Saturday, 23 March 2019

part 44 : Tumhare hum

Soon enough Armaan and I find ourselves on a flight back home. The honeymoon is over, but neither of us would be able to forget it because it marks the real start of our life together. Yesterday, we did end up having dinner at Armaan's house because in someway we were both eternally grateful to him for helping me see Armaan for who he truly is, a good person.

Armaan tightens his hold on me and I continue to find comfort by hiding in Armaan's chest. I really hate turbulence! Armaan continues to whisper comforting and reassuring words into my ear. You gotta love him! I am really excited about going home and so close my eyes to let those happy thoughts consume me. Suddenly Prithvi's face flashes before my eyes and they fly open. Fear takes over me and I shiver against Armaan. He must have felt it because he tilts my chin up and asks,
"Riddhima what's wrong?" I stutter, "I- I just realized that P-Prithvi is…" Armaan looks at me worried, "Riddhima sweetheart, he's in prison and he is going to stay there alright! And even if he does get out, there is a hospital bed with his name on it just waiting for him. You don't have to worry Riddhima, I'm here." I worriedly say, "But what if he…" Armaan silences me by pressing a finger to my lips and simply asks, "Do you trust me?" I think about it and slowly nod my head while he hugs me saying, "Then just know that nothing bad can ever happen to you as long as I'm around to take care of you." I look into his eyes one last time before falling into a deep sleep as I practically sit in his lap with his arms wrapped tightly around me.

Armaan and I walk into the Mallik House with big smiles on our faces. Billy Papa and Naina Mom nod in each other's direction as they realize they made the right decision by sending us on our honeymoon. I couldn't agree more. I feel so much better about our relationship now that everything is out in the open. Arohi stands next to me and starts nudging me for information. I blush and downcast my eyes. Arohi says, "Armaan what did you do to Riddhima? Look at the way she is blushing!" Everyone turns their attention to me and the blush begins to redden. I slowly glance up at Armaan to see him staring at me blatantly.

I quickly run upstairs not being able to handle everyone's gaze and then I grab the phone to call up Muskaan. I pounce on the bed and wait for Muskaan as she comes on the line saying, "Riddhima is that you?" I scream, "MUSKAAN!! I haven't heard your voice in days! I missed you so much! We have to meet up! I have so much to tell you about Armaan and me!" Muskaan laughs, "Whoa slow down there Riddhima, you sound almost like you're in love…" I blush and remain silent until I hear her scream on the other line, "OH MY GOD! WHEN?! WHERE?! HOW?!" I laugh, "I'll tell you everything, but we have to meet! I'm dying to see you!"

Just then, Armaan enters the room and sees me excitedly talking to Muskaan. He shakes his head and laughs saying, "Riddhima, why don't you tell Muskaan and Rahul to meet us at the club and then you can talk to Muskaan as long as you want!" I excitedly scream, "Muskaan! Armaan is asking if you and Rahul can meet us at the club tonight?" She says, "Hold on I'll ask Rahul…" Armaan sits on the bed next to me and asks, "What did she say?" I quickly reply, "She's asking Rahul!" He laughs, "Cool! You know you look cute when you're excited!" I kiss his cheek replying, "Thanks gorgeous!" Muskaan soon comes back on the line and confirms our plans to go clubbing. After Armaan sorts out the details with Rahul we both lazily lay around in bed staring at the ceiling.

I suddenly ask, "So Armaan, what's your fascination with ceilings?" He cocks an eyebrow and says, "Well you know I try and compare your paleness to the ceiling and you always seem to win" I sit up in bed with my hands on my hips as I lean over Armaan in an intimidating manner. I grind my teeth, "What did you say Mallik? I look PALE to you?!" Armaan looks the least bit affected and pulls me on top of him saying, "I'm just kidding sweetheart! You know you look cute when you're angry too." I roll my eyes and then feel him kiss my cheek softly. My anger starts to vanish at his cute gesture. I really don't know why I can't stay mad at him anymore. Maybe it's because I keep finding every little thing he does so endearing.

I suddenly ask him, "Hey Armaan, I think you should ask bhaiya and bhabhi to come to the club with us." He places a hand on his chin as if he is pondering and says, "You know what I think you're right! They do need to get out more and have fun! I'll go ask!" Armaan walks out to persuade Arjun, while I pick out a nice dress to wear. I quickly take a shower and wear a royal blue and black dress while Armaan takes a shower. I start applying makeup and fixing my hair.

I hear a whistle from behind and find Armaan leaning against the bathroom doorway looking me up and down. I grin finding him only wearing a towel and his hair still wet from his shower. He hides his smile and walks over to the bed to grab his clothes that I had neatly laid out… YES, I LAY OUT HIS CLOTHES NOW! I walk over to him in a provocative manner and see him backing up against the wall with my every step. He starts getting worried and drops the clothes back on the bed saying, "Riddhima stop coming closer…" I raise my eyebrow and seductively ask, "Why would I want to do a thing like that Armaan?" I stand before him running my hand over his damp chest as he stands there trying to control himself. He mumbles, "Riddhima your killing me here… if you keep doing that then… then you'll have to suffer the consequences… and we will be late!" I shove his clothes in his hands laughing, "Go get dressed Armaan!" He hangs his head low mumbling, "That was really cheap Riddhima." I start laughing at how quickly he gets affected by my behavior.

Armaan wears the black suit with the black shirt I laid out for him and he doesn't look too happy. He looks really hot when he is angry, his eyes express their fiery passion that could make girl's heart melt… including mine. He goes downstairs without me, but then again he is mad at me so I had this coming. I sigh and follow him down and as soon as Arjun and Arohi come, we all leave.

