Sunday, 24 March 2019

part 7 : Is This Love? (Arsh)

a lot had happened in the last 3yrs.. alot had changed..
They say rite'"whatever happens, happens for the best'"'
Shilpa managed to get armaan out of his depression.. it took her four long months'
She kept arranging for different things.. Sometimes it would be a football match.. Or a picnic.. and sometimes it would be just a muvee and pizza night at her place..
Anu was always der to support her di' she knew her di very well.. She understood when she was upset, happy, angry, excited and all other emotions' she also knew how deeply and madly her di was in love with armaan.. and how much it pained her di to pt it all aside.. and try her best to make armaan happy again..

During these four months.. shilpa's and armaan's relation was that of best frnds' ummm no' very very very best friends' so much so that they had the keys to each others house..
Armaan never realized that shilpa on purpose had arranged soo much for him.. he liked her a lot' ummm no.. loved her a lot.. just as a friend back then tho''
He loved her because she never used to mind to mention ridhimma when he was around.. she used to act normal when ridhimma and armaan would be around together.. infact she would crack a joke about it after ridhimma used to leave'she would go "oye pudding, flashback aaye kya'black and white?".. and he would hit her on her head and laugh about it..
Oh yea did I mention.. he calls her "boo"..
History behind boo-pudding
Once armaan and shilpa were arm-wrestling'
oh shit! and shilpa was in deep pain' it was a really tuff fite.. he could sense her pain.. but she wasn't ready to give up as yet.. he could see the pain in her eyes as well as the determination to win'
she was as I mentioned before in deep pain' so much so a tear ran down across her cheek..
when armaan saw tat.. he finally quit.. he knew at no cost would she ever give up..
it was either win the game or win the game kinda situation of her'
shilpa: scared?
armaan: remember shilpa.. once when I had played a prank on u' my 1st prank on u??? about that paralysis thing?
Shilpa nods'
Armaan: hmm.. n den you ran to the fire escape and I entered and you were crying bitterly? Remember wat you told me that day..
Shilpa looks at him quizzically
Armaan: 'I am stronger'
Shilpa: haan toh.. i spoke the truth noe..
Armaan: you know what.. ur an angel.. ur a gem of a person.. you have this sort of wall around you.. u usually don't allow anyone to enter.. and if anyone is successful hez the luckiest person on earth..
The person who gets to know the real you.. will never say your strong.. I mean you are strong.. very strong.. but only from the outside..
I was lucky enough to get to know the real you.. and I learnt that although you say that you are strong.. but from the inside.. you're a girl who needs to be loved.. hmmm' not needs.. who loves to be loved, to be pampered.. to be cared for.. your heart is really very fragile and that explains the wall you have built around you'
And if the person who is able to make that wall collapse.. and god-forbid if he ever breaks your heart.. it's a different thing that I will bash him up and break his bones instead.. But I know how broken and shattered you will be.. I know how much you'll cry'
You're my little 'boo''
Shilpa gets all senti'
With moist eyes.. she pulls hez cheeks and says:. Awwww.. ur sucha pudding'ur my yummiest pudding'.
And she gives him a peck on the cheek..!!!

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