing her nape' soon the wood stick fell and the door bell rang'

Arman turned and walked out'.


What the hell Arman?? What the hell were u doing?? What the hell?? How could you'? She must be thinking that I m using her' OH GOD! What did I do?? And why..? Mann..! Why do I screw up every thing' I have to apologize' yes I have too' shit man.!! I am such idiot' moron' I m sorry Riddima '. I really am..!


"Yea Dad'? Hii' how r u?" Arman walked up to his father and hugged him "Hi Mom'" he hugged her'

"Where's Pari?" Keerti asked'

"Ah'.She' hmm..." his parents frowned'  "She must in her room" Arman answered.

"Hmm call her'" Shubhankar said and walked in the lounge '. While Keerti went in the kitchen to cook'


What the hell Riddima?? What the hell were u doing? What the hell? How could you'? He must be thinking that his friends were right' I m using him '. OH GOD' What did I do'" and Why? Why do I have to screw up every thing'? I have to apologize' yes I have to' shit shit '! I am such a idiot' I am sorry Arman' I really am'

"Riddima??" Keerti' tapped her shoulder'

"Huh??" Riddima back to earth ' she turned around to see Arman's mom "oh Hi' aunty'" Riddima smiled nervously

"Why r u sweating '.? Is every thing ok?? And'" she looked at the dishes' "Did u cook ' up the food'"

"Oh'. I m fine'. No'I 'yes I mean ' I did cooking'" Riddima answered'

"Thank you beta ' I was tired'" Keerti hugged her' "Wasa' what have you cooked'"

"Aunty why don't u fresh up I will serve it'"

"Thanks Riddima'" Keerti said while going out of kitchen

"No problem aunty'" Riddima started pouring food in the dishes'


"Need help?" Arman peeped in the kitchen

"Huh?? Arman?" she looked at him ' and then started pouring in a glass dish

"Yea'.may I help?" he again asked'

"Hmm'." She said' he started filling water in the glass and took them out' "Arm'.." she tried to say but he was gone

She took the dishes out' and placed white plates'. Arman placed spoon's where ever it was necessary'

"OH ' hi Riddima'Right?"

"Oh hi Uncle ' yes I m Riddima'"she passed a smile'

"hi hi'. So u cooked the food'" Riddima slightly nodded

"PA'." Pari ran from stairs' and jumped on Shubhankar' while Arman took his seat'.

"How r u Bache'!"

"Great '. U know I have been selected as Captain at college'"

"Wow' that's great Bache'" Shubhankar patted her head' and signaled her to sit' while Riddima' went in the kitchen to take Rice'

"I heard my girl' has been selected as Captain is it true'" Keerti came in

"Yes mom 'yes yes'." Pari jiggled happily while Arman smiled at her happily

"Then ice creams treat' what say Pari'." Arman said

"OH Yes Bhaiya '. I love u'" Riddima came with rice dish in her hand' which Arman took from here hand

"bhata jaoo ..ab tum bi Riddima'"

"jee Aunty'"

They took off the plates from top too see delicious Chinese'

"Wow '.beta Chinese..!" Shubhankar said


"The food was best Riddima beta' thank you'"

"no need aunty' u have allowed me to live here for a while until I find a apartment' and that really nice of u ' and if I can cook for u then there is no need of thank you'"  Riddima said after taking a seat in the lounge where they all sat

"Riddima ' we are doing this because we want to this for you' and there is no need to do this ' u r like Pari to us'. You can sit and ask for food'. Like Arman and Pari do'" Keerti said'

"Than'." Riddima's eyes were watered

"No need beta'" pause "and yes' u can live here for your whole life'" Shubhankar stepped in the conv.

"Oh no uncle' that's really sweet of u ' but one of my friend Sapna ' has saw a apartment' for me ' I will go there after duty'to check it out" Riddima told

"Riddima' it's not necessary' Mom dad' kah raha hai na 'u can live here" Arman said '. And frowned' he didn't want her to go

"It is necessary Arman ' I have to start my life' with a new phase'" Arman got up and went upstairs' he didn't like it'

He knew she is right' but he didn't want it that way' why can't she just stay'

"Bhaiya my ice cream treat?" Pari barked in his room' while Riddima settled down stairs' in lounge thinking over things'

"Pari'. Its la'."

"No excuses bhai'. Pleashhh" she made cute face '.

"Ohhk'" he stood up and walked tiredly downstairs' to see Riddima Sitting on the couch 'with folded legs' and was so lost in her thoughts that their presence 'merely mattered'


"Pari' say Riddima to come along'" he whispered'

"Ohkay' RIddizz'" She shouted

"Huh???" she turned her head back to door'.

"Come we going out for ice cream treat'"

"No' no' u both carry on' I m tired'" Arman frowned and walked out angrily'

"U are coming and that's final'" Pari walked up to her and pulled her out

"Pari'.! Ok ok ' I m coming'" she wore her sandals' and walked out'. "Pari ' tum age bhatoo' I will sit at back seat'"

"Ok'" Pari jumped and sat in front seat' while Riddima settled on back seat


"Which one?" Arman asked'

"I want strawberry" Pari answered' Arman turned his head back side

"Chocolate'" she whispered.


"Riddima'?" he walked up to her' "What u doing here?" he came up at the terrace of his house'

"Oh' vo' I couldn't sleep'"

"Kyon' do Pari snore?" he chucked'

"Nahi' Bas'." She placed her hands on the railing' and looked at the silent roads'. "Arman'."

