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Part 5 & 6 : AR ff Nashaa

part 5 

10:00 PM, The moon glowed.

There was a shriek which Made Riddimaa and Rahul look around. "who would it be?" Rahul stood up. Pulled his shot pocket gun from his back, "You! one move and I shot you dead" Rahul pointed at her. She meekly nodded and settled properly on couch. Rahul turned to go out with his gun aimed at door, when the door apart and the driver – constable Raghu fell with bullets fired up on his back. He was dead, with blood oozing out.

"RAGHU!" Rahul ran while Riddimaa stood up with shock, her hand reached up to her lips "Omg.." she mumbled. Soon Rahul ran out to see – the four faced covered man walked in with guns.

"don't move or I will shoot you" One of them aimed Rahul.

 "Kon hou tum log?" Riddimaa shrugged as one of them took hold of her arm "Chalo" she heard a voice boom from inside the mask, as the one of them asked her to come along. "Nahi... chodo mujha..." Riddima winced and kept on dragging her self-back "Dheko..." another man tried to talk. Riddimaa fell on floor and pull herself back

"I won't go.... leave me... ! Chodoo" one of the angry one walked and slapped her across the face. Making her fell on couch

Shoot Shoot SHOot. Shoot.

Arman and Atul aimed and killed the two of them. Rahul gaining the situation killed the other two who were near Riddimaa.Riddimaa on the other hand, placed her palm over her ear, and shouted in terror. The three Stood with burn in their eyes – looking at 5 lifeless bodies. Riddimaa soon closed her mouth when the voice of gun stopped; her hairs were all wandered over her face and her head moved down on her lap with hurt – pain.

"I Can't believe IT ! We Have TO GET OUT of Here NOW!" Arman's voice boomed very closely in Riddimaa mind, it hurt her more, the shouts were paining her ear drums along with her brain. He walked up to her pulling her by her arm, she winced as his finger burn her arm in pain.

"uhm... You." Arman stopped as he saw a innocent face with blood oozing out from the corner of her lips and her cheek had started to get purple and red with pain. Well whose cheek won't hurt after getting three slap's in a day and that to from a muscled – hard core men.

Leaving her arm at once he saw her falling on ground as her body was tired and she was getting more weaker in a period of 1 day. With tears, she sobbed "Rahul... we need to get out of here. Inform chief to look up to these bodies." Arman turned his back to Riddimaa, who cried a bit loudly that really made the three look at her with sympathy.

Ignoring her, yet again with heavy heart, Arman grabbed the keys and her arm, pulling her up from the ground... tolling out of the house. Rahul and Atul made some call while walking behind them.

 "Did... you met my Father?" she hold up the courage in her throat and asked to which  Arman looked at her angrily, as if that was his reply.

 "Bring the cloths and tie her... I don't want to hear her voice anymore!" Arman blasted on Atul's face. Glaring back at her as he spoke to Atul – she looked in his eyes with pain – and hurt. He pushed her on the front seat making her break the trance.

Atul walk up to her to tie her when she meekly, faintly smiled and look down at floor, she turned her back as him while sitting in the car and joined her hand behind her back as she allowed him to tie her.

He felt bad but did as he was told to do. Placing a cloth around her lips, he saw blood stain on her lips.  "Arman, she is hurt how should I tie her?" Atul exclaimed.

"why are you being so... soft haan? Liking her? Is love blossoming up? What ? Gonna dump Anjali for her" Arman blasted at him, to which Atul glared back in anger and Riddimaa passed a disgusted look.

"Arman you are bas***d." Atul spitted on floor and went forward to tie her.

"you..." Arman move forward to get even with Atul when Rahul hold him back.

"Leave it here. Please we have to rush before anything else happen." Rahul spoke. ARman shudder his hands away in anger

"I will drive." Arman mumbled. Atul harmlessly tied her even her eyes. "Just relax ok" he whispered to which Riddimaa nodded and pulled her legs inside the car, while Atul closed the door, sitting behind with Rahul the Car rushed on road.


After few hours,

Sniff ... Sniff. Her head touched the back of her seat. Her chest kept on jumping up after quite intervals. His eyes turned towards her, while driving. Rahul and Atul had fallen into a nap. He licked the corner of his lips, moving his eyes on her face - he saw tear rushing down from her cheek.

 "Turn..." Arman spoke "Turn your back at me... hurry up turn around !" he spoke again. She did as she was told to, with one hand on wheel steering, He Snapped the knot and pulled the cloth of her hands. She relaxed and brought her body back to its place on seat rubbing her wrist, she felt his warm fingers brushing her face, he pulled the cloth away from her eyes. She moved back in her seat away from his hands, when he moved forward to take the cloth away from her lips. She moved back, even more.

