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Part 76 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Love sees to be the invisible, believes the unbelievable and receives the impossible. You must have faith in my love for you."

"Hmmm... Toh tumhe nehi lagta... Kuch baate adhuri reh gayi thi humaari..." caging her he asked in calm tone making her to gulped
"Nehi... Mujhe nehi lagta hume kuch baat karni chaahiye..." she said slowly while trying to free herself which made him to move more closer to her
"Kyun... Abhi toh bahoot bol rahi thi... Video mein...?" wd a calm look he asked softly making her stop wriggling who slowly stared him "I know... Maine tumhe bahoot hurt kiya hai... Tumpe trust nehi kiya... Tumhe bataya nehi..." but before he could explain himself more she pushed him wd her full force which made him step back
"Haan... Ab toh aap... Kahenge hi... Video jo dekh liya hai..." he was stunned at her words How can she think like this??

"Nehi Shilpa... Main yeh video dekhne k baad tumse sab kuch clear nehi karna chaahta... Infact usse pehle hi karna chaahta..." moving ahead he tried to clear her misunderstanding
"Main... Kaise trust kar loon aappe Armaan...??" she asked in soft hurt tone which made him quiet "Kitna asaan haina Armaan... Aapke liye... Mujhe bewkoof banaana... Mujhe laga tha mujhe ek baar aapki baat sunni chaahiye thi... Ki kya pata mere bina kahe hi aap samajh jaayen mujhe kya bura laga hai... Aur isliye muddi thi main... Par ek baar phir aapne mera trust thoda... Aditi ko zariyaa banakar haina" her voice was in doleful tone while Armaan stared gloomily as if she hurted him deeply "Aap kabhi nehi samjhenge Armaan... Ki..." but before she could complete her sentence he stepped back
"Haan... Nehi samajh sakta main tumhe... I am sorrry tum jao..." feeling dejected he said in soft grave tone which made her a little shock Coz he never react like this "Aur..." mumbling this he took the phone from her hand who was silently staring him "Isse maine nehi bola tha Aditi ko lene k liye... Aur na hi Aditi ne khud ki khushi k liye nikaala yeh video..." saying this in calm plus grave voice he deleted the video which made Shilpa to realise It was not by him?? "Lo ho gaya..." looking at her he said bleakly while she looked down slowly thinking What's going on between them?? They were never like this?? Then how come they both are doubting on each other's Love & Trust?? Where as seeing her staring down silently he thought she doesn't want to remend everything b/w them, So wdout saying anything he walked away from there when Rohit's message came 'So gaya kya??' which made him to remind about that video which he searched on his phone while walking out from the palace, Shilpa was still standing there like a statue
"Kahin maine... Phirse kuch galat toh nehi keh diya" she thought worriedly still standing there when her mind reminded about Ohaana who is alone inside and that made her to ran away from there, she directly went to check the kids who were sleeping soundlessly wd Armaan's grand parents and seeing them a relief ran inside her heart so shutting that door of the room carefully she went inside her room, where as Armaan found that video which he sent to Rohit whom he talked for minutes then hunging up the phone he walked inside the palace disheartly also the weather was becoming rainy and he was about to go towards his room when he spotted Avi & KV who were discussing something while looking down on Juice trey which KV was holding

"Kya kar rahe ho tum dono..??" hearing Armaan's sudden voice from behind KV gulped while Avi took a sigh of relief and they both slowly turned back at him
"Tu hai... Mujhe laga... Koi aur" Avi spoke smilingly making Armaan raised his bows
"Kyun... Aisa kya kar rahe the tum dono...??" picking a glass of juice he asked in calm tone
"Aree kya kar raha hai...??" KV asked shockingly as he saw Armaan gulped the juice in one go
"Thak gaya tha yaar... Isliye pee liya... Par iska taste itna alag kyun lag raha hai..." holding his head he asked in tired tone
"Kyunki..." but before Avi could answer KV gestured him to be quiet
"I think bahoot zyada thak gaya hoon..." rubbing his temple Armaan answered to himself only while taking another glass
"Abbbe... Kya kar raha hai yaar..." Avi tried to stop him who gulped another glass only to rub his temple which was spinning around
"Tum logo ne kya milaaya hai ismein..." rubbing his face he asked in tired tone while blinking his eyes making both the boys to look at each other
"Haan... Ismein humne... Drinks milaayi hai" looking down KV replied slowly but honestly on which Armaan shook his head as if he already guessed
"Doubt tha..." he mumbled rubbing his forehead coz of throbbing pain inside his brain which took sooo many stress today
"Sorryy yaar hum toh bas... Thoda chill karna chaahte the... Toh socha night out maarle... Infact humne tum dono ko bhi phone lagaaya tha... Bulaane k liye... Par tum dono ne uthaaya nehi" Avi said slowly while holding Armaan who stumbled a little
"Yaa right... Chill... Vo bhi raat ko teen baje haina..." he asked in sarcastic way making KV smile "Khair... Tum logo ko jo karna hai karo... Main jaa raha hoon sone..." saying this he moved to go when KV stopped by holding his arm
"Aree sunn toh... Main toh kehta hoon tu bhi hume join karle... Aadha toh drink kar hi chuka hai..." KV whispered in his ear excitedly on which Avi chuckled coz of Armaan's glare
"Main jaa raha hoon sone... Good night" saying this he moved to go leaving them disappointed who turned to go towards KV's room where they both have arranged the night out things when "Acha sunn..." Armaan's voice made them stopped again who looked back at him frowningly "Yeh deta jaa..." saying this he picked a glass smilingly making both chuckled
