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part 7 : We Met -We Touched

HE thought to divert his attention' but he couldn't find anything... Good compared to her' who could divert him' he leaned back on the door as his back closed the door' while pulling Riddima closer to him

 His hand stuck at her waist'and he stared at her' as if he has seen her first time' and he could stare at her' like this for whole life'

He frowned ' to see her protest'.he pulled her closer' and soon her feet were a bit up from floor' and then 'she kept her toes on his '

Her eyes were still closed' he touched her cheek 'with a finger moving down to her neck'. His eyes were still locked on her face'. His finger touched her long throat' where he felt her taking a gulp' moving his finger down'

He felt her breath and reached the end of her throat ' he moved to wards her shoulder feeling her collar bone' moved her hair' away'. And placed it on other side'. He bends down and took her skin ' he chewed it' kissed it' sucked it'.his hand moved on her back' roughly' melting her'. Making her lost in the moment'. in him '..

She kept on bending down'.her hands were still on his chest' a way to hold him'a feeling that she might fall' if she moves it away' feeling his heart beat against her palm'

He kissed her nap' moving to her bare shoulder' moving up to her throat he sucked it' feeling her lumps inside he tried to move away' but he can't and neither Riddima had the power to push him'

Soon he bites her '. And she let out a sigh' she pushed him hard' and looked at him strangely'

"Riddima?" he looked at her shocked' he himself' was shocked' he felt bad' he tired to say something but just couldn't '.

 She too felt bad' she felt disgusted'

"No ' Arman... No'" she cried and ran to the gallery out that he had in his room'

And she heard the voice of closing door 'behind her'.


"Rahul' can u come and pick Riddima'?" Arman called Rahul immediately as he walked out of the house'

"No I have some work' will come till evening'" Arman said' Soon Arman cut off the phone' and rushed out in his car'

Riddima standing up at gallery ' saw him moving hands in hair' and then he settled in car and was far away from her. A slight tear fell from her eye


 "Hello?" Riddima picked up her cell as it was ringing for about five minutes'

"Oaaee we r here to pick u '. Come down'"

"Why??"  Riddima asked after a while Riddima kept the phone down and cover the bite with her duppatta and walked down'.


 "Arman 'where the hell were u' its 7 '. Kahan tah 'yar" Rahul pounced on him with thousands of questions... while all were settled in the lounge' discussing party list ' while Riddima, who was settled in the corner beside Atul avoided his gaze

"Rahul' kuch nai' chora na'"

"bhaiiyaa!" Pari shouted and hugged him tight "I missed u'"

"Me tooo" he hugged her tight and a tear fell from his eye' which didn't went unnoticed by Rahul'

"Me three ' ME three" Rahul said and part them aside "Now 'go along' play with Riddima' we big boys ' have to talk over something'." Pause ' "Owwww" he took hold of his feet ' as Pari stammered on it' and the bandage he had on his nose' was pulled away by her ' too' and that too roughly' Arman has closed his eyes' as he saw her cruel sister beating his best buddy and that too badly' "Owwwwwwwwwwwww" he shouted' all looked at him' and soon she stammered her feet on his other feet'.

"MOMmmmmmmmmmmm" he fell on floor... and Muskan laughed at him like a manic' soon others laughed at him while holding their stomach' while Riddima felt pity on him

"Bas Pari' Bas'" Arman requested'

"Ok'" she hit him direct on his stomach through her heel ' before walking back '

Soon Arman made him stand and took him out'.


"Hmm u fine'"Arman asked while bringing two coffees'' out in the garden'

"Keep it on the table'" Rahul told Arman' as his hands were busy massaging his nose ' "no I m not at all fine'"

Arman laughed out

"kya hua hai arman'? Anything wrong between u and Riddima'" Rahul asked seeing Arman's laugh fading in silence "U can Trust me' if u want'"

"I kissed her'" he said in shot


"U love her?" Rahul asked him

"I '. I don't know'!" Arman answered helplessly'

"From when have u started feeling bad' when u kiss a girl'" Rahul laughed "As I remember u have kissed thousands of girls'" he reminded him

"But she is different..!" Arman pointed

"Then have control on your self..!" Rahul said in a warning tone' "She is not like other types of girls' whom u have played with' whom u used like Tissue papers'" Rahul said'. Placed his mug to his lips.. With out taking a sip he kept it back with a jerk "HOW Could u kiss her ' ?? IF u don't Love her" Rahul asked him angrily'

"Listen Rahul' I didn't do it on purpose' it just happened again'" Arman said bowing his head down

"Wait! AGAIN??" he almost shouted'

"Shhh shshhhh Rahul!!" Arman looked around nervously'

"Shut UP Arman !! What the hell Does that Again Means'?"

