Friday, 22 March 2019

part 5 & 6 : Is This Love? (Arsh)


She lay next to him..peacefuly.. she felt safe in his protective arms' she knew he was the one.. there was no separating them now.. she felt on top of he world with him' she knew he was all that she could possibly ever ask for.. she finally had an actual family.. it was her family.. she knew come wat ever gonna break HER family.. she would do anything and everything for her family'

i was the most happiest person on earth yesterday when you actually put the manglasutra around her neck'oh no no..she says looking towards him..not than.. i was the most happiest person on this planet when you said those three lovely words to actually said I Love You to m'
And now..they were one.. she looks at him with eyes filled with intense love..
She seems him wriggle a bit..

She smiles.. goes close to his ear and whispers in her softest tone possible' "I love you sooo much armaan"

He pulls her into a hug..and says..still closing his eyes'"I love you too ridhimma"'


Her world comes crashing down around her..umm not come crashing down ON her'she couldn't believe wat he just said..she was shattered.. jus that one second..jus those four words'

She wishes she had never said that to armaan'she sits straight on the bed..tears running down continuously her pale cheeks'

Armaan quickly gets up..hugs her..and says..mazaak kar raha tha meri dhano.. don't you trust your armaan???

She pulls the bedsheet closer to her.. and quickly turns her face the in the opposite direction trying to hide her tears..she din know wat to say..she did not xpct this from armaan.. at least not on the first day after marriage.. she coudnt control her emotions'

He looks at her crying continuously and realisez that it was a really very big mistake' he had never seen her like this before' "oh god oh god'yeh maine kya kar diya?".. he dint know wat to do next'

She finally put all the mixed emotions she was filled with in place..tears still rolling.. she just breaks away from his hug and walks in the bathroom' armaan following her.. he bangs on the door.. he dint mean to hurt her at all.. it was just a spontaneous thing that came into his mind..

Before she could get up' armaan was already awake' he looked at her sleep next to him' he felt truly complete' somehow the thought just crossed his mind.. if I and ridhimma were together..i wouldn't have got this little gem, my little little angel and he kissed her on her forehead..

she senses him and moves.. armaan frowns because he had disturbed her..he quickly closes his eyes..

This was when shilpa opend her gorgeous green eyes'

He had heard her speak each and every word.. but he quite dint realize how much they actually meant to her' he just thought.. subah subah.. why not pull her legs a bit.. but now he knew.. that he would never ever do sucha stupid thing again..never'

He keeps banging the door.. he calls out to open the door' I cn explain..i did it on purpose boo'trust me'please' up..listen to what I have to say'

She looked at her reflection in the mirror.. she turns her head a bit..and screams..i don't wanna talk to you pud no..she thinks and screams out again..i don't wanna talk to you armaan'leave me alone..

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