Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Part 75 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Synopsis of Part 74

"I never thought true love was worth fighting for but then I realize to look into your eyes I'm ready for war..."

"Well last part was a bit of Roller coaster ride nehi!Wink Shilpa lived Ohaana alone wd Armaan so that they both can get closer to each other which worked also wasn't it!Embarrassed the father daughter duo had lots of Masti...LOLeven she started calling him Papa...Day Dreaming

Then he started to manofy Shilpa who was not at all ready to forgive him... but he didn't gave up his Mission Manao Bracelet which was going perfect until Shilpa heard something which he never told her...Cry

And there started their Misunderstanding factor where they had fight Oucheven Surbhi-Rehaan had a small fight which leaded Surbhi to run away from her weddingShocked but Shilpa and everyone reached to stop her... and at that same time Aditi's delivery time came specially on StationLOL How will they handle this... Let's check out...Wink

"Falling in love is only half of I want, staying in love with you for till forever is the other"

Same Night
City Hospital, Ajmer
Tooti charpai wohi
Thandi Purvai Rasta dekhe
Doodhon Ki Malaai Wohi
Mitti Ki Suraahi Rasta Dekhe...

"Tujhe kya lagta hai... Kya hoga" a worried Dev looked at Armaan who is sitting beside him calmly on one of a bench, they were sitting near the door of the OT waiting for the baby's news
"Emmmn..." he started thinking which made Dev frowned
"Itna kya soch raha hai...??" Dev asked frowningly
"Tune pucha toh soch k bata raha hoon ki..." looking at Dev he said in calm tone making Dev raised his bows questioningly "I think Boy..." he replied in normal tone while hearing this Dev's face became serious
"Kya... Par mujhe ek beti chaahiyee... Jiska toh maine naam bhi soch liya hai..." as he said this a grin formed on Armaan's face
"Kya??" he asked wd a teasing smile
"Yohaana... You know Ohaana ki behen Yohaana.." Dev said wd wide smile making Armaan chuckled
"Toh agar beta huaa... Toh Yohaan rakh dena... Baat khatam..." he suggested coolly making Dev smile
"Haan... Acha naam hai... Par tujhe pata hai... Maine bete ka naam socha hi nehi tha..." hearing this Armaan shook his head smilingly "Par na mujhe tension ho rahi hai Aditi ki ab..." as he said this Armaan frowned
"Kis liye?" he asked frowningly
"Aree... Yeh uska eight month hai aur itni jaldi baby... I mean kuch tension ki toh baat nehi haina??" Dev asked in worried tone making Armaan smile who put his hand around his shoulder
"Nehi... Yeh normal hai Dev... Aur tu toh aise behave kar raha hai... Jaise first time... Tu baap banane waala..." replying him, he knowingly teased which made Dev smile coyly
"Tera time aane de... Tab puchunga..." as he retorted Armaan smacked his head lightly who chuckled
"Mera chod khud ki... Dekh pehle..." Armaan said in calm tone while keeping his back against the chair post tiredly
"Vo main dekh lunga... Par kya tune abhi tak Shilpa se baat ki...??" Dev asked in serious tone staring at him who took a sigh
"Time nehi mila..." he replied in calm tone looking at the door of the OT
"Haan... Desh ka saara... Bhaar tere sar pe haina... Jo tere paas time nehi hai" as Dev scolded he gave an uninterested look "Acha sunn... Mai kuch suggest karoon..." he asked wd an excited smile making him chuckled
"Tu permission kyun le raha hai... Direct bol" Armaan said in chilled out tone
"Haan... Toh sunn... Kyun naa tu vo gaana gaa... Jo dad mom ko manaane k liye gaate the..." he suggested making Armaan to look at him in disbelief
"What??" he exclaimed
"Haan... Vo tha na... Jo Dad humesha gaate the mom k liye... Konsa song tha vo... Yaad nehi aa raha hai..." saying this Dev started thinking
"Mere sapnon ki raani waala??" he questioned in calm tone
"Nehi... Vo toh tab gaate the... Jab jealous karna hota tha..." Dev denied making him to think again "Aree... Vo... Kuch Khidki... Jaisa tha..." he said thoughtfully making him chuckled
"Yaad aaya... Mere saamne waali khidki mein..." as Armaan said smilingly Dev looked at him
"Aree haan... Yehi toh tha... Tu gaa na uske liye... Kya pata maan jaaye" Dev instantly spoke excitedly making Armaan to held his head
"Pagal hai kya... Nehi main aisa kuch nehi karne waala..." he immediately refused
"Kyun nehi kar sakta... Jab... Vo last time tujhse gussa thi toh tune uska... Poster banakar sorry kaha tha na... Toh ab kyun nehi...??" Dev questioned in his serious voice making Armaan to rub his temple
"Dev... Pehle ki baat bahoot alag thi mere bhai... Tab hum dono ka confession nehi huaa tha... Aur sab kuch thik tha... Par is baar problem badi hai yaar... Aur vaise bhi ab hum mature ho chuken hain... Baccho waali harqate nehi kar sakte..." he tried to make him understand in calm tone
"Abbe... Uswaqt bhi tu mature hi tha..." he tried to remind him who smiled as that moment came inside his brain where he manofied her by making her picture on board wd 'Bracelet I am Sorry' written above "Kabhi toh meri sunn liya kar... Agar us time meri sunn kar Shilpa ko sab bata diya hota toh aaj is problem mein nehi hota tu..." his words made Armaan to nod in Yes thoughtfully
"Haan... Yeh toh sahi kaha tune" he said staring Shilpa who is sitting in front of them wd Ayaan & Humaira who were engaged in some serious topic
"Toh ab maan le meri baat..." Dev spoke smilingly making him to shook his head in No calmly "Kyun??" he whinned like a kid
"Pagal hai tu... Gaana gaaunga main..." he looked at Dev annoyingly
"Please... Mere liye..." and Dev started insisting him who was refusing making the brothers to land in cute banter, while here Humaira was constantly insisting Shilpa to drop her home but Ayaan wasn't ready

