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part 5: We Met -We Touched

"Young lady we are hear to help you'." Other guy said '. And chucked

 The guys had came from other branch of sanjeevani for a check over'

The one who was holding her arm' went down and touched her waist'.

 "Chooro' yea kya kar raha'hoo'" she shouted'. While the guy ignored her request and soon he went to the thread that was tied on the left side on her chest' she felt another guy holding her hands'.

She kept on requesting them'.  But soon her first thread was open '

She gasped and cried loud'.



Riddima settled on the floor' while Arman '. Yes Arman '.! Kept on hitting each of them'.

He was boiling with anger when he came back to see Riddima ' and he heard her voice'. It was shocking for him to see her pinned up at wall and the guys ' opening her threads'. He saw his ' Riddima' trying to fight her faith' her luck' soon the guy, who was opening her dress, felt a hard kick between his leg'. And fell down on floor'

He kept on hitting the other two'. Like animal'. His anger was up to high level' he couldn't control any more'. He kept on hitting through his leg'. Blood was oozing out'.

He knew they all were close to death' then he walked up to Riddima' Took hold of her ' and made her stand' he picked her up and took her out in the locker room'. He closed the lights of locker room'. After making her settled on the bench'.

Arman Took a bottle from his locker and washed her face'. She coughed when water went in her nostril'. He rubbed her back'. And moved his shaking hand to close the thread'

She didn't push him' she was not at all conscious'. He had pressed his lips together' and closed her thread tightly'. And then on the lights'

He took a small napkin from her locker and cleaned her face' and saw her duppatta hanging on her Lockers door'

He frowned' when

Anji and Muskan walked in 'laughing '

"Ab aye ga usa Maza'" Muskan said laughing like manic

"Oh' tou Riddima Ji ' na Face wash kar liya..?" both laughed and looked at Arman who was burning with anger'. "Oh Arman come on '! Ab isa ma itna Gusa hona walii baat nai hai'"

Rahul and Atul Walked in ' and saw Arman Putting Riddima's Duppata ' on her 'covering her' she had her back towards the entrance of Locker room'

He gave her a bottle of water to drink

Atul came to place his things in locker and saw Riddima' trembling'

"K'kya hua?" Atul asked scarily' while Rahul stood at the glass table'

"Kuch Nai' Riddima Ji' is creating a Scene'"

"Scene??" Arman Shouted' "U call it all A Scene'" he went at Anjali ' and pulled her at Changing room "Look'. Dehka rahii hoo??" Anjali looked at three boys lying at floor'

"What's all this Arman??" Rahul Asked'                                   

"Dehka Rahul'. How close Riddima was 'to be raped?" Arman shouted' leaving shivers at Muskan

"Shame on u ' Shame On u Anjali Muskan'!" Arman said' and walked up to Riddima' "Lets go'" he made her stand ' and walked out...

"What hell is this 'Muskan?" Rahul Asked angrily' "U said' u have closed water' then... what the *** is this?"

"Rahul'. Sachi I don't know' I think humara jana ka bada' the guys must have came and' and" she fell on the bench

"How could Anjali'?" Atul asked'. He spitted beside her and walked away'.

"tujha sa Yea umeeda nai thii Muskan'" Rahul stared at her once and then followed Atul'. While Anjali came at settled beside her'


"Mom? Dad?? PARI'?" Arman shouted as he entered in the house


"Hello'? Pari'? Kahan hoo?" pause "kya? Shahank uncle ka ghar'.? Kyon'? Oh' acha chaloo' tell me when ever u guys return'" pause "oh tou yeh bat hai' no no' I will be there tomorrow'" pause "Riddima? Yea she is ok'" pause "Acha chaloo we will talk later' ya I love u too' bye'"

"They all are gone to Dr. Shahank's House'" he told her' while she looked up confused "Areee are dean..!" she nodded slightly' "Anjali aur Atul ki shaadi hai' after one week'" she looked up shocked'

They reached Pari's room' he made her sit' and went to her cup board'

"Why is it empty??"

