Monday, 25 March 2019

part 46 : Tumhare hum

After several weeks, I wake up this beautiful morning by smelling the roses that are lying on the pillow beside me. A smile crosses my face and I slowly reach over to pick up the red roses. I stare at them lovingly and notice a tiny note attached. Before I am able to read the note aloud, I hear Armaan's deep voice echo in my ear, "Happy one month anniversary sweetheart." I turn around and cock my eyebrow as I reply, "Armaan… we celebrated our one month anniversary of our marriage about three weeks ago… remember?" Armaan pulls me into his arms and nuzzles into my neck replying, "Yes I know, but this is the one month anniversary of when we finally became one." A blush makes its way across my cheeks as I say, "Oh, that anniversary." He brushes the hair away from my face, places it behind my ear, and distractedly replies, "Yes, that anniversary." Armaan holds onto my chin and stares at my lips adoringly. I shyly tell him, "These flowers are lovely. I'm going to put them in some water."

He holds me hand and doesn't seem ready to leave it anytime soon. He pulls me towards him, making my body brush against his. He slowly says, "Riddhima stop running from me." I hesitantly look into his eyes and reply, "Armaan I'm sorry… It's just that I feel a little guilty. I mean it shouldn't have taken me so long to realize that I love you. I wasted so much time because I was too stubborn to give you a chance and I'm sorry." I taste the bitterness of my tears as they touch my lips.

I look up at Armaan with tears clouding my eyes and he shakes his head as he wipes my tears away. He says, "Riddhima you have no reason to feel guilty. I don't regret any of the time we spent apart because in the end… it was all worth it and do you know why?" I sniff, "Why?" He smiles as he holds onto my face, "Because one month ago when you finally listened to your heart, you made me the happiest man alive! I gained more than I had ever lost Riddhima. And even if you hadn't confessed then, I would have waited for you until the end of time…" I smile, "I know and I love you for that!" He presses his lips to mine replying, "Good… Now today I am taking you out to dinner to celebrate." I play with his shirt collar and ask, "Can we just stay in and watch a movie? Mom and Dad are going to a dinner party with Arjun bhaiya and Arohi bhabhi. I kind of already promised Arohi bhabhi we would look after Aryan for them…" He smiles, "Whatever you want Riddhima." He flicks my nose cutely and walks out the room leaving me smiling.

Armaan and I go downstairs to say bye to Arohi and Arjun and to take their little devil off their hands for the night. Armaan and I wave to them as they all leave and then Aryan tugs on Armaan's pants asking cutely, "Ice cream?" Armaan looks up at me for permission and I nod. Armaan grins and turns to Aryan, "Sure champ, come on let's go before Riddhima Chachi changes her mind!" Armaan picks him up and we all walk towards the kitchen. Armaan sits him down on the counter, and I get out the ice cream from the freezer. I hand Aryan his bowl of ice cream, and he exclaims, "Thanks Chachi!" I ruffle his hair and give him a kiss. Armaan smiles as I hand over his bowl of ice cream and he leans his cheek forward expecting a kiss as well. I blush as I look at Aryan sitting there watching his naughty uncle. Aryan asks, "Chachi, Armaan Chacha wants a kiss too!" I grin and give Armaan a quick kiss, making sure he doesn't try to take advantage of the moment. Armaan gets Aryan down and we all walk into the livingroom to watch a movie.

Aryan plops down on the couch with his bowl of ice cream in his lap. I look through the movies and ask, "What do you want to see boys?" Aryan claps his hands and excitedly screams, "Rat Movie!" Armaan laughs, "What movie?" I shake my head, "Armaan you're so clueless sometimes. He means Ratatouille." Armaan grins, "Oh like you know so much about children!" I laugh while grabbing Aryan and placing him on my lap, "I know more than you do Mallik!" Armaan rolls his eyes and starts the movie.

Aryan watches the movie enthusiastically while Armaan traces patterns onto my lower back. I turn towards Armaan to glare at him, but I find him watching the movie with a huge grin plastured across his face. I whisper quietly, "Armaan stop that!" He looks at me innocently asking, "Stop what Riddhima? The movie?" I harshly whisper back, "You know very well I am not talking about the movie Armaan!" He laughs and whispers, "Don't even pretend for a second that you don't like it! But since you asked so nicely I'll stop… oh wait you didn't ask nicely!" I warn, "Armaan!" He throws his hands up in the air and says, "Okay, okay I'll keep my hands off you!" I turn my attention back to the movie and eat my ice cream happily. In the middle of the movie, Armaan's head blocks my view and he slowly leans in to kiss and lick my nose free from ice cream. He moves back saying, "I never said I'll keep my lips off you…" I can't seem to respond since I feel butterlifes fluttering in my stomach.

Then I notice Aryan has fallen asleep in my arms. I nudge Armaan and he sees Aryan asleep in my lap. Armaan turns off the movie and quietly says, "Looks like he finally got tired from running around all day." Armaan smiles and gently carries him upstairs to put him to bed. I silently follow Armaan upstairs a few minutes later. When I get to Aryan's bedroom, I see Armaan tucking Aryan in his little bed. Armaan whispers as he kisses Aryan's forehead, "Good night champ! Sweet dreams…" Armaan turns around to see me leaning againt the doorway. He smiles and we quietly shut the door behind us.

Armaan asks, "Why are you smiling?" I place an arm around his back as we walk in the hallway and reply, "You're going to be a wonderful father Armaan!" He grins, "Hmm well then I think we should get started on that now!" He quickly scoops me up in his arms and carries me to our bedroom. He kicks the door closed and gently places me on the bed. The window bursts open sending a cool breeze through the room. I rub my arms to keep warm and Armaan walks over to close the window. I get up and light all the candles, getting closer and closer to Armaan. He picks up the last candle in the room from behind him and holds it in front of me. I quickly light the candle and place it behind him. I grab his hand and lead him to the bed. We both sit down and stare at each other. I slowly hold his hands in mine and look into his eyes. He looks curiously into mine as I say, "Armaan there's something that I have to tell you…" He smiles, "Riddhima, you can tell me anything. What is it?" I intake a breath of air and say, "Armaan I'm pregnant."

A few seconds go by and Armaan remains as still as a statue almost as if he is not able to comprehend what I just said. I stare into his eyes as I try to understand what he is feeling at the moment. I soon find tears welling up in his eyes and a faint smile on his face. He pulls me into his arms, kisses my hair, and whispers, "Thank you! I love you so much Riddhima!" I hug him as I feel tears blurring my own vision. He pulls me away to give me an earth-shattering kiss, leaving me both breathless and mystified. He continues to thank me by raining kisses all over my face and paying special attention not to miss a single spot. He pulls away while I murmur, "You're very welcome."

He laughs and hugs me saying, "I can't believe we are going to be parents! You're going to be a great mother Riddhima! ...Do you really think I will be a wonderful father?" I smile and press my lips against his and reply, "You're going to be an amazing father Armaan! You know how I know? Because you already are an amazing uncle to Aryan!" He smiles and pulls me onto his chest as he falls backward onto the bed. My hair cascades onto Armaan's face and he reaches out to pull me into a short sweet kiss. He gently rolls me underneath and slowly pulls up my shirt to expose my bare stomach. He places a lingering kiss on my belly and excitedly say, "I love you so much little one and don't bother your mommy too much in there! Now I think it's time for you to sleep so goodnight and sweet dreams love." He happily rests his head against my stomach as I run my hand through his hair soothingly. I slowly drift off to sleep with Armaan holding onto my stomach protectively. Oh yes, he would definitely be a great father!


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