Friday, 1 March 2019

Part 73 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"In this lifetime span, if I wont get to have you, I'll make sure that if I meet you in my next life I wont have to think twice on saying that "I have waited a lifetime to say I love you"
After their chats Aditi came back in her room and immediately dailed Armaan's number who picked after two rings, she didn't informed on phone she directly ordered him to come in her room and when Dev asked she informed in a go which made him shocked also he decided to take Armaan's class, In Evening Armaan came back in his cool mood but when Aditi informed everything also scolded him for not informing Shilpa anything his cool mood went into gutter, he was shocked also was confused
"Kya karoon ab...??" he sat worriedly on couch
"Ab kya faida... Pehle hi kaha tha tujhse... Usse sab bata de... Lekin tu meri sunta kaha hai..." Dev scolded looking at him
"By god.. Tum chup raho Dev... Ab chillaane ka nehi... Kuch sochne ka waqt hai..." sitting beside Armaan she said "Ab tum suno... Kya tumne apni yaadaast k baare mein Shilpa ko bataya... Kyunki yeh bhi sunne k baad vo thoda shock lag rahi thi" as she said he looked at her
"Haan.." he replied calmly
"Toh yahan kyun baitha hai... Jaa sab kuch clear kar... Isse pehle koi misunderstanding aaye tum dono k bich..." Dev ordered making him to stood up

Meri hassi tujhse
Meri khushi tujhse
Tujhe khabar kya

"Don't worry... Aisa kuch hone nai dunga mai..." saying this in calm tone he went from there to clear everything... But as he stepped inside their room he found Shilpa folding clothes of Ohaana who was playing wd Ayaan & Nazma, his heart was beating wd it's fullest speed thinking about her inner feelings "Shilpa..." in a very soft tone he called her who look back at him on which he started approaching towards her slowly "See... I know tumhe hurt huaa hoga... Aditi se yeh pata chalne pe... But trust me mai tumhe bataane waala tha... Jaise hi tum mujhe maaf kar deti..." he started slowly watching her face who was calmly listening him but somewhere he was fearing to loose her "Aur maine tumhe uswaqt isliye nai bataya... Kyunki mai tumse phone pe baat nai kar sakta tha... Aur mere paas koi option nehi tha... Except usse apne saath rakhne ki... I know..." he tried to clear it but she stopped
"Mai samajhti hoon... Armaan" hearing her understanding tone he became totally speechless "Situation uswaqt aisi hogi... Aur ek toh mai bhi aapke saath nehi thi toh kaise puchte aap" he didn't believed on his ears that she actually understood his situation
"Tumhe... Farq nehi pada maine tumhe nehi bataaya...??" holding her shoulder firmly he asked wd thudding heart on which she just stared his face calmly\
"I think... Ohnu ko laana chaahiye... Raat bahoot ho chuki haina" removing his hands firmly she changed the topic making him confused "Mai lekar aati hoon haan..." before he could ask again she was out from the room leaving him numb there
"Kuch samajh mein nai aa raha kya karoon..." he mumble under his breath while moving his hands inside his hairs, two hours passed then Shilpa came back wd Ohaana and in front of his daughter he didn't got time to ask, also she was behaving normal in fact she was giggling laughing smiling wd Ohaana which was making him Mad from inside... Night passed he was still thinking about her reaction infact to calm his mind he went for morning walk but when his level of patient died he couldn't stop his frustration on her, So as he entered inside their room his frustration turned into anger seeing her who was confusedly staring her dresses trying to select one for Surbhi's Haldi function when in a jerk he pulled her towards him by her arm which made her gasp shockingly "Yeh sab.. Tum jaan bujhkar kar rahi hona... So that humaare bich fir koi problem aaye... Phir mai tumse jhagda karoon... Aur ek baar phir tum mujhe pagal kardo... Tumhaare liye sochne pe... Haina" gripping her shoulders tightly he asked in full angry tone making her hurt

"Mai kuch samjhi nehi Armaan..." She whispered in painful tone which he noticed
"Don't act Shilpa... Acche se jaanta hoon tumhaare dimaag mein kya chal raha hai..." leaving her shoulders he said in frustrated tone making her to stare him quietly
"Kya chal raha hai Armaan??" in a calm voice she asked making him more angry
"Tum nehi jaanti kya chal raha hai...?" pointing her he asked angrily
"Nehi... Nehi jaanti..." she nodded in No wd a calm look which made him to jerk her again by her shoulders angrily
"Kyun kar rahi ho tum yeh... Agar gussa ho toh jatao... Agar hurt hua hai toh batao... Par aise normal banane ka dikhawa mat karo..." this time he said in soft tone making her to stare him quietly "I know tumhaare dimaag mein kya chal raha hai..." leaving her again he said in angry tone
"Kya??" she asked wd grim look