He cocked his one eye brow at her to see her looking at him with fear. "I won't hit you. Relax" he spoke and tried to pull the cloth of her mouth, when she hit his hand away and pulled the cloth out, herself.

Arman ragged in anger ' How dare she hit me... as if that hurt me?' he thought with chuckle. She looked at him err glared at him and at his chuckle.

"You angry at me..?" he teased to get more of silent glare.

She tried to open the window. "No..!" Arman said. "I want to get fresh air..." Riddimaa spoke

"DO you want me to tie that mouth of yours AGain?" his eyes fired up on hers again. She meekly replied in No.

"Good. Then settle down quietly." Arman replied and concentrated on driving.

After few more hours they reached destination.

He placed his hand on Horn. "What the F......" Atul quieten, as he saw Riddimaa staring at him, turning her head back at them.

"Sorry about that" Atul apologize to Riddimaa for curtsey sake. To which Rahul cocked his eye brows and so did Arman.

"What? She is a Woman..! We should be in our limits while speaking or doing anything!" He retorted "Unlike you too - i don't hit innocent victims." Actual added and strolled out of the car. Looking at their new house or hide out. Arman and Rahul pass a look to Riddimaa and soon the very second, all three of them came out without a word.

"I wanted to know..." Riddimaa started

"Tum phir boli...?" Arman walk up to her.

 "Par Kyun naa Bolun? Kya HAI HAAN???" She shouted her lungs out. Arman moved a step back at her out burst right over his face

"KAb sa...? i have been ASKING you! WHAT HAPPENED? WHERE WAS MY FATHER? WHAT DID YOU GUYS TALKED TO HIM... But no... I will tie you up ... i will tie. you.. ! as if you could hurt me any more than you already have !!!" she sighed and walked up to Rahul, Clutching his collar in her fist pulling him down to her level.

"I AM NOT SCARED ANY MORE KILL ME. RIGHT NOW!" she shouted over his face, who jerked himself away and placed fingers in his ear. "Humph" she stomped her feet and walked in the house.

"Lol... she should get a pat on her back... Finally Arman and Rahul, someone actually and That too a Girl insult you both on your bloody sickening faces" Atul laughed loudly and ran in the house as Arman moved forward to hit him.

"Teri tou..." . Arman and Rahul looked at each other and shared a chuckle.

"we been hard on are ? ain't we?" Rahul asked walking towards the house. "I guess so..." Arman stepped with him towards the house pulling his hand in his jeans....


part 6 : 

After the sudden outburst – Riddimaa settled on one of the couch and Atul near a beer bar at the corner of the room, lounge. Riddimaa looked up to see Rahul along with Arman walking in the house; she shifted in her place and kept looking down in her hands.

"Now what should we eat?" Rahul exclaimed, reaching beside Riddimaa and falling down on the seat beside Riddimaa. She felt totally scared at her outburst outside; eventually she joined her feet with feet - thigh with thigh, squeezing herself in her seat, as much as possible. Arman observed that and told Rahul to look at her with his eyes movement. Rahul turned his face as her and smile to see her scared now. "

"Let's tease her?" Arman said, bending down beside him and whispered.

 "You sure?" Rahul whispered back.

"Yea man... i am in mood to have fun and relax like old times." Arman's eyes sparkled with fun glints.

 Both looked at Atul, who had piled his body on one of the single couch and was staring back at them with frown. Rahul pulled his body up beside her, and straightened his collar, Arman did the same and walk heavy feets to the other side of her on couch, making him-self settled down beside her, they both shifted their body close to her. To which she responded by shifting her gaze to her left and right side to see immense anger on their faces, gulping she shed her gaze down at her lap.

 "So Rahul..?" Arman started, holding his shot pocket gun in his hand, checking it out - he placed a soft hand below her chin, and turned it to make her face him, and finally aimed the gun on Riddimaa's forehead.

"Should we kill her? as she has already annoyed us enough..." Arman added glaring at her.

"Yea.. kill her... kill her bad. I mean she touched my collar and shook the Hell outta me... no one does that… !" Rahul got up from her side and stood between Arman and Riddimaa, who sat facing each other with a gun in middle

"What are you to doing.?" Atul walked up

"You settle down or I might shoot you too" Rahul aimed Atul and made him settle down back at his place.

"You will kill me? Have you two lost your mind?" Atul looked utterly shocked.

"So now Riddimaa Gupta tell me? Scared?" Arman whispered over her face, moving his gun down from her forehead to her cheek stopping it near her lips, his heart nearly skipped a beat but why, he thought, ignoring it. He placed the gun on her forehead.

"Kya hua... ab chup Kyun hou?" He asked with a smirk.

"You are a ruthless jerk... that's all i wanna say! Kill me if want too!" she spoke, with tears streaming down. "I don't GIVE A whatever please the shit in you!" she added, shouting her lungs out with tears.