"Ab kya huaa...??" Avi teased as he emptied the glass
"Bas sar dukh raha tha... Toh socha Chill maarloon..." replying them wd a wink he shook his head
"Ohhooo..." KV teased on which he smiled and gave them a side hug
"Soo... Tum log enjoy karo... Main chala sone... Good night" wishing them he stepped back while balancing himself
"Yaah good night" Avi said smilingly and giving a smile he went towards his room while rubbing his eyes coz of blurness
Next Day
Wedding Day
2:12 AM
Dev-Aditi's room
"Abhi tak so rahi hai..." a excited Shilpa frowned as she entered inside Aditi's room just to check Ohaana & Anant who needs to get ready for the wedding which is going to take place at Four PM but finding Aditi sleeping soundlessly wd her new born baby she frowned coz since morning from the time Aditi came back from hospital she is sleeping where as Shilpa came here for one more thing "Par mere liye toh accha hi hai..." she smiled while hiding the shopping bag behind her back "Isse yahan rakh deti hoon... Haan yeh perfect rahega..." she mumble to herself excitedly while keeping that shopping bag on side table carefuly so that Aditi's sleep could not break "Ab dusra kaam in dono ko dhund k in dono ko ready karna..." she thought looking around in the room "Par... Yeh Ohaana aur Anant kahan hain... Jabse baby aaya hai... Dono yehin ghum rahe the... Par ab dikh bhi nehi rahen hain.." she mumbled confusedly while searching inside the room but no sign of them when she heard a voice from balcony
"Vrooom... Brooom... Vrrrooom..." she smiled as she saw Anant who was playing wd his toy car wd full concentration
"Antu... Kya kar rahe ho babu...??" Shilpa asked in loving tone kneeling beside him who looked up at her quickly
"Main khel raha hoon..." as he replied in his kiddish tone she giggled as she stood up
"Haan vo toh mujhe dikh raha hai... Par aapko ready nehi hona... Surbhi aunty k shaadi k liye...??" she asked in her cute tone which made Anant also stand up
"Par mai khel raha hoon..." he replied cutely
"Ohhh... Toh iska matlab aap nehi aaoge...?" making a fake sad face she looked down which made Anant to walk closer to her slowly "Par maine toh socha tha ki aap bhi apne Daddy aur Chachu ki tarah Handsome banke jaaoge... Par agar aap nehi aana chaahte toh koi baat nehi" saying this knowingly she turned to go while hiding her smile
"Nehi mai... Aaunga maassi" he instantly gripped her wrist whose lips curved into winning smile
"Yeh hui naa... Anant waali baat... Toh phir chalo ready kar doon aapko" saying this she extended her hand towards him who immediately grabbed making her giggle, walking inside the room she removed his old clothes and started making him ready
"Antu... Seedhe khade raho..." Shilpa scolded while slapping Anant cheek lightly who was standing on a chair while she was standing on floor
"Maaasi... Main... Seedhe hi toh... Khada hoon..." he replied in his kiddish tone as Shilpa buckled his black pant's belt carefully
"Haan... Mujhe pata hai tum kitne seedhe khade rehte ho..." she said wd smile and went near the cupboard "Accha bolo... Konsa suit pehnoge... Black waala ki white waala...?" she questioned while showing him the suits who thought for sometime then smiled
"White waala..." he replied loudly while pointing on white one
"Ssshhh... Mumma uth jaaygi... Dheere bolo..." she eyed him to be quiet cutely while walking towards him wd that white suit
"Haan.. Aur baby bhi uth jaayga..." Anant said in a whisper as Shilpa stood in front of him which made her giggle
"Haan... Isiliye... Dheere bolo... Varna mumma uth jaygi... Aur baby bhi..." she repeated in same voice buttoning his shirt who giggled
"Haan... Aur phir vo royga... Jaise subhe ro raha tha..." he complained which made Shilpa giggle who made him wear the white blazer
"Hmmm... Ab lag raha haina... Ek dum Rajkumar jaisa mera Antu..." she praised combing his hairs by her fingers
"Nai... Mai.. Mere baalo ko spike karunga..." he insisted which made her giggle who nodding in Yes moved to bring the hair gel while Aditi's sleep broke hearing Anant's voice
"By god... Yeh abhi tak ready nehi huaa...??" Aditi questioned while sitting carefully trying not to disturb the new born baby where as Shilpa spiked Anant's hairs who giggled
"Nehi... Bas ho hi raha hai... Haina babu" making him wear the black bow Shilpa replied which made Aditi smile seeing them
"Haan..." Anant gave a nod in Yes as she finished her work
"Acha vo sab toh thik hai... Shaadi kitne baje hogi...??" Aditi asked in normal tone while touching her back on bed post
"Chaar baje... Par sab ready toh abhi ho rahen hain..." replying this normally she sprayed some perfume on Anant who smiled widely
"Acha... Par tu kyun ready nehi hui abhi tak...??" Aditi questioned frowningly as she saw Shilpa in normal dress which was a Orange wd Yellow mix chiffon saari
"Abhi kaise ho jaati... Subhe se Surbhi k saath thi... Jisne bina mujhse promise liye choda nehi ki main ready hokar uske paas aaungi... Aur agar nehi gayi toh vo bahar nehi jaaygi Nikaah k liye... Aur Dusri in dono ko ready karna hai... Ek toh ho hi gaya hai ab dusre ki baari... Par vo dikhi nehi kahin" she answered normally while dropping Anant on floor who smiled proudly seeing himself fully ready
"Aree haan... Ohaana Dev k saath bahar gayi hai... Vo kya haina... Yeh dono subhe se yehin the Yohaan k saath... Par jab vo so gaya... Tab vo tumhe dhundhne lagi... Toh Dev usko bahar le gaya" Aditi informed wd a smile seeing Shilpa tying Anant's shoe laces
"Tabhi kahoon... Ki itni shaanti kyun thi yahaan... Jab main aayi" as she said Aditi chuckled "Hmmm... Perfect... Ek dum handsome" she said in loving tone while kissing Anant's cheek who grinned
"Jaanta hoon... Chachu aur Daddy bhi yehi kehte hain..." hearing his pride voice both the ladies giggled "Ab main jaaun...??" looking at Aditi he asked in kiddish tone
