Sunday, 24 March 2019

part 45 : Tumhare hum

I wake up the next morning because of that persistent alarm clock of mine. I roll on the bed and whack the snooze button. Armaan groans as he feels the absence of my warm body next to him. He quickly traps me underneath him and starts falling back to sleep. I start squirming and pushing Armaan saying, "Armaan get up! We have to go to work today! Armaan let me go!" He stirs in his sleep again and moans, "Riddhima just go back to sleep… We don't have work today…" I pout helplessly and then with all my strength, I manage to loosen his grip long enough for me to escape. I run into the shower while hearing Armaan tossing and turning along with mumbling, "Riddhima come back…"

I come out of the shower wearing a towel and feel refreshed. I finally feel ready enough to start this day. Then my eyes fall upon Armaan's limp body tangled in between the bed sheets. I shake my head and make my way towards him. I sit next to him and nudge him gently while sweetly saying, "Armaan honey we have work today, now stop being lazy and please get ready." Water droplets fall from my wet hair onto his face. His eyes slowly open and he stares at me in awe. I glance at my appearance and suddenly realize I am in nothing, but a towel. I try to make a run for it in efforts to be on time on our first day back to work, but alas, Armaan is always one step ahead. He pulls me onto the bed and looms over me with an amused look. He says, "Oh Riddhima you should know better then to sit next to me in a towel…" I mumble, "Yeah I thought I had more sense than that too…" He starts playing with my hair and I whine, "Armaan please, go get ready now that you're wide awake already. I don't want to be late to work today." His finger runs down my cheek as he whispers, "What do I get out of it?" I raise my eyebrow, "Have I ever given you the chance to complain?" He grins at me, "I'll hold you to that! You owe me Mrs. Mallik!" He then lets go of me and walks into the bathroom with a towel.

I quickly get dressed wearing a white dress with red floral designs along with my black boots. Armaan comes out the shower and I quickly shove clothes in his hand. He takes them with a bored and solemn expression that makes me laugh. Armaan comes out drying his hair wearing a white blazer with a white button up shirt that exposes his chest and a pair of ripped jeans. I start looking him up and down and then whistle. He slightly blushes and we both walk downstairs for breakfast.

We both run out of the house and quickly drive to work. As soon as we arrive, we jog up the steps and then stop to regulate our breathing. As soon as we walk into the office everyone stands up and congratulates us on the marriage and welcomes us back. We finally make it to our cabin and I walk in first saying, "Armaan can you call in the secretary?" I get no response, but hear the door close and lock. I turn around apprehensively to find Armaan slowly approaching me. My heartbeats quicken as I walk backwards. I warn, "Armaan stop, we are at work! What will everyone think?" Before Armaan can get any closer I hear the phone ringing and quickly press the speaker button. I keep my eyes on Armaan's moves as I talk to the secretary. He grins as I try my best to avoid contact with him.

The secretary soon comes in the room and explains the schedule for the day. Armaan finally starts paying attention rather than planning his next move. We start preparing for our 2 o'clock meeting together… I know I'm shocked too! I can't believe Armaan finally got serious. When it is time for the meeting, we quickly take our presentation into the meeting and start. The company really likes our designs and wants to market them as soon as possible. Armaan and I are thrilled to hear that. Armaan is so happy he picks me up and twirls me around. Armaan finally realizes where we are and quickly apologizes for his outburst. Everyone laughs knowing that we are both newly weds and just have come back from our honeymoon. We both start blushing as we notice everyone's stare. Soon I start getting involved with some other work around the office while Armaan handles the deskwork.

When everyone has left the building, I pass by our cabin and notice the lights are switched off and the door is slightly open. I shrug my shoulders and think nothing of it. I am just about to go look for Armaan when I get pulled into the cabin by a pair of muscular arms. My body is roughly slammed against the door, causing it to close. The darkness fills the room and I hear the lock click beside me. A familiar fragrance excites my senses as it's scent overwhelms me. I whisper into the darkness, "Armaan…" His breath blows against my cheek as he dark and husky voice whispers, "How did you know it was me?" I locate his hand and place it against my pounding heart reply, "My heart only races because of you."

I feel his hand snake up my arm and to the back of my neck. Then his lips fall into place with mine in a sensuous kiss. His other hand runs low to play with the hem of my dress. He teasingly brushes his fingers against my thigh every so often. I throw my head back and sigh as I melt against the heat of Armaan's warm body so close to mine. My hands travel up his chest throwing his blazer off his shoulders and onto the floor. My lips run over his jaw line, leaving lingering kisses against his rough stubble. My kisses continue to rain down leading from his throat to his chest and I smile hearing his groans in response.

His hand fists in my hair to bring me back up and then he tilts my head to give him more access to my neck. He starts devouring my neck with such aggression that I feel my knees weaken. My hands frantically search for support in order to remain standing, but I accidentally turn on the lights. We both take in our appearance and laugh to see our disheveled states. Armaan scratches his chin saying, "I think we may have gotten a little carried away…" I simply nod and look away as I feel myself incapable of meeting his gaze.

I look around and realize there is a picnic set up on our cabin floor. I ask noticing all the food, "Armaan what is all this?" He hugs me from behind a rests his chin on my shoulder replying, "We haven't eaten yet, so I thought why not have a little romantic candle light dinner?" I kiss his cheek saying, "It's perfect Armaan, but doesn't it feel wrong to be romancing at work?" He sits on the floor and grins, "Sweetie everyone went home and that leaves only you and me. Now considering we own this place, I say we have the right to do whatever we want!" Armaan then pulls me into my lap and refuses to let go. I finally give up and we take turns feeding each other the dinner Armaan has laid out for us.

After the dinner, I notice the hazy look of passion arising in Armaan's eyes. I exclaim, "We aren't going to do that here, end of story Armaan!" He grins, "Riddhima sweetheart, I think you're forgetting you owe me…" I back up immediately warning, "Armaan no, not here! There are uhh… CAMERAS! YES! There are cameras in this room." Armaan continues to walk with an arrogant smile across his face as he says, "Sweetie pie, it's not good to lie… I know very well that there are no cameras in this cabin." Armaan continues to approach at a slow and steady pace, while discarding his shirt carelessly to one side. He grins, "Now where was I? Oh yes, seducing my beautiful wife to fulfill this fantasy of mine… So what will it be Riddhima?" My eyes linger over his toned abs and muscular form. His tanned body and all its glory has me aching at the mere sight of him. Before I knew what I was doing, I find myself clearing off our desks to fulfill Armaan's fantasy, right then and there.

One could say Armaan is a bad boy, but he is my bad boy. Who knew taking risks in life could be so much fun, especially when in the arms of the one you love? You know I'm really wondering what the fate of this fashion house will be if we keep acting like crazy teenagers, but then again you only live once. All I know is, is that everything happens for a reason and it's always for the better.


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