"Zyada se zyada kya soch sakti ho tum... Yehi naa ki kab tum mujhe chod k chali jaao... Yaah fir divorce dekar Ohnu ko apne paas rakhlogi... Infact Anita k baare mein toh tumne pura soch liya hoga... Ki mera usse affair hoga Singapore mein... Uske saath vo baccha bhi mera hi hoga after all cheh mahine vo mere saath thi haina... Kyunki tumne toh pucha bhi nehi ki vo kyun thi mere saath... Bas zara sa suna hoga toh apne... Dimaag mein bitha liya hoga ki mera uske saath affair hoga... Especially jab mai keh kar gaya tha ki affair rakhunga... Aur tum yeh baat court mein easily proove kardogi so that Ohnu tumhaare paas rahe" whatever came out from his mouth he blurted out just to make her to fight back so that she share her real emotion but instead she was quietly staring him "Par tumhe pata hai... Mai tumhe kisi bhi chiz ka explanation nehi dunga... Tumhe jo sochna hai soch sakti ho..." piercing his teeth he said while moving closer to her "Isiliye maine tumhe nehi bataya tha... Kyunki mai jaanta tha jab tumhe saamne samjhaana bahoot muahkil hota hai... Toh phone pe toh impossible tha..." saying this in angry tone he stared her face whose face have blank look "For god sake ab bologi bhi kuch...??" this time he asked in frustrated tone but instead of answering him she moved to go when he held her arm "Kyun humaare bich misunderstanding laa rahi ho...??" his voice turned soft coz he got tired now when she carefully removed his hand from her arm
"Misunderstanding toh tab hogi na Armaan... Jab humaare bich understanding hogi" saying this in softly she went from there leaving him angry there
"Haan phir thik hai... Jo karna hai karo... Mai bhi nehi karunga kuch is baar..." he shouted angrily and when his mind couldn't afford her ignorance he kicked a chair out of frustration, So this was going in Arsh's life Or in Dev-Aditi's life yet Aditi was demanding but the change which came in anyone was Surbhi who was mostly quiet in her wedding functions reason she didn't told to anyone infact in today's Haldi function also she was mostly quiet... Function was going wd fun just coz of Ayaan & Sid's anchoring, Arsh didn't interacted much in function until Shilpa went to look for Ohnu
"Pata nai kahan gayi yeh ladki...?" Shilpa mumble entering in corridor "Kahin phirse chot lag na jaaye usse..." wdout looking ahead she blabbered to herself when suddenly Armaan came from other corner while texting something to Anita
"Ouch...!!" they suddenly bumped wd each other which made Shilpa almost fell but before it could happen he held her strongly who opened her eye lashes slowly realising his presence near her, Armaan felt to held her like this forever specially her looks which were making him fall for her more but then morning's incident reminded in his head which made him to think again about her word 'Understanding' where as her heartbeat skipped seeing his intense gaze but she didn't removed her eyes from his face reason she also don't know but what made her lost was his very small smile on his face, She realised his head was dropping down near her face who became aware about the situation also their morning's fight came on her head when
"Mummaa...!!" hearing Ohnu's shout she pushed him and turned back at Ohaana who was running towards them while Armaan straightened himself
"Daudo mat varna gir jaaogi..." as Shilpa warned Ohnu who wd cute pout slowed down her speed which made Armaan smile "Itna bhi slow nai kaha tha maine..." crossing her arms she said which made her giggle who immediately approached towards them
"Mumma... Deko... Subhi aunty... Ne kya kiya..." complaining this she showed her little hands & cheeks to them, her cheeks & hands were coloured wd Haldi
"Yeh Surbhi ne lagaaya aapko...??" picking her up in his arms he asked
"Haa... Deko... Mere... Cheeks dirty... Ho gaye..." she complained in her kiddish tone making him chuckled while Shilpa shook her head
"Accha thik hai... Ruko hataati hoon" saying this normally she tried to remove it from her cheeks wdout realising that she is moving closer to Armaan who was trying hard to avoid her
"Toh... Subhi...aunttty ko... Aap nai... Daatoge...??" Ohaana asked innocently
"Kyun nai daatunga... Aap bas ruk jaao Papa abhi unhe daatenge..." Armaan answered wd a smile while drying that Haldi from her cheek which resulted Arsh's hands brushed wd each other making them to stare, No matter they had fight but Ohaana is the key of attachment in their relationship
"Haa..." Ohnu's voice broke their eye lock who looked away from each other
"Acha... Vo sab chodo... Chalo change karwa doon..." as Shilpa said this Armaan looked at her somewhere thinking to end their fight when
"Shilpa bhabhi... Aapko... Surbhi bula rahin hain..." hearing Nazma's voice Shilpa looked back
"Haan vo..." Shilpa was about to excused when
"Please chaliye... Vo aapka wait kar rahin hain..." Nazma requested which made her quiet
"Acha ek minute haan..." saying this she looked back at Ohaana who was giggling as Armaan was blewing air on her face
"Princess Papa ko bhi change karna hai... Aur aapko bhi... Toh kyun naa aaj papa help kare aapki..." hearing Armaan's word a relief ran inside Shilpa coz he understood her problem
"Haan..." Ohnu nodded happily while encircling her hands around his neck who smiled
"Acha aap Papa k saath jaao change karlo... Mumma Surbhi aunty k paas hai haan... Change karke aa jaana..." saying this hurriedly she kissed her nose while her fragrance made Armaan to close his eyes to avoid her fragrance who bidding bye to her went wd Nazma
"Ab hum chalen??" picking her up in air he said smilingly on which she giggled and the duo went to change which became fun for both, after changing he dropped Ohaana in Surbhi's room where all the ladies were gathered and as Ohnu walked inside he went from there coz today boys has plan for party in a club... His all friends were there enjoying it but his mind was only thinking about Shilpa's sudden change of behaviour also their fight when Ayaan said something which made all boys laugh