"Haan... Par yahan vahan khelna mat... Daadu k paas rehna..." Aditi warned as he came near her slowly and giving a kiss to the baby he smiled which made Shilpa to adored him
"Aww..." Shilpa smiled seeing his this gesture even Aditi also
"Okay... Bye Mumma... Bye Maassi" waving them he ran out from the room leaving them giggling
"Acha vo toh gaya... Ab tum bhi ready ho jaao..." sitting near the baby Shilpa said smilingly
"Main... Nehi jaaungi..." Aditi denied staring her who was playing wd the baby's little hand
"Kyun??" she frowned looking up at Aditi "Tujhe toh shaadi dekhne ka bahoot mann kar raha tha na??" she asked confusedly
"Haan vo toh tab naa jab main free houngi... Par kon baby ko sambhaalega vahan khade khade... Aur uper se ab toh meri Dress bhi over size ho gayi hai... Toh kya pehnungi" she replied wd cute pouted lips which made Shilpa to hide her smile "Aur dekhna isse bhi abhi aana tha..." she complained staring down on baby which made Shilpa giggle
"Kyun nehi aata yeh abhi... Aakhir isko bhi toh... Surbhi-Rehaan ki most awaited wedding dekhni thi... Haina baby" playing wd the baby's hand Shilpa said in kiddish tone and caressed baby's cheek who was sleeping peacefuly while Aditi smiled seeing this
"Acha vo chod jaa tu bhi ready ho jaa..." Aditi said smilingly
"Haan jaaungi... Par pehle tu mujhe yeh bata... Tu aa rahi hai ki nehi shaadi mein?" as Shilpa asked wd cute serious face on which Aditi thought for sometime
"Hmm... I think nehi..." Aditi replied thoughtfully
"Pakkaa..." standing up Shilpa asked for confirmation
"Haan... Pakka..." Aditi gave a final nod on which taking a sigh Shilpa sat beside her who raised her bows confusedly
"Toh phir main us beautiful dress ka kya karoon... Jo maine aur Surbhi ne aaj subhe online order kiya...?" making a fake sad face she pointed on side table where a shopping bag was resting which made Aditi to look at it then at Shilpa "I think... Mujhe yeh aise hi rakhna padega... Kyunki yeh return bhi toh nehi ho sakta na" she said in fake disappointed tone while picking that shopping bag on her lap where as Aditi was staring her wd amused smile in fact she was speechless at her this gesture
"Tune... Mere liye liya??" Aditi asked wd an emotional smile
"Nehi yeh toh maine... Yohaan k liye liya... Socha kya pehen k jaayga shaadi mein... Kyunki puraani waali toh oversize ho chuki hogi... Isliye liya" as Aditi heard her sarcastic answer she giggled wd moist eyes
"Awww... Mera baccha... Idhar aa..." opening her arms she said in loving tone which made Shilpa giggled who immediately hugged her smilingly "Thank you... So much meri Anarkali..." hearing this she chuckled while parting from the hug
"Hmmm... Ab bas tum ready ho jaao... Aur baby ko toh sambhal hi sakti ho... Kyunki Surbhi nehi chaahegi ki uske shaadi se koi gayab rahe..." standing up she almost ordered her who smiled nodding in Yes "Toh phir ready ho jaao... Yaah phir kar doon..." she asked in her cute tone which made Aditi to gave her a flying kiss only to make her giggle "Ho gaya naa... Toh ab ready ho jaa..." saying this she kept the shopping bag on Aditi's lap who took a sigh smilingly
"Main ho jaaungi... Ab tu bhi jaa ready hoja..." Aditi almost ordered making her to give a glare
"Achaa... Kaam khatam toh bhej rahi hai... How mean Aditi" keeping her hands on her waist she asked in fake angry tone
"Thank you... Ab tu jaa..." Aditi giggled seeing her grumpy face who shaking her head turn to go when "Acha sunn... Subhe se mera iklauta dever dikha nehi... Kahan hai vo... Kahin tune kuch kiya toh nehi uske saath??" hearing Aditi's words her feet stopped who turned back at her slowly
"Haan... Mere paas toh koi kaam hi nehi hai... Haina" she replied in sarcastic way which made Aditi to roll her eyes
"Yehi toh baat hai... Tujhe duniya k saare kaam dikhte hai us... Buddhu k siwa... Kab short out karoge dono??" crossing her arms she asked in serious tone which made Shilpa to stop for seconds then she smiled slowly
"Ho gaya samajh le..." as Shilpa said this smilingly a wide smile came on her face "Kal raat humne sab short out kar liya... Toh ab tum fikar mat karo... Aur faaltu mein humaari tension lena band karo... Hum toh aise hi ladte jhagadte rehte hain... Jo humaara pyaar hi hai" she said in normal tone which made Aditi to take sigh of relief
"Thank god... Finally tum dono ka patch up huaa..." Aditi said happily which made her smiled when Aditi thought may be she is lying to her just to divert her mind "Par kahin tu jhoot toh nehi bol rahi... Mujhe behkaane k liye" pointing at her she asked in serious tone
"Offo!! Aditi main jhoot kyun bolungi... Sach mein sab thik hai humaare bich... Tu chaahe toh khud Armaan se puch lena..." hearing Shilpa's cool voice Aditi got convinced
"Hmm... Par agar tu keh rahi hai toh sach hi hoga... So main khush hoon tum dono k liye..." Aditi said wd a wide smile making Shilpa to shook her head
"Toh ab mai jaaun..." she asked in kiddish tone on which Aditi gave a nod in Yes smilingly "Hmm... Toh neeche milte hain... Bye" saying this she left the room while wd a smile Aditi kept her back on bed post
"Hmm... Thank god... Us din teri pic mere book se mili aur Armaan ne dekh li... Varna tu kahin aur hoti Armaan kahin aur hota... Tu kisi aur k saath hoti vo kisi aur k saath... Aur hum dono ka contact nehi hota..." she thought smilingly remembering that times which she spent wd Shilpa after Arsh's marriage "I am glad ki main vo zariyaa bani tujhe Armaan k life mein laane ka... Varna teri jagah mai kisi aur ko soch bhi nehi sakti... Kisi ne sahin kaha hai... Jo hota hai acche k liye hota hi hai..." she smiled at her thinking while closing her eyes

In Arsh's room
Mann mann ki sunta jaaye
Sunta nahi mann waalo ki...
