Thursday, 21 March 2019

part 42 : Tumhare hum

I finally make it back to the hotel and approach our room while still lost in my own thoughts. I am just about to knock on the door, but stop due to Armaan's voice, "HOW CAN I LOVE SOMEONE SO MUCH? I COULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU… ANYTHING… WHY CAN'T YOU SEE HOW MUCH I NEED YOU… HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU…" I slowly turn the knob and stand there frozen seeing Armaan's face buried in his hands, as he weeps, "Why don't you love me Riddhima, why?" Tears fill my eyes as I see him so vulnerable. I gently whisper, "Armaan…." He slowly wipes his tears and stares at the burning flames. I slowly approach him and kneel before him. I gently take hold of his hands, while he stares at me intently. I press his hand against my cheek and cry, "Armaan I'm sorry… I never tried to understand you. Why didn't you ever tell me that you broke up with me for Armaan?"

Armaan abruptly stands up and walks towards the fireplace. He rests his hand on the mantel as he says, "Riddhima I don't know what you're talking about…" I swiftly get up and walk over to him. I stand before him and look him dead in the eye while I say, "YES YOU DO! You know exactly what I'm talking about. Armaan don't lie to me… Armaan told me everything… please Armaan please forgive me, I'm really sorry… I'm sorry for wanting my sweet revenge. I somehow thought it would give me happiness, but it didn't… I caused you so much pain and gave you nothing, but heartache and… It was never your fault." I throw my arms around his waist, pressing my face against his chest, and whispering, "Armaan how can you love me after all the things I've done?" He wraps his arms around me and places his chin on top of my head as he whispers, "Riddhima I'll always love you…" I scrunch his shirt in my hand as I cry, "I'm so sorry Armaan… I'm so sorry." Armaan pulls apart and places a finger to my lips, "Shhh… don't say sorry Riddhima… it was in our destiny… Riddhima… will you ever be able to forgive me?" I look into his passionate eyes, full of hope and desire.

I slowly glide my hand up his chest, pulling him into a passionate kiss. His lips hover over mine strategically as my lips graze over his, slowly and sweetly as if living this moment to the fullest. I pull away from Armaan shyly, but he grabs hold of my hand. I unwillingly turn towards him to meet his intense grey eyes begging for acceptance. In that moment, I somehow drown in the passion that his eyes express. It is in this moment that I realize I really do love him. I let myself fall victim to those steely grey eyes of his. I softly whisper, "I love you Armaan." His smiles lights up the entire room and my entire world. Tears form in his eyes as he laughs happily. I kiss his tears away before they can fall and then turn away feeling a bit shy.

He urgently pulls me so that my petite body crashes into his muscular frame. My hair, which is still damp from the rain, smacks against his neck and causes the water droplets to slide down his bronze chest. He brushes my hair away from my face and lowers himself to capture my lips between his. I sigh as I feel his lips moving over my own, giving me immense pleasure and in return showing my approval. I feel so complete, so loved. I have nothing to holding me back from enjoying this moment. I smile into the kiss as I realize that our life together will change… for the better.

His hand starts playing with the fabric of my coat and he quickly tosses it to one side. He breaks away from the kiss breathlessly and gasps as he sees my damp pink dress clinging to my body, which leaves nothing to imagination. His eyes express mischief as they trail down my body. I blush seeing his heated stare and push him away shyly. I dart across the room with a playful smile across my lips. While darting, Armaan makes a grab at my boot causing me to fall onto the bed with a thump. A smirk crosses his face as he looks at my helpless state. I complain, "That's not fair Armaan." He replies in a deep seductive voice, "Everything is fair in love and war."

He turns his attention back to my black leather boots. He slowly unzips both and tosses them aside. Shivers run down my spine as Armaan's hand caresses my smooth legs. He trails soft and seductive kisses up my leg, while I moan helplessly. He slowly brings himself above me and grins at my restless state as I whither underneath him. After the distance becomes unbearable, I moan, "Armaan please…" He smirks again causing me to roll my eyes. I grab at his collar, yanking him towards me. He falls over me, making my heart pound a million times faster.

My eyes linger at his exposed skin from his halfway-unbuttoned shirt. I quickly maneuver myself on top of him and trail kisses down his chest while hastily undoing each button. His hand travels down my back, slowly unzipping my dress as I lay on top of him. With a tug from his hand, he whips the dress off my body and tosses it aside with the other articles of clothing thrown frivolously around the room.

He rolls me so I lay directly underneath him. His naughty eyes roam over my body, while his hands trace patterns on my bare stomach. His hot breath kisses my skin and I laugh, "Armaan you're drunk this time too aren't you?" Armaan grins, "Maybe… but don't worry I'll never forget this night." He nuzzles into the side of my neck as I peel the shirt off his back, exposing his perfectly sculptured chest. I run my hands over his body and see his eyes glaze over with searing desire. He huskily whispers in my ear, "I love you Riddhima…" and I surrender myself completely to the man with the steely grey eyes, who has stolen my heart and is the love of my life.


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