"I have kissed her two times'." Arman avoided his gaze'

"****" Rahul said disgustingly

"Seriously Rahul' I didn't do it on purpose' it just happened'. I never knew when and how' but I fell in the moment' I don't know why I do this..? But I can't help it yar' I kept on drowning in her' I feel ' like' there is a huge sea' and I am going deep down in it' believe me' I have no bad intention' I promise' If I had' then I would not have help her from the first moment'" Arman tried to explain'

'First Moment'' Rahul thought' and was lost somewhere

~Fell in Thoughts'~

"I don't want to talk to you'" Riddima looked at the other side' avoiding his deep eyes and saw some people approaching her' she felt a ping in her heart' 'Of being alone'

She placed her feet on floor, her arm brushed his while getting down from the stool her hair brushed his hand and without even giving another  look to Arman she walked away' passing through the club doors'.

He felt a ping in his heart' he tried to reach out to her and pull her' but she was gone' his eyes got foggy as he was trying hard to look at the door, from which she stepped in and out'

He felt a smack on his shoulder' and that brought him back to world' and he knew she was far way gone'. And Rahul had asked him to join them back'


Rahul still remember a girl' in white dress walked in the club' and went to bar' and after few minutes' he saw Arman standing up and walking at her in a dizzy way' he didn't like it' he saw a different Arman that day'

He had a feeling from that day ' that she could be the special one' and then when he saw her coming in with Arman' in the hospital' he was more than shock' he saw them talking at night' and at morning he had brought her with him to hospital'

And then she was a part of our intern group' soon she was a ease' Arman had conquered her' and then Rahul knew they met that night as God want them to met' they touched each other Because they wanted each other'

~Came Out of his thoughts'~

He had a feeling they had fallen for each other' no he was sure..! But the problem they met three days a go' it could be the reason 'that they need some one who could love them' and the vice versa'.

"Rahul" Arman shouted'

"Haaan??" Rahul asked irritably'

"Kya socha raha hai?"

"Avoid her Arman!" Rahul made a decision, and planned something else in his head'

"What??" Arman asked him shocked'

"Avoid Riddima' from now on wards..."

"But Why??" Arman stood up as he saw Rahul limping towards the house

"Because u r not good for her" Rahul said

"Why..? I m the best'!! Every girl will die for me'" Arman told confidently to get a tight slap on his head' "Owwww man!! Rahul!!" Arman rubbed his head

And followed him


Next two days were hell for both of them' Riddima avoided him' because she ashamed ' she was feeling guilty'

And Arman Avoided her because he didn't want her in pain now'. And especially not because of himself'

Rahul or Atul use to drop her home' and Arman use to come home exact at dinner time... And soon after that went to his room

Keerti felt her child disturb and thought to talk over it'

Riddima felt the loneliness'

Next Morning ' was same as yesterday' but the difference was' she will have to land in Anjali's home' as Muskan thought they will stay night together' .As Anjali's Engagement ' is tomorrow'

And that day Riddima didn't got duty any where near Arman' she has not seen his face from night' she felt a creepy feeling inside her ' she left her duty in middle and walked out of path lab to have a look at him'

Her feet stopped to see him hugging a small height girl' he clichd her so hard'and kept on pulling her up '

The girl shouted in delight' and they walked in the caf clutching each other'

Riddima didn't like it' she felt a ping in her heart' she turned and walked back to her ward'

Time went they did lunch' she had an eye on the couple who were cuddling to each other

'Too much' she thought

Soon she finished her lunch and went back to her duty'

Rahul and Muskan both saw a change in Riddima' she was quite most of the time' and today 'she has made thousands of faces 'Jealous' was the word they thought with a smile'

Well they wanted that ' as per Muskan's Order' she said it will work and surely Hindi film idea worked out'

While Atul and Anjali were usually cuddling each other'


She waited for Anjali to bring her car from parking loat' she saw Arman and that girl going away' in the car' not even giving her a look' not even looking at her once'

She felt hurt' broken' she felt crying '

Soon she settled in Anjali's car and went with her'

After having a lonnnng chat with Anjali and Muskan she slept on the chair'

Morning was still creepy to her' she wanted Arman to come and wake her'

Muskan and Anjali felt' difference in her behavior' they have been seeing Arman and Riddima avoiding each other'

Engagement party went great 'but Riddima got a call from hospital for emergency' she said sorry to every one and went to sanjeevani' after saying good bye'

The function has just started' soon Riddima left and Arman came with the same girl'

He was told that Riddima was called for emergency and then he involved in the party'


 "Nurse'.in ka B.P low ho raha.. hai.. Nurse Oxygen Mask'" Riddima shouted as she saw the patient was trying hard to breathe'

She was nervous' confused' and soon she told nurse to transfer the patient to operation theater

Riddima operated on the case' and Dr. Shahank was also informed' and he had send Shubhankar' right away


 "Riddima??" Shubhankar said                                                       

"Sir' the patient is fine ' we have to keep him in I.C.U until he is conscious'" she took off her gloves and

"Did u operated?" he asked astonished while Riddima nodded and washed her hands'

Nurse came and opened her gown' and then they walked to Shubhankar's Office'


 "Riddima' u sure u made this decision '.we are having an awesome time having u at home"

"Yes sir' I have decided' and I have got a great flat'" she said...

"I won't stop u ' if u have already decided' but u are always welcome at home!" Shubhankar patted and said her to rest some time in his office till he will go and check on the patient.