"Oh'. Vo Pari packing kar rahii thi 'subha' I forgot to tell u'" Riddima told him'

"Oh...tou ab kya pehnoo gi?" Riddima shrugged' "Mera pahno gii?" he asked

"No'" she twisted her face

"Come on Riddima' u don't have any other option'" he walked out of Pari's Room

"Here '" he passes a shirt and a short pajama'

"No Arman..!" she threw the clothes away' at floor

"Riddimaaa" he glared at her angrily' he went and picked up the clothes' "NOW Go And wear it '.Right now!" He ordered'

She took the clothes 'and throws them towards the door' "NO 'NO'.NO" she shouted her lungs out ' and settled on the bed ' with cross legs'.

"GOD! what's Wrong with u'?" he went and again picked up the clothes and settled in front of her on floor ' and placed cloths on her lap' and looked up at her sad face' "Kya hua'?"

"Kuch nai' tum jaooo mujha akela choro dou' aur lea jaoo apna kapra'" she pushed him hard and walk passed him'

He looked at her strangely' he stood up and threw the cloths on bed and turned her hard towards himself' which made her spun round and jerk at his chest'

"Ahh'" she moaned as her ankle twisted a bit'

"Kya hua .hai..? Why r u behaving like this'?" he frowned at her'

"Mujha '. Kuch Nai hua'!" she said angrily' "Choro ARMAN!!"

"NAi' Phela 'batoo kya hua 'Riddima' u don't look good' please change the dress and sleep'."

"NO I Won't Change and I Won't sleep'" she tried to get free of his hold'

He twisted her arm ' at the back '"Ahhh Arman..!" she glared at him'

"Say u will change'" he twisted it a bit more'

"NO" she replied'. He twisted a bit more' she frowned in pain'

"I swear' I will tare your cloths and make u wear this ' if u didn't just take this cloths and walk to the bathroom and change it by yourself'" he twisted her arm' and looked at her angrily'

"Arman?" she looked at him shocked'

"What? Just tell me' are u going to change' or not..? And make your answer full and final' so I can do my part of job then'" he glared angrily'

"I' hmm'. I will change '." She said looking down'

"Good take this ' and go'" he turned her towards the bathroom'


"How long does it take to wear two pieces'?" he shouted'

"I m not coming out' until u bring some sensible cloths for me'?" she shouted from inside the bathroom

"Have U Lost it' Riddima?" he banged on the bathroom door'

"NO'." she shouted

"Riddima come out 'this instance'!" his voice was more like last warning '

"I won't until you'."

"Its 1 at night'. All stores will be closed' I will buy three suits for u after duty I Promise'" he tried to work smoothly'

"Yes that u can buy'. But I want one now!!" she shouted'

"How the hell I will bring one NOW??" he kicked the door'

"I don't know '!" she kicked the door back

"Riddima '. Just tell me what's wrong in this one'" he asked nicely

"I won't Tell u'" she whispered' slowly'

"What?? Come Again?"

"I won't tell u'." She shouted'

"Why'?" pause "tell me Riddima'"

"No Arman..!" she banged the door. . "NO NO'" she shouted

'Uffff '. Why is she behaving like this'? Phela tou she didn't react to whole situation' and now she is totally irritated' what's going on'.' He thought

"Riddima'. Please mujha batoo kya hua'?" he asked

"Arman'" she let out a cry'. "Arman'"

"kya hua Riddima'. Please open the door' please Riddima'" he requested

Slowly door opened and he saw' she had tied a knot at her waist and selves were folded up ' pant ended up a bit upper than her ankle' but still she pulled up the pant' as it drew a bit down' showing her waist ' he smiled weakly'

But he frowns to see her cry

"Kya huaa? Riddima'. U were soo quite all the way home' and now'?" he walked up to her she moved back

"Arman' tum jaoo' yahan sa'. Please'" she placed a hand on his chest and tried to stop him' from coming close'

"Nahi'" he took hold of her wrist  and she moved back beside the bathroom door' as he step a bit forward' with concern all over his face'

"Arman'. Jaooo" she cried as he took another step forward' she broke down and hugged him' and cried out loud' "Armmaaann" she wined '

"Bas Riddima' I promise' any thing like that won't happen again'" he rubbed her back' and took hold of his own tears'.