"Kambakht ek humaare hi nasib mein yeh... Mohobbat naam ki chidiya nehi hai... Varna hote kahin hum bhi... Ek mashoor mahotarma k saath..." as he said this smilingly boys looked at him
"Abbe tujhe nai pata tu kitna lucky hai..." Adi said in serious tone
"Haan... Yeh pyaar vyaar k chakkar mein padega... Toh zindagi ajeeb lagegi..." Avi too said
"Ji nehi... Zindagi aur khubsoorat hi hogi" Ayaan said in his cheerful tone
"Beta jab tak knuwaare ho... Jeelo... Varna lock ho jaaoge" Abhi said smilingly
"Mai toh kehta hoon Rehaan tu bhi khul k jeele... Yeh teen din varna band bajaaygi vo" Dev suggested looking at Rehaan who is sitting beside him
"Hum jee hi toh rahe hain..." Rehaan's slow voice made Armaan Dev both a little confuse
"Thank god mai iswaqt bachelor hoon..." Sid joked which made all boys smile and they all got involved in some boys talk... And at midnight they returned back to the Palace, Armaan was passing from corridors when he heard someone's cry which made him to step back towards the voice which was coming from some corner, as he stepped there he found a broken Surbhi on a sofa which made him stunned So he thought to ask and now they both are having some cute adorable time when
"Mr Khan... Aapko pata hai Ananya aunty ne aaj mujhe kaha... Rehaan ko mujh jaisi pyaar karne waali ladki kahin nehi milegi..." wd a proud smile she said making him smile which soon faded only to turn in shock
"Kya...?? Mom ne kaha...?? Vo aa gayi...??" he asked in shocking tone
"Haan..." as he heard her nonchalant Yes he stood up shockingly
"Aaj meri aur Dev ki khair nehi..." he mumble under his breath "Acha vo log konse room mein ruken hain...??" he asked in hurried tone making her confused at his reaction
"Phuphi k side waale room mein" she replied in normal tone "Par abhi aap mat jaana kyunki vo so rahe honge..." she stooding up she suggested
"Naah... Vo meri family hai acche se jaanta hoon unhe... Bina meri class liye vo soyenge nehi..." as he said she giggled "Bt the way thank you...! And Good night..." saying this he ran from there leaving her confused
"Aree aapka goggle...?" she asked loudly picking his goggle which he threw beside her
"Tum rakhlo... As a gift..." he shouted back turning at her but still he was stepping back making her giggle
"Mr Khan... Naa ajeeb hi hain..." she mumble smilingly looking at his goggle who immediately disappeared from there... He immediately reached in front of their room where he thought to knock but dropping that idea he barked inside
"Heyy... Everyone..." hearing his happy voice they all looked at him wd serious faces which made him to gulped who looked at them like a culprit, His dad & Grand father were sitting one of a arm chair His dadi was sitting beside Dev on one of a sofa and Ananya was standing just beside the bed "Sorryy... Sorryy... Mai airport aane hi waala tha ki..." he tried to make an excuse while entering inside when Ananya stopped him
"Reasons mat do... Chup chap yahan aakar baitho..." Ananya ordered while pointing on bed
"Mommm..." he dragged her name while walking towards her who gave him an angry look
"Kya mom... Baitho yahan..." as she said in her serious voice he followed like an obident son and quietly sat on bed
"Aur.. Janaab aap kyun hume lene aayenge... Hum thodi koi bacche hain..." his dad said in his usual way
"Dad mai toh bas formality... Kar raha tha... Aawww" as he said coolly Ananya smacked his head lightly
"Tum chup rahoge aaj... Kyunki ab tumhe sunaayenge aur tum jitna pucha jaayga utna hi jawaab doge..." She ordered in her strict tone on which he made a face
"Haan... Puchlo mom... Varna yeh toh raha kuch bataane se aap sabko..." Dev said in sneaking way making Armaan to glare him
"Idiot agar tujhe pata tha... Mom n all sab aane waale the... Toh mujhe kyun nehi bataaya??" throwing a cushion on him he asked angrily which made Dev chuckled while catching the cushion
"Bata k bhi kya faida... Tum toh phir bhi wahi karoge jo karna hai" Ananya scolded
"Mo..." as he opened his mouth to explain Ananya looked at him angrily
"Ananya bas karo... Ek toh do saal baad usse dekh rahi hoon... Aur tum sunna rahi ho" as Dadi scolded Ananya a grin formed on Armaan's face
"That's why i love my daadi..." saying this he sat beside his daadi who caressed his hairs lovingly
"Aaja mera pota... Dekho toh sahi kaisa ho gaya hai humaare bina" hearing Dadi's lovely voice he hugged her tightly
"I missed you all..." he said smilingly after parting from hug
"Haan.. Tabhi... Ab shakal dikha rahe hona..." Ananya taunted while sitting on bed
"Don't pretened aap sab kuch nehi jaante okay..." he looked at them who smiled "Yaah.. I admit mujhe Mumbai aana chaahiye tha... But bahoot saare kaam ki wajah se.. Possible nehi huaa..." he explained in calm tone while keeping his back against the post which made them smile
"Haan tumhaare bahoot saare kaam... Mumbai mein bhi aa gaye the..." as Billy refered about the media he smiled
"Ab itna toh aap sabko bardaast karna hi padega..." he said in chilled out tone which made them smile
"I am proud of you... Kaafi naam roshan kar rahe ho tum Maliks ka..." his Dadu said smilingly
"Aree abhi kahan... Abhi toh yeh bas shuraat hai... Iski Dadu..." Dev's teasing voice made Armaan to slap his head lightly making everyone laugh
