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Part 7 & 8 : AR ff Nashaa


Arman walk up to her to hold her and shook her up some sense in her, when rahul hold his one arm and pulled him back "I am hungry – don't mess it UP !!" pause "Behave yourself damn self ! Arman, i won't compromise on my Food !" Atul hold from other side and both pushed Arman on floor and ran behind Riddimaa... leaving Arman on Floor "You Both Son of A Bastar*"  Arman shouted as he made himself get up from the floor.
"We are not Kidnappers Riddimaa... we Are Civil Officers and are working to get hold of the drug mafia gang.!" Rahul exclaimed. "And i think we mis-took you as one of them." rahul started, Riddimaa stopped at doors of kitchen and turned her face to Rahul and Atul who stood few feet away

"yea... well your mom is in same business tou it would have been no shock to see that you Could BE involved" Arman spoke as he approached again, eyes her body as she bend it half over the door latch. Her one hand on waist and other on door.

"PAr i am Not..!" she replied, feeling exhausted.

"Well, we don't have any prove against you till now - so you are safe. Don't worry." Atul said making her cool down

"Aur... my parents... Are they?" she looked at Arman as if caught him tracing her body with his eyes. Her Expression changed in anger, she glared at him

"What?" He asked getting all red.

Her nostrils fumed up with anger more and more to see him smirking at her. 'you-look-so-damn-hot' he mouthed making her open her mouth slightly in shock

"Your parents? well Sorry to say but yes They are the one !" Rahul gained her attention. She gulped as she learnt the truth and began to think why? Tear stroke down her eyes. Rahul kept an understanding hand over her shoulder

"I am sorry Riddimaa that we hit you.. its just our duty which makes us suspect every person, and seriously sorry and I know you won't be able to forgive us soon for our harsh behavior but you know we be looking to this matter from last 6months and we found these pictures of your parents – we end up making plan to kidnap his weakness, though every girl is a weakness of the Father so we land up kidnapping you."pause

"we won't be doing anything bad again with you promise" he quipped in end. He stopped her as she turned to go in kitchen, "We would be needing your help." Rahul announced. "Meri?" Riddimaa turned and asked with shock shock, Arman walk pass her in kitchen

"Yea... but please phela Kahana." ARman ordered in his arrogant voice

"I am NOT making For you..." she stood up and walk away in the kitchen

"but for us Riddimaa Honey" Rahul talked in sugary tone

"OFF- Course i will make for you two but not for your arrogant lousy boss" Riddimaa smiled after so many days. " as he still haven't apologized.!" she turned to open fridge.

"HEY !!" ARman exclaimed in anger and went behind her as his hand tried to hold her arm she moved away to stove... The both grabbed a chair and whistled in a way to tease him.

"Why won't you make for me." arman went and jumped over the counter near the stove as she kept ignoring Arman, in a way to tease him with a ting of smirk.

"Bass... meri marzi.!" she replied in same tone. "but kyun... i am hungry" Arman made puppy face. Rahul reached for an apple, claiming it. he began eating

."App log... tell me Now.. what happened today.? when you went to met my Father?" She asked seeing Arman's face tighten. "

Your father. Bastar.... Sorry" he Riddimaa threw a tea spoon at him "ah... He tricked us. He some how got our home phone traced - and sent his people there... while with us at our meeting point, he kept on playing his stupid game of innocence. When we got a call from Raghu that YOur Fathers people hav attacked at home and Raghu, won't be able to safe You and Rahul for long time and we should return as soon as possible." Arman punched his own fist on his other hand.

Atul and Rahul both punching apples. When Atul begins "Finally when we turn to go then Your father tried to hold us up so that his people could do much of work, when Arman got angry and end up hitting your father and we both ran away from there." Atul ended the story.

"You hit my father?" Riddimaa pointed her knife at him ... from which she was chopping vegetables. "no I hit a mafia!.. what do you expect to hug him? Helllo how are you? Your daughter is with me... if you want her speak out your truth ok till then Bye ting tong WAKE UP!" he looked angrily at her "no one goes away after playing with Arman Malik" Arman replied arrogantly, glaring in pride.

"I feel like killing you with this knife" she spoke with anger, pointing her knife right at his cheek, making Rahul and Atul stare at him in amusement.