Pushing his hand away from her forehead. She clutched her face in her palm and cried. Arman moved back with dark eyes, getting up from his seat he stood in front of her as. Rahul and Atul came forward and stood beside him.

"Rid..." Rahul tried to apologize; kneeling in front of her "Move away from me..." she pushed his hand away from her knee." she snatched the gun from Arman's hand and placed it over her forehead to kill herself, just to stop this daily torture.Her finger triggered the gun but it was Arman's smartness that he pulled her hand away from her head, up in air

"You idiot. !" Arman shouted pulling out the gun from her grip, he slapped her face. making her fell down of the couch on Rahul who was still on floor "ARMAN !" ATul shouted. Arman's eyes flared up with anger.

"She is fainted Atul Bring water." Rahul picked her up and placed her on the couch. Arman stood on, with cross arms over his chest while Rahul on floor and Atul over her head side still sprinkling water drop on her face.

"Bring ice pack Arman" Rahul said.

"Me..? Excuse me? ME.." Arman spoke

"YES..!" Rahul looked up in anger

"Fine.!" ARman went to kitchen angrily.

"Make her sit first." Arman spoke, Atul and rahul made her sit as she gained conscious.

"Riddimaa we are sorry, we were just joking. We are extremely sorry… we end this now, no one will get hard on you, I pomise – I really do feel guilty about my deed… Sorry" Rahul spoke at once as she tried to move herself away from these men

"here..." Arman passed the ice pack to her.

"Kyun..?" she asked while looking up.

 "Your cheek... lips... they are hurt." Arman pointed her face with his finger while stammering.

"Really?" she spoke sarcastically "i don't want it..!" she pushed his hand away.

Rahul and Atul got up and took a seat. Letting Arman handle, "Listen..." Arman spoke, taking a sigh he sat beside her - "Look here" he spoke in his usual threatening voice.

"Koi zabardasti hai kya? Phela maro aur phir..." She cried loudly.

"ARee ... PAr mai tou... mai tou bass" Arman fumbled seeing her crying again.

"Mai tou kya.. haan.. Maar-aa hee kyun? Tumhari mom na tameez NAHI Sikhae?" she cried scolding him

"I am sorry... !" he spoke out. "Please yea... put this on your wound." Arman said neglecting her anger.

"Nahi.. Go away.!" she glared at him. When Arman holded her face, softly from below her chin.

"ah.." she winced.

"Let me do this the easy way, Riddimaa. warna its going to be hell painful" he spoke right on her mouth. Feeling a little ting in her spinal, she stayed at her place. Arman stood on couch with his knee cap on it, bowing his head a bit over her face - he kept her face back on the couch and slightly placed the ice pack on her cheek "ahh" she moved her face away feeling the cold sensation on her skin.

He softly blew some air on her face and packed her cheek with ice, slightly placing it near her lips - he looked at her closed lids - "it won't hurt much..." he whispered over her lips...

"tchh" she groaned feeling cold ice on the wound. He blew more air through his lips.

"Cough Cough." Atul destroyed for which he got a fair smack over head from Rahul. Arman was literally bending over face, the 'Coughing' made Arman realize and he step back

"Keep on downing it." he took her wrist in his hand and placed the ice pack in her hand.

 "Where is my Ciggreate Packet." he looked around the place - checked his pocket, not making any eye contact with any of them.

"Its finished i threw away the empty pocket." Rahul announced. "Oh... but i need one now!" Arman exclaimed sitting beside Riddimaa, who still didn't took the previous matter seriously but yes she felt a little shiver.

She kept on keeping ice pack on her cheek. When Arman snapped his fingers in front of her eyes "Where are you lost...?" Arman asked

"Kisi ka khaylon mai" Atul commented knowing what exactly she must be thinking.

"nahi... nae tou.. mai tou bas.." she exclaimed as Rahul whistled. She blushed and looked away.

"What am i missing?" Arman asked making a weird face.

 "You won't understand... the people with a heart can understand." Atul glared at him

"As if i wanna know!" Arman spoke arrogantly "Well we are thinking, Riddimaa!!" gaining her attention, Arman cleard his throat and saw her looking at him. "If you could make something to eat as we don't have any servants at this short time." Arman courage up to say this.

"Me..?" she pointed a finger at herself, arrogantly – and feeling proud to be girl as the table turned.

 "Yea.. uhm.. You are girl... you must know how to cook...!" He tried to get some words.

"Yea, surely I cook the best ... but you know what? i Got abducted yesterday evening by some jerk - and  as per situation, i should be getting food from all of you as you are the kidnappers Remember?" she spoke in her own style. "But had Raghu and he got died by Your Fathers people" Rahul said.

"Do what suits you" she replied "And you?" she stared at Arman "I would really be happy if you could die and go to Hell !!!" she blasted the last word and settle down at her place, quietly.

to be contin....


Love maha

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