"Tu yeh chod... Mujhe bata.. Tujhe kab pata chala... Yeh log aayen hai... Kyunki tu tha toh mere saath hi...??" Armaan asked to Dev who smiled
"Anant ka phone aaya tha... Usne bola ki... Daddyy.. Dadu daadi sab aa gaye..." Dev's reply made everyone smile while Armaan chuckled
"Isse kehte hain.. Malik... Bachpan se hi smart..." Armaan complimented Anant which made them giggle "Acha aap logo ne dinner kiya...??" putting his hand on his daadi's shoulder he asked smilingly
"Haan humne dinner kar liya... Aur sabse mil bhi liye... Bas tum dono hi gayab the" his daadi answered which made him giggle while hugging her lovingly
"Humaara chodo apna bataao.. Ohaana se milkar kaisa laga...??" Ananya asked in teasing way
"Kaisa laga matlab of course accha laga..." He replied coolly
"Mujhe toh in dono ko dekhar lagta hi nehi hai ki... Tum dono k bhi bacche hain.." as his daadi said they both brother's chuckled hi-fiving
"Kya karen daadi... Hum hain hi itne handsome" Dev said in proud ness making Ananya to shook her head
"But actually iska saara credit toh hum mom ko denge... First unhone hume itna handsome banaya... And second... Unko hi unke pote-poti dekhne ka shauk tha..." he knowingly teased his mom who shook her head
"Tum dono zyaada nehi bol rahe ho...?" Ananya asked in her strict tone which made Armaan to sat beside her again
"Naahh... Coz we know... You made us like this... And for that..." giving her side hug he said in extra sweet tone
"We love you.. " Dev completed which made Ananya giggle while everyone cherish this moment... Till one hour they spent time wd each other enjoying it wd fun then at last their parents retired to their room and leaving his grand parents in their room they both also retired to their respective rooms, And as Armaan entered inside the room he found a sleeping Shilpa on bed but what made him frowned was Ohaana's disappearance

"Ohaana..." he called carefully while looking around for her, there was dark inside the room except night bulbs "Kahan jaa sakti hai...??" he mumble under his breath walking towards the balcony where the rain was falling heavily "Baarish mein toh nehi jaaygi..." he thought worriedly thinking where can be she? When he heard something fell from the balcony which made him ran there only to left stunned "Yeh kya hai...??" as he asked shockingly Ohnu turned immediately who is fully drenched in rain, her white T-shirt & Denim jump shorts were sticking to her body
"Papa...vo... Mai inko... Sula rahi... Tee." rubbing her little hand on her wet cheeks she walked towards him in steady steps as if fearing to get scold "Kyunki vo..." she said in her cute innocent tone when he realised she is still getting wet even he himself is drenching in rain
"Abhi nehi... Pehle aao andar... Varna bheeg jaaoge..." bending to her level he said in worried tone on which she nodded her head in No making him frown "Nehi Princess... Yeh koi time nehi hai bheegne ka... Aapko fever bhi ho jaayga naa... Aur mumma bhi scold karegi chalo andar..." he tried to made her understand in loving tone while picking her up
"Naii... Eeever... Toh... Unko... Bii oga naa..." pointing at corner side of balcony she replied innocently, Armaan's eyes followed her finger on corner where few flower plants were kept he noticed on every plant there was a cloth resting above them which might be of Ohaana but two flower plants were left as it is
"Aap kar kya rahe the...??" looking at her he asked in loving tone while siding her few strands of hairs from her cheeks who encircled her hands around his neck
"Vo... Mummaa ne... Kaha tha... Raat ko...ppplaans... Sote hain... Toh unko... Ddeee...sstub.. Nehi karna chaahiye..." in her cute tone she was answering him innocently who walked a little inside the balcony where the rain wasn't falling coz of roof "Toh.. Toh... Rains... Unko deestub karegi... Isiliye... Maine unko... Andr..ellaa de diya... Vo ab nai beegenge... Bas do reh gaya hai..." as he heard her innocent answer he laughed
"Pehle toh vo... Disturb hota hai... Aur dusra... Vo Umbrella hota hai..." making her sat on a swing he corrected her who smiled "Aap toh bahoot smart ho... Aur ek good girl ho..." sitting beside her he praised her who smiled widely
"Sachmein Papa...??" she asked smilingly on which he chuckled
"Haan... Of course... Par aapko pata hai... Aapne ek galti kar di..." hearing this her smile faded
"Kya??" as she asked slowly he made her sat on his lap
"Vo yeh ki... Plants ko rains ki zaroorat bhi hoti hai... Aur nehi bhi hoti... Saath mein unhe kabhi bhi kapdo se nehi dhakna chaahiye kyunki pehle kapde dirty ho jaayenge aur dusra kapde sirf unke uper stick honge but rains se nehi bacha paayenge..." he made her understand in her way who understood
"Toh... Kya... Karna chaahiye...??" in her kiddish tone she asked which made him smile
"Hmmm... Inhe hum utha k yaha side pe rakh denge toh yeh bheegenge nehi... Aur jo kapde aapne apne gande kiye hain... Unhe wash karke rakh denge varna mumma... Chodegi nehi aapko aur mujhe" stooding up he carefully made her understand who giggled
"Toh... Ab??" she asked cutely while he brought her back in room
"Toh ab aap yahan rehkar... Change karo... Mai plants ko side rakhta hoon..." making her stand on couch he said coolly and went to bring towel & her dry clothes
"Mai... Bee aaaungi" she insisted as he came back wd clothes