"Aaahhh... Mera sar..." a tired Armaan held his head as he woke up but coz of his spinning head he is still laying on bed wd comforter above him "Yeh itna kya dukh raha hai..." he sat up on bed still holding his head who looked around the room as if trying to understand how he reached here? Also looking for his wife when his eyes landed outside the balcony where he saw the Sun's light which was shinning "Time kya ho raha hoga iswaqt...??" he scratched his head confusedly looking at side table only then he realised he have wore a wrist watch "2:30..." his eyes widened seeing the time "Main... Itni der tak so raha tha... Dammm" saying this to himself he moved down from the bed only to sat again at the edge of it coz of his throbbing head pain "Goshhh...!" he rubbed his face wd his hands "Lagta hai... Kal us juice mein bahoot strong drink daali thi un dono ne..." he thought looking down at his messed condition where his shirt's last two buttons were only closed also he noticed his shoes were out which he last night wore then he touched his messed up hairs "I hope kal raat kuch galat nehi kaha ho maine yaah kiya ho uske saath..." he mumble under his breath wd a fear while staring at the table when his eyes caught a glass of lime water wd a note attatched to it "Yeh...!" he frowned picking up the note on which written 'Uthate hi pee lena... Thoda light lagega' as he read a smile reached on his lips who shaking his head gulped that in a go "Pheww... Finally... Acha lag raha hai" he mumble smilingly keeping the glass back on table and stood up trying to remember about last night "Kal raat huaa kya hoga..." pressing his lips he scratched his head confusedly when he heard loud music from balcony which made him frowned who walked on balcony only to find everyone dancing & enjoying in garden on Loud music "Aree... Haan aaj toh Rehaan ki shaadi hai..." rubbing his forehead tiredly he mumbled then immediately went inside washroom to freshen up, as the cold water hit his head his muscles relaxed while a relief ran inside his head who immediately got ready in a Navy blue shirt wd formal white pant "Damm... Ab toh kuch yaad aa jaaye... Ki kal raat huaa kya tha... Kya kya bakwaas kiya hoga kal raat... Thank god Ohaana nehi thi raat ko room mein... Varna khudko kabhi maaf nehi kar paata..." sitting on bed's edge he thought whose towel was still hanging around his neck "Damm... Kuch samajh nehi raha..." getting tired he put his head on his entwined hands trying to remember last night which was flashing in blur, Shilpa entered inside their room calmly only to find Armaan sitting tensely on bed wd his head resting on his fisted hands and seeing this she slowly-slowly approached towards him who didn't even noticed her "Damm... Aaahhh..!!" getting frustrated he smacked his hand on bed's edge which resulted his hand wound "Aaaw..." he winced holding his hand which made Shilpa worried who ran immediately towards him
"Armaan... Aap thik toh hain...??" kneeling in front of him she held his hand worriedly making him bewildered "Aap bhi na... Bilkul pagal hain.. Koi apna gussa... Khudko chot pahucha kar karta hai kya..." she scolded rubbing his knuckles which was paining but seeing her this side he was perplexed Coz of her sudden change of behaviour "Kab sudhrenge aap Armaan...?" standing up she looked at him wd crossed hands where as he was only staring her wd lots of Confusions Questions & Sadness "Armaan main aapse baat kar rahi hoon..." she clicked her fingers in front of his face who was staring her blankly "Aur... Bahoot jaldi nehi uth gayye aap??" hearing her taunt he slowly looked away from her quzically Thinking why she is talking to him that too normally?? "Aur yeh geela towel yahan rakhne ka kya matlab hai... Yeh bhi mujhe hi karna padega... Haina" she scolded while taking the towel from his neck and started rubbing his head who was too shocked to react on her gestures "Aur haan agar aainda se aap mujhe drink karte huye dikhe yaah phir room mein aaye na Armaan... Tab dekhna mai kya karungi... Is baar toh jaane diya kyunki first time tha but agar dobaara... Aisa kuch kiya naa... Main aapko kamre mein toh kya ghar mein bhi nehi aane dungi..." stepping back wd the towel she warned him still holding the towel where as he was only staring her quietly "Aapne socha ki agar aapko Ohaana aise dekhti toh... Kya sochti..." as she said in her cute angry tone he looked down slowly feeling guilty coz he thought he might had done something on last night
"I am sorry..." in a soft voice he apologised still staring on floor which made her smile who kept the towel on bed quietly
"Sorry se kya faida... Maine toh dekha na... Apne pati ko nashe ki haalat mein... Socho Ohnu ko pata chalta toh vo yehi sochti na ki uska baap ek bewda hai... Jo kabhi doctor huaa karta tha..." as she noticed he didn't reacted on her words she sat beside him who still didn't looked at her "Main toh bardaast kar bhi loon... Par agar aap Ohnu k saamne aisa kuch karenge na... Tab" but before she could scold him more he interrupted
"I promise next time aisa kuch nehi karunga..." he said in calm tone wdout looking at her coz he is confused Why she is behaving like this?? Last night she was angry wd him in fact not even ready to forgive him then how come she is behaving normal?? May be coz of Ohaana he guessed
"Main aapse baat kar rahi hoon Armaan... Aur main yahan hoon" keeping her one hand on his cheek she made him look at her which was another shock for him "Aur yeh pehenenge shaadi mein... Armaan shaadi hai... Koi normal function thodi... Aur uper se Rehaan ki..." sitting properly on bed she said in her cute angry voice which was only making him confused which slowly turned into frustration "Maine aapke kapde..." her sentence left incomplete as he jerked her towards him by her shoulders who got a little frightened
"Kyun kar rahi ho yeh...?? Kal tak toh baat bhi nehi karna chaahti thi aur aaj aise behave karke prove kya karna chaahti ho?? Aur agar yeh sab tum Ohaana k liye karna chaahti ho... Toh trust me uske saamne main humaara jhagda nehi laaunga..." his voice was soft yet he is exasperated, which made her to stared him wd scared look making him lived her shoulders slowly realising her fear "I am sorry... Par ab main thak gaya hoon... Humaare bich ki problems samajhte samajhte" looking away from her he mumble slowly but his eyes were wet which made her smile heartily