Armaan and Arjun take their own cars because I'm guessing Arjun wanted some alone time. In the car, Armaan keeps staring ahead and doesn't even side glance at me once. It starts upsetting me that he isn't paying attention so I start hiking up my dress little by little, but he says nothing! I give up and look out the window to see some perverts eyeing me and grinning. I feel ready to throw up and suddenly feel Armaan yank my dress down. He looks royally pissed off now! Great job Riddhima! Why don't we have tinted windows! I hold my ears apologetically saying, "Sorry Armaan…" He mumbles, "Whatever." I start frowning because he seems really mad at me. I thought he was only playing around, but I guess not. We walk into the club to hear the sounds of Ride It by Jay Sean.

Armaan and I are engulfed by the darkness around us.

Armaan starts looking around as he leans against

the counter of the bar.

Let me feel you

It's been about a month and twenty days...

And were going round and round playing silly games...

Now your saying, slow it down, not right now...

Then you wink at me and walk away…

Some girl starts staring at Armaan from the dance floor

and I give him an annoyed look.

He smirks seeing me jealous, winks at me,

And then leaves to dance with the girl.

Now, let it be, let it be, let it be known...

Oh no, don't go...

Touching and teasing me, telling me no...

But this time I need to feel you...

My mouth hangs wide open as I watch him leave.

I quickly close it and look away

as if I don't have a care in the world.

Armaan starts dancing with the girl way too closely and

continues to stare at me with a smirk on his face.

(Ride it) were all alone...

(Ride it) just loose control...

(Ride it, ride it) touch my soul...

(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you...

Right then Muskaan, Rahul, Arjun, and Arohi walk over to me.

I give them hugs, while they start asking about Armaan.

I roll my eyes saying, "Oh he's around here somewhere…"

(Ride it) turn the lights down low...

(Ride it) from head to toe...

(Ride it, ride it) touch my soul...

(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you...

Rahul turns around spotting Armaan and says, "Uhh Riddhima…"

I sigh, "Yeah I know Rahul."

He says, "Why aren't you doing anything?"

I ask, "You think I should?"

Muskaan and Rahul both nod impatiently.

We were at the club on Saturday

You're acting like a diva saying you don't wanna play

It's gotta be a feisty style

Raise that brow

I love it when you look at me that way

I look back at Armaan to see him giving me a challenging look.

He always has to complicate things.

He gets even closer to the girl, but it is only to get a rise out of me.

I raise my eyebrow and he grins.

Now when you order mojito at the bar

Reapply your lip because it came off from the glass

The DJ played your favorite song… turn me on

Now you're back at me asking me to dance

I take the shot from Rahul's hand and drink it down.

I hand him back the empty glass and

make my way onto the dance floor.

I practically snatch Armaan away from that girl,

who now stands there totally clueless.


Pulling me, pulling me, pulling me close

Then you close your eyes (baby close your eyes)

Kissing and telling me we got to go

Won't you take me home I wanna…ride it

I pull him into a deep and passionate kiss expressing

my pent up aggression and desire.

I pull away leaving Armaan breathless and disoriented.

(Ride it) we're all alone...

(Ride it) just loose control...

(Ride it, ride it) come touch my soul...

(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you...

After Armaan regains composure he smirks and

I roll my eyes saying, "Don't be so cocky…"

He laughs and kisses me gently on the lips to make up for it.

He rubs his thumb over my bottom lip as

he whispers softly, "I'm sorry." I can't help, but smile.

(Ride it) turn the lights down low...

(Ride it) from head to toe...

(Ride it, ride it) come touch my soul...

(Ride it, ride it) let me feel you...

I wrap my arms around Armaan's neck,

bringing our bodies as close as possible.

Armaan's hands trace patterns on my hip as

he stares deeply into my eyes while

we sway to the rhythm of the music.

We eventually pry ourselves away from the dance floor and find Arjun, Arohi, Muskaan, and Rahul back from dancing as well. We walk over to them and Arohi pulls Armaans ear exclaiming, "Armaan what were you doing with that girl?" Armaan wails, "Oww bhabhi! Come on she has a name, I mean you know Riddhima…" Arohi warns, "Armaan!" Armaan looks at me for help and I just fold my arms across my chest and tap my feet expectantly. He sighs, "Oww okay, okay I'm sorry. I was just messing with Riddhima to get even. It's only fair…bhai tell bhabhi to let go!" Arjun and I laugh as Arohi finally let go of his ear. Armaan sends a glare my way for laughing at him. Everyone starts chuckling and Armaan comes behind me to whisper secretively, "I'll get you back for that!" I smirk, "Then I hope you get used to sleeping on that lumpy couch for a long long time." Armaan gulps and says, "Well played Riddhima and point taken!" We both start grinning and Armaan slings his arm around my neck.

Arjun pulls Arohi back on the dance floor, leaving only the four of us left. Muskaan says, "Riddhima can I talk to you for a second?" I nod and we go to the side so she can fish out the details of what caused the night and day in Armaan and my relationship. I explain everything and she is shocked to learn that Armaan is innocent. She gives me a hug saying, "Riddhima I'm really happy for you! I didn't want to say it before because you hated his guts and all, but you two make a good pair! Armaan really is a good guy and I know he will keep you happy! Despite everything, you're really lucky to have Armaan in your life Riddhima!" I look back at Armaan to see him laughing with Rahul and then catches me look his way. I notice that he is staring at me so longingly as if these few moments of separation are too difficult for him to bear. I stare back at Armaan and reply to Muskaan, "Yeah, I am lucky."


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