"Nehi... Kyunki jaisa aapne kaha ki baarish se plants ko fever hoga... Ussi tarah Papa nehi chaahte ki baarish ki wajah se... Unki Princess ko fever ho..." picking the towel he said in cutest tone which made her giggle while he wd a smile he rubbed her head wd towel
"Par... Agar... Papa ko...feeever huaa tohh??" she questioned smilingly as he put the towel on chair
"Hmmm... Tab Ohaana... Papa ki care karegi... Nehi...?" he asked in teasing voice on which she gave a nod in Yes wd giggles "Hasna band karo... Varna mumma uth jaaygi... Aur aapko thand nehi lag rahi...??" he asked in normal tone while changing her in dry clothes which was her night Dora t-shirt & pink shorts
"Todi todi... Lag rahi... Hai..." hearing her cute voice he smiled and changing her clothes he put the old ones inside washroom then brought cough syrup for her "Naiii... Yeh accchii nai...lagti mujhe" she directly refused as he brought that in front of her
"Ssshhh... Mumma uth jaaygi..." he put his index finger on his lips signaling her to be quiet "Aur main yeh isliye de raha hoon... So that aapko fever naa ho... Toh peelo meri Tinkerbell" hearing his cute request she giggled while putting her little palms on her mouth "Pleaseee" as he said this she smiled and closing her eyes opened her mouth which made him amused, giving her syrup he made her drank water "Accha aap mujhe yeh batao... Aap soye kyun nehi the aur kaise aapko inka pata chala??" he asked in calm tone while lifting her up in his arms
"Vo mai mumma k saat... So rahi thi... Fir rains ki...awaaz se mai uth gayi... Aur yahan aa gayi... Plans ki help karne" he cuddled her lovingly as he heard her reply
"Papa loves you..." giving her a kiss on her cheek he said lovingly while taking her towards Shilpa "Hmmm... Ab aap yahan chup chaap so jaaoge... Bina kisi aawaaz k" making her laye beside Shilpa he said in low voice
"Aur... Papa??" she too asked in low voice
"Papa... Aapke plants ko side karke... Aapke kapde laayenge aur phir change karke so jaayenge... Aapke aur mumna k saath... Thik hai" putting the comforter on her he answered
"Okay... Par...jaldi aana" hearing this a smile reached on his face who giving a soft kiss on her head walked on balcony where he put the plants on side then taking Ohaana's clothes which are dirty now he put them in washroom fitting a note inside his brain that Tomorrow before Shilpa he would give that clothes in laundry, So that Shilpa could not see the clothes and after changing himself in dry clothes he layed beside Ohaana who have slept now
"Thank god... Isse koi bukhar n all nehi huaa" he mumble smilingly while checking her forehead which was normal "Hmm... Ek yehi toh hai... Jisse dekh kar koi problem mehsoos nehi hoti... In fact problem toh mai bhool hi jaata hoon..." he thought wd a smile staring at the ceiling but then Shilpa's thought came inside his head who looked at her and watching her face when he dozed off didn't knew!
Next evening
A Day before Wedding
@ Jain temple, Ajmer
8:45 Evening
"Kuch bolega bhi... Ki aise hi chup chap baith k sunega... Sirf" A frustrated Dev looked at Armaan who is calmly sitting on the stairs just five steps above Dev who is standing on ground "Armaan mai tujhse baat kar raha hoon..." hearing his yell he looked at him calmly
"Kya bolun mai... Mujhe khud kuch nai samajh raha hai..." he replied annoyingly making Dev quiet
"Dekh Armaan... Kuch bhi karke Aditi ko sambhaal le... Mai itni jaldi kahan se... Karunga vo sab..." sitting beside him he pleaded on which he rolled his eyes
"Tujhe pata hai... Jab tujhe khud nai samajh raha hai... Toh tu mujhse kaise expect kar sakta hai..." this time he asked in calm tone
"Haan baat toh sahi hai... Par ab kya karen...?" Dev looked at him worriedly
"Kuch sochte hain... Ruk..." looking down on floor he said thoughtfully
"Please... Kuch acha tarika dhundhna..." as Dev blurted out he shot a glare at him "I mean... Of course tu dhundh lega koi raasta..." seeing his glare he said in calm voice making Armaan smile slowly "Tu kuch kar lega naa..." keeping his one hand on Armaan's shoulder he requested wd cute face which made him smile
"Do minute k liye chup hoja... Kuch bada sochne de" hearing this a smile reached on Dev's face who gave a nod in Yes and both the boys started thinking something wd serious face "Agar tu khud banaade toh...??" he looked at Dev who made a face
"Aree... Yehi toh maine usse subhe idea diya tha... Lekin madam ne saaf saaf inkaar kar diya... Yeh kehkar ki.." stooding up again he said in annoying tone making him too look at Dev wd phlegmatic look "By god!! Duniya mein koi bhi Shaanti ko beat nai kar sakta... Agar mai Crunchy potato crisp khaaungi.. Toh sirf ussi k haath ka... Ab yeh tumhaari problem hai ki tum usse lekar aaoge by any how..." as he mimicked Aditi Armaan laughed "Haan... Hasle tujhe toh meri har haalat pe hassi aati hai... Tu thodi samjhega meri problem" pointing at him he said wd his 'Bechaara look' on which Armaan pressed his lips to controled his laugh "Kabhi bhi kuch bhi demaand karti hai... As if mai koi Aladin ka chiraag hoon... Aisa usne Anant k time nai kiya tha... Fir is baar kyun" he asked in annoying tone while Armaan noticed how people's were watching them strangely "Tujhe pata hai.. Kya kya kehti hai karne ko... Kehti hai yeh suit kyun pehna hai koi shirt pehen lo... Itne chote baal kyun hai bada kar lo... Most important Armaan yeh bhi kehti hai ki... Tum clean shaved kyun nai hojaate... Can you believe this... Mai aur clean shaved... Impossible... Mere acche khaase look ko Bahubali k bhai Ballala Dev se compare karti hai... Aur kehti hai ki Shah Rukh ki tarah look rakkho..." hearing his non stop complain Armaan shook his head sympathetically but hearing Bhallaal Dev he laughed who leaned his back against the stairs while his elbows were touching the step "Mai isse pehle bahoot pagal ho jaaun.. Aur khudko mental hospital mein admit karvaaun... Tu kuch kar..." looking at him he almost requested on which he rubbed his temple to think something