"Hmm she proves to be daughter of Shahank nae Rahul?" Arman looked at him.

"lol... yea..." Rahul replied.

"Pata nae smajhata kya hai apna ap ko!" she mumbled and concentrated on work while the three talk around how to ? and what to do next telling Riddimaa everything in a short way.

"I don't even get a word from what ever you all have been trying to say so... please all three of you just shut up and grab a chair" she hit her head with her palm and exclaimed. They all settled while she served the three and finally took the seat "

So ... am i forgiven?" Arman asked while eating the lavish food, thought to apologize now.

"Nae.. and i will never forgive you all - is this a way to behave with a girl. you all are losers - acting on Girls back" she spoke her heart out Indeed she was true... they were playing games with a girls help. They really were losers. "Fine... if you think that then i will show you how big Loser you father is..." Arman darted back at her.
part 8 :

"Settled down. You surely will need a seat in a while." Arman spoke.

"No need to scare me, show me what you have" she glared back at him, making rahul twist his lips at corner.

"here... see this" As Arman forwarded the picture, she looked for a second and turned her face away "along with drugging small children ' he(shahank) make them do this too. Can you see the girl? She was only 12 when she got rap*..." he added looking at her cry

"Here this boy" Arman pointed to another picture "He is nine year old. he was sold to another small area drug gang by your father.!" Riddimaa looked at the picture boy, who was dead in picture. "He had went through the same pain of clearly being harassed by a man!" Arman's vein got fired up, the blood in it began to boil as if it was gonna come out by splitting his veins.

"There was a women a bit far from your house ' a simple village with few families their. Your father mostly took babies from there" Rahul spoke drinking a glass of wine.

"You know Riddimaa, it would be soo hard for the babies to be '." Atul punched the wall in anger.

"Now look at this... your father in this picture with the same girl, its taken at the time I guess when he sold her off... that prostitute shop however works when people like your father gets up and collects innocent girls !" he grooved angrily over it. "now don't you think your father is a freaking loser?" Arman questioned her, she replied with a meek nod.

"If..." she began "Atul get her some water" Rahul said. "Here.... drink it.." Atul offered the glass. "You drink in this glass and that to beer" Riddimaa pushed his hand away, while other chuckled.

"Ok... I will go and wash it !" Atul went away to kitchen.

"If... he is the One. No matter what, I will... help you" she ended with determination to do this for small kids.

"You won't cheat us?" Arman asked. "not for world..." Riddimaa picked the pick in which the girl was still alive and stood quitely beside his father.

"here... washed glass... clean water!" he spoke grinning. "Thanks..." she mumbled and drank In one go

"Was this all?" she asked getting courage "No... other cases our not worth your watch. Please so ignore that asking." Arman got up while picking the pictures he showed. Riddima's eye lingered on him for a while till Atul broke her trace.

"Riddimaa the food was nice" Atul started making Arman turn and look at her. Seeing her staring at him with a pouncing heart beat. Why Papa? Diverting her mind and eyes she Thanked Atul

"I liked it too... it was delicious." Rahul commented. Every one looked at Arman "yea... good.!"He replied in his usual's

"Why is he like this?" she whispered to Atul.

"will tell you ' once the time is good." he whispered back which made her giggle. Rahul smiled at her childish nature while Arman just simply ignored it.

",I feel sleepy..." she said to Atul, in audible voice to others too.

"Yea... you go in the room. Upstairs..!" Atul said, relaxing in seat.

"Tie her!" Arman announced making her face color going out, she turned pale.

"Joking..."Arman added seeing her on a verge of crying. Her eyes turned angry with frown. "ohhhoo.. I am scared." Arman teased her further

"Stop it Arman.... she will surely end up killing you...!" Rahul patted his back. "OH I soo wish too cut off his face of his body and then keeping punching his that so called ugly smile." she spoke loudly and walk up the stairs.

Making Arman look at her with astonish. "She such a...." Arman could help but laugh at her behavior.

"Seriously she is one hell that !" Rahul Laughed his head out

"You going to have tough time Arman, she will surely end up doing that next time" Atul added and pillow yanked on his face by Arman which he found from one of the couch pillows.

The three laughed among themselves like ''old times'', as she slept peacefully on bed satisfied with them and their work but still crying over her parents deed.


Love Maha

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