"Ayaan tum isse... Ghar kyun nehi chod aate... Kabse pareshaan hai yeh... Aur sahi bhi hai... Agar iske Papa puchenge ki kahan thi toh kya jawab degi vo" Shilpa tried to make him understand politely
"Bhabhijaan... Yeh aap bhi jaanti hain.. Ki bina Aditi bhabhi k baby ko dekhe... Hum nehi jaayenge... Aur vaise bhi yeh apne Abbu se... Toh yehn bata hi saktin hain... Ki yeh hum sab k saath... Hospital mein thi Aditi bhabhi k saath..." Ayaan coolly spoke making Humaira angry
"Aur agar humaare Abbu ne pucha ki hume jaane ki zaroorat kya thi... Toh hum kya jawab denge... Aap hi bata dijiye??" Humaira asked in her angry tone staring at Ayaan who rolled his eyes while Shilpa also looked at Ayaan Actually she was stuck b/w the two who were sitting beside her
"Dekho... Tum unse yeh keh sakti ho... Ki tumne Aditi bhabhi ko pain mein dekha... Aur Shilpa bhabhi aur Surbhi k saath milkar yahan... Le aayi phir Surbhi ne sabko bulaaya" as he suggested smartly a light smile came on Shilpa's face who looked at Humaira
"I think yeh sahin keh raha hai..." Shilpa said politely
"Par bhabhi..." Humaira opened her mouth to ask something when Ayaan stopped
"Aree Bhabhijaan haina... Toh fikar mat karo sambhal lengi vo..." Ayaan said in cool voice but Shilpa smacked his arms lightly "Kya huaa??" he frowned rubbing his arm
"Kitni baar kaha hai... Mujhe bhabhiJAAN mat kaha karo..." hearing her words he chuckled while Humaira smiled
"BhabhiJAAAN... Aap phir bhool rahin hain ki aap humaare bhaijaan ki JAAN hain toh... Hum aapko kaise na JAAN bulaayen... Aur ab tak toh aadat pad jaani chaahiyee aapko..." as he teased he got another smack on his arm which made Humaira giggle
"Tum peetoge mere haath se" Shilpa warned wd her cute anger which made Ayaan chuckle while Humaira was smiling at them, where as finding Surbhi alone Rehaan thought to talk wd her who is standing near the door of the hospital's entrance