"Tu pehle thoda shaant hoja... Baaki hum kuch sochenge... Choti si hi toh problem hai..." looking up at him he said in calm tone on which shaking his head Dev sat beside him
"Tujhe yeh choti si problem lag rahi hai...??" he asked in serious tone making Armaan to calm himself coz hearing his non stop complain his head was spinning
"Aur nai toh kya Dev... Yeh koi problem hui... Life mein isse bade problems bhi hote hai... In fact yeh koi problem hi nai hai..." Armaan tried to make him understand in calm tone
"Aree yehi toh sabse badi problem hai... Anant k time tak toh thik hi thi... Is baar dimaag hil gaya hai iska... Mujhe toh lagta hai... Kahin iski wajah se aane waala baby iski tarah naa nikle..." hearing his horrified tone he chuckled "Tujhe hassi aa rahi hai..." he scolded
"Kya karoon... Tune shakal hi itni cute banaayi hai..." as Armaan teased smilingly he glared
"Cute... Achaa ruk..." saying this he started smacking his head while holding his neck
"Aww... Dev kya kar raha hai... Hum mandir k bahar hai... Ghar mein nai... Aawww.. Pagal ho gaya hai kya..." Armaan looked at him annoyingly when he again smacked his head which resulted in their cute fight, when a woman was passing from there saw them wd disgusted look
"Aap dono ko jhagadna hai toh... Bahar jaaiye... Yahan please koi tamasha mat kijiye" as they both heard that woman's voice they straightened themselves mumbling a small sorryy on which shaking her head wd disgusted look she went from there
"Dekh tune kya kiya..." Dev blamed Armaan as the woman left
"Maine ki tune idiot" smacking his head he retorted on which Dev opened his mouth to argue when he interrupted "Time nai hai... Chal pehle Aditi k liye kuch sochte hai... Kyunki late pahuche toh.. Band bajaaygi hamaari" hearing this Dev shut his lips together
"Hamaari nai meri..." he gave a sad look making Armaan to held his head
"Kya karoon mai tera..." Armaan shook his head
"Bas... Help karde mere bhai..." he joined his hands in front of him who chuckled
"Help hi toh karne baitha hoon..." Armaan brushed his hands calmly on which Dev gave a nod "Acha tune mujhe abhi tak nai bataya.. Ki yeh Shaanti hai kaun... I mean jahan tak mujhe yaad hai Aditi ki mom ka naam Jaya tha... Fir yeh shaanti??" he questioned confusedly
"Shaanti uski care taker thi... Jo uski mom k death k baad uska dhyaan deti thi... Par ab itne saal baad mai usko kahan dhundhun... Vo bhi sirf isliye kyunki Aditi ko uske haath ka Crunchy potato crisp khaana hai..." Dev replied in annoying tone
"Hmm..." nodding in Yes he played wd his hankerchief and for ten minutes they both were quiet thinking about Aditi's demand which is beyond their hands, since afternoon they are here to spend this time also to think something about Aditi's Crunchy potato crisp... Actually after last night when he woke up in morning he find himself only wd Ohaana, Shilpa was not there in fact she was also not in their room but ignoring that he immediately got ready only to find all the clothes of last night was taken by Shilpa but he ignored that then he woke Ohnu who was not in mood to wake up, So he thought to tickle and after tickling wd some fun he made her ready, He took Ohnu out for roaming the place but before that he informed Aditi that Ohaana is wd him so that she will informed this to Shilpa who was busy for today's function 'Henna' which is going to take place in evening, Aditi gotted that everything is still not good b/w Arsh coz Armaan told her that everything is perfect b/w them where as here this father daughter Jodi was enjoying the places where she was asking lots of questions and he was answering in his cool wd happy way, but for Dev it was not at all good coz Aditi have sudden craving to eat a food by her maid's hand which became a big problem for him Meanwhile Surbhi tried to clear everything to Rehaan who directly told 'He is not angry wd her or something but it is difficult for him to accept that she didn't trusted him' which made Surbhi upset, and here Ayaan bumped wd a girl name Humaira (Surbhi's cousin) in function who was trying him to ignore but Ayaan didn't budge to flirt wd her... When Armaan came back he found a worried Dev outside his room so tucking Ohaana on bed he closed his room coz Ohnu was sleeping tiredly So they both bros walked inside in Dev's room where he informed about Aditi's demand which became huge topic for both, when Aditi came there and finding Armaan she thought to talk about them

"By god! Tumne jhoot bola naa mujhse...?" hearing her angry voice Armaan & Dev both turned back at her
"Kya??" he frowned walking towards her while shaking his head Dev slumped on couch uninterestingly
"Anjaan banane ki jaroorat nehi hai Armaan..." pointing her index finger at him she almost glared him who was Confused!