"kyoon Arman..? Why'?" she shouted in pain'

He could feel the pain'. He picked her up and took her to bed'.

"Bas' it was the last pain u got' I will never let u see this again'" he made her lay down on bed' and brought the blanket up to her chest. "Good Night Riddima'" he saw her closing in eyes'

She was exhausted and due to constant cry she was feeling sleepy'

"Arman'" he was about to go' when she took hold of his hand'

"Yes Riddima'" he came back towards her 'and caressed her hair'.

"I want a mom'" she requested

"Sojaoo Riddima'" he requested

"mujha Hug chaya' Arman' I want mom' I use to feel secure in her hug '" she wined in pain

"Riddima'" he felt a dry lump in his throat' today he understood' why it felt so good while hugging his mom'.

"Arman 'Mom chayaaa'" he cried again

He couldn't take it any more' his eyes moist ' tear's came out'. He settled on bed ' and pulled her in to his embrace' she cried '.tear's float down' she shouted in cry'

"ahhhhhhhhh'" she cried' making her head tilt up

He took hold of her head ' and buried under his head' and shifted her on his lap

Tear's fell down from his eye's ' he felt so helpless he hugged her tight moved his fingers in her hair' in her scalp

After constant cry she fell sleep in his lap' and kept on cuddling in him' she had rounded her arms' around his waist' her head laid on his shoulder ' and he kept on caressing her back'.

His eyes were wide open'.

He made her settled on bed with very difficulty as she kept on pushing him along with her'. Soon after seeing her cuddling with the pillow' he closed all lights and walked out ' downstairs to make a coffee'

As he couldn't sleep '. Not tonight ' he can't sleep tonight' IT had been a worst day of his life' his friends' had gone out of board'

Soon he heard his mobile vibrate' he saw Rahul's name flashing

"Kya hua?" Arman asked after receiving the phone' "Ok I m coming'"


Arman walked up to door to see Rahul and Atul Standing their'he stood a side to give them a way to walk in'


"How's she'.?" Rahul asked breaking the killing silence'

"Fine'. Sleeping '" Arman said ' taking a sip' of his coffee'

"Where are others?" Rahul asked

"Gone to Shahank sir's House'"Arman told

"Why??" Rahul asked

"As Anjali and Atul are getting married'. On the coming Saturday' soo'" Arman trailed it off'

"I m going to say no to this marriage'" Atul declared

"What" Arman spit the coffee out'

"Yes..!" Atul stood up ' "And that to Right Now'" Atul took Arman's mobile and dialed Shahank's number

"Stop it Atul' Ruka Champ!" Arman took his phone and cut the bell'

"Arman phone dea'agar tera paas paisa nai hai tou bata ' ma Rahul say mangloon ga phone'" Atul said '

While Arman and Rahul chucked


"Kyon tera kahan haii?"

"Mera pass bhi balance nai hai'." Making a sad face' while other to laugh out '

Atul will make any one laugh at the worst time of the day'

"Shut up its serious" Atul said' while they both kept fingers on their lips' "u know ' I saw pain in Riddima's Eyes' I felt the pain'. I feel bad' I feel like screaming loud'" Atul fell on the couch'

"Tell me about it? I have gone throw it Atul' I was holding her a moment a go' she cried' she shouted'. She she'. She tired hard' to forget the pain' I can't move away her crying face'. When ever I close my eyes' I see her crying in pain'. She has no body man! No Body" a tear fell from Arman's Eye

"Tell me Arman' kya hua hai'?" Rahul make him settled and settled beside him "Bata Arman u will feel good ' your heart will be free from the heaviness u r feeling'." Rahul encouraged him to speak

And soon Arman told them about Riddima'.