"Ahem..." he coughed knowingly trying to grab her attention who heard but tried to ignore him while crossing her arms "Surbhi..." in a very sweet tone Rehaan called while standing beside her who first stared him then looked somewhere else which Rehaan took as a signal coz she was still standing on her position which means he can start "Hume maaf kardo Surbhi... Hum jaante hain humne tumhe roka nehi... Aur tumse baat bhi nehi ki... Par yeh sab humne isliye kiya... So that tum samajh sako ki.. Hume kitna bura laga yeh jaan kar ki tum apne relatives ko invite karne gayi ho vo bhi humse jhoot bol kar ki Shopping karne gayi ho..." he started carefully while staring down on floor which made Surbhi to look at him wd a guilt coz she knew it, she is in fault but not that much
"Par tum mana kar dete..." she argued wd serious look
"Haan... Kyunki vo hume pasand nehi... Jo log tumhaare saath acche nehi the... Aur tumhe kuch bhi sunaate the... Hum unke saath kaise acche ho sakten hain... Maana vo tumhari family hai... Par jo unhone tumhaare saath past mein kiya... Humne unko aaj tak maaf nehi kiya..." hearing his words she became speechless "Tum humaari pehli aur aakhiri mohobbat ho... Humaare bachpan ka pyaar... Toh jo tumhare saath accha nehi kar sakta hum unke saath kaise acche se rahen... Infact hum toh unki taraf dekhen bhi nehi... Aur tumne sahin kaha tha... Ki yeh sunne k baad ki tum unhe invite karne jaa rahi ho... Hum mana kar dete... Par sirf tumhaari khushi k liye maan bhi jaate... Bas ek baar keh deti... Toh tumhaare liye yeh bhi kar jaate" First time in History Rehaan Khan confessed his feelings in front of Surbhi who was too shocked to react on anything "Kyunki hum tumse pyaar karten hain... Aur tumhaare liye kuch bhi kar sakten hai..." as he said this she became emotional
"Rehaan tum..." her eyes got moist hearing his words
"Hum tumhe nehi rokna chaahte the... Kyunki hum jaante the... Tum jaaogi nehi aur saath mein tum jaa bhi nehi paati... Kyunki usse pehle tumhe humaare pehle Nikaah k divorce papers sign karne padte... Tabhi jaane dete tumhe" as he said in teasing way she smiled and hugged him tightly
"I am sorryyy... Rehaan..." she said smilingly still hugging him who wd a smile responded equally
"Hmm..." he hummed wd smile
"I love you... Rehaan" parting from the hug she said wd a smile making him to nod in Yes "Ab tum bolo..." as she insisted he chuckled mumbling I love you too and then she again hugged him happily making Ayaan & Shilpa smile who were watching this scene from far
"Chalo finally inka patch up huaa" Ayaan said smilingly
"Patch up hone k liye... Break up hona padta hai Ayaan... Aur jo inka nehi hua tha..." Shilpa said in teasing way which made him giggle
"Haan... Ab kal aaraam se... Di aur jeeju ka Nikaah hoga... Varna hume toh laga tha Nikaah hoga hi nehi" Humaira said smilingly making the two giggle
"Aree aise kaise nehi hota..." Ayaan said wd a teasing grin making Humaira confused
"Exactly... Tabhi toh Surbhi ne Bhopal ki train pakadi thi... Jiska matlab hai vo yeh country nehi chodegi... Bas Rehaan ko usko manaane ka time diya tha" hearing Shilpa's words Humaira giggle
"Aur hum sab usse rokne nehi.. Subhe k shaadi k liye manaane aaye the" and that made Humaira laughed while Shilpa & Ayaan hifived smilingly, and just like this they all got involved in their fun talks also waiting for baby's arrival... How they reached here its very difficult to explain but since Aditi was in pain on station the situation was very hard to handle, They were waiting for the ambulance's arrival but it was getting difficult to handle Aditi while Dev was so panic at that time which became a difficult task for Armaan to handle him, Shilpa & Surbhi were handling Aditi who didn't wanted to born her baby here on station and to her luck Hospital was not so far from the station so the Ambulance arrived quickly and now they all are here waiting for the news while Aditi was inside the OT
"Armaan... Tune baby ki awaaz sunni...??" Dev's sudden excited voice made him look at the door
"Yaah... I think... Successful huaa hai" as he said this thoughtfully Dev hugged him tightly happily on which he smiled when the OT's door opened from where the doctor move out grabbing everyone's attention who stood up
"Congratulation... Beta hua hai..." doctor wished smilingly making everyone happy except Dev who was a little surprised
"Congrats... Bhai..." saying this Armaan hugged Dev who hugged back wd a smile
"Sheyy yaar... Mujhe beti chaahiye thi..." hearing Dev's voice everyone giggled except Armaan who lightly smacked his head
"Kya hum bhabhi se mil sakte hain...??" Rehaan asked to the doctor politely
"Jii... Par thodi der baad... Kyunki abhi unhe room mein shift karna hai..." she replied smilingly
"Aditi thik haina??" Shilpa asked politely on which the doctor smiled
"Haan... Baby aur Mother dono thik hai... Aap unse thodi der baad mil sakte hain..." replying this that Doctor went from there leaving them smiling
"Congratulations Dev..." Shilpa said in happy tone making Dev chuckled
"Thank you..." giving her hug he said smilingly

