Tuesday, 26 March 2019

part 47 : Tumhare hum

I slowly run my hands through Armaan's hair finding it less silky than usual. My eyes are still too tired to open and intake the bright light. I don't feel Armaan's arms protectively around my waist either. His head seems lighter than normal and it is nestled against my chest. His hair is oddly making me ticklish. I run my hands past his head and in search of his broad shoulders, but his hair seems endless. That's definitely not right… I slowly open my eyes to see a ball of white fur laying on top of me. I immediately shriek and then slowly realize that it is only a teddy bear. I breathe heavily as I take hold of my heart.

Just then, Armaan enters the room humming a tune and carrying a breakfast tray with a rose in his hand. Armaan asks sweetly, "Did you like the teddy bear?" I look at him dumbfounded and reply, "Armaan you nearly gave me a heartattack! I thought that teddy bear was you're head! Why would you put that on top of me?" He laughs replying, "I didn't put it on top of you. I put it next to you." He lays the tray next to me and walks across the room to retrieve the teddy bear that I had accidently tossed. I take this time to examine the room and see baby posters all over our bedroom walls. My hand instinctively reaches out to touch my stomach and I smile at thought of my child growing inside of me.

Armaan brings back the teddy bear and places his head on my lap. He turns his head towards my stomach and says, "Good morning baby." He places a gentle kiss on my stomach and I gasp at the gesture. His face slowly moves up to level with mine and then he kisses my lips just as gently saying, "Morning love." I brush his hair away from his face, which causes him to automatically close his eyes merely at my touch. I run my hand over his face, feeling his rough stubble underneath my soft fingertips before whispering, "Morning Armaan."

Soon Armaan pulls me into his lap and we both feed each other breakfast. After eating, I start struggling to get out of his lap so I can get ready for work. He reasons, "Riddhima sweetie, you're pregnant and I don't want you to get stressed at work. So just relax at home." I fold my arms across my chest defiantly, "Armaan, I'm pregnant, not diseased! I'm completely fine and I want to go to work! Besides I will be bored all day at home…" Armaan rubs his thumb over my bottom lip and cheek saying, "Okay, well how about when I get home we go for a nice long drive?" I pout, "Fine, I'll stay home." He kisses my forehead and replies, "Good girl, now go back to bed." I obediently lay back down and he pulls over the covers. He stares at my face and bends his head low to capture my lips in a delicate kiss sending me in a daze. He murmurs, "Bye" and quietly leaves the room, leaving me to daydream about his return.

I finally wake up a couple hours later and go to the bathroom to take a quick and relaxing shower. Soon I emerge from the bathroom wearing a yellow churidaar suit. I brush my hair and quickly make my way downstairs. As I walk around downstairs, I suddenly hear Arohi's voice from the kitchen. I slowly make my way into the kitchen and find her trying to feed Aryan. Looks like the little devil is putting up a big fight. I ask, "Bhabhi do you need any help?" She looks over and smiles, "Of course Riddhima, plus you need some practice." I smile shyly, "Bhabhi… so I take it Armaan told you?" She nods and runs her hand over my head saying, "I'm really happy for you Riddhima. You know, I always felt that a child makes your life worth living. I still remember the first time I laid my eyes on Aryan. He was so tiny and so fragile. Just looking at his angelic face brought tears to my eyes. I couldn't believe that Arjun and I were responsible for bringing him into this world. Carrying him for nine months was hard, but as soon as I laid my eyes on him, I knew that he was worth all that and much more. You know, the birth of your child will make your relationship with Armaan even stronger. I'm glad you will be able to experience it Riddhima." I hug Arohi and then we both try different techniques to get Aryan to eat his food.

I walk around the house and see Naina Mom in her room. I knock on the door and she welcomes me in. Naina Mom says happily, "So, you're going to make me a Dadi once again… are you excited to be a mommy?" I nod and ask, "How was Armaan when he was little?" Billy Papa walks in the room saying, "Arjun and Armaan were both little devils. Armaan was more of a troublemaker. He would cause chaos wherever he went." Naina Mom laughs, "Yeah and you didn't make it any easier by spoiling him rotten." Billy Papa rolls his eyes, "Naina, I'm not always to blame. You thought his little tricks were adorable too." Naina Mom shrugs her shoulders, "What can I say, he was a cute kid." Billy Papa slyly remarks, "Yeah I wonder what happened…" We all start roaring with laughter.