"Hmmm'" he stood beside her

"I m sorry'." He looked at her ' "I m sorry vo jou bi' kitchen 'ma '" she looked away'.

"I am sorry Riddima' I know I was wrong' u must be thinking ' I m using u' but I promise. ' I have no such intentions in my mind'. I just lost my self' I m sorry'" he took her hand' and made her look at him

"No I m sorry' Arman' u must be thinking Ur friends were right'. I m trying to use u' and all'" she sobbed'

"NO Riddima'. I can never think that' Riddima' I m sorry'" he bowed his head'

"Why r u saying sorry Arman'" Riddima made him look up'. "I am at fault' I should have stopped u'." she sobbed loud

"Ok '. It was neither of our faults' I think we were just carried away'" Pause' "Can we forget it?" she nodded' "Are u leaving because of all this'?" he asked genuinely'

"No'" she looked at him "Nahi' Arman' please samjhoo' ur friends' already think'."

"I don't care'" he interrupted and made her look at him

"But I do' my respect is much more important than anything'" he let out a sigh and turned around to leave'

"Arman?" she took hold of his hand' "Please'." He turned around with a smile and nodded'


"Let's go now' it's quite late ' and I don't think u r in a mood to get late' on your first day'." She nodded and walked down with him


"Oh God' Ur friends I tell u '. They stare me as if I have killed some one'" Riddima followed him' they had got a break time' and she was really hungry...

"Ha haaa'. They will be fine soon'. Just ignore there nasty comments' It's a request'" he turned back at her'. While she was taking of her coat

She nodded and went with him to caf...

"What do u want'?"

"Anything good'" she settled and he went to bring food'

 "Oh Hello Riddima Ji'" Anjali took a seat opposite to her'


"Hello" others passed a dry wish

"Hi'." She simply pray that Arman could come a bit early

"So how is your plan going'?" Anjali asked keeping her estatiscope on table'

"JI?" Riddima asked

"ohoo'. Tell her in Hindi yar'" Muskan said ' while turned a chair around' and sat on it

"ohkay'. Tumhara Plan kasa ja raha hai '.?" Anjali asked

"What plan?"

"ARee Arman ko phasana ka'." Atul interrupted

Riddima gulped "Listen '. It's not like that'. We r just friends' and he has just helped me out'."

"Ooooh' help u out... Hann?" Pause "u look a total player in it Riddima'"

"Anjali believe me' I m not what u r thinking'"

"Just shut up Riddima" Anjali Said while giving her a disgusting look ' while riddima's eyes got moist' due to hatred she saw in their eye'.

"Hey Guys'" Arman settled a plate in front of Riddima and one for himself'. Riddima looked down hiding her eyes from Arman'

"Hey'"  Anjali Rahul and Atul wished him "Hey Hero'" Muskan said


"SO' what were u guys talking?" Arman asked as he saw Riddima' who had dug her head in her plate'

"Nothing'. We thought that its Riddima's First day'. So why not do some ragging with her'" Arman frowned

"Anji' we are not going to do any sort of ragging with her" Arman strictly said'

"Ahan Why?" Anjali Asked

"Because I am saying'" Arman said angrily

"I don't care what u say'"


"Oaee Chup KAr'" Muskan interrupted him

"Haan tou Riddima ready?" Anjali asked'

Atul took a gulp' while Rahul opened a newspaper and read bollywood news...

"No'" Riddima whispered'

"Sorry'?" Anji' said '

"No ' I have got duty call '.bye Arman'" she took her lab coat and walked out

Leaving everyone astonish and Arman laughed out loud at all of them


"Ufff the locker is soo small" Riddima talked to her self'

"Oh ' tou madam ko Locker saye bhi Problem hai'Ab" Muskan walked in'.

"haan bhai' !! baat tou asa kar rahii hain jasa pata nai kahin ki princess hou'" Anjali said

Riddima walked in the dressing room '.

'pata nai problem kya hai ina kii'?' Riddima thought' she placed her duppatta on side and washed her face' she placed some soap on her face and hand' she placed her hand in front of basin for water but

Soon the water was closed' she turned the nuts' but there was not even a drop of water!! She felt the burn of soap in her eyes'

"Hello??" "Anjali'. Muskan?" Pause'" hello' yahan pani kahatam hogaya hai' koi hai'?" she shouted ' she moved her hand to wards the towel where she kept her dupptta '.

But there was no soap and no towel'.

Tear peeped out from her eyes' due to burn'

Soon she heard the voice of some man'

She felt helpless'. She tired to open her eyes' and soon she felt the soap in her eyes'

"ahhhh" she wined in pain

"Hey guys ' some where is in side'" One of the guys said '. And moved the curtains' to see Riddima standing with out duppatta' and trying to remove soap from her eyes'.

He sucked his lips' and signaled his two friends to look

"Kon hai'?" she asked' nervously'..

"Hmmm do u need any help'" a guy walked in'

"JI?? App kon'??" Riddima asked' when she felt a guy holding her arm' "Choro' yeh kya batameezi hai'"

"Young lady we are hear to help you'." Other guy said '. And chucked

The guys had came from other branch of sanjeevani for a check over'

The one who was holding her arm' went down and touched her waist'.

"Chooro' yea kya kar raha'hoo'" she shouted'. While the guy ignored her request and soon he went to the thread that was tied on the left side on her chest' she felt another guy holding her hands'.

She kept on requesting them'.  But soon her first thread was open '

She gasped and cried loud'.



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