"Main mom dad ko inform karke aata hoon..." Armaan excused on which Dev gave a nod in Yes
"Acha... Naam socha tumne...??" Surbhi asked excitedly making everyone giggle
"Nehi... Beti ka socha tha... Par ab vo toh hui nehi..." making fake sad face he replied
"Aww..." Shilpa & Surbhi both made a cute face
"Acha beti ka naam kya socha tha??" Ayaan asked smilingly
"Emm... Actually maine uska naam... Yohaana socha tha... Kyunki vo Ohaana ki behen hoti..." as he started everyone circled him smilingly except Humaira who was watching this scene from side wd a smile
"Toh ab??" Rehaan questioned while crossing his hands
"Toh ab kya kuch aur sochenge... Par haan Armaan... Aur maine kuch socha hai... Jo..." but before he could complete his sentence Shilpa's voice stopped him
"Yohaan... Kaisa rahega" as she suggest excitedly Dev looked at her surprisingly coz few minutes ago Armaan also suggested the same name
"Wow... Mast hai Shilpa" Surbhi commented smilingly
"Haan... Bahoot accha hai bhabhijaan" Ayaan too commented making Shilpa smile who looked at Dev
"Kya huaa naam... Acha nehi hai??" she asked slowly seeing Dev's unresponse
"Nehi... Yeh toh best naam hai..." he chuckled giving her side hug who looked at him questioningly even everyone "Par... Tumhe pata hai... Kuch der pehle... Yehi naam... Armaan ne bhi suggest kiya" as he said wd teasing smile Surbhi & Ayaan hifive each other while hooting which made Rehaan & Dev chuckled where as Humaira giggled
"Kya karen... Inka pyaar hi aisa hai..." Surbhi teased making Shilpa to roll her eyes but somewhere she felt happy hearing the same name from Armaan
"Kya huaa... Tum abhi tak station nehi gayi... Jaldi jao varna train chut jaaygi..." Shilpa's teasing retort made Surbhi flushed where as others laughed including Rehaan also when a nurse walk there
"Ab aap sab unse mil sakte hain... Par shor mat karna..." warning them she left and hearing this Dev ran inside following by others
"Bhabhi... Iske baad please mujhe... Palace chod dyen... Varna abbu fikar karenge" holding Shilpa's wrist Humaira whispered on her ear who smiled
"Don't worry... Main bas Aditi aur uske baby ko dekh loon... Phir hum dono chalenge haan..." Shilpa's assurance made Humaira convinced who giving a nod walked inside wd her, inside the room Aditi was giggling at Surbhi's excitement who wanted to pick the baby but Rehaan refused not to touch now while Dev was smiling sitting beside Aditi and Ayaan was already joking around
"Aditi... Congratulations" giving a side hug to Aditi Shilpa wished
"Tu itna late kaise huyi... Kahan thi??" Aditi questioned wd grumpy look
"Sirf paanch minute late hui main..." she hit her head lightly who smiled
"Phir bhi hui toh naa" Aditi said wd attitude making her smile when Surbhi's words made them watched her
"Rehaan... Mujhe bhi bacche chaahiye... Bilkul aisa hi... Aur vo bhi jaldi" hearing this Rehaan felt hell hell embarrassed while others giggled, they both were standing beside the baby's cot who is sleeping soundlessly
"Surbhi... Zaroori hai... Hume har jagah embarrass karna..." in a very polite tone he asked slowly
"Aree isme embarrass kaisa... Humaari shaadi hogi... Toh baccho ki planning abhi se hi karni hogi naa..." as she blurted out Rehaan held his head while others laugh
"Point..." Dev & Ayaan both said in unionism but wd teasing grin
"Par uske liye Shaadi bhi honi chaahiye naa..." Aditi teased
"Vo toh tab hogi jab yeh ghar pahuchegi..." Armaan's voice made them looked at him who just walked in & stood beside Ayaan who chuckled
"Mr Khan... Aap toh..." but before Surbhi could argue Armaan interrupted
"Aree... Tumhari train toh chut gayi hogi naa...??" as he asked wd serious look she frowned "Aur tumhe jaana bhi hai... Toh ab kya karen??" making a fake thoughtful look he asked to Surbhi who knew he is pulling her leg so she tried to ignore when
"Aree bhaijaan... Dusri train aati hai... Teen baje ki... Toh abhi Surbhi k paas time hai" Ayaan said teasingly making others giggle where as Surbhi gave him a glare
"Toh tu yahan kya kar raha hai... Jaa chod k aa isse wapas" Dev order in fake serious tone making Surbhi's mouth hung open
"Exc..." but before she could defend herself Shilpa's voice stopped her
"Yeh sab toh thik hai... Par Rehaan ki shaadi ka kya?? Itne saare guest aayen hain... Aur cards bhi de chuken hain unka kya..." Shilpa questioned in fake innocent tone making everyone hide their smiles seeing Surbhi's pouted look to Shilpa coz she didn't expected this from her