She accepted and rested a while on the couch


 "She left?" Arman asked his dad again

"Yes Arman!!" Shubhankar repeated'

"But why'?" Arman said' "U didn't stop her'?"

"Did we have a right?" Keerti jumped in the conversation'

"Yes ' we had'" Arman walked out  he kept on mumbling'.

Kyun mera dil, oh ho kyun mera dil
Tujhko chaahe tujhko maange kyun mera dil
Aa haan kyun mera dil
Tujhko chaahe tujhko maange kyun mera dil
Tere siva kuchh bhi na soche kyun mera dil
Aa haan kyun mera dil

A tear fell from his eye' he stayed at beach whole night'


 "Dr. Arman '. Why the hell are u late'?" she shouted at him

"Sorry ma'am' it won't happen again'"

Keerti being a doctor - a monitor '. Was a mother too ' and today she saw her son in pain' she wanted to console him

Tell him' she is there' pacify him'

"Meet me in my office'"


Anjali and Atul's marriage got delayed for a month.. They didn't like it' At all... But they behaved maturely in front of elders'

They use to moan every moment' and use to think of running away and get married in church or temple ' but some how Rahul and Muskan consoled them

Riddima diverted her attention at work' Riddima had shifted to her own place' and after duty most of her time went in cleaning place' and making it a great place'

They were happy ' they were really happy for her' they hugged her ' gave presents '


"Arman?" she walked up to him and hugged him' "If u like her ' tell her beta'" Keerti said, as she rubbed his back' tears flow down from his eyes

"Mom '. I m not good for her'." Arman told himself' rather than his mother'

"Who said' my son is best!" Keerti pushed him away slightly '

"Rahul 'said' avoid her stay away' I might hurt her' she had gone throw a lot' Mom... I can't '. I can't hurt her further' and soon Nikki is going to join us' I can easily forget her'. And Nikki will help me'" his eyes were moist ' he tried his best not to drop' but it really made hard for him' to keep every thing in his heart ' he wanted to say' say it all'Keerti made him settled on couch and sat beside him ' and he placed his head on her lap' "I need a sleep mom' can I sleep here for a while" he looked up at his mom' while she nodded ' closed his eyes' and soon he fell in sleep ' a deep sleep

After an hour Shubhankar entered her cabin and took a sigh of relief he was about to talk when Keerti signaled him not' Shubhankar saw tear in her eyes' and he hated that the most' he walked up to her ' and asked her'

"He Loves her!" Keerti told him... and broked down' soon he kissed her '. Tears rolled down from her cheek and fell on Arman's cheek'

"Come on Guys..! ' Don't make out in front of me'" he parted them by pressing his hand on each of them'he saw tear's in his mom's eyes'

"MOMmm" he wined " U know we hate tear's in ur eyes'"

"Shut up Dr. Arman' and report to your duty now'" she said and rubbed her face'

Arman hurried - stood up and saluted her

"YES MA'AM!!" he stammered his feet on floor and walked out

Shubhankar pulled her and placed his lips on her ' when he was sure Arman was no near them


"Dr. Riddima'?" Arman said "Can u pass me that chart'?" Arman asked for the board that was beside her' while Riddima just nodded'

That was the least he said in last week '

Nikki Malhotra soon joined' and Riddima felt hurt' another week past out' Riddima' use to go home by her self '. She was hurt' torned out'


Arman has left her and he was not coming back' he has left and she has let him go' she was dieing.. She was dieing ' this farness was killing her' she ran to her room's gallery 'and took deep breath'

She felt suffocated 'she wanted him' she needed him' she looked down at the silent road'

I Love him'. Tears fell down'. But ' I can't'

She saw Arman standing their.. Holding Nikki' kissing her' pulling her closer' but soon every thing disappeared'

She fell down on floor and cried' cried her heart out'       

 She just could say the three words' she can't say it' her throat dried up' she cried ' loud' and soon drifted to an uncomfortable sleep'


She waked up with the shining raise of sun' birds voice always left her at ease but today she felt terrible she took hold of the railing and got up

Her back '. Screamed in pain' she felt some one has clutched her spinal cord' and was moving it in a fro

She frowned in pain' and walked in bathroom


 "Good morning interns"

"Dr. Arman and Dr. Nikita' special Ward', Dr. Anjali and Dr. Rahul Path lab', Dr. Muskan and Dr. Riddima path lab' and Dr. Atul ' you are going on rounds with me' lets get back to work ' Doctors.."

"Yes ma'am'" all went to their' duty but Arman 'went to sign some discharge paper of his patient'

"DR. Riddima'!" nurse at reception shouted'

Riddima who was walking with Muskan turned and looked back "u have a got a letter!" nurse said' while Muskan went back to duty and Riddima walked at the reception

"Kis ka hai Sister'" Riddima asked' who was very well aware of Arman's presence'

"PAta nai'" Sister said' and said her to sign' after    signing Riddima turned her back to wards reception' and was shock to read the letter'

She ran' she ran out'

Arman frowned and looked at her for a second' then ran after her'



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