"Main bhi... Armaan..." keeping her head on his shoulder slowly she whispered in soft tired tone which made him stunned at her sudden change of behaviour "Main bhi thak gayi hoon... Aapse dur rehke..." as he heard her words he became numb "Do saal tak aapse dur rahi main... Ab aur nehi reh sakti... Aap nehi samjhenge... Ki mere liye vo do saal kitne tough the guzaarna... Par wohi hope jo humesha se thi aapke liye... Usne mujhe sambhaala..." holding his shirt tightly in her fist she whispered tearfully which was enough for him to hug her back slowly
"I am sorry Shilpa... I am really sorry... For everything" hugging her tightly he mumbled emotionally while caressing her hairs who hugged him back slowly "I promise kabhi tumse kuch nehi chupaaunga... Par tum mujhse dur mat jaaya karo... Please" hiding his face on her hairs he mumbled softly making her to caress his back wd closed eyes as if soothing him who engulfed her more into him fearing to loose her "Trust me... Main tumhe..." but before he could explain himself she slowly parted from hug
"Jaanti hoon..." she mumble while caressing his cheek wd a small smile where as he was staring her wd a cute tearful frown "Main jaanti hoon... Ki aapne kuch bhi kiya hoga toh soch samajh kar kiya hoga... Main kabhi aappe doubt nehi kar sakti Armaan... Gussa ho sakti hoon par shaq nehi kar sakti aappe" her trustful words made him speechless who was only staring her wd moist eyes "I am sorry ki kal raat mujhe aapki puri baat sunani chaahiye thi... Par maine sunni nehi... Aur... Nehi let me finish" she was saying when he opened his mouth to stop her who immediately kept her palm on his lips stopping him "Aapne kaise us din keh diya ki main divorce chaahti hoon... Main soch bhi nehi sakti aapke bina rehna... Aur aap seedhe divorce pe pahoch gayye... Kyun??" wd a sad pouted lips she complained on which he just stared her "Aap yeh bhi kaise soch sakte ho ki mai affair jaisa kuch sochungi... Aur Ohaana ko apne paas rakhungi... Jab ki aap bhi jaante ho... Main aisa..." and now she couldn't got the chance to finish her line coz now he has put his palm on her lips stopping her who looked at him wd tearful eyes when he slowly gripped her that hand which was kept on his lips and closing his eyes kissed there making her smile
"Vo sab maine frustration mein kaha tha... So that tum mujhse argue karo... Aur batao kya chal raha hai tumhaare andar... But phir bhi sorry... Coz i know... It has hurted you" holding her both hands firmly on his hold he whispered softly which made her to show him her pouted look "Par tumne kaise soch liya ki humaare bich understanding nehi hai... Shilpa agar humaare bich understanding nehi hoti naa... Toh yeh rishta bahoot pehle hi toot chuka hota... Jab Kiya aayi thi yaa vo tumhaara... Nehi tumhaara nehi... Vo tumhaare college ka so called best friend..." hearing his serious yet cute jealous voice a smile reached her lips
"Ansh..." she said knowingly only to see his jealous face
"Haan... Jo bhi ho..." he rolled his eyes making her giggle which took his interest who wd a smile pull her closer by her hands "Shilpa... Please kabhi mujhse dur mat jaaya karo... Main bahoot akela ho jaata hoon... Chaahe bhale hi saari duniya saath mein kyun naa ho... Par tumhaari kami meri zindagi ko adhuri kar deti hai..." he confessed softly while staring her who moved her one hand to cup his cheek and as she did he closed his eyes as if feeling her, she smoothly caressed his face which was only making him aroused
"Toh aisa... Jhoot bolte hi kyun hain aap..." keeping her hands around his neck she said wd a smile on which he thought for some time while keeping his both hands around her back
"Hmm... I am sorry for my all mistakes... But maine koi jhoot nehi bola tumse... Haan bas bataaya nehi tha..." he defended himself carefully which made her to pull her hands down wd cute angry face
"Ek hi hota hai Armaan..." crossing her hands she said in angry tone
"Par Shilpa maine jhoot..." and he was stopped by her angry glare! Which made him quiet "Haan mujhe tumhe bataana chaahiye tha..." this time he spoke wd cute innocent voice making her smile again "In fact mujhe toh apni saari galtiyon k liye sorry bolna chaahiye tha..." he mumble while slowly lifting his eye lids on her
"Aur vo... Galtiyaan kya ki thi aapne?" she asked knowingly still crossing her arms
Mann hi mann mein banaye
Duniya yeh ek khayalon ki...
"Emm... Tumhe kuch bhi naa batakar" like a kid he replied wd innocent look on which she gave a proud smile to him "I think meri hi galti thi jo maine tumhe nehi bataya... Toh kya ho jaata agar main tumhe bata deta ki Shilpa mujhe sab kuch yaad aa gaya hai... Zyada sa zyada tum khush hoti aur hum saare moments ko cherish karte..." he said slowly staring her who gave a nod in Yes wd a smile "In fact... Mujhe tumhe Anita k baare mein bhi bataana chaahiye tha... Toh kya hua hum dur the... Yaah toh main tumhe message kar deta... Yaah phir Dev se keh deta tumhe bataane k liye... Main bhi kitna bada idiot hoon yeh kaise bhool gaya tha... Jo ladki humaare pyaar pe yakeen karke mujhse do saal dur reh sakti hai... Vo kaise mujhpe shaq karegi..." hearing his blaming words for himself she pressed her lips to control her coming giggle while giving a nod in Yes that too wd attitude "Aur kya kiya tha maine??" he asked wd thoughtful look making her to control her giggle "Aur mujhe tumhe kuch bhi ulta seedha bolne se pehle hazaar nehi Billions baar sochna chaahiyee... So uske liye bhi sorry..." he blamed himself again which was only making her fall for him more
"Aur...?" wd cute grin she asked on which he started thinking
"Aur... Mujhe un saari galtiyon k liye sorry bolna chaahiyee jab jab maine tumhe hurt kiya ho..." he said in honest tone making her heart to feel peace again "Aur haan... Sabse badi galti yeh bhi ki thi ki... Tumse yeh jhoot bola... Ki usdin jab tumne Singapore phone kiya tha... Vo phone meri kissi secretary ne nehi... Anita ne uthaaya tha... So uske liye sorryy" as he confessed this carefully her heart sank Thinking why he lied to her??