"Aree Rehaan k liye ladkiyo ki kami thodi hai... Haina Rehaan" Armaan said coolly staring at Rehaan who smiled nodding in Yes
"Of course... Aap sab jisse kahenge... Hum toh ussi se nikaah karenge... Vo kya haina... Ab hum bhi settle hona chaahte hain" and seeing Rehaan's involvement Surbhi's head snap looked at him unbelievingly
"Toh Tanveer kaisi rahegi..." as Aditi suggested knowingly Surbhi fumed
"Allah miya... Agar tumne Tanveer se shaadi ki naa... Toh main dono ko maar daalungi" pointing at Rehaan she warned angrily making everyone laughed
"Kuch toh jal raha haina... Bhabhijaan..." Ayaan said knowingly to Shilpa who giggled coz Surbhi always said this line, and seeing everyone smiling Surbhi also giggled guessing about the joke
"I hate you Mr Khan..." She said wd her fake grumpy look making Armaan to shook his head
"As if i care Surbhi..." replying her uninterestingly he took a chair and sat beside Aditi who smiled where as Shilpa was just standing beside Aditi "So... Ab toh khush hona ki... Station pe nehi huaa.. " he teased to Aditi who giggled nodding in Yes
"Thank god... Varna main apne bacche ko muh dikhaane kaabil nehi rehti..." as Aditi said in dramatic tone Armaan & Dev both chuckled while Shilpa smiled
"Accha maine mom dad ko phone kar diya hai... Vo log aate hi honge..." Armaan informed in normal tone but hearing this Aditi's eyes widened "Kya huaa??" he asked confusedly seeing her face
"Kahin tumne... Unhe bataaya toh nehi naa... Ki hum yahan kaise pahuche... Aur uper se station waala scene...?" hearing Aditi's question he looked at her shockingly which also grabbed Surbhi's attention
"Allah miya... Mr Khan aapne bata diya unhe ki mai bhaag gayi thi??" she too asked shockingly which made Dev Ayaan & Rehaan to looked at him even Shilpa
"Shit!!" Seeing Armaan's shocking face they all became serious "Yaar yeh kya kar diya maine..." he held his head while mumbling this
"Ohno... Ab aapi mujhe chodengi nehi... Aur Phuppi unko kya muh dikhaaungi main.. " Surbhi spoke worriedly while bitting her nails
"Ab maa... Bahoot sunaayengi mujhe... Ki main kyun station gayi thi" looking at Dev Aditi said worriedly
"Armaan... Aapko bataane se pehle sochna chaahiye tha..." Shilpa looked at him wd serious look
"Pehle nehi bata sakte the tum log yaar... Shit..." he cursed staring at everyone who started thinking what to do next
"Par tumhe khud sochna chaaiye tha..." Aditi said in scolding tone
"Exactly... Mujhe khud socha chaahiye tha..." looking down slowly he repeated which made Aditi guilty who thought What's his fault??
"Par kya farq padta hai... Matter toh yeh rakhta hai ki sab thik hai ab..." Ayaan spoke coolly staring at everyone who thought for sometime
"Par koi baat nehi... Jo pehle nehi kiya vo ab kar deta hoon..." standing up Armaan said wd serious look making others confused "Main abhi tum logo ki wish puri karta hoon..." as he said meaningfully Dev guessed what's cooking inside his head
"Kya Mr Khan... Kahin aap unhe samjhaane ki toh nehi soch rahen hain...??" Surbhi asked confusedly on which he smiled shaking his head in No
"Nehi... Bilkul nehi" in a relax tone he answered which made Dev to hide his smile coz he knows what is he upto where as seeing Armaan's calm look Shilpa also guessed he didn't inform this news to anyone
"Actually... Mujhe tumhe pehle hi inform karke bataana chaahiye tha..." Aditi said disappointingly on which he gave a nod in Yes slowly
"Exactly... Agar tum mujhe pehle bataati toh main... Mom dad ko bata deta... Station k baare mein... Dammm mauka hi nehi mila" making a fake upset face he said calmly which made Ayaan Rehaan & Humaira's head snap turned while Dev chuckled coz he already knew he didn't informed infact Shilpa also smiled but Surbhi & Aditi became confused
"Matlab...??" Surbhi asked confusedly while seeing his grin Aditi now got which made her giggle
"Tum na... Kisiki jaan hi nikaal lo..." smacking his arm Aditi scolded on which he smiled
"Maine kya kiya... Tum log khud hi kahaaniyaan.. Banaane lage" he defended himself coolly which made everyone smile except Surbhi who still didn't got what they are talking
"Par... Mujhe abhi bhi kuch samajh mein nehi aaya...??" Surbhi looked at Armaan wd a frown
"Zaroorat bhi nehi hai samajhne ki... Kyunki iske liye dimaag ki zaroorat hoti hai... Jo I don't thinks so ki tumhaare paas hai..." as Armaan said in calm tone Surbhi's mouth hung opened
"Allah miya... Mr Khan... Kahin aap mazaak toh nehi kar rahe the...??" seeing her shocked face they all laughed
"Lo isse kehte hain... Buddhu" Rehaan teased making Surbhi to smack his arm who smiled
"Nehi buddhu mat bol... Please yaar" walking near Surbhi Armaan took her side who smiled widely "Tubelight bol... Der se jalti haina" as Armaan said wd serious look Surbhi looked at him in disbelief while others laugh except Shilpa who shook her head seeing Surbhi's cute angry face and just like this they all got busy in enjoying the moment, after few minutes Ananya-Billy arrived there to meet wd the new born baby (Ohaana & Anant were wd Armaan's grand parents who were unknown to this news) and soon Shilpa realised that it's time to drop Humaira back to palace so she directly ordered Ayaan to drop her back in palace even Surbhi & Humaira also insisted on which Ayaan said this to Armaan who told he will drop them So wd him Shilpa Surbhi Humaira & Ayaan came back to palace while Rehaan stayed wd Dev-Aditi and in this whole scene Arsh didn't got the chance to talk wd each other even sometimes they ignored also, they reached in palace's parking lot where Surbhi hiding from everyone went inside her room wd her bag following by Humaira who also did the same so that no one can see them

Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Na dhoop chune na chhaon
Kaisi teri khudgarzi
Kisi thor tike na paao...
"Haan Rohit bol kya huaa... Itni raat ko call kyun kiya...?" Armaan answered the call which was ringing from past five minutes while Ayaan was sleeping on back seat where as Shilpa was trying to unbuckle her seat belt which was not opening "Anita aur Rohan thik toh hain... I mean koi problem toh nehi haina...??" as Armaan asked this in worried tone Shilpa's hand stopped which he did noticed
"Haan vo dono bilkul thik hain... Aur tujhe yeh bataane k liye itni raat ko phone kiya ki... Kal case ki final hearing hai... Par..." Rohit was telling him calmly but he cut his sentence
"Haan... Vo mujhe pata hai... Tu yeh bata call kyun kiya...??" he was talking on phone while moving closer to Shilpa to open the seat belt which was stuck a little but as he moved closer she tried to ignore him
"Puri baat sunega tab toh bataunga..." Hearing Rohit's tired voice he smiled mumbling 'Bol' still trying to open her seat belt
"Main khud kar lungi..." she mumble slowly struggling her hands to keep on the seat belt which he was holding who knew she is still upset wd his yesterday's behaviour so giving a small nod silently he moved back on his place
"Haan... Toh sunn... Kal case ki final hearing hai... Jiske baad Anita ka uske husband se peecha chutega... Par abhi jab main uske saare proofs aur documents padh raha tha... Usmein se vo video nehi hai Armaan jismein uske husband ne confess kiya tha... Tere saamne ki haan usne yeh sab jaan bujhkar kiya..." Rohit told frowningly which made Armaan to think about it
"Konsi... Vo jisse maine bina bataaye uske husband ka sach record kiya tha...??" he asked wd a doubt while throwing a paper boll on back seat knowingly which directly fell on Ayaan who woke up wd a jerk
"Haan... Kaha hoga vo mujhe mere phone mein nehi mila... Toh socha tujhse pooch loon... Tere phone mein copy toh hoga hi uska.." Rohit narrated tensedly
"Tu ruk main dekh k bataata hoon..." saying this he hung up the phone and started looking for the video on his phone where as Ayaan woke up tiredly
"Palace aa gaya bhabhijaan...??" rubbing his eyes he asked to Shilpa who was still trying to open that seat belt
"Haan..." replying him normally she tucked some strand of hairs behind her ear coz they were disturbing her and seeing this a smile curved on Armaan's face who shook his head concentrating on the video "Offo!! Yeh khul kyun nehi raha..." she cursed the belt annoyingly which took Ayaan's interest
"Kya huaa bhabhi... Jaaan" bending ahead Ayaan asked in teasing tone which made her more annoyed
"Ayaan... Main iswaqt bilkul mazaak k mood mein nehi hoon... Jaao andar..." saying this annoyingly she concentrated on seat belt which made both the boys chuckle
"Ooo... Lagta hai bhabhijaan kaafi busy hain..." as he teased knowingly Armaan hide his smile who was busy on his phone but was listening them while Shilpa showed him a glare "Achaa bhaijaan... Hum toh jaa rahen hai sone... Aap bhi aajaana... Aur BhabhiJAAAN... Ko..." bending more ahead he said wd teasing grin to Shilpa who got frustrated now
"Ayaaan..." as she looked at him angrily he immediately ran out wishing them good night loudly which made Armaan to control his coming chuckle who looked down at his phone wd a smile
"Yeh konsa video hai..." he frowned seeing an unknown video on his phone "Dekhta hoon kya pata yehi ho..." he thought confusedly while clicking on the video when
"Arrgghhh... Karna hi nehi hai mujhe" getting frustrated she gave up and sat angrily while crossing her arms wd her cute pout look which grabbed Armaan's attention who shaking his head kept his phone on his lap
"Ruko main karta hoon..." moving towards her he said in calm tone