"Pehle toh shaant ho jaao... Aur idhar baitho... Phir chillaana..." gripping her wrist firmly he made her sat on edge of the bed and wd a grumpy look she glared him who sat beside her "Aise kyun ghoor rahi ho...??" making a fake scared look he asked
"By God Armaan...!! Tumne mujhse jhoot kyun bola... Ki usdin ka matter tumne aur Shilpa ne solve kar liya hai..." she asked in angry tone making Dev shocked while Armaan opened his mouth to explain "Ab koi bahaana nehi... Kyunki tum dono ko notice kiya maine aaj... Toh ab seedhe seedhe... Mujhe batao varna mai Anant aur mera honewaala baccha... Tumhari taraf dekhenge bhi nehi" hearing her warns he chuckled while Dev became serious
"Tune jhoot kyun bola... At least mujhe toh bata deta..." Dev scolded which made him annoyed
"For god sake... Dono ab chup ho jaao..." he said in annoying tone
"Toh tum ab bataao... Huaa kya hai...??" crossing her arms she asked in serious tone which made him to take a sigh
"Kya bataaun... Yeh ki jab maine khudko explain kiya toh usne kaha mai samajhti hoon... Yaah phir yeh ki mere Anita k baare mein bataane se pehle hi usne rok diya... Yeh kehkar ki vo samajh rahi hai..." he replied in calm tone
"Toh phir problem kya hai... Jab vo samajh rahi hai??" Dev questioned
"Yehi toh problem hai Dev... Uska yeh kehna ki mai samajh rahi hoon... Hi ek nehi samajhna hai... Shilpa kabhi aise react nehi karti... Vo gussa karti hai chidti hai... Par jab kuch nehi kehti toh iska matlab hai koi toh baat hai jo usse buri lagi hai..." stooding up he answered in frustrated tone making both to think about this
"Par jab usne aisa kaha... Toh iska matlab toh yeh bhi ho sakta hai ki... Vo tumpe trust karti hai" Aditi tried to show Shilpa's side
"Kya pata.." he looked at her calmly
"Tune usse pucha kyun nehi...??" stooding beside him Dev asked
"Pucha tha yaar... Infact jaan bhujkar usse gussa dilaane waali baate boli... Par usne kuch bhi nehi kaha..." he replied in tired tone which made both to think about this deeply "Pata nehi kya chal raha hai... Uske andar... Kya soch rahi hogi vo..." saying this he sat beside Aditi who held his arm trying to think something even Dev also thought while roaming here & there, few minutes passed they were thinking about this when
"Mai usse baat karoon...??" Aditi's confusing voice boomed inside this silence filled room
"Nehi koi jaroorat nehi hai... Vo kuch nehi kahegi..." Armaan refused in calm tone
"Obviously... Jab iski nehi sunn rahi hai toh tumhaari... Kyun sunegi..." Dev mocked at her who showed him glares
"By god!! Tum dono shayad bhool rahe ho... Vo meri best friend hai..." stooding up she said wd proudness which made Armaan to stood beside her
"Kya kaha tumne...??" Dev & Armaan both asked while controlling their laugh
"Buddhu ho tum dono... Jo ek baar mein sunna nehi..." giving them her angry glare she asked "Maine kaha vo meri best friend hai... Toh mujhse toh vo kuch nehi chupaaygi.." as she said in her cute angry voice they both burst out wd laughter
"I don't believe this..." Dev laughed
"Hume toh kabhi nehi laga aisa..." still laughing Armaan asked
"By god!! Agar tum dono ne hasna band nehi kiya naa... Toh mai promise karti hoon... Us window se kud jaaungi..." Aditi blackmailed on which they both took a sigh but still they were smiling
"Nehi kudne ki jaroorat nehi hai..." Armaan said in calm tone
"But seriously.. Mai nehi maanta ki tum uski best friend ho... Varna vo tumse sab share karti..." Dev taunted on which she smirked
"Bacchuu... Vo meri best friend hai.. Pichle 18 years se jaanti hoon usko... Mujhe pata hai vo kab aur kaise react karegi..." hearing her confident tone Dev chuckled while shaking his head Armaan sat on bed enjoying their scene
"Accha... Toh keh kyun rahi ho... Direct proove karke dikhado... Tab maanunga..." he challenged
"Thik hai... Mujhe ek din ka time do.. Mai dikha dungi ki uske mann mein kya chal raha hai..." crossing her arms she accepted the challenge
"Rehene do naa... Aditi... Tumse nehi hoga... Kyunki mai chikh chikh kar reh gaya tab nehi bola usne... Toh tumhaare kehne pe toh impossible hai..." walking b/w them he suggested calmly
"Haan... Kyunki vo tum the... Aur yeh mai.. Uski best friend... Jisse vo bataaygi bhi.. Aur share bhi karegi..." she said in full confident tone which made the boys to stare her amusingly
"Aur agar nehi kar paayi toh??" Dev exclaimed which made her smile
"Toh mai tum dono ki saari baaten maanungi..." hearing this they grinned "Par agar tum dono haare... Toh tum dono meri har baat maanoge..." She almost ordered them who thought for some times then they nod in Yes
"Vo toh hum vaise bhi karte hain..." Armaan reminded which made her to show her glare
"Par ab zyada karoge... Toh main toh yeh proove kar dungi... Par tab tak tum dono... Meri Crunchy potato crisp... Dhundh k laaoge vo bhi Shaanti k haath ka... Bye..." ordering them she went from there making both to think about her order... And now both are thinking about her order
"Dev..." Armaan's sudden excited voice made him startled who looked at him questioningly "Mujhe pata hai... Kahan milega... Aditi ka vo chips..." as he said a wide smile reached on Dev's face
"Really!! Kahan...??" he asked happily
"Yehin... Ajmer k end mein ek town aata hai... Jahan... Aisi cheeze jaise hume chaahiye... Milti hai sirf teen ghante mein... Yeh dekh.." Armaan showed this on his phone
"Thank god..." he took a sigh of relief but then it clicked about Shaanti "Par Armaan... Shaanti ka kya??" he asked confusedly on which he smiled