Then Naina Mom shows me all of Armaan's old pictures. He looked so adorable when he was little. I wish I could pinch those cute cheeks of his. He looked so sweet in the bathtub pictures where he is playing with his little rubber ducky. In every other picture, he seems to be running around like a very hyperactive child, which I'm almost certain he was. I place my hand on my stomach, wondering if the baby would be a mini Armaan or a mini me. I actually would like to have a mini Armaan around the house now that I think about it. Of course then he would keep me on my toes all the day, but I wouldn't mind.

Armaan finally comes home and I lay out his dinner. I sit next to him and feed him since he refuses to eat by himself. Oh man, Armaan really hasn't grown up one bit. I guess I'm going to have to take care of two babies. Soon after, Armaan and I get into his car to go for a long drive. Despite keeping myself busy all day, I was really looking forward to going on a drive with him. The truth was that I really missed him today.

Armaan starts driving the car, while I gently lay my head on his broad shoulder. There is a comfortable silence, yet I really want to talk to him. I ask, "Armaan how was your day at work?" He grins, "It was alright. Just the usual. But I'm sure what you really want to know is if I missed you, am I right?" I lift my head off his shoulder and look out the window. He laughs softly and then whispers in my ear, "I missed you a lot Riddhima." I smile at him and reply happily, "I missed you too." He looks back at the road replying, "Good" and then parks the car in front of a big house. I look at Armaan confused and ask, "Armaan where…" He silences me by placing his finger to my lips replying, "All in good time, now come on let's go inside." I get out the car and close the door. I catch up with Armaan as he pushes open the door. I look at him unsure and walk through the door. He follows me in and closes the door behind him.

I look around at the beautifully decorated house. Whose ever house this is, well they sure have good taste. In comparison to the Mallik Mansion, this house is not that huge, but it is absolutely brilliant nonetheless. Everything has a modern touch to it. I walk around the huge livingroom full circle and come back to Armaan asking, "Armaan whose house are we in?" He outstretches his arms replying, "It's my house, well now it's ours... Do you like it?" A wide smile appears on my face and I throw my arms around Armaan's neck. I pull away excitedly, "So this is the house I made you leave because I didn't want to be left alone with you after marriage?" He laughs replying, "Yeah that would be the one." I hold onto Armaan's arm and pull saying, "I want a tour!" He places his hand on my hip and leads the way.

We walk around the livingroom and then into the kitchen. I look around noticing the modernized yet comfortable look. I could almost imagine myself cooking dinner and Armaan sneeking up on me from behind. A smile creeps onto my face as we continue to look around. We peek into the bathroom and I notice the Jacuzzi right away. Armaan whispers in my ear, "Want to try it out?" I grin, "Maybe later Romeo. I want to see the rest of the house." He sighs and we walk out the door and stop in front of a closed door. Armaan says, "Close your eyes." I look at him curiously and then close my eyes. I hear him open the door and then his hands come over my eyes. We robotically walk into the room and Armaan removes his hands. He finally whispers, "You can open them now…"

I slowly open my eyes and I find myself speechless as I look around the room. There is a little white crib in the middle of the room and cute little teddy bears on the light blue wallpaper. Most of the floor is full of all sorts of toys and stuffed animals. I slowly feel Armaan's arm come around my waist and his head drops to my shoulder. He asks, "Do you like it?" I slowly turn around in his arms and he moves his hand to wipe the tears that I had not realized ran down my cheek. I grab hold of his unshaven face and pull him into a passionate kiss. My hands slide down his back and his hands rest on my hips. We slowly pull away and I whisper against his lips, "I love you Armaan." He smiles, "I was hoping you'd say that. I was thinking that once the baby is born we could move into this house unless you're still afraid to be alone with me…" I smack his arm replying, "Me, and scared of you?! You wish!" He laughs, "Glad to hear it! Now let me show you my favorite room of all." I laugh and follow him out the room.

We stop in front of another room and Armaan throws open the door saying, "This is going to be our bedroom." I walk into the room and see candles lit around the room and flower petals spread across the floor. I gasp as I feel Armaan's lips brushing against my neck. He nips my ear softly and asks, "How do you like your new house?" I reply a little dazed, "It's beautiful." He says in a deep yet passionate voice, "Not more beautiful than you." He turns me around in his arms and looks deeply into my eyes. His grey eyes openly express his naughty intentions and I grin at mischief they convey. He carefully picks me up in his strong arms and gently places me in the middle of the bed. I stare into his eyes glazing over with passion and love as he looms over my body. He says in a husky whisper, "I think we need to christen the room, don't you?" I reply by pulling his body on top of mine, wanting to feel the warmth of his body against mine and removing every barrier that remains between us. I look up at his face to see that same desire erupting within him as well. I hope the flame of our unruly passion never fades away.


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