"Koi zaroorat nehi hai... Mai khud..." turning her head towards him she yelled but was soon stopped by the scene Yes in an instant he unbuckled her seat belt calmly which left her a little surprised but ignoring it she turned to open the door of the car which was locked while gathering some courage he thought to end this fight b/w them coz he is not liking it at all also it is the right moment to talk, where as the video was already playing but coz of their own problems they unnoticed the video
"Shilpa..." as he said slowly she looked at him angrily
"Armaan... Door open kijiye" she almost ordered him who first stared her silently then gave a nod in No "Armaan... Dekhiye mujhe kuch nehi sunna... Ohaana akeli hai andar..." he has already expected her this reaction
"Par mujhe bolna hai Shilpa... Sab kuch clear karna hai... Kyunki ki main nehi chaahta... Humaari beti humaare bich k problem mein fase" he said carefuly while holding her wrist who looked at him angrily
"Toh aap isliye sab thik karna chaahte hain... Kyunki aapko lagta hai... Humaari problems humaari beti pe aayengi" as she said in hurt tone he stared her calmly
"Nehi... Main isliye karna chaahta hoon sab kuch thik... Kyunki mujhe nehi accha lag raha hai yeh distance humaare bich... Kyunki main guilty feel kar raha hoon tumhe nehi batake... I am sorry for that... I am sorrry not to trust on you... I am..." he was saying this wd moist eyes which made her emotional but she didn't want to break in front of him so she raised her hand stopping him
"Mujhe nehi sunna... Please door open kijiye... Ohaana akeli hai" she mumbled in soft tone plus sad one which made him quiet who wdout saying anything clicked the car remote which unlocked the door but Yes her words did affected him, while Shilpa slowly moved out from the car thinking Yes she did wrong to stop his apology? "Kya kiya tune... At least ek baar sunn leti Armaan ki..." her heart scolded herself who slowly shut the door of the car where as staring at the space Armaan took a sigh when his eyes caught a scene on his phone who frowned seeing Shilpa crying on video that too in broken condition
"Yeh ro kyun rahi hai...??" he frowned picking up his phone where the video just got over which he played again wd full speaker on 'Aree agar mai nehi samajhti toh mai nehi hoti Armaan k saath ab tak... Mai kyun tujhse yaah Armaan se puchun ki sach kya hai... Jabki mai acche se jaanti hoon ki agar Armaan ne koi step liya hai toh zaroor kisi k bhalayi k liye hoga..." hearing her understanding words Armaan's heartbeat skipped (The video started till Shilpa started her feelings out sitting on floor and at that time Aditi put on her camera for Armaan) 'Haan... Mujhe hurt huaa jab Armaan ne bataaya ki... Unko teen saal pehle hi yaad aa gaya tha... Tu nehi jaanti maine kitna wait kiya tha is pal ka ki kab... Unhe sab yaad aayga... Ki kab mai unse puchungi un puraane moments k baare mein... Par phir unhone kahan ki un moments mein kuch nehi hai... Tu nehi samjhegi ki mujhe kitna hurt huaa tha... Main unse isliye gussa nehi thi ki unhone mujhe bataya nehi mai isliye gussa thi ki unhone un lamhon ko important nehi samjha.. Vo nehi samjhenge ki kisise ek baar pyaar hokar usse apna kar khona... Phir wapas ussi insaan ko pakar ussi tarah pyaar karna kitna mushkil hota hai... Par phir bhi main taiyaar thi unhe maaf karne k liye...' Armaan's eyes got moist witnessing this scene actually now he understood his real fault where as Shilpa who was standing a little away from the car was struggling To go in palace or To short out everything when she heard her voice 'Haan main unse gussa hoon ab... Kyunki mujhse pehle sabko pata hai ki unke life mein kya chal raha hai... Mere mann mein Anita ko lekar koi doubt nehi tha unke liye... Kyunki mujhe Armaan pe trust hai... Jaanti hoon main unhe... Ki aisa vo kabhi kar hi nehi sakte... Par' and that made Armaan smile where as Shilpa who moved to look for him stopped but as she heard her voice she became a little confused