"Aapne mujhse jhoot bola Armaan...?" she asked in hurtful tone making him to held his head
"Shilpa... Please yaar sorrryyy... Ab ispe gussa mat hona..." gripping her both hands he immediately apologised on which crossing her arms she looked away from him wd hurtful look "I am sorry yaar... Mujhe laga jab main tumhe Anita k baare mein bataaunga... Tab sab bata dunga... And trust me jab tumne mujhe call kiya tha iska koi idea nehi tha mujhe... Ki tumne call kiya varna main zaroor attened karta" he cleared himself instantly on which she stood up
"Armaan... Tab aap kaise expect kar sakte hain ki main aappe trust karungi... Actually hum ladkiyaan hi bewkoof hoti hain... Emotional fool types... Jo easily manipulate ho jaati hain... Haina Armaan" she said in hurtful angry tone on which he cursed himself for being so honest but it's her right to know everything about him that's why he told her
"Shilpa sorryy... Main tumhe bataana chaahta tha but..." he stood to explain when she raised her hand to stop him
"Aur kya-kya hai... Jo mujhe aapne nehi bataya hai..." showing him a angry glare she asked in calm tone on which he looked down guilt fully nodding in Yes innocently "Haww... Aur vo kya hai..." crossing her arms she asked in strict tone making him to close his eyes who took a sigh which made Shilpa's heartbeat skipped Thinking now what he had stored wdout letting her know??
"Vo... I am sorrry ki maine tumhe kabhi yeh nehi bataaya ki... Main tumse bahoot zyada pyaar karta hoon... Maine tumhe yeh nehi bataaya ki... Singapore jaane se pehle mujhe tumpe bahoot gussa aaya tha... Kyunki tumne mujhe mazboor kiya tha... Tumse dur jaane pe... Par..." stepping closer to her he confessed on which she wd fake angry look looked away from him who slowly pulled her closer by her waist "Par... Vahan jaane pe hi mujhe pata chala ki main tumse kitna pyaar karta hoon... Mere liye vo do saal sirf isliye important hain... Kyunki un saalon mein tum mere liye aur bhi important hoti gayi... Aisa koi ek din nehi tha jab tum mere dimaag mein aayi naa ho... Tum nehi hote huye bhi... Thi mere saath..." staring her deeply he confessed softly still holding her firmly from her back whose eyes were fixed on his calm face "Yaad hai ek baar tumne mujhse pucha tha ki... Mujhe tumse itna pyaar kaise ho gaya?" as he asked in calm tone while tucking her strand of hairs behind her ear, she looked at him dazedly when her own words flashed inside her brain When she was pregnant and they both were going back to Mumbai

"Armaan... Aapko ko mujhse itna pyaar kaise ho gaya??" as she asked slowly while bitingher lower lip he looked at her frowningly
"Yeh kya question hai??" keeping the phone aside he asked calmly
"Armaan plzz bolo na" nudging his hand lightly she insisted to which he shook his head
"Pata nai... Bas ho gaya" pinching her nose lightly he replied in loving tone on which she giggled "Aur ab plzz do minute shaant rahogi... Mujhe ek message send karna hai Rahul ko... Phir bataaunga detail me okay" he said in loving tone which made her smiled
"Par tab tak mai kya karungi??" asking this wd grumpy look she looked at him who calmly put the lappy in front of her
"Tab tak tum koi movie dekho mai... Abhi send karke batata hoon" he said in calm tone on which she nodded in Yes "Aur haa Allu Arjun ki movie mat dekhna... Kyun ki mai nai chahta uska koi asar ho mere baby pe..." as he said this she rolled her eyes and opened the laptop to watch a movie where as still smiling he concentrated on his work After Fifteen minutes he finished his work then he looked at her who was fully engrossed in her animated movie which was 'Brave'... He smiled at her childishness and taking a sigh he kept his head on seat post closing his eyes which took him in a peaceful sleep... After watching the movie she kept the laptop side coz of feeling sleepy and turned to look at Armaan who was sleeping soundlessly which made her smile then she kept her hand on her stomach as if feeling both... She observed his face features whose head was dropping down slowly resulting his hairs fully fell on his forehead almost hiding his eyes which was making him more adorable "Sote huye kitne masoom lagte hai aap Armaan..." she mumbled smilingly as she stood in front of him whose face is looking soo innocent right now "Dil kar raha hai sirf dekhun aapko" she thought cupping his on cheek softly "Mai chahti hoon hamaara baby bilkul aap jaisa ho... Spcly uske baal" she smiled at her thinking and blew air on his forehead whose head descended a little which made her to moved a little closer to him smilingly "Tum bhi dekho... Papa kitne acche hai" keeping her hand on her stomach she mumbled softly and kept her head on his shoulder while gripping his arm whose head directly dropped on her head slowly which made her smile so she also closed her eyes smilingly holding his arm Their journey went like this only wd his head on hers who opened her eyes slowly feeling the sun hit her face from window which made her realised that the plane landed in Mumbai
Flashback ends
Paas koi aave door koi jaave
Hota hai kyun yeh koi samjhave...