Atul cried ' Rahul's Eyes got moist'

"She wants a mom ' Rahul' from where do I bring her mom..!" Arman cried'

"We all have some one at home'. We know ' that some one is waiting for us' some who could hug us and cherish us with love and all the fears and worries will run away' a mom, who comes to our room ' hug us give us a kiss before going to sleep' and a silent promise that she makes' that we won't have bad dreams' and she ' she has No one'" Arman told them

"Like me'" Atul said

"Yea like u' but still u have build Ur own world' Ur land lady must hate u' may beat u '. But still she waits for u to come home' she don't like when u come late' she black mail's u to come home early or else she will throw away your plants'. Still u have some one Atul'."

"areee I never thought like that'. ! You R right Arman'!" Atul smiled broadly'

"But Arman' u are there for Riddima ' aren't u??" Rahul Asked

"Yes I m and I will' I m Sorry Atul' but if Anjali hurts Riddima ' I will forget that she is your finance and same goes for u Rahul'" Arman declared'

"I don't care ' a bit'" Rahul said'

"Me too" Atul


"Guys' now go home' I want to sleep 'after three hours' we have to report'" Arman got up and turned his neck left right'


"Forget it' yar' today we are not gone a sleep. That's for sure" Atul said'

"Me too" Rahul said as he made his way to kitchen for making coffee's

"Oh Shit'. Riddima ko dress chaya tah' ab?" he looked at Atul

"Arman' why don't we ask Anjali aur Muskan?" Atul said

"Hmmm but will they give'?" Arman asked'

"If she didn't then seriously shame on them!" Atul declared' and dialed Anjali's number and placed the phone down' after ten fifteen minutes' "She said come and collect it'"

"But Atul she won't wear jeans and top'" Arman said'

"Ok I will ask for suit 'then" he nodded 'the two went to collect the suit'


"Hey Atul'" she hugged him happily' and saw Arman sitting in the car with an angry face' "hey Arman"

But he didn't bug to wish her' he nodded his head'

"Arman' I m really sorry' I promise' I didn't knew it will go that far' please believe me' u know me right? I m not that cheap' I didn't knew'." Anjali said with a sad face

"Anjali' I think it's still black out here' and u should go in'" Arman interrupted her'

She slightly nodded and made way for Atul 'to jump in '

"Go in Anjali'" Atul spoke a bit possessively' she nodded and walked in '


"U got a dress'?" Rahul passed a cup to Atul ' and Arman said later' let me check out on her first


"I guess so'" Arman said while walking upstairs'

"Arman we going home to change'!" Rahul shouted

"OK'!" he replied

"And wait for us' we will leave together'"

"OK Fine'!" Arman said and walked in Pari's Room


"Riddima'" Arman whispered as he took place on the edge of bed'

"Riddima'" he massaged her head a bit' and shakes her a bit

Still no movement'

"Riddima?" he turned her and she frowned in her sleep'. And he took a sigh of relief' as he saw a little movement in her'.

"Riddima' get up..!" he said a bit loud

"Let me sleep for a while naa'" Riddima mumbled'

"No' I got u a dress '. Now please change and let me change too'" Arman said pulling her up through shoulders'

Her head was floating backwards her hair flew like pendulum ' and a fresh smile on her face was unique he couldn't help but smile back

He had a feeling to smash his lips on her' but some how he controlled' he shook her a bit'

"uhmmmm" she made a silly noise'. And soon she slightly opened her eyes' and saw Arman, whose eyes were totally red and tired-look on his face' "hey'" she mumbled, he was still holding her ' somewhere he knew she will fell if he left her

"hey'!" he looked at her closing her eyes again'. He smiled further which reached his eyes' he leaned forward and kissed her cheek' "Good Morning'." Her eyes'. Shot up' and she blinked it furiously'

 He kissed me? Did he?? Oh Yes he wished me'. By kissing'? She thought

 Soon he moved away'. And walked up to door' he knew his kiss has alarmed her' and she won't sleep '. He walked out with a stupid grin'

As the door closed Riddima fell on the bed' blinking her eyes ' looking up at the ceiling' still feeling his lips ' on her cheek' touching her cheek' and then after some dizzy moment'


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