"Uska bhi solution hai... Hum kisiko bolenge ki vo... Awaaz Shaanti banke baat kare... Aur agar Aditi zyada kich kich karegi... Toh bol denge ki usse cold huaa hai... Isliye awaaz change ho gayi hai uski... Hum saath mein yeh bhi kahenge ki hum flight lekar Mumbai gayye the yeh laane... Kyunki hum afternoon se jo gayab hain..." hearing his plan Dev smirked
"Not bad mere bhaai... Vaise bhi Aditi thodi stupid hai... Toh zyada sawaal nehi karegi..." as Dev blurted Armaan smacked his head
"Tujhse toh smart hi hai..." he scolded on which they landed on a banter "Acha ruk... Mujhe online order toh dene de... Fir jhagdna..." stopping him he gave his order on phone where the shopkeeper told it will get ready wdin three hours So they both started waiting while talking about here & there topics
"Acha... Mujhe yeh bata... Yeh Rehaan aur Surbhi ka koi scene huaa hai kya...??" Dev asked in normal tone leaning his back against the stairs
"Haan ek toh hai.. Par ab tak toh solve ho chuki hogi... Par tune yeh kyun pucha...?" he questioned in calm tone after replying him
"Aree.. Kyunki subhe jab main aa raha tha... Maine Surbhi ko Rehaan se request karte huye dekha kuch toh but Rehaan uswaqt thoda emotional lag raha tha... Phir mai bahar chala gaya Aditi k order ko follow karne k liye" he answered thoughtfully which made Armaan to think about this
"I hope Surbhi ki emotions samajh gaya ho Rehaan..." he thought looking at the space
"Lag hi nehi raha tha ki yeh vo Surbhi hai jo... Apni shaadi ko lekar collage se excited thi... I mean maine... Usse baaki saare functions mein observe kiya... Chup hi thi vo mostly even Rehaan bhi quiet tha..." hearing Dev's words he became serious
"Baat toh sahi hai teri..." Looking at him agreed
"I think naa... Koi misunderstanding hogi dono k bich... Jo Surbhi clear kar rahi hogi..." Dev guessed
"Misunderstanding nehi hai... Trust pe baat aayi hai... Rehaan ko lagta hai ki Surbhi uspe trust nehi karti... Kyunki usne Lucknow mein jaakar apne relatives ko shaadi mein invite kiya... Par yeh baat usne Rehaan ko nehi bataayi... Jo shayad usko hurt kar gayi..." Armaan explained in calm tone which made Dev to think about this for minutes and he calculated somewhere it is similar to Arsh's problem
"Hmmm... Matlab... Unke bich understanding nehi hai..." Dev said thoughtfully which made Armaan to nod in Yes

Jis din tujhko naa dekhoon
Pagal pagal pheerta hoon
Kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega
Jaise main karta hoon...
"May be..." he mumble leaning back calmly while staring at the sky but he was thinking about Rehaan-Surbhi and when he reached from there problem to his he hasn't realized, he was revinding their fight even thinking that why she didn't fought back wd him?? Not even she argued?? Why??... But then her words rang inside his head 'Misunderstanding toh tab hogi na Armaan... Jab humaare bich understanding hogi' What does it mean?? They don't have understanding b/w them?? How? From past eight years they are together, fell for many times in love wd each other, he had seen her all emotional & mental trauma which he tried to vanish it by his Love & Care, she had supported him in his every decisions wd her strong Love, Then how on earth they don't have understanding b/w them?? "Jab sab sahin hain humaare bich toh galat kahan hain hum Shilpa... Mai tumhe samajhta hoon isiliye toh jaanta hoon... Ki tumhaare andar kuch toh chal raha hai... Kuch toh hurt huaa hai tumhe... Aur Tum mujhe samajhti ho... Tabhi toh tum saath mein ho mere... Phir aisa kya ho sakta hai jisse tumhe lag raha hai... Humaare bich understanding nehi hai..." he thought meditatively playing wd his engagement ring "Tumne toh pucha bhi nehi Anita k baare mein... Pata nehi kya soch rahi hogi... Maanta hoon ki maine usse nehi bataaya tha yeh meri galti hai.. Par uska kuch naa bolna is topic mein... Yeh proove karta hai ki... Vo mujhpe... Trust nehi... K..." his mind stopped at his last two sentences, as something clicked inside his head where her past gestures which she did after knowing the truth of his memory came back inside his head whose eyes widen a little coz he gotten What has happened to her?? What was bothering her?? What she wants from him?? "DEV...!!" hearing his sudden voice Dev got startled who looked at her questioningly
"Tu dara kyun deta hai humesha mujhe... Aaraam se bhi bol sakta hai..." he scolded in angry tone on which Armaan mouthed Sorryyy
"Haan vo... Mujhe pata chal gaya hai... Ki actual mein Shilpa ko huaa kya hai.." he said in excited tone which made Dev smiled
"Kya...??" Dev asked curiously
"Abhi nehi bataaunga... Pehle confirm karne de fir bataata hoon..." saying this wd smile he stood up which Dev also followed
"Confirm... Matlab...??" Dev frowned
"Vo tu chod... Pehle chal Aditi ki vo jo bhi... Chips n all vo laaten hain... Fir mai Shilpa se sab clear karunga... Tu bas chal..." saying this hurriedly he gripped his wrist and dragged him towards the parking lot
"Aree ruk toh do minute..." Dev said loudly as Armaan ran towards their car
"Time nehi hai Dev..." he shouted back running towards the car
"Mujhe lagta hai... Yeh aur Aditi dono hi pagal ho chuke hain..." Dev mumble under his breath as he saw Armaan opened the car's door and shaking his head he followed him who zoomed his car in fullest speed


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