"Mujhe hi aisa lag raha hai ki... Sachmein meri awaaz yahan gunj rahi hai" she mumble confusedly while looking around when she saw Armaan watching something on phone she can see from the front glass of car 'Par jab yeh baat mujhe tum logo se pata chala... Mujhe bahoot bura laga... Aisa laga Armaan ne mujhpe kabhi trust hi nehi kiya... Isiliye mujhse pehle tum sabko pata chal gaya...' as she heard this her eyes widened who immediately ran towards the car 'Nehi Shilpa aisa nehi hai... Armaan ki yaadaast k baare mein Dev ko ussi din pata chal gaya tha jis din usse yaad aaya tha par Dev ne mujhe tab bataaya jab Armaan Singapore gaya tha... Rehaan uske saath rehta hai isliye usko doubt ho gaya tha aur Surbhi ko ussi se pata chala... Aur hum dono ko hi laga tha ki tumhe pata hai... Anita k baare mein toh Armaan ko humne hi bataaya tha... Aur Surbhi ka hi vo lawyer friend hai Rohit jo Anita ka case handle kar raha hai... Bas... Aur' hearing Aditi's voice she kept her palms on her mouth shockingly as she neared the car 'Mai vo sab nehi jaanti... Mai kisi se koi gusaa nehi hoon... Mai Armaan se bhi nehi thi... Par jab unhone mujhe yeh kaha ki mai Divorce chaahti hoon... Mai unhe galat samajh rahin hoon... Ohnu ko unse dur karna chaahti hoon aur pata nehi kya kya keh rahe the... Tab mujhe unpe gussa aaya... Par jhagad k hamaari acche khaase rishte me problem nehi laana chaahti thi... Mai toh yeh sunke shock thi... Unhe lagta hai main unse Ohnu ko dur karna chaahti hoon... Par vo yeh kaise bhool gayye... Ki maine hi toh Ohaana ko unke saath choda so that vo unke karib jaa sake... Bahoot bura lagta hai Aditi... Jab aapko yeh pata chalta hai ki... Jispe aap bahoot trust karte ho... Vo aappe bilkul trust nehi karta...' a guilt formed inside his heart watching her this state but yes there was a smile on Armaan's face as he watched this scene coz he already knew this while Shilpa opened the car's door immediately "By god!! Mai toh tujhe baith k gale bhi nehii...' but before he could hear Aditi's words Shilpa sat inside the car and snatched his phone instantly making him taken aback while she immediately stopped the video, a winning smile reached on his lips who opened his mouth to ask about it but before he could do that she immediately moved out of the car wd his phone
"As expected from her..." wd a small smile he mumble to himself calmly and moving out from the car he shut the door while staring at her running figure "Hmm..." taking a sigh wd a smile he ran on another side of palace so that he could take a short cut to the corridor where Shilpa would reach

Ban liya apna paigambar
Tar liya tu saat samandar
Phir bhi sukha mann ke andar
Kyun reh gaya...?

"Main bhi naa... Pagal hoon... Us din kya zaroorat thi sab kuch bolne ki... Par Aditi ne bhi thik nehi kiya... How dare she...?? Ki mera video banaake Armaan ko de..." she cursed inside her brain while walking towards the corridor of palace "Ab mai samjhi... Ki kyun Armaan ko mujhse sab kuch clear karna tha... Aakhir video jo mil gaya tha... Aditi ki bacchi... Sahi thi main kisi pe trust nehi karna chaahiye..." she cursed angrily staring at his phone "Aur... Uper se... Armaaa...aaan..." she got scared as Armaan suddenly blocked her way who thought How he reached here?? That too before her?? While stepping ahead calmly he jammed her b/w him and the wall
"Hmmm... Toh tumhe nehi lagta... Kuch baate adhuri reh gayi thi humaari..." caging her he asked in calm tone making her to gulped


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