"Uswaqt toh main khud bhi nehi jaanta tha ki kaise mujhe tumse itna pyaar huaa... Par iswaqt jitna main tumse pyaar karta hoon... I can't define in words..." cupping her face he whispered softly which made her to stare him wdout any blink "Aur iswaqt... Main tumhe bata sakta hoon ki kyun mujhe tumse itna pyaar hai..." as he whispered this Shilpa gripped his shirt firmly "You know jab mujhe yaad aaya tha naa sab kuch... Mere dil mein tumhaare liye vo pyaar aur respect dono badh gayi... Specially how you didn't left me when Kiya entered in our life... Aur mujhse humesha dur bhaagne waali Bracelet kaise mujhe manaane k liye mera dhyaan kheechti thi... Apna saara Self respect Ego Attitude side rakh kar mere liye sab kuch karne lagi thi..." this line he said wd a smile made her eyes moist who was fighting back wd her emotions "Jaanti ho... Bhale hi mujhe tumse pyaar mere NewYork se aane k baad hua ho... Tumhaari innocence aur attitude ko dekh kar... Par tumhe puri tarah jaan main tab paaya jab main vo teen saal bhool gaya tha... Jab maine tumhaari insecurities dekhi thi... Jab main tumhe mentally aur emotionally dono jaan paaya tha... Uswaqt mujhe tumse sahi maayine mein pyaar huaa tha... Shayad pehli baar sirf usse pyaar kiya jisse tumne mujhe dikhaaya tha... Par dusri aur sacche maayine waala pyaar mujhe usse huaa jisse maine khud dekha tha andar aur bahar dono se" wiping her lone tear smoothly he confessed this for the first time which only made her break from inside "Tumhaare siwa main kisiko nehi soch sakta apni zindagi mein Shilpa... Koi bhi nehi kabhi bhi nehi... Jo tum ho toh yeh zindagi hai mere liye jo tum nehi toh yeh zindagi nehi Shilpa..." she sniffed at his heart touching words who moved his face closer to her "Anjaane mein yaah jaan bujhkar har baar... Baar baar tumse hi pyaar ho jaata hai... Haan tumhe nehi bataaya mere yaadaast k baare mein... Kyunki main tumhe aise hi pyaar karna chaahta tha... Jab tum mujhse puchti thi ki mujhe yaad kyun nehi aaya... Vo tumhaari cute expressions dekhna chaahta tha jo tum banati thi... Humaare past k baare mein baat karte huye..." giving a soft kiss to her cheek he mumble in soft tone making her smile slowly "Mujhe toh tumse har baar pyaar huaa hai... Jisse chahkar bhi tum nehi chin sakti... Par haan i am sorry ki maine tumpe trust naa karke... Anita k baare mein nehi bataaya... Uske liye i am seriously sorry" caging her in his arms he mumble wd a smile on which she gave a nod in Yes wd a pout making him smile "Aur yeh yaad rakhna ki meri zindagi mein... Mera pehla aur aakhri pyaar... Sirf Tum ho... Aur koi nehi" as he confessed her heart jumped happily from inside but she didn't showed this to him so she pushed him lightly who frowned
"Cheezy lines..." crossing her arms she said in fake uninterested voice on which he shook his head thinking she again spoiled their romance
"Pata nehi kyun tumhe meri har sacchi baat cheezy lagti hai..." hearing his cute question a smile broke onto her lips
"Ab jo hai toh hai... Par aapko nehi lagta yeh sab chod ke aapko ready hona chaahiye... Varna late ho jaaoge..." moving towards the cupboard she said in scolding tone for his clothes who followed her, she was searching his clothes when he made her look at him by her elbow who directly landed on his chest
"Ho jaaunga... Pehle main chaahta hoon... Humaare bich koi problem naa rahe... Sab kuch clear ho jaaye... Coz i can't stay away from you..." he said in serious voice holding her who gave a beautiful smile to him
"Armaan... Sab clear toh ho gaya... Main samajh gayi thi ki aapne kyun mujhe nehi bataaya... Aur jo bhi tha sab mai samajh gayi hoon... Bas aur kya... Chaahiye... Haina hubby" she said in cheerful tone and pinched his nose lightly making him amused, Actually today she is giving him surprise after surprise by her understanding way!
"Aur ab main samajh gaya ki meri Wife... Duniya ki best se bhi best Wife hai... Jitni vo tedi dikhti hai... Usse kayi zyada vo seedhi hai..." kissing her nose tip he said wd a smile making her looked down "Bas ek hi chiz samajh mein nehi aa rahi hai..." making a cute confused face he said which made her giggled who put her both hands around his neck who banged her wd his chest by holding her waist
"Aur vo kya hai...?" wd a small smile she asked teasingly which made him smile
"Aur vo yeh hai ki... Kaise meri biwi itni Understanding aur Positive ho gayi..." as he said this cheekily she chuckled
"Kyun koi problem hai...?" correcting his collar she asked wd a grin on which he plant a kiss on her cheek
"Nehi mujhe problem nehi hai... Par life thodi boring ban jaaygi naa... Agar meri biwi mujhse jhagdegi nehi aur swaal nehi puchegi... Toh meri life bahoot hi boring ho jaaygi... Specially jab vo chidegi nehi... Mujhe ghuma k nehi rakkhegi... Tab kaise maza aayga... Yeh toh mere liye wahi baat ho gayi ki... Aloo k paraathe mein maano aloo hi nehi hai..." she giggled hearing his words who smiled seeing her back to normal self "You know... Ab mujhe puzzles solve karna zyada pasand hai... Aur agar tum seedhi ho jaaogi tab main bore ho jaaunga..." brushing their noses he mumble in soft tone while her back touched the cupboard wd their sticked bodies
"Soch lijiye phir... Complain mat karna ki main confuse karti hoon..." caressing his neck slowly she asked in dazed tone coz of his seductive touch on her curves
"Naah... Complain toh kabhi naa karoon... In fact mujhe maza aata hai... Tumhe solve karne mein..." in a very cool voice he said while brushing his lips on her cheek wd closed eyes on which she smile coyly and in an instant pushed him who left stunned
"Ho gaya naa... Toh ab ready ho jaaiye... Aur mujhe bhi hone dyen..." back to her strict mode she said in fake serious voice while taking out his clothes from cupboard where as wd a smile he shook his head
"Maine yeh bhi nehi kaha tha... Ki mujhse dur raho..." he said wd a smile as she kept his clothes on bed
"Har waqt aapki nehi chalegi Armaan... Ab aapko change karna hai toh karo varna rehne do..." saying this in her attitudish tone she faced him who wd a teasing smile pulled her closer
"Acha yeh toh bata do... Ki aakhir kal raat huaa kya tha jo tum itni calmly behave kar rahi ho... I mean kal tak toh tum meri koi bhi baat nehi sunna chaahti thi aur abhi... It's confusing me..." he asked wd teasing grin while caging her again who smiled
"Kyun... Aapko toh puzzles solve karna pasand haina... Toh solve kijiye" as she retorted teasingly he pressed his lips to control his smile
"Hmm... Par yaad nehi na mujhe... Toh please bata do maine aisa kya kar diya yaah keh diya kal raat jo tum turant maan gayi..." making an adorable face he asked innocently on which she looked away from him for hiding her smile
"Aapne vo kaha jo mujhe sunna tha... Bas..." replying him smilingly she stepped back which made him to narrowed his bows
"Kya...??" stepping ahead he asked confusedly
"Vo aapka kaam hai yaad karna..." she replied in nonchanted way which made him to stare her for seconds
"Fine..." saying this calmly he again pulled her back
"Armaan... Ab kya...??" she questioned staring him surprisingly who gave a kiss on her cheek which only left her amused
"Ab... Yeh ki thank you... Hume normal karne k liye... Aur ek baar phirse sab kuch easy karne k liye... Thank you again" he said pleasantly making her to stare him inoffensively
"Aapko pata hai... Jab koi husband bahoot zyada thank you aur sorry bolta hai uska matlab kya hota hai?" wd a fake innocent tone she asked making him to nod in No wd same look but wd smile "Uska yeh matlab hota hai... Ki uske dimaag mein kuch aur chal raha hai... Yaani vo usse dhoke k rakhne k mood mein hai..." as she taunted sweetly he chuckled knowing very well she taunted him
"Aisi baat hai... Sheyyy... Aise husbands se mujhe saqht nafrat hai..." wd a fake serious face he said innocently on which she giggled
"Same pinch..." hitting his chest lightly she smiled making him to give a lingering kiss on her temple
"I love you..." moving back he said wd ecstatic smile
"I love you too..." as she confessed smilingly he beamed wd a sigh
Ae mann karda ae thagi thoriyan
Ae mann karda ae seana zohriyan...
"Hmm... I was dying to hear this" keeping his head on her shoulder he said in delight making her giggle "Ek baar aur kaho na Shilpa..." wd closed eyes he engulfed her more into him
"Kya??" she teased moving her both hands on his back
"Please... Shilpa" he insisted still wd closed eyes taking her fragrance more into him
"I love you too... Armaan..." as she whispered in his ear a contented smile reached on his lips who lifted her up still hugging her whose eyes widened
"Armaan..." she squealed parting from him who instantly moved to bite her only to get a smack on his chest which made him chuckled
"Accha yeh batao... Meri princess kyun nehi dikh rahi subhe se...??" he asked wd a smile trying to hold her again who stepped back
"Haan... Aap toh subhe se jaag rahen haina... Jo aapko dikh jaaygi" she taunted siding his hairs from his forehead who chuckled hearing this
"Shilpa please bolo na... Kahan hai Ohaana... I am missing her" wd a cute pouted look he asked making her smile
"Vo kal raat daadi k saath soyi thi... Aur jab subhe aayi thi toh aap so rahe the... Toh hum maa beti bahar gaye the jahan Surbhi ne mujhe busy rakh liya aur aapki Princess Yohaan k saath busy thi subhe se... Toh shayad jab vo thak kar mujhe dhundh rahi thi... Toh Dev usse bahar le gaya uska mind divert karne" she narrated whole story in normal tone which made him to gave cute sad nod
"Hmm... Hope jaldi aa jaaye... Main miss kar raha hoon usse..." hearing his sad tone she giggled
"Aa jaaygi... Par ab aapko nehi lagta ki aapko... Rea..." but before she could complete her sentence a loud music's noise made her stopped "Haww... Lagta hai... Shaadi shuru hone waali hai Armaan..." widening her eyes she mumbled but only she knew he didn't cared whoever is making noise outsise coz right now he is adoring her who now ran outside in balcony "Wow!!" she giggled seeing everyone dancing in garden Where the wedding prepration was already done while all the relatives & friends were dancing on music, Armaan stood beside her calmly while staring the public wd a smile when he saw how Sid & KV dragged Rehaan in middle of the public which made Rehaan only to watch them even Ayaan shook Rehaan a little for dance only to get a smack on his arm from the groom where as seeing this scene Shilpa giggled which took Armaan's attention
"I am speechless Shilpa... Ki main kaise tumhe thank you yaah sorry kahoon... Humaare bich ki har ek khushi aur gam k liye... Agar tum nehi hoti toh... Pata nehi main kahan hota... How much i love you... I can't explain in words but yes i can show you that... Aur ab is baar kabhi tumse dur nehi jaaunga aur naa tumhe jaane dunga... I promise" watching her wd calm look he thought from deep down of his heart
"See... Aapki wajah se kitna late ho gaya... Varna aap bhi wahin hote apne dosto k saath..." looking at him she said in cute tone making him chuckled who slowly pulled her closer by her waist
"But jo maza yahan se... Dekhne mein hai... Vo kahin nehi hai..." he said smilingly playing wd her hairs who opened her mouth to say something when his cell phone rang stopping her "Tum bolo kya keh rahi thi...??" ignoring the call he concentrated on her
"Armaan... Baad mein... Pehle aap phone pick karo..." she almost ordered making him smile who shaking his head took out his phone from his pocket "See... Rehaan call kar raha hai... I am sure puchne k liye ki kahan hain aap..." she said wd a smile as she saw Rehaan's name flashing on his phone also pointing towards garden where Rehaan was standing on corner side trying to call him and seeing this Armaan smiled "Aww..." she adored this scene making Armaan to shook his head while attending the call
"Haan... Rehaan... Bol kya huaa??" he asked in normal tone keeping his one hand on railing while watching him from far
"Bhaijaan aap kahan hain... Nikaah ko abhi dedh ghante hain... Aur aap ab tak nehi dikhe hume... Infact subhe se nehi dikhe aap even Dev bhaijaan bhi... Par khair vo toh pahuch chuke hain... Par kahan hain aap...??" as Armaan recieved the call he fired his all questions making Armaan chuckled while shaking her head Shilpa walked inside coz someone knocked on their room's door
"Araam se mere bhai... Main yehi hoon... Peeche mud k mere room k balcony mein dekh... Wohi hoon..." as he told in chilled out tone Rehaan turned back only to find Armaan waving at him who took a sigh of relief "Aur subhe se main yehin tha bas late utha... Par tu fikar mat kar... Aata hoon main neeche..." he said calmly
"Thank god... Toh phir jaldi aaiye... Hum chaahte hain aap ek bhi mauke se gayab naa rahe humaari shaadi mein" hearing Rehaan's words he chuckled
"Main kyun bhala apne bhai k shaadi se gayab rahunga..." he replied wd a smile which made Rehaan smile too and they both got involved in brotherly talk where as inside the room Shilpa opened the door only to find Dev wd a sleeping